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Author Topic: Storyteller Seeking Same (F for any)  (Read 979 times)

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Storyteller Seeking Same (F for any)
« on: March 21, 2015, 11:54:28 PM »
Before we Begin:

Hello and welcome to my newly renovated interests thread. Here in you will find the stories ideas that titillate my muse, and the music that makes me want to write like no other. I have very few rules, and those you can find in the link just under my profile picture on the left, you'll find my ons and offs there as well.

I do ask that you please use basic courtesy, let me know if you need to disappear and I'll be fine waiting for you to get back, or at least post to your A/A's, and so on and so forth. I will in return endeavor to at the very least post to my A/A's if something comes up, if I don't communicate back to you personally.

I call myself a storyteller seeking same, what that means to me is that I can put a decent post together. I tell a story with all of this, not play a game and it reflects in my writing. I make my character's emotions felt, not shown. Their thoughts, the pertinent ones anyways will always be present. I don't do one dimensional, and I ask that you don't either when we write together. All I care about with a writing partner is that we're both here to tell a story and we're both enjoying it, because it'll show if we don't.

One last note before we get onto the good stuff. I'm willing to play just about any pairing under the sun, and if called for I'll happily play a male character, kinda been itching to a little if I'm honest. The only thing I personally won't play is trans, because I don't understand that mental struggle well enough and would not want to do it less than the proper justice. I will happily write along with someone who does though.

High Fantasy:

I often find myself in want of fantasy. You know the kind set in far off, fantastical worlds full of magic and mayhem? Yeah, that kind of place. Where the sky is some outlandish color or there's more than one moon. Or maybe all of the above. Or maybe, we're simply borrowing an existing world from the realms of Dungeons and Dragons or our favorite fantasy authors. The settings, as long as they are in an age of Lord's and Ladies, Kings and Knights, are largely up for discussion. Magic! My mind, my muse, and my very soul want magic! Dragons too! Can't forget the dragons...

The Black Unicorn:
He'd stalked her dreams for weeks now. Always lurking there on the outskirts of whatever image may appear. A black unicorn, one with a rider on his back. She didn't know what the dreams meant, only that her family seemed to think they were the herald of some great evil that was to befall her. Even still she was fascinated by the dreams, by the sheer presence of the unicorn and rider. Even just barely on the outskirts of her dreams, she could feel their gaze upon her as if they truly stood only inches away. She couldn't bring herself to believe that these creatures meant her harm, despite all her families warning, and ultimately their attempts to "keep her safe" drove her away. That's when she met them, on a darkened night in a the depths of a forest. That's when they saved her, but for what ends did this cold creature and his too intelligent mount save her from the beasts that had sought to make her their supper? Had her family perhaps been right? There was no way to know, and now, she was his prisoner.

This would be set in a generic fantasy setting that we could flesh out a bit more before hand or as we go. I would be playing the "stalked" character and you would be playing the rider. The race of your character is up to you, if however you like the idea but aren't sure what you'd want to write, my initial thoughts are along the lines of a demon or fallen angel on their Hellfire Steed. Or some such.

Minding a Princess: (Vanilla - Bondage) Taken
Start with a strong willed princess, just about to turn twenty-one, add in a kingdom in turmoil because her father has been missing for several months, and a rule of law that requires she wed before her twenty-first birthday or the kingdom is forfeit. What is the king's Knight Commander to do in his liege's stead?

I want to play this as more of a light fluffy story with a dark side. We can work out the particulars together, if anyone is interested. What I would like to see from this one is a fantasy story, in some generic fantasy setting.

Modern Scifi/Fantasy:

High fantasy is lovely and all, and I will always have some level of craving for it, but all high fantasy all the time can get really, really taxing sometimes. So without further ado I give you my more modern thoughts.

The Darkness in the Light:
A very general idea that I'm usually up to with the proper partner, involving the corruption of innocence.
Here's an example:

The Lost One:
There's a tale from long ago of an angel. One who was taken and tortured by the demons of Hell. That story was true. Now he's been released unto the world to wreck what chaos he may. Lost to pain and anger with a thirst for vengeance he must be stopped and so the Host of Heaven send their most favored to show him the light. She's young, barely more than a girl but with the purist of hearts and the uncanny ability to love anything no matter how vile. Can she help the lost one? Will she be able to console him through his pain, or will he corrupt her beyond redemption?

The Road Not Taken:(Any) Major Craving
Leigh McAllister, once a part of Chimera, a super secret black operations group who functioned in everything short of bloodshed, is now lost and alone. In one fell swoop a crafty terrorist has stolen her family from her. Her sister and partner is no more, nor are any of the agents she'd worked with for nearly her whole life. Her parents, the ones that had introduced her to the life of intrigue are long dead, lost to the game that they played everyday with their lives. There's nothing left to do but hide, for now at least.

With enemies around every corner, or so it seems, can Leigh find a way to lead a normal life? Can she disappear into the world of the average person? Her life may depend on her ability to walk the road not taken.

There's a lot of leeway, and a lot of ways this one could go. Maybe your character is a government agent. Maybe their an average every day person. Or perhaps they're the villain themselves. I would even be willing to run this as a group game if someone was willing to co-GM. I was wanting to set this in Colorado Springs because it's the right size for someone to go disappear into without being overly obvious.  Bonus if there's StarGate involvement, though it's far from required.

In Dreams: (Any)
MacKenzie Metzer was just out of high school when the dreams first began. She didn't know what they meant. In the beginning they were blurry around the edges. Hints of eyes, a voice that echoed in her ears after she woke. Over time they became clearer.  Coalesced into the form a man that she'd never met. So the dreams continued, becoming more vivid, more frightening. He would tell her things, this man in her dreams. Things about herself that she never would have guessed.

Kenzie, as she preferred to be called however had a special gift. One that got her into great amounts of trouble. She could walk through walls. She wasn't sure where the gift came from. Only that she could do so, it was a secret she guarded carefully, but one day, it got out. She was approached then by a group of people that called themselves "Oasis". The wanted her to retrieve things for them. Dangerous magical things. Things that could cause harm if they fell into the wrong hands. Sheltered by overprotective adoptive parents, Kenzie was just naive enough not to question how she could possibly know that theirs were the right ones. So it was that she was used, and cast aside when she ceased to be of use. Cast right into prison.

That's when she met him for the first time. The man from her dreams, and he was there to free her. Would he be her salvation, or would he pave her way to hell?

Alice: (Any) Craving

Alice, that wasn't her name, but that's what they'd all come to call her. No one knew exactly who she was, only that she'd seen things that sounded like they came straight out of Wonderland. That was how she'd found her way into this asylum. She wasn't crazy though, those things actually existed, and the world would never be the same when the unseen world began to touch the seen.

The basic premise here is extremely loosely based off of Changeling: the Dreaming. There would be absolutely no system involved and I have very little exposure to that system, but there was a group game that doesn't seem to be starting that got this idea in my head and now I wants to play with it.

Fluffy Bunnies:

This is a special section specifically for roleplay ideas that are of the soft, fluffy persuasion and intended to stay that way. Now if you really like something you see here and have a very good idea for a darker version please pitch it to me! Most things found in this section will be romantic in nature. Please note that drama, action, and adventure will likely still be present, just presented in a manner that would be more family friendly, you know, except for the inevitable sex scenes... Humor and cuteness are to be expected.

You're a What?: Craving

It's a simple case of woman meets man. Or at least that's how it seems at first when he bumps into her in the mall. She falls down, he helps her up, they get to talking. Unbeknownst to her however, he's a spy, and has slipped something into her purse to ensure it gets safely out of the mall.

I'm thinking something along the lines of a more modern Scarecrow and Mrs. King. For those who don't know what that is, it's an 80's spy show, very family friendly and full of humor. That's what I'm going for with this one. A darker version of this one might be coaxed from me under the right circumstances.

To Catch a Wolf:

What's the best way to catch a wolf? Why that's simple, just think like one!

There's a feral beast terrorizing the countryside. It's doing the unthinkable, tearing up peoples undergarments while they hang on the line. Within a week, the people of the town are without any undergarments to wear without making new ones. The worst part? The townsfolk have seen a wolf doing so, but no one has caught the fell beast.

Gathering their courage, the townsfolk send their best hunter into the woods to find the Forest Maiden. No one knows her name, only that she was raised by wolves and therefore can understand them in ways that no one else could. Can she help them catch the beast and save their modesty?

Through the Gate: Major Craving

This is perhaps the only fandom roleplay request you will see from me in which cannon characters are expected.

This could go one of two ways:

Way one: SG-1 (Any or all members) end up in a world they can't seem to find a way off of. They came through the Stargate, but there wasn't one to be found on this side. What happened, and how do they get home? More to the point, what are with all these creatures that look like they came out of Middle Earth? (They end up on Sakura, a world of my creation.)

Way two: No one is sure where she came from, but a small red headed person who can't seem to speak a lick of English is in their mess hall. What inevitably happens in a situation like this? Any available member of SG-1 gets to clean it up, that's what.

This is perhaps the only time I will be willing to rp cannon characters though my major would of course be the original one in the second way, or the people's they encounter in the first. If you want to have a little fun with this, feel free. I don't really expect anyone to be fully in character in this one, though kudos if you can write them that way.

Fandoms in Which I Will Play:

I'm going to preface this section by making it clear that I rarely play cannon characters as player characters. If you have a wish to, I will play opposite them happily enough. I just prefer to fic for interaction between cannon characters as to avoid issues caused by personal perceptions of the characters. That said, here's the list:

Stargate: SG1
Torchwood/ Dr. Who: This one could be a little tricky not involving any cannon characters too much though...
Forgotten Realms: As a freeform, not using the D&D systems as more than a general guide with no rolls involved.

Those are just the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. I'm sure there are others, so feel free to ask. I think that about sums it up for now. Thank you for taking the time to read through this, and happy roleplaying.
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Music for the Soul(F for any)
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2015, 05:51:09 PM »
Sinead ~ Within Temptation

She was a day walker, and he didn't know. Through some freakish accident he's on death's door, and though she'd promised herself she would never turn anyone, she loved him too much  to let him die. At least that was her justification to herself...

That's it for now, however I have zero doubts that more will come along.
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Re: High Fantasy and Burning Passions (F for any)
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2016, 01:42:42 AM »
Hello folks, I'm back about and looking for roleplay partners.

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Re: High Fantasy and Burning Passions (F for any)
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2018, 05:53:23 PM »
I cleaned up some spelling and grammar, and am back on the market for these folks, if there are any takers?

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Re: Storyteller Seeking Same (F for any)
« Reply #4 on: March 16, 2018, 09:50:08 AM »

Updates: First post has been revamped in the intro, stories have been update and removed, added music inspired section.