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Started by Blonde, March 09, 2015, 08:33:19 AM

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I am looking for a male writer to embark on an historical story with me. Whilst there will be smut in the story, the story does come first. For this particular story, there will be plenty of tension building and a reluctance to admit to desires and rivalry.

The idea is rough and will need some fine tuning by ourselves, which we can discuss through PMs. I don’t have any form of instant messaging so it will have to be through here.

In a fictional, medieval Kingdom, the country (still to be named) is falling into a financial crisis. A small country stands an island, and is threatened by many of the bigger nations across the seas. But for centuries, the country has produced the strongest soldiers and most fearsome army’s that have seen away any potential threat. The Monarchy, now on its 14th generation of the same name, has used the countries reputation to be unconquerable unwisely, and unlike his predecessors, flitted away coin on lavish festivities and finery, ignoring the people of his kingdom and quartering the military’s finances.

The King’s greedy and indulgent lifestyle saw the once great nation fall to ruin, and the neighbouring isles prepare their hands for war.

The King, desperately pleaded by his advisors and council, finally saw to the ruin of his nation when an alliance to marry his daughter off to the Spanish Emperor failed, as she had no dowry to offer. Only when the King noticed how empty his exchequer truly was did he realise the ruin he had left his families beloved nation in.

To the north of the realm, there is a man who over the years and by the aid of his family, the land his ancestors worked and to the trade he makes when he sails the seas. This man has a son, and a very ambitious and high climbing mind.

The greedy King is dying, and the Princess is in line to take the throne. However, she is to inherit a country with ailing resources and no money, and one offer of marriage from an aging petty King in the Navarre. The merchant travels to the kingdom and offers the dying King a solution to the demise of the country. That he will offer the crown all his gold, in exchange for the Princesses hand in marriage to his son, making him King.

The dying King can see this is the only way to keep foreign intervention from taking his country, having now cursed his hatred to all. He agrees, much to the Princesses dismay, and consents to the marriage between the Princess and the merchant’s son.


So that is the idea I have been toying with. I am looking for someone to play the merchant’s son, and soon to be King.  There are a few things I want for this character, and hopefully you’ll be happy to include them.
001. He is a fighter. Perhaps a soldier in the army, or have him older (which is a big turn on of mine) and a General. He is in no way to be a pompous man or weak.
002. He will be quite quick witted, as there will be a lot of back and forth between them.
003. He doesn’t force her into bed. As part of the teasing and tension building, he says that he will not force her into sex, but rather will wait for her to come to him. So he can (up to you) have a mistress whilst waiting for her. When they do eventually have sex it will be quite explosive.
004. Turns out to be a strong king and return the Kingdom to its glory.

I hope this tickles someones interest, and we can discuss the story and all other details.
PM if interested.
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