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Author Topic: Dom seeking a suitable sub (m/m) Long Term  (Read 751 times)

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Dom seeking a suitable sub (m/m) Long Term
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:14:07 AM »

[CLosed FOR NAO]

[craving SMUT, emotions, & character development]

Kinks are here.

Hello all. Let me introduce myself. I am Angelus and as the title states, I am a dom. I'm going to skip to all the good juicy bits because my attention span for making these things is very limited. But, first let me say that I enjoy posts that are at least two paragraphs and up, I'm taking yaoi requests at the moment, and prepare for some really cliche pairings.




CD[Trap] x straight guy
abusive/controlling guy x bf

Prostitute/ ex-cop
prostitute/ artist[or musician]

Student x Businessman
Student x Nurse
Student x doctor

Brother x younger brother
Step sibling x step sibling
Married man x someguy

[Scenarios[Look to second post for the scenes that are to be accepted at this time.)]

[Into the deep.]

Lost in the big city YC runs into MC and they hit it off. MC offers to show YC the more interesting parts of their hometown but, YC is soon to find out that MC isn't all he appears to be. Sex, drugs, and money... MC has only the desire to indulge in the most carnal of desires and plans to transform YC into the perfect partner.

[Something's amiss:]

YC has been enrolled in an experimental program to create the perfect slave. The only problem is that they aren't aware of it just yet. MC has hired YC to work at his estate to work as a servant. Everything seem fine at first until after YC has agreed to take the live in position. It is then that YC learns of his real duties and MC true nature.


It was love at first sight until MC started showing signs of instability. No YC wants out but, MC just can't bare the thought of being alone... On the night YC has found solace at a friend's place MC demands you return home and when you refuse he just leaves silently. It is only the night after when YC is out partying that MC sets you up to be drugged and kidnapped. When YC awakens they're greeted with bound limbs and MC hovering like a scavenger stalking a dead carcass...

[It's time to pay the pied piper]

There's a place the gamblers go when they haven't paid their debt. 6 feet under? No. The Absolute is his name and he is notorious for his ties with various mobs and gangs. He is the one they call if they want a man broken. YC's times is almost up and he knows it. With fears of death lingering heavy on his mind he goes to a local tolive his last moments in bliss. While their YC meets MC who insists on buying YC whatever he wants. It is the morning after and YC awakes in a strange home next to a person he doesn't recognize. It is then that he realizes his hands are chained to the bed and there's a dog's collar adorning his neck. At the moment panic begins to set in the man rolls over with a morning yawn and the fun starts.

[What I'm looking for]

I'm looking to play on the non-con side as that is what I'm in the mood for. So if you don't want to be pushed around and verbally abused I'm not interested. Of course there's room for con and fluff, I just want a little dark-romance in my life. I really don't feel the need to plot too much. A simple scenario is fine for me. I'm in the mood for violence, sick relationships, zombie apocalypse, a masochist to come floating my way, gore{ depending on pairing}, and blackmail. Feel free to suggest any pairing, scenario{Maybe something twisted you've been wanting to try}, characters you want to play, so on and so forth.

[What I don't want]
Furries, fandoms. And also, non-thread based rping. Already have one going in my pms and I don't want to flood my inbox. Also e-mails are definitely out and any instant messenger service.

At some point I'll revise this crap so it'll be suitable for future references. For now, excuse my laziness.
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Re: Dom seeking a suitable sub (m/m, m/f) looking for short term
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2015, 11:58:10 PM »

Scream loud and don't forget to breathe:

It's been a long, long time since YC has seen his older brother MC. He heard from the great vine that the imaginative entrepreneur was an established Erotic novelist currently in their hometown for a book signing. Having come from a wealthy family where arranged marriages were still a thing and bastard children were philosophically burned at the stake, the two were separated before their teens. Having finally been blessed with a proper child, MC & YC's father sent MC off to live with his dead mother's distant family and YC remained with their father and his mother.

Having been raised outside of the wealth of his father's estate, MC's way of life has left YC star struck and wanting to know more about his half-brother. This proves to be a grave mistake upon YC's part as a steamy relationship(one of non-con, bi-curiousness, S&M, maybe even voyeurism) quickly develops between the two. Not only is their affair taboo but, YC is to be married off soon and his lust filled relationship with MC is proving rather difficult to juggle alongside the life his father has mapped out for him to follow.

[I have the incessant vision that this will be an rp filled with emotion, social conflict, kinks, drama, angst, humiliation, jealousy, envy.]

[TAKEN]Lust Written Vows.

Drowned in sadism, MC has went through many a relationship searching for the kind of love movies often portrayed. There's nothing that MC wants more than a partner that is open to taking him as he is. However, he knows that's an almost absurd notion seeing as the only way he can feel is to inflict pain. On the outside he appears to be an upstanding business man with a good head on his shoulders. He's generally seen as a good reliable man, one you can count on if you're ever in a jam. But, to his past lovers he's nothing more than a diseased cur worthy of execution. His obsession with the darker side of intimacy has put a halt on what it means to actually care and love for someone.

Having given up on the idea of ever finding love, MC has settled for the next best thing: disposable pets. On his quest to assuage his desires one night, the club he frequented informed him his favorite pet had been permanently bought. To his surprise, they'd brought in another pet(YC) and reluctantly MC agrees to patronize him.

Their relationship starts out as just business at first. It is only when things at work prove to be rather stressful that MC constantly frequents the club to visit YC. There would be times when they would be intimate and others where YC would just be bound and thoughtfully pushing out advice and comforts as MC would be pouring hot wax or even whipping him into submission. It becomes rather clear as the veil of stress lifts that both men enjoy each others company more than they want to admit and their relationship carries into the real world. The club is soon eliminated completely from both of their lives as they attempt to form a real relationship based on something more than just give and take.

[I'm thinking both partners will be broken and hesitant. I feel like it will be quite the challenge for both of them to admit the love they feel for one another even though its quite obvious that they both are perfect for one another. There could be a dom x dom scenario or even a sub x sub battle where some drama can be thrown into the mix as they both attempt to keep and chase each other way as the fear of love sets in. ]

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Re: Dom seeking a suitable sub (m/m) Long Term
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2015, 12:42:36 PM »
Looking for two more rps.
The two plots in the second post are what I'm looking to do.
Pm me to discuss.

I'm just partial to illustrated pictures. I have no issue with using real models for reference.