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May 24, 2018, 04:29:36 PM

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Author Topic: Becca's plot bunnies (F looking for M)  (Read 3211 times)

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Becca's plot bunnies (F looking for M)
« on: March 15, 2015, 10:05:43 PM »
Hi! Thanks for taking an interest in my request thread. As always, you can help yourself to some nice tea and cookies while you read my ideas :)

I'm throwing a bunch of my cravings together in this thread. Ideas that might not have a specific plot or character developed, but might be the starting point for a great RPG with the right partner.

I'm looking for RPGs with turmoil, romance -vanilla or dark, twisted; would depend on the setting and the characters of course- and plot.

Italian City States/Renaissance:

Think the Borgias kind of families, rich, scheming and filed with the aching desire of earning power and wealth by any means possible. Rival houses, beautiful seductresses, intrigue, political machinations, treachery, temptation are the name of the game in this setting.
Also could go a different way: Artists, great thinkers, and inventors are blooming all over the place, looking for patrons and an audience to enjoy their arts. A patron might become enthralled with a particularly beautiful dancer, actress, painter, and demand more than just her art in return for his patronage.

I could also see this setting including a more supernatural twist to it. Vampires lurking in the night would be a nice addition.

The Tudors/Elizabethan era:

Courtroom intrigues, hidden love affairs, the golden age bringing along with it the apogee of the English Renaissance, filled with poetry, music, and literature. Much like in Italy, this era is dominated by political schemes, rivalry, and power struggles.
I'm as well more than willing to consider this very same time period in France. In the three cases of Renaissance RPGs, anywhere between the 15th and early 17th centuries would work nicely.
An interesting concept would be a Henry IIX kind of monarch, and a noble girl from a family who has fallen in disgrace. She might be pushed by her family to try and seduce the king, but she greatly refuses to do so. A wild child, she ends up seducing him with her whimsical behavior.
I did have a story similar to this concept (What if Henry and Anne did manage to have a child and he ended up being king?), but my partner doesn't seem to be coming back any time soon. If anyone is interested in this concept, do check this out, just as a tragically short-lived attempt. I do think it showcases what kind of characters and writing style you can expect.


Conquerors, warriors, Norse expansion! A setting starting with a raid to a small, maybe even peaceful village. A brave, proud Viking could meet a meek, beautiful damsel in distress; a bright and young apprentice eager for more experiences; a talented bow woman; willingly giving herself to the leader of the invaders to save her village or forcefully brought along. The possibilities are plenty, and it's just a matter of discussing it with the right partner!

The focus might be on the actual fighting, on the ins and outs of roman society, with its manipulations and power struggles; on their forbidden relationship or all of the above.
While I'm looking for a male character to be a gladiator -he could be a new purchase, or the already established champion of the ludus-, my character's position will depend on the kind of story my partner is interested in.
She could be the daughter or relative of the master of the ludus, a woman of noble birth who's interested in the gladiators should be limited to their efforts in
the arena, never focusing on how they could make her feel in the bed or how fast their hearts seem to race whenever he's around, but she simply can't help herself.
She could be a new slave girl, a servant who is too gorgeous for her own good and is given to the gladiator for a night as a reward after a particularly glorious day at the arena, one which helped the master of the ludus win a great amount of gold or influences. She could be simply a slave girl who is either too naive or too proud to even answer to the leer and crude sexual remarks of the gladiators whenever she's serving them dinner or working near the arena as they rest or train, but something about him catches her eye.

Vampires and blood dolls

A good vampire story is a rare find. Not the twilight kind, mind you. I could go different ways, but mostly, I'd love playing something based on the works of Anne Rice. It's NOT A MUST, and if you do have any ideas involving vampires, blood dolls and darkness in general, I'm more than happy to hear it out and discuss it. Whether it's a concept leaning towards Bram Stoker's Dracula, White Wolf's World of Darkness or basically any other kind of vampire which is not in any ways related to the Twilight saga, you already have my attention.

Depravity, fascinating characters, and dark, obsessive romance is certainly my cup of tea in a good vampire-centric RPG. Whether it's about a vampire trying to get in touch with his humanity, the eternal struggle to find the love of two creatures of the night, or an obsessive romance turned violent between a vampire and his plaything, I'm open to discussing the possibilities.

French/American revolution

Viva la revolution! Turmoil is in the air. The oppressed masses have began to find their voices, guided the students, the idealists, the thinkers who will no longer remain quiet while their brothers suffer in dispair. The wealthy fear the day the spirits could truly boil over, or are they too lost in comfort to actually notice?
The possibilities are many in this particular scenario. Students fighting for a revolution they feel is the only way out of the current situation, a clash of social classes, a star-crossed romance between a nobleman/woman and a member of the lower classes, a scoundrel with little moral being recruited for the cause of the revolution, perhaps at first simply being in it for the money.

Perhaps a man or women courting a person who is far above their own station. Perhaps against their parents wishes, perhaps even a taboo kind of relationship (different races?), or even a woman falling for a married man, or on the contrary, her being the one already married, having been pushed into the marriage by her parents, and only now realizing she can crave for more than comfort.
A particularly intriguing idea for the American Revolution would be a British officer's daughter falling in love with an American revolutionist. Their forbidden affair might mean death to the both of them, and he might even use her proximity to his enemies (her father might be a rather influential commander), to obtain inside information, forcing her to choose between her father and the country she is supposed to be loyal to, or the man she loves and his revolution.

Gangs of...

New York or England. The late 1800s or early 1900s. The place and time vary, but the situation both locations are going through is quite similar.

Crime bosses, dangerous street corners, gangs fighting for control over the districts. Lands swarming with immigrants in one case and young men recently returned from the war in the other. Prostitutes, low lives, gang rivalry. Inspired, of course, by both Peaky Binders and Gangs of New York, the plot could go different ways depending on my partner's interest, but the setting will be gritty, in a time riddled with the almost continuous disorder and turbulence, cities infested by gangs who patrol the streets laying their own law.

Gypsies in Paris

Inspired on The hunchback of Notre Dame, I'd love to give a gypsy girl a try. Tantalizing and sensual, running from the law most of the time, but accepted as long as she entertains the masses in the approved days, she might be seen as merely another girl wandering the streets, a perverse vision of lust and temptation, or the promise of a different kind of adventure, depending on the kind of character my partner is tempted to play.
A minister, a guard, a fellow gypsy, options are plenty.

 Final girl

Very loosely inspired by the movie Final Girl or the character Hit Girl, I'm interested in playing an RPG featuring a young, beautiful woman trained to be the perfect agent for a mysterious organization, from a very young age. After becoming an orphan at a very young age, she was taken in by an organization she still now knows little about, her education and boarding paid for, as a young man took the role of her legal tutor. She'd be trained to fight and shoot and once she reached an appropriate age, she might have even been trained to seduce men to help her achieve her final objective, which could be anything from gathering information to murdering an intended target.
I would like to focus on her relationship with her handler, and the missions she is given once her training is completed. Would she grow to be more and more morally ambiguous, or will she attempt to find redemption?

Forbidden love
I've been craving a forbidden kind of love. An affair that won't just begin with the two characters instantly falling in love, getting together, engaging in any kind of sexual act. Not right away, anyways.
I'm interested, for this RPG in particular, a slower kind of seduction. The craving, the lusting, the desire, the heartache of being oh so close and yet not being able to reach out and touch their skin, not being able to finally have that first kiss.

Of course eventually the rpg will focus on the torrid, forbidden love affair, the conflict of interests, the guilt or fear of being caught, but those moments before it finally does happen would be just as important (Think Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Eisenheim and Sophie from the Illusionist, Guinevere and Lancelot). The forbidden love angle could grow from any number of different situations: Modern time or historical RPGs, a difference in social status (king/queen and knife/servant; married or engaged; even age difference, though I currently am not interested in another teacher-student rpg).


It does not necessarily have to be set in Westworld itself nor does it need to feature any of the show's characters, but I'm open to both those options as well. We can create a story in any other theme park (medieval, futuristic, greek, etc). I am both interested in playing the AI or the guest, my main interest is the awakening of the host's sense of self, experiencing true feelings for the first time, being able to go beyond what he/she was programmed to do, as well as the guest's mixed feelings about falling for a being that isn't truly alive, a being that is supposed to just be programmed to entertain those who pay for the privilege.

Games of thrones

A truly rich, interesting setting which can offer a wide variety of different storylines and pairing possibilities. This request has a thread of its own and can be found here .

If anyone is interested in these concepts or might have any similar craving, please do contact me through PM, do not post in this thread as I'd like to keep it tidy!
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Re: Becca's -mostly historical- plot bunnies (F looking for M)
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2016, 08:56:52 PM »
I'm giving these requests a much needed bump!

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Re: Becca's plot bunnies (F looking for M)
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2017, 09:22:49 PM »
Now that I'm back, I've updated my list a bit and added a few new bunnies.
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Re: Becca's plot bunnies (F looking for M)
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2018, 08:50:13 PM »
I'm back and interested in trying out these ideas once more :)