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June 20, 2018, 02:30:33 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Scifi/Fantasy, BDSM, Romance, or Both! (F for literate M)  (Read 472 times)

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Offline HisLovingPlaythingTopic starter

Please do not post in this thread. Thank you!

Hello, potential co-writer! Thank you for reading my request thread. <3 Please read my Ons and Offs as well before PMing me about a thread you want to write together. That way you have all of my information, and everything is on the table. Before I begin laying out my story ideas, I want to emphasize a few things.

-Understand that I want the average post length to be about 3-4 paragraphs. More or less than that is fine, depending on circumstances. Please don't ask me to write with you if you are not comfortable with this. I mean no offense, if that sounded arrogant! Please forgive me. I'm new. :3

-Please make sure you are more than a little enthusiastic about our story. I want you to be excited! I'm hoping this will cut down on abandoned stories. Nobody likes that!

-Please be ready to communicate about plot, setting, characters, and your absences. This will help with keeping each other excited about continuing the story. I don't need stalker-level vigilance. Just keep me in the loop please. :)

-I'm not a grammar nazi, but I humbly ask that you do a quick proofread and nab those spelling mistakes/grammatical mistakes. It doesn't have to be perfect. All I ask is that I won't be slapped in the face with forgotten comma's and misspelled words ten times a paragraph. I make mistakes too, so, you know, have good grammar, but you don't have to agonize. If an english teacher were reading our posts, (Where can I take that class...) I would hope our posts get graded 'B' or above.

-I'm looking for co-writers able to post 3 or more times a week, depending on circumstances/our average post length. I promise I will not pester you to post. I don't want to make you feel like this is work. However, if it has been a week or so without communicating with me, I might send you a polite PM, asking if you wish to continue, what I could change to make you more enthusiastic, if you are okay, etcetera. After two weeks, I will PM you again, and probably start thinking about moving on. All the while I'll be desperately hoping you come back. :p After another couple weeks of pining for your return, only then will I be forced to let the thread go. Which brings me to...

-PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU ARE NO LONGER INTERESTED. Listen, it happens. I understand completely. I know it's not fun to give bad news, but I beg you to communicate your lack of interest to me so that I can plan accordingly. I'll be sad for our story, but not angry. Please, my handsome and eloquent writing partner, let me know if you lost interest in our story. It happens to everyone. I promise with all of my heart that I won't be mad at you. It wouldn't be fair to be mad at you, and I won't do it. Also, when you let me know, be sure to tell me if you seek to start a new story, or are looking elsewhere.

-I generally use and ask for playbys. (Whichever you prefer, animated or photographs, is fine with me.) Although if you just don't like doing that I am willing to accommodate you.

-I'm willing to RP by Forums, PMs, or Email. No IM or chat programs when we are writing the story itself, please.

-If one of my plots interests you, and you see us as a good fit for writing partners given the information you just read, please feel free to drop me a PM. Or if you have an idea you get the sense I will love, hit me with that too!

-Science fiction is my favorite! Especially if it involves spaceships. Cyberpunk, high fantasy, low fantasy, and steampunk are also settings that I love. Build a world with me!

-Fandoms aren't that appealing to me, and never with cannon characters. I will do Star Wars and Wheel of Time.

-I'm flexible with much of the details in these stories. Please tell me what you think honestly so we can tailor the story to your needs as well as mine. <3

My Plots

I thought I would list a few vague ideas. I had hoped that if I were sufficiently vague, we could both read between the lines with our imagination. :)

Natural Urges (Incest warning) TAKEN
Genre: Scifi/BDSM (Original Setting)

- This idea is fairly elaborate, so I will be vague and we should have an exchange of thoughts before I give you more details. And it is quite dark, so yeah. The idea involves your character enslaving a mother and her daughter. (So stepdaughter.) Your character is the last of his kind. An alien that appears very much human. The universe is huge, so maybe there is a species so similar to us. The short version is that his race was wiped out, and he needs human slaves (Albeit genetically engineered.) to remain alive. They form a symbiosis that feeds on sex and psychic energy. In my imagination, it included basically every kink on my list. So thats alot. >_> However I look forward to seeing what you think. It's been a recurring fantasy lately. This would involve lots of kinky technology and non consent at first. It could take place on earth, or in a spaceship.

Lost Souls TAKEN
Genre: Cyberpunk/Romance (Original Setting)

- One of the stories I've always wanted to write and never have is about a military-grade assassin android. She contains a multitude of things banned by most governments of the world. These things include being able to flawlessly pass a turing test. True AI. Along with cloaking, super-strength, lighting reflexes, a photographic memory, the 200 most popular languages in the world, and weapons/tactics programming coming out of her eyeballs, this girl is a force to be reckoned with. Instantly, she becomes a threat to the security of all nations, and all corporations. All this hidden beneath the form a breathtaking beauty. Here's the thing; she didn't get her final software update. She has the personality of the girl they modeled her brain after, only without the memories she used to have. You can imagine how scary that would be. Ironically enough, this story might start with a damsel in distress. So, when she gets lost, you can imagine the panic of her manufacturer. He built her to influence his enemies, and now she was on the loose. Taken by petty theives. How could security be so lax? Who knows why the girl called that Detective from the city. Her fingers just seemed to remember the number, like riding a bike... (I'm seeing a Ghost in the Shell/Bladerunner vibe with this one.)

The Lady and the Swashbuckler TAKEN
Genre: Scifi/Romance (Star Wars)

-This could happen in any era. A rich girl/Moffs daughter gets exiled, falsely accused of treason. (Mostly because her father was guilty of treason. Or was he?) So she flees to some smuggling veteran's ship. Similar to Han/Leia in relationship arch. We should plot further of course. I'd like to avoid force sensitive main characters. Scoundrels are much sexier anyways. ;)
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Re: Seeking Scifi/Fantasy, BDSM, Romance, or Both! (F for literate M)
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