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May 14, 2021, 09:20:43 pm

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Author Topic: Fandom Time! - Mostly Anime Based Stories (M for F)  (Read 451 times)

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Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Fandom Time! - Mostly Anime Based Stories (M for F)
« on: March 16, 2015, 04:55:35 pm »
Hello and welcome, potential partners!

So! I get fandom cravings often for a lot of my favorite anime from time to time as we all do. Usually they yield little results, I suppose there are either not many mainstream Shounen anime fans here on E or my ideas just don't catch the eye as well as they should. As such, it's rare that all my inspirations come back to me all at the same time and so here I am for another try with some anime based plots for some fellow fans to take up with me~

As for a bit about the partner you will be taking on I am a frequent rp'er, some days can get busy but I almost always check E on my phone due to email notifications so while I may not be available all the time to RP (which I still am most of the time, at least a few times a day if it's a busy day and all day on my free days), I still always can chat and plan through PM's so never hesitate to message, I'll most of the time respond semi-quickly.

What I'm searching for? I'm looking for a partner who can be frequent. Inspirations can go really fast when nothing is moving, to me fandoms have a tiny bit of leeway as other sources can spark up the interest but I would rather a partner who's frequency won't force me to rely on that to stay interested in our story. I'm also looking for someone committed to the plot. I've had many-a RP where I plan out so much goodness with my partner and then suddenly without word I never hear from them again, not only does this waste time but in general it just sucks knowing I had something going and without closure/notice just suddenly not anymore. I would prefer neither of our time be wasted so anyone planning to do this, or worse even allow the RP to start for one to two posts before ditching out, need not apply. I also require that my partner be interested in playing multiple characters. I myself can play males and females and I would prefer a partner who can play either all women or preferably both males and females, no one who can only play males please.

My O/O's can be found in my signature and so if you have not been steered away yet by my requests and think we'd be a good match, send me a PM ^^

All that said, without further ado, here are some of my anime based fandom plots with possibly more to come in the future!


I have two plot ideas for this. And unlike most of the time, I'm willing to break out of my usual comfort zone and roleplay with males on this seeing how little interest these ones usually have here on E. My previous requests still apply though, must be into multi-characters and not in only playing males.

The first is a lot more open of a setting, using the future setting of DBZ that has been outlined in games such as Dragon Ball Online and Xenoverse, that would allow for any type of character and story really. The main cast of characters gone but leaving a legacy behind, Gohan writing a book that leads humans to know how to use Ki and part of humanity having a small ounce of Saiyan dna putting humanity up in power on average, a Majin race descendant of Majin Buu and a female counterpart he created (Majin females are pretty sexy and I think it'd be fun to play with/as one~), Namekians living on Earth after New Namek's destruction, it leaves a world open to a plethora of characters types that we can make a cast from without being too bound to a setting such as sticking with humans or having to go to these places in the DBZ universe to include other races. I have quite a few ideas but I feel like this idea would be best starting from scratch with my partner to prevent that feeling fandom rp's are sometimes cursed to of having to stick to a certain story that turn some people off. If you have minimal knowledge of DBZ and feel like this would be the kind of plot for you feel free to ask me about this ^^

The second is more of a stricter fanfiction involving canon characters. For anyone who is a DBZ fan, you might know of the bad writing of GT. I've always kind of wanted to try my hand at that storyline and see if it could be done better. As such I would like a partner for a canon character RP involving the next generation of Z fighters instead of Goku, such as Uub, Pan, Bra, and characters that we'd have some leeway with as their personalities were either not horribly gone into or they could have been done better. So I know it's not the most popular type of RP but if anyone would be up for an rp with already established characters that we can tweak, shoot me a message~


I have a specific idea for this one, again involving canon characters but a less serious and more light hearted and fun idea.

The idea is that the Nine Tailed Fox inside of Naruto is not exactly what it seems, in actuality, the Fox is a female and though her natural form is the beast, she can take a human form. This can take place either in an AU where nothing is going on during the ending part or just after the last fight in the manga (before the movie) at a point of Shippuden age range characters. Anyway, the idea is that one day the Fox gets bored, so she decides to take her human form and play with Naruto a bit. In his head she can take a solid human form and outside of him she can use the gold chakra form as a medium to create her form by separating from Naruto and turning the gold Chakra into an etherial form of herself. She uses this to get Naruto through whatever means (blackmail, threats, coercion) to sleep with the various girls in the series. From straight up non-con to secretly willing to forced servitude through Jutsu, this would be an RP about pairing Naruto with a lot of the females, mainly the obscure ones. Ones who died such as villains and the like could be revived as well due to stuff like Edo Tensei. I would be playing Naruto and it would be nice if my partner could play Kurama the Fox, and then we can split the rest of the characters amongst ourselves so that it's not just you GM'ing for me all the time.

Though right now I'm only looking for this more smut centered idea, I might be able to be convinced for a serious plot for this. I just don't currently have any ideas in particular for one.
More to come!

I would love to pick up some partners for these, so if you're interested, drop me a line!