"Auntie Knows Best & Other Stories" {Seeking long term M or F partners}

Started by beautifulexhale, March 11, 2015, 07:52:18 PM

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Hi everyone!

I'm actively in search for a long term writing partner to take part in a couple prompts that I have.

I'd LOVE to find something steady as sadly it's been hard to find a consistent partner. Please PM me or add me on YIM if you're interested. :)

The big themes I want to hit on are:

  • Gender transformation: This is for MC and a huge kink of mine. For myself, I'd love to embark on a transformation where my character is slowly turned into a woman with an amazing hour glass figure. 28 inch waist. 37 inch hips. 32DDD bra size.
  • Age progression: I'm very interested in the idea of my character starting as a younger male and having to assume the persona/identity of an older, mature woman. I think this has a lot of potential.
  • Sensuality and romance: I am absolutely, one hundred percent, totally a sucker for romance and titillating sensuality. I think it makes everything else stronger.

I understand not everyone is into these themes, but if you are contacting me I'm going to assume you're on board and are okay with them.

++The Prompts++

"Auntie Knows Best"

Both of our characters are in our early twenties. YC lives in your aunt's house (who we can decide has either passed away or is overseas for business, something to explain why she's out of the picture). YC gets into some hot water with your college professor and need your aunt to smooth things over or you're going to be suspended. YC asks MC to do it as I'm your best friend, and because of my background in theatre. So, I reluctantly oblige (we can talk transformation process later) and that's where the "trouble" starts so to speak as suddenly I find myself getting into circumstances where I have to keep up appearances as your aunt and find myself spending more and more time as her.

I'd love for things to escalate or develop to the point where MC has to stay in role permanently, i.e gets a job as a woman, gets engaged, etc

At first there's a lot of discomfort, and MC is not a fan, but over time he starts to enjoy being an older, very feminine, very attractive lady and starts to lose himself a bit in the "role". YC enjoys and is missing having a maternal figure around, and maybe there is even moments of deep sensuality, but I think it's also exciting to have MC find himself dating a much older man.

"The Wedding Date"

YC is an older, recently divorced businessman, who hasn't been able to find a relationship again since you and your wife split. One day, when cornered at work and to starve off embarrassment, you tell a group of co-workers about the new woman in your life. You say she's classy, and feminine, mature, and to the guys you say she has a figure to die for. You hope this is enough to get them off the trail, but to your shock, you're forced to keep the lie going

Then, to YC's dismay, you receives a wedding invitation from your senior manager at work. Panic sets in as the invitation clearly states "+1", and YC's boss made a point of saying how he was looking forward to finally meeting the woman he has heard so much about. YC starts to scramble. He calls up old GFs he hasn't spoken to in years -- no dice -- and in a moment of desperation YC considers an escort service, but the women available look too young or too much like tired porn stars. This will never work!

As all hope seems lost, you stumble across the recently posted pictures from the company Halloween party and you're immediately taken aback by the curvaceous looking red head in the 1960's style office attire. Wow, who was this woman you think. You ask your secretary who blushes a bit and says, "Oh, that is actually Kevin (MC) from over in IT. A few of the office girls put him up to it. I honestly wish I had legs that looked that good."

Your stomach drops at this. A guy?? But then your eyes go back to the picture. You can barely tell. Then an idea starts to form....

"The Substitute"

MC's Aunt Christina needs to travel overseas for an extended period of time to see an old friend who is dying. Unable to leave her classes unattended, she asks me, her favorite nephew to step into her shoes (high heels?). She knows my love of method acting and dress-up and after feeling confident that I can keep the charade going, she leaves me in charge of classes and her life back home. Little did I know the challenges of being a high school professor and dealing with the work politics and life of an older woman.

For this story I'm thinking that YC can either be the principal (who has long harbored a crush on my aunt) and/or a neighbor that my aunt used to have a fling with. This is very open to wherever your imagination wants to take us. I'm open to a subplot where a student has a crush on me, but I'd rather keep that PG-13 at most.

I hope you had fun reading these! I want to mention that these are intentionally a bit loose and vague so we can flesh out the details together.

I think the best stories are the ones done in good taste and with the right degree of realism. Strong dialog and good characters are important.

Below are a few important points.

The transformation of my character. I hope this will help answer a few questions. I prefer MC's transformation to be realistic and not magical. I like using fictional advances of science and makeup, undergarments, clothing etc to make it believable that my character can pass as a woman.

I am very active. I will do my best to make time to continue our story if the chemistry is there. I will be engaged and active throughout. I am a long time role-player and am very good at improv and storytelling. I ask that you show me the respect I'll show you. If you're not interested, just be upfront, do not just randomly stop responding or "flake out". It's not cool. I prefer to write on YIM or SKYPE, at least to talk plot, but open to writing on here as well.

Open communication is key. We're going to be making something awesome together! So let's make the most of it. Any ideas, problems, questions-send them my way! I will never judge you, so honest discussions about what we both want will make everything so much easier and probably a lot more fun!

I am a patient writer. Meaning I am not interested in doing roleplays that dive immediately into the sexual aspect. I also need some romance, a plot. Sex just for the sake of sex is so boring. I put a lot of thought into my replies so they are usually long and detailed. Too often during my time here I've been messaged with people looking for the quick five minute stroke material or looking to nose dive the story right away into sexual debauchery. That is not my style.

Be creative and imaginative! I know this place is FULL of creative people with rich imaginations. I'm simply putting this here as I've been a bit taken aback by messages I've received by members who seem to struggle in just describing what their characters look like or even giving their characters a backstory.

Be a driver. The most important thing I require from my partner is that they are a good driver of the narrative. As I tend to play a character that is more submissive or in some cases experiencing new things in a new persona, it's important that my partner can help to drive the narrative forward. I LOVE a partner who can co-write a drawn-out, detailed adventure that sees MC not only go through an "encouraged" physical transformation, but also a mental one. I enjoy my partner setting up and working through emasculating, uncomfortable scenarios for MC driven by the growing nature of the relationship between our two characters and interactions with additional ones.

What I'm not into:
Water sports. Scat. Death. Vomit. Text speak/Bad grammar. Bestiality. Extreme torture or bondage. Partners who only care about sex. Sexual degradation. Misery. NC/Rape play.

Let's have fun with this!!