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Author Topic: Shadowrun: Klimaxxx [M looking for F, Shadowrun]  (Read 224 times)

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Shadowrun: Klimaxxx [M looking for F, Shadowrun]
« on: March 17, 2015, 07:28:29 PM »
A quick lesson for the Historically Impaired. The Mayans predicted that the world would end in December of 2012, and in a way it kind of did. The Fifth World ended, and the Sixth World began. Dragons began waking up from their hidden roosts, Elves and Dwarves started being born, and Magic surged back into the world with a vengeance unlike anything the world has seen in an Age.

But just because Magic and Myth returned doesn't mean Science and Technology left. Anything but, as developments in biotech and computers continued marching forward at it's breakneck pace. The first cybernetic implants were not long after 2012, and soon they got so good that people got them even when the flesh they were replacing was perfectly fine. Of course with these new ways to make a buck you know someone stepped in. Enter the rise of the Megacorporation, and in their shadows the rise of the Shadowrunner.

It is now the year 2077, and the Sixth World is moving forward on all cylinders. You can survive by signing on with the Megacorporations, or you can leap into the Shadows and try to hang on for the ride.

One man that's signed on the dotted line is known as "Anders Klimaxxx". A male pornographic trid and simsense actor, Anders works along the edges of some massive corporate empire - something with so many shells lined up that not even he knows which megacorp signs his checks. He just knows that he's being paid to make love to the best looking women money can buy while letting computers record his motions, words, even the very sensations of him and his partner. He may have no real freedom to speak of, not even knowing who is signing his checks, but he can at least take a bit of comfort knowing that thanks to brainwave recording technology and the ever evolving descendant of the Internet known as the Matrix hundreds of thousands if not millions of women know what it feels like for him to fuck them like animals and they're begging him for more. He can take comfort in that, it's far better then most other corporate peons have.

But "Anders Klimaxxx" has just stumbled into the Shadows. He thought she was just a fan, but in truth a female Shadowrunner trying to find a vulnerable trix port into an Aztechnology Data Server was using him for access to the offices of the pornography production company he worked for. He would be mad, he knows he should be furious at her - but quite accidentally they've discovered that there's a series of bizarre genetic abnormalities in his DNA, that many of his memories totaling at least several years are implanted fakes, and that his employers have known about both of those things since the very beginning of his career. Soon after he learns something else too - that those facts are secrets that many corporate power players are willing to kill for.

Now, with no other choice, Anders Klimaxxx has to take to the Shadows - because the only chance he has of living something approaching a normal life may now hinge on him finding out the truth...

Quote from: Info
In tribute of my love of dirty RPs and Shadowrun!

Basic Premise - Thanks to a chance encounter with a female shadowrunner, a male porn star discovers signs of genetic alterations in his DNA and that at least several years worth of his memories are implanted forgeries. Both of which are facts that at least some corporate players seem willing to kill for to keep secret.

Can be a system game though it doesn't have too, knowledge of the Shadowrun setting not absolutely required but would come in handy. Looking for something heavy with smut but heavier with story. Contact me by post or PM if you're interested.
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