An Officer's Pet (M for F, furry or neko)

Started by IrishWolf, March 20, 2015, 10:38:39 PM

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By the year 2431, mankind has spread across the stars, breaking into a thousand different nations and colonies, corporate holdings and lawless systems. There is always war or conflict somewhere in human space, which is where the Peace Corps steps in. Despite the name, the Peace Corps is a mercenary army, with bases and regiments across scores of systems. Anyone can hire them, it all depends on what they can afford, everything from a single platoon of soldiers to a whole brigade, can be had for reasonable rates for well trained and well equipped combat veterans. Business is always good. 

Now, the Corps has a strict policy about getting friendly with the inhabitants of any planet their troops get sent to. There are a number of good reasons for this order, keep the troops from picking up diseases, limit the opportunities for spies to sleep there way to information and helps to keep saboteurs out of the camps. Of course, there are basic human needs and the old adage; Never give an order you know won’t be obeyed, to consider. So the solution? Provide the troops with women and men, to have sex with. Easiest and cheapest way to do that, buy large numbers of genomorphs, to service the soldiers.

Genomorphs are living beings, grown from mixtures of human and animal (native to Earth being the most common) DNA and sold as property. There are different types, depending on just what you want to do with one, such as heavy labor, standard or specially customized, to name a few. Intelligent varies, as does the education, again depending on the tasks they need to preform. The Peace Corps buys standard genomorphs, which are on the same level as humans mentally, so that they can fulfill their main duties as sex workers but can also fill in as cooks or secretaries or in some cases, as emergency medical personnel. 

There is also a policy, which will allow soldiers to buy a genomorph from the Corps. However its mostly only officers which can afford to own a personal genomorph. Most buy their favorite from those assigned to their unit. This is often a goal for the genomorphs, as those that become personal pets, become something greater, going with their owners to parties and meetings or standing beside them at important ceremonies. They get better food and clothing and gifts from their owners.  As such, when an officer goes looking for someone to bed with for the night, the genomorphs do their best to impress.

If this setting interest you, send me a PM and we can work out details and stoylines.