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Author Topic: Bibbity's Search [Plot heavy!]  (Read 740 times)

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Bibbity's Search [Plot heavy!]
« on: March 14, 2015, 10:18:52 PM »
You can call me Bip.

  • I'm a female writer with several years of role-playing experience, and more simply writing for the enjoyment of it.
  • I love a good story. I mean plot progression and actual tale telling, not just a wild romp in the hay. That's all swell and dandy, but won't age the brandy.
  • I like to meet new people and get to know someone around our little tale, so please keep in touch! PM me just to say hi!
  • I play both male (dominant) characters and female ('submissive', but confident and sometimes demanding).
  • As far as kinks go, talk them out with me. I'd love to hear what you want to do.
  • I'm willing to use Skype and Forums.

Previous Games

Time and Time and Time Again
The Last Unicorn
Sing Me a Song
The White Cat
Anvil of Change
Flipping Barnacles!
Her New Normal
A Song Once Sung[/i]
We Always Pay Our Debts
Nipping At Your Nose
Seven Faces of the Deep
I'll Tell it Like it Happened

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Current Pairing Craves

Best Friend x Best Friend
Rocker x Groupie
Pregnant Girl x Father's Best Friend
Wealthy x Poor
Arranged Marriage
Pirate Lord x Pirate Lady
Pirate Lady/Mermaid x Pirate Lord
Pirate Lady x Captive
Mermaid x Fisherman
Vampire Guard x Lycan Noble
Exiled Magician/Wizard x Princess
Shadow/Reflection x Human
Barbarian/Nomad x Lady of the Court/Noble
Robot x Cyborg
Human x Cyborg/Robot
Serial Killer x Serial Killer
Mental Patient x Best Friend
Serial Killer x Potential Victim
Therapist x Client

Plot Ideas

Plot One - Time & Again
Modern. M/F. Romance. Immortality. Magic.
They met on the seashore after a terrible storm.
They met in a burning building.
They met during the war in the medical tents.
They met in a restaurant.
So many times they have met, so many times he(she) as died.
And every time he(she) dies, one lives on to wait.
Sometimes he (she) remembers, sometimes its a new beginning all over again.
But every time, the lover looks the same and every time they fall in love.
However this time when they meet, there is something different.
He/She is already dating someone else, and it looks serious.

Plot Two - Changes in Scenery
Barbarian/Medieval. M/F.
Kings are not always known for making the best choices.
This king in question happens to have a terrible gambling problem.
One evening at a tournament, the King made the bold move of placing a bet against one fighter.
When the fighter lost, the King didn't have what he offered.
In a moment of fear and panic the King offered his daughter's dowry as payment.
Of course, the daughter typically goes along with the dowry...
Now the poor Princess has been sold away from her civilized kingdom to a rather Barbaric King.

Plot three - Nipping At Your Nose
Magic. Modern or Medieval. M/F.
Jack Frost, like many other legendary figures, tends to spend a little too much time watching humans as they go about their lives.
One spring, as he's biding his time in preparation for his season, he catches sight of a young woman bathing in a stream near what seems to be her home.
He soon becomes obsessed with the young woman and as the first snow flurries swirled down to the earth below he went with them in the hopes of making the young woman his own.

Plot four - Who's Your Alter Ego?
He's hopped around from place to place, run out of more jobs than he should be able to shake a stick at. He never did anything wrong.
In fact, he's a hero! He saves the day! Rescues the damsel!
And then blows his cover, and Lightning Storm is found again.
Too bad he likes the attention.
Soon after moving to yet another new city, he rescues someone who sees his face. And happens to work in the same office.

Plot five - How it Feels to Look at Heaven
Music has been part of Adam's life since he was a child. His father owned a bar, and most bands swept through their dirty, cramped establishment on their way to stardom. One night, when an up and coming rock band had their lead singer fall out, he offered to fill in. He blew everyone's fucking mind. He was pulled along to L.A at the ripe age of seventeen and grew up in the spotlight. At thirty-two he's more popular than ever, and his song has never been sweeter. Then his father got sick. He sent for physicians and specialists, paid for treatments from his own pocket. Eventually it came time to admit the cold, hard truth. His father was dying. He didn't have long. So he...

sent for the older man to join him in his home in Napa Valley. Accompanying his father was a young woman who had cared for him in his illness. She was beautiful, but hellishly naive about big city life. It might just be time to teach her how the real world works.


went out to see him. Coming home was a rude awakening. It's thirty miles to the nearest Starbucks, and he's too known to be idolized. He doesn't belong in dusty boots and a rusted out Chevy. Then he meets his father's care-taker. It's lust at first sight until she rebuffs him. Now it's up to him to show her how a city slicker parties.


gore. horror. romance. drama. zombies. superheroes. disney.
modern. apocalypse. murder. one-night stands. violence.
fantasy. magic. trapped. forsaken lovers. captured. prisoner.
nightmares. dreams. story-books. alice. fantasy becomes reality.
misunderstandings. hidden secrets. great power. vigilantes.
twisted fairytale. wonderland. transformations. super-powers.
mutation. experiment. angels. demons. curses. deals. coincidences.
runaways. paranormal. ghosts. investigators. magical girls.
competitions. thieves. AI. artifacts. bondage. japan. dystopia. steam-punk.
machinery. air ships. pirates. obsession. insanity. asylums. masters.
servants. royalty. gifted humans. jealousy. carnival. marionettes. magic.
tragedy. true love. forbidden. black-mail. mer-folk. magical voice.
magical instrument. clocks/time. masked hero. dolls. hate/love. contracts.
street rat. mirrors. killers. AU era's. cyborgs. slow-progressive romances.
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Re: Bibbity's Search [Plot heavy!]
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2016, 02:20:13 PM »
Recently modified and looking for a partner!
Eager to get writing again.