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April 26, 2018, 05:58:23 PM

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Author Topic: {MxM} Pan's Electric, Eclectic, Search For Partners!! Come On In...  (Read 248 times)

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Offline PandemoniumTopic starter

Hello everyone! I am searching for a partner or two for some roleplay fun.

All roleplays with me will be MxM, slash, yaoi, whatever you call it, so if that is not your cup of tea, very sorry. I do not care at all, however, if the person writing the character is male, female, non-binary, or a sentient rabbit.

My limits: NO stuff that belongs in the toilet, non-sentient bestiality, killing my character without my consent, or pregnant males. I don't have a limit on s-e-x, or, violence up to the point of death but not crossing that line.

I like non-con (primarily being the victim in that situation,) and I like biting and being bitten as far as kinks go.

I try to mirror post what I am given as far as length, and I like romance and sexy times, yes, good old fashioned smut, but I need to have story too. The more plot the better. I am not terribly picky, but please make sure to pay a bit of attention to the spellchecker. I don't have perfect grammar, either, and only ask that you try.

I like dark and gothically romantic themes; everything should not be sunshine and roses, though I do really like to have an eventual happy ending. You can torture my character except not in bed, I don't find excessively sexually abusive situations to be too much fun. Dub-con/non-con is fine. I also like a lot of fantasy in my RPs, and find most slice-of-life scenarios boring.

I prefer to NOT have dom x sub, but more equal pairs. I would be unlikely to play a dom/seme (I just can't, really,) but I'll sub/uke if this is a dealbreaker for you. But if we can be equals, or switch/seke x switch/seke this is wonderful! Power struggles are also a lot of fun in my opinion.

I want to play over email, or, I will also play by PM if you prefer - or on the forums if that is what you want. You would have to talk me into playing via Skype or other messenger.

I very rarely play canon characters, however I do not mind if you do so. I never, ever, play real people, as in celebrities of any kind, other than an occasional long-dead historical side-character. I had a demon once who liked his conversations with Nietzsche, for example.

*I want to do various pairings, first being a craving for VAMPIRES, which can be either from the Twilight universe (yes, I actually like Twilight, deal with it.) Or, more traditional/Anne Rice style vampires. Vampire x Werewolf, too: I need someone to play the werewolf.

*I'd like a roleplay involving medieval knights: perhaps two knights who fight side by side and discover their feelings for one another, or, even better, enemies who end up thrown together in a fight to survive a third enemy force.

*Victorian! Imagine boys who like boys in the universe of Jane Eyre. Of course they have to keep it very quiet, perhaps pretend to be cousins or such? Or one is a gentleman and the other a whore, something like that.

*Game of Thrones: I'd like a RP in the GoT world, lots of potential I think in this setting. Knights and Black Brothers and Bravos and so on. I would be playing an OC.

*OCs in Middle Earth. Or else I need someone to play Thranduil with my OC elf. An elf x human pair would also be fun. After all, Legolas can't be the ONLY elf ever to go roaming after adventure. I also have an elven mercenary I want to play - yes, I know, elven mercenary? But, I want to do this.

*Wild West ..I want to play a gunslinger, so whatever you would like to pair with that. This is also fun when done with supernatural elements.

*Prisoner x prisoner - anything from locked up in a medieval dungeon to a modern jail, just so they are locked in together - maybe, at least, not sure how we would keep this theme from getting old fast.?.

*Pirates! Of the Caribbean or otherwise. Captured by pirates or being pirates...

*And, in general: where ever imagination leads. I also want to hear your ideas, I am often captivated by hearing of plots that I didn't think of before.

If you want to play in another book-verse or movie-verse fandom, just ask: I like a lot of fandoms, especially the Marvel movie-verse (one of the few canon things I would play would be playing Loki versus Thor.) I like The Hunger Games and Divergent series, also. I know little from Anime or Games, though, and in general fail at doing straight up sci-fi (as opposed to fantasy-ish anything.)

If you've read all this, please PM me, THANK YOU for your attention, and have a great day!  XD