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September 16, 2021, 10:49:39 am

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Author Topic: Modern Mafia based RP- Godmother vs. Contract Killer (F for M) advanced writing  (Read 422 times)

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I have been craving something a bit...dark, hardcore. Something a little rough around the edges. I've tried writing this idea with a few partners in the wayback past but it didn't satisfy me. I'll be honest in that it would be a challenge because scattered throughout the story, the characters will not be near each other, but when they cross paths it will always be explosive. I am looking for an advanced writer, someone who, like me, takes pride in their writing, looks at the words they type as art and wishes to give their absolute best. Lots of detail, character development, and storyline. If you only like to write about five paragraphs or less, likes to wait for every action just so you can react to it, and is completely against any form of even the slightest form of god-modding (for instance if my character calls your characters name and I say he turns and looks at her, you fly off the handle) I am not the partner for you.

Now, on to the story itself.

Its modern day based, but could be set back in the roaring American '20s. My character will be named Marcella DeMarco, a Brooklyn born woman whose father is an immigrant from Italy and mother is an African American from Queens. Her father was the Don of the DeMarco family and had strong ties in the Mafia in New York based out of Sicily, but was killed in a drive by sent from an opposing family. When her father died, Marcella took over his “business” of collecting protection money for all businesses in her territory, and by controlling the concrete and waste management businesses all throughout New York City. She is an extremely corrupted business woman; brides, threats, selling of contraband, and even sleeping around, the woman uses every tactic to get what she needs to get done.
Extremely intelligent when it comes to money handling, negotiations, and politics, but also greedy, vain, and simply a bitch, Marcella has dropped low enough even to kill when she thinks a person will get in her way to riches.

You can base anything you want off of this, but my original idea is for you to play the role of someone hired by the same family who killed her father, but your target is her (Me) this time. Making money also makes many enemies, and DeMarco knows this. She has hired guards all throughout her office building, cameras everywhere, and always has a gun strapped to her thigh beneath her skirt at all times. But you are the one who has been hired for $5 million to shoot her. Break into her office, shoot her in her sleep, make a false appointment with her and plant a bullet between her eyes….”Do whatever you need to, by any means necessary,” you have been told, this family wants her executed.

You have quite the reputation for killing in secret and getting away with your fingernails clean, yet you are always in the shadows. No one really knows who you are, but you have eyes and ears everywhere in the corrupted world of New York City and you always know when there is money to be made. You are a loner. Silent. Deadly. And will work for a hefty price.

That's the basis of what I have thought up. I only like to think up the beginning foundation of a story and then develop it with my partner. This will be collaborative writing, where we create a story together, each post taking the stage and making a scene. The split between plot and sex will probably be about 70/30ish, and I'm looking for really dirty sex.

Slapping, nails raking, bondage, pseudo rape, or pretty much real rape, skull fucking, anal, oral, or just really hardcore shit that will make you almost guilty when you finish writing it. I do have my limits though, check out my O/os for those, but if I have peaked any interest, please PM with questions or inquires.

Good day.