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Started by Obito Uchiha, March 18, 2015, 06:54:00 PM

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Obito Uchiha

I'm back from being away for awhile and would like to get into some roleplaying again. I dont have a lot of time during they day to do much but will be able to reply in the afternoons and weekends if nothing is going on.

Just a bit about my type of characters. I personally like to play crossdressing femboys, though I will play a full male or female role if the concept is interesting enough. I dont have a dominate personallity, so I will not be playing any dominate roles. This is mainly because I tend to do the one thing I hate from doms, which is becoming too soft as the game progresses. If a perticular scene calls for it or I need to do a dom role for only a small part then I might be able to oblige, but any longer and i'll start loosing interest. (pretty sure this classifies me as submissive)

I would like to ask that if you consider me for roleplaying that you at least do a couple paragraphs. I'm not the best writer by any means and i'm not going to write any novels, but i'd like to atleast have something to reply with and just being moderately descriptive should easily fill in 2 paragraphs. I will try to match with my partner the best I can if you tend to write more as i've done long replys in the past as well.


I know to each their own when it comes to what they like and i'll try to push some of my limits to help make the roleplays enjoyable for each side, but there are some things that I can just not get into. No bodily fluids like Vore, excriment, or piss play in detail. I'm not going to list everything, but if you ask I will be happy to let you know to what extent if any i'll go with.

As for the Roleplays, I would like to keep them in a more modern setting. Sorry, but I'm not into people having powers, mind control, hypnotism, aliens, or any anime roleplays (even if i do have an anime profile picture). I'm just not into trying to adhere to a characters personality that i didn't create to feel like its my own, and i dont want to try and meet the expectation of what the partner feels that character should be like, just to fail and disappoint. I will still do characters that cosplay maybe at a convention or something.

Role Plays

Below is some Roleplays that I'd like to start with, but please feel free to suggest your own if you feel it would be something that I could get into playing. I'm never closed to listening to what you come up with, and the only thing that can happen is that i'll say i'm not interested. (not too crushing I hope ^_^ )

Red means currently taken. If you ask I might double up but otherwise its taken for now.

NEW Role Play Ideas

Punishment for Deception (MxM, MxF) 2 Options
Option 1: (MxM)
A convincing crossdresser interacts with a gentleman at a club and doesn't reveal himself as a guy. The two hook up a few times and everything seems to be going great with out the gentleman any the wiser that his date has been a guy dressed up the entire time. He soon finds out as he tries to move things along, and becomes enraged, embarrased, and a feeling of deceet. Even though the crossdresser didn't mean any harm and thought the guy knew, he becomes victim to the gentleman's attempt to get revenge. The Gentleman decides to bound the crossdresser and abuse him with items till eventually letting out his fustrations more and get some satisfaction for himself. (Can Discuss more details, but looking for a strong dom for BDSM, bit of Abuse, Toy useage on victim, etc)

Option 2: (MxF)
A convincing crossdresser befriends a woman thinking she know that he is a guy. The become friends and start having some 'girl' fun till the woman decides to go on a trip and offers to invite the crossdresser. The decide to stay in the same room and have a good time. As the get to their trip, they both take a shower, but as the crossdresser steps out it is made obviously clear that he wasn't the girl the woman thought he was. She becomes confused and enraged for getting tricked. Her dominate side awaken as she starting thinking of ways to get back and treat the renounced friend, making him bend to her will. (can discuss this a bit more, but looking for good control to make the crossdresser become something she can use at her will.)

After School Training (MxM, MxF)
A crossdresser transfers to a new school and stays isolated for the rest of the class. The Teacher tried to help make the boy feel welcomed and get aclumated into the class, but failed as the boy perferred staying to himself and quiet. The teacher requested the boy stay after school to talk again and try to help, but what he got was more surprising than that. Being overpowered and knocked out, he awakens to being bound in the classroom where the teacher decides to show train the boy for his new role as a girl. The teacher declares him as their new play thing and comes up with all kinds of things to do to him whether in class or after school for 'extra lessons'. (can discuss more, doesn't matter if Teacher is M or F)

Current Idea Role Plays

Becoming the Pet (MxM, MxF, FxF)
Two siblings with the parents out of the house. One sibling is turned into the others pet whenever the parents are out of the house or when they can sneek around in private. This can entail wearing pet ears or a plug with a tail attached. The dom could also expand exposing the situation to their friends and turn it into the pet servicing others as well. (We can discuss how the sub becomes in the situation)

Cousin's Slut (MxM, MxF, FxF)
Both of the cousin's parents decided to take a sweethearts vacation with the other family only to leave the 2 behind and have the older cousin look after the younger one. The younger cousin starts by just getting along with the cousin, but soon finds out that they have been getting looked at quite often. This in turn causes the young cousin to start teasing the older cousin sexually when he feels the need. This starts to annoy the older cousin as time goes on that they plan to force the younger into an actual sexual situation to mess with and hopefully force the younger to regret teasing them. (We can discuss how the Older cousin comes to fully take control and train or turn the younger into the their slut)

BDSM Chatroom Sex Slave (MxM, MxF)
A submissive has been using an online chatroom to communicate with a dominate master for awhile to fill the urge of giving away control to another person. This has been going on for a couple of months when the submissive is told by the dom that this will be last chat between them. The dom decides that he cant just play to a semi time submissive for nothing, so at the end of the chat the dom give the submissive 2 options. One is to leave everything about their current life and become a real submissive slave to the person they have been chatting with for awhile now, or find another chatroom dom as they will not have any further contact. The dom leaves all contact details if they decide to fly out. (can discuss more details)

Friends Secret Revealed (MxM, MxF)
Two close friends get together one afternoon to hang out and possibly play a few games to kill time. One of them sends the other along to the room to get the game system started while he grabs a couple drinks and snacks for them to eat. As the other friend gets to the room and starts looking around the system they catch a glimpse of female clothing being stashed lightly. They pull them out and start looking at them as the door opens to see a shocked and almost fearful expression on their friends face. They confront each other about the clothes and start discovering a side of each other they didn't know about before. (This can be played forceful or maybe supportive with a bit of coaxing, willing to discuss farther if need be)

Siblings (MxM, MxF) 2 Options
Option 1:
A younger sibling develops an interest in crossdressing. The family and older sibling accept the change, but soon the older sibling feels a bit of pressure from his own friends because of his brother that he becomes upset. In his anger he decides to teach his little brother what its like to be a girl and turn him into his personal toy. (can discuss what happens more with the olders personality)

Option 2:
A younger sibling has a secret of crossdressing. Once when he thought he had the house to himself he got all dressed up and pranced around the house for a bit, but he never heard his older sibling walk in and find him out. The older sibling decides to take advantage of the situation as his young sibling looks very convicing as a girl and he has been not doing well with the girls of late. (can discuss to elaborate more)

Feminized (MxM, MxF)
Two friends are used to challenging each other and come up with bets that the loser has to fill. One bet went so far as to have the other crossdress and go on a date with the other, more as a humiliation tactic. The loser is forced to go buying more girls clothes while dressed be it undergarments or lingerie. One problem arises as the person crossdressing is so convincing that it starts to affect the other to the point of him forcing himself on the other. (can discuss how the story should proceed from there)

Please use IMs to reply for a Roleplay, I would like to keep this thread clean. Thanks ^_^
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Obito Uchiha

*Updated with New Roleplays* Looking to start and have some more stories going. Please remember to message if you have something that would interest me that's not on my list.
If you add my Yahoo IM account please place a message saying that your from this site when friend requesting, Thanks

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Obito Uchiha

If you add my Yahoo IM account please place a message saying that your from this site when friend requesting, Thanks

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