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Started by CallMeCheesecake, March 12, 2015, 11:23:14 PM

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Hello~ I'm looking for a male (or female/other willing to play male) to play with me in this plot.

So this plot is based on a cross-over thing that me and a few old role-play partners were going to do until some things came up. So 'character a-c' were certain characters in this plot but we can easily work it around to be original characters or something. <3 So here's the list.

Character A: Emily Jane, Nature (Guardians of Childhood / Rise of the Guardians)
Character B: Ares, God of War (Hercules/Xena series version)
Character C: Strife (Hercules/Xena)

Character A is a very powerful woman and she knows it and isn't afraid to kick someone's ass if needed. Character B recognizes this power and how it could work to his own advantage since he's powerful and together they could cause so much chaos. Character A pretty much does her best to play hard to get but Character B is well aware of her daddy issues and can easily play to them to get her to join him. Making promises he's probably not intending to keep.

He manages to seduce her and she becomes his right hand. She is his Goddess, his Queen. She's perfectly sadistic when she wants to be but in the bedroom he easily dominates her and she loves it. Enter Character C who is Character B's nephew (or whatever) and is basically a servant to him. He's the next in line for his power, his position and he isn't too happy about the fact he has to play servant to Character A as well. But she honestly scares him so he doesn't say anything.

It really gets on his nerves because while he's busy dusting all Character B's stuff he can hear Character A squealing and moaning while they go at it in the bedroom. Sometime later Character B goes out and uses Character C as his sidekick in a battle or something and honestly he embarrasses him. He asks Character A if she would train him to actually act like he's worth something. He's not too cooperative because he thinks she's a bitch. He's careful though because she still scares him.

Little does Character B know, Character A wants him dead because she wants his throne to herself. So she seduces Character C convincing him to train so he can eventually kill Character B so he can have his rightful place as his heir. So they have a secret sexual relationship as well. But he's a little more cautious because she would be his first. But Character A is manipulating him because she just plans on crushing him once Character B is gone so she can get what she wants. But he's not nearly as weak as she thinks. There will be a time when it's him who slams her against the wall and makes her scream.
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