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Author Topic: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index  (Read 8337 times)

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{~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« on: October 15, 2008, 12:11:52 PM »
For all players of the Corner Sweets story:

Please post a description of your character here. Since Spa O o Fey will be running the game in a fairly fast-paced real-time fashion, this index will be used so that players can check to see who the other players currently in the shop are.
The Index will be updated with links to each description as those descriptions are posted. Please do not post any comments, socializing, or anything else here besides the description of your character. You can direct all of that to our Out of Character Discussion Thread.

Index: (click each name to view that character's description post)

Gregori Gabrelovic (played by Paradox)

Evalynn Gabrelovic (played by Spa O o fey)

Allegro Evens (played by anon)

Ariella Spicher (played by Wistful Dream)

Vivian Verch (played by Wistful Dream)

Aiden Jax (played by LaBelleDame)

Phaedra Calantha (played by Chatoyant Silk)

Marcus Cross (played by HayleMary)

Thomas Patrick Caulton (played by Kurzyk)

Lauren Brown (played by maidjennifer)

Clarissa Kinsella (played by Silver)

Rose Carey (played by Lilias)

Aoi Hikari (played by XxUnDeAdMiStReSsXx, better known as Claudia)

Rex Torrick (played by Cynical)

Sophie Maes (played by Mithlomwn)

Benjamin Tuttle (played by orangeredsun)

Anya Lovett (played by Aestas)

Chaze Trapp (played by cauthon85)

Damien Tivoli (played by Priest)

Athalia Rose Ysha (played by Huntress)

Candy Johnson (played by sensualnymph)

Ira Luxuria (played by Michi No Sora)
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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2008, 12:56:24 PM »
Gregori Gabrelovic was originally a scientist for an oppressive government in war-torn Eastern Europe; however, the regime became increasingly exasperated by his focus on what they called "useless science". After all, why would a militaristic nation need flavored nerve gas or prismatic, color-changing nuclear warheads? Gregori's interests did not lie in war; on the contrary, he simply loves to fiddle with the chemical properties of things. After being kicked out of his nation's science program and essentially exiled and left for dead in a small mountain village, he made his way westward across Europe over the course of several years, and eventually immigrated to America. (He often claims to have misplaced his green card, but chances are that he never had one to begin with.)

Once he came to America, Gregori met Evalynn. Because of his questionable legal status, the only work he can find was in the basement of her shop, cooking up new recipes for the candies and pastries her business makes and sells. His curiosity and inquisitive nature often drives him to experiment with the formulas and concoct all sorts of strange recipes with unintended side effects, such as hallucinogenic lollipops, banana nut bread that turns your skin yellow, doughnuts that actually make your ass shrink, and other, more exotic treats that lead to effects some would deem downright magical.

With ash-blonde hair that is always slightly unkempt, sensitive blue eyes that always have a slightly wild look to them, Gregori appears to be a bit of a mad scientist; only he traded his lab coat for an apron and his latex gloves for a baking mitt. He spends much of his time bent over his basement laboratory workshop tables or slaving over the ovens, so it's often hard to believe that he's 6'4". He is muscular, but working in a bakery has given him a little excess meat-- he isn't fat, but he isn't Michael Phelps either. As you might expect, Gregori speaks with a bit of an accent. It is hard to tell if it's Russian, German, or some strange mix of other Eastern European influences, since his time spent journeying across the continent diluted his accent a bit. He cringes at the Americanized version of his name (Greg), preferring the proud native pronunciation (Graygor-eye). His preferences for his name really don't matter all that much, since his wife has a habit of calling him by last name anyway.

For an intelligent scientist, he can be surprisingly scatter-brained at times, often wandering off muttering to himself or gazing out of the window, observing the phenomena of the world outside. When it comes to his work and his wife, however, he is usually very dedicated. He is especially protective of Evalynn now that she is pregnant with his child.

Age- 34
Hair- Ash-blonde
Eyes- Blue
Body- Muscular, but not all that skinny.
Height- 6'4"
Voice- Deep, heavily accented
Status- Married to Evalynn
Job- Scientist, Baker, Candymaker, assorted other tasks as they arise
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Offline Spa O o fey

Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2008, 01:31:13 PM »
Evalynn Gabrelovic grew up on the outskirts of a busy civilization. Always within the confines of a safe suburban home, Eva yearned for the bustle of the city; eyes always set upon the horizon. Her life took a turn when she enrolled into highschool. Convinced she had met her soulmate, Evalynn ran away from her family life- assured completely that adventure and conquest was within her wild nature. She dropped out of school, followed her lover over many boarders. But, as the distance between herself and her family grew she began to realize what she had abandoned. Her lust for adventure dwindled with age turning into a desire for personal success. Torn between passionate love and self doubt, Eva's teenage years were turbulent at best. Arguments often erupted between her irresponsible lover and herself.

 At the age of twenty, Eva returned home. As she made amends with her family she severed ties with the progressively abusive lover. Evalynn began turning to her education. After making up the years she had missed she soon found herself graduating with a degree in business. Confident and responsible Eva set out towards the city she had yearned for years ago. Her desire for success and adventure accompanied with her daring nature and education lead her to a risk- The store.

A chance she would never regret, Eva, at the age of twenty five began the long, tedious process of building a business. Inviting her sister as a pastry chef she found that melding her passions with her family life was not only possible, but enjoyable. She was not immune, however, to past love and soon found herself uprooting to visit her long ago lover. But, along the way, she stumbled upon Gregori Gabrelovic. As impulsive as the petite woman was, she soon found herself enraptured, returning with him to her work instead.

Now, at the age of twenty eight the 5'1" blond, whose hair tumbles in heavy curls, is just as heavily pregnant.  Her large belly is an obvious contradiction to the woman's stature. With large blue eyes, an oval face and delicate bone structure, it's almost impossible to comprehend that she isn't going to explode at any moment. But, there's a fierceness to pink hued cheeks, a wild nature to her lightly freckled skin. Evalynn Gabrelovic is one plate short of a picnic.

Age- 28
Hair- Golden blond
Eyes- Blue
Body- Fat (Pregnant)
Height- 5'1"
Voice- Honey smooth/Excitably Shrill
Status- Married to Gregori
Job- Owner
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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2008, 02:34:31 PM »
Allegro Evens grew up amongst the gleams of metropolises and the chatter of various languages. Her father a cook and her mother a chocolatier, she had been introduce to the world of culinary arts at an incredibly young age, seen the greater part of the world during her travels with them, and along it...various characters that shaped her into the eccentric and somewhat flaky girl that she is, her concentration gathered only for the few loves in her life, at the head of it, her time in the kitchen, where she experiments heavily with combination of things that perhaps really should not be combined. The moment she begins her work, a look of intense concentration appears on her face, her movements clever and steady, a stark contrast to the bumbling girl.

Dark hair coiled up at the sides of her heads in exploding pigtails, she can often be seen shaking her head in the kitchen to some unknown beat as she cackles over a boiling pot of melted sugar. Ally can best be described as the sugar girl that had accidentally, or rather, not so accidentally, ate too much of her own sugar powder.

After a few incidents of tricking the customers into trying some of her less than savory concoctions, it was the general consensus athat her creations and herself are best left in the kitchen, where her antics have less chances of affecting others. She complied with the request, but couldn't keep herself locked up in the kitchen and is often seen wandering about the store.

Now at the age of twenty, she splits her attention between the shop and the wonderful world of calculus and often wanders about, a pot in hand, pestering others to help her with her assignments. While her personality is friendly, she does have quite a temper if you get on her bad side. Think of her as a cat on catnip, hyper and fun until you pour water on her.

Age- 20
Hair- Black with streaks of blue dyed in
Eyes- Blue
Body- Slim
Height- 5'3"
Voice- Fast, pixie-like.
Status- Her only loves right now are sugar and chocolate.
Job- Chocolatier/Candy girl
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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2008, 07:00:07 PM »
Ariella Spicher was born with a twin, Evalynn, and they to two parents in a wonderful suburban neighborhood. She was always the quieter one, the one who observed others curiously, and shy, almost always prone to following her sister. She was content in their pleasant house and in the slower pace of their home town. When her sister ran away and disappeared she was devastated by the dissertation, and blamed herself for having not been there enough for her twin, Ari has always mentally wondered if perhaps things would have been different if she had been less shy and more willing to step up to the plate and look out for others. She was the meeker of the twins, content and sweet, but also off and on ill most of her younger years.

Ari was over joyed when Eva returned, her other half was there before their twenty first birthday and just having her back made everything much better. Ari had graduated from school with honors and chosen to go to a culinary college by this time, learning from the nearest Cordon Bleu school, traveling home on the weekends. She had a knack with pastry's so that was what she focused on, but any sort of cooking was easy enough for her to do, in part because of her gift.

When her sister invited her soon after her graduation to start a business with her Ari turned down all the offers she had at the 5 star restaurants that had so closely watching her progress upward to a shinning star. Yet she went to work for her sister, cooking simpler things then she would in the fancy restaurants but she was happy. Eva meant the world to her.

Ariella is a match for her sister in most looks, 5'1", petite and slightly built with her curly blond hair that almost seems to take on a life of its own and be much too big for the slender hair and small build holding it up. She puts it up into a hair tie often but it escapes, framing the delicate structure of her face, her palely golden skin setting off her forget me not blue violet eyes, the only thing that truly marks her as different from her sister other then Eva's pregnancy. She dresses in a comfortable fashion, although almost always skirts, and the smell of baking lingers to her, something flour leaves a smudge or two on her face but she cares little for her appearance or for what others think outside her sister who now she watches over worriedly, quiet the motherly type.

Age- 28
Hair- Golden blond
Eyes- Blue Violet
Body- Delicate and slender
Height- 5'1"
Voice- Soft and sweet
Status- Single
Job- Chef
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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2008, 12:13:41 PM »
Name: Aiden Jax
Age: 19
Height: 5’9”
Appearance: Aiden has a baby face, rounded and sometimes almost androgynous at times. His messy hair falls about his face, clinging to it in a continual caress of dark locks. His eyes are bright and green and he's not ashamed to draw extra attention to them with a touch of kohl. He has full lips usually curled up into a humored smile. He's rather tall, but incapable of intimidating others with his size as he looks rather lanky, though he's by no means weak. His hands are tapered and feminine, nails perfectly pointed most times, usually smudged with color, depending on his medium of the day. He's no stranger to piercing, having two studs below his lip, countless little studs in his ears, both nipples are adorned with little horseshoes, and there's one hoop in his right eye brow, normally hidden by his hair.
Personality: He is generally friendly to most everyone, polite to a fault. He is soft spoken and almost never looses his temper. His loves are music and painting, and in his spare time he can often be found paint smudged or behind the ivory keys. However, he has a hard time not turning bitter around whorish girls prone to flirting incessantly. He has high standards for both sexes and can retreat mentally if people aren't behaving as he feels they should. He can sometimes be seen as a womanizer, a habit he picked up from his father, and he can never resist a gamble. And he's always available to give advice, as he can't turn away someone that needs help.
History: Aiden is one of the privileged children of the world. His father is the head of a huge corporation and so theirs no lack of money in his family. Of course, at a young age, he had to deal with his mother, who in essence was a shameless gold-digger and prostitute. She was unbalanced and more a child than he ever was. By age six, Aiden often had to tend to his mother after one of her binges and because of this, the boy grew up fast. But he was taken from her and placed into the home of his father, tended to by a crazed, ancient nanny. She instilled in him that it was important to be a gentleman even though chivalry is dead. His father took it a step further and said it was important to be polite and respectful, even as you took away a man's livelihood. His passion is the arts, but he has been brought up to take over the business when his father sees fit, and because of that, he occasionally has a duel personality, a side that rarely comes out that can be cut throat about business. Recently, he has decided to take up a bit of a part-time job, delivering goods from a local bakery.

(Because I'm a rebel.)
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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #6 on: October 19, 2008, 09:27:03 AM »
Kyros Ariston is from an alternate,  parallel reality where Atlantis is the major power in the universe.  He’s an elite soldier called a Damon, genetically engineered to be the perfect soldier.  But when a tyrant took over, he sided with the rebels and was forced to go underground. 

He had contracted a deadly disease that would have turned an average man insane with bloodhunger before killing him.  He survived the disease but not without losing his memory of everything he is and acquiring some other side-effects to be revealed later.  To save him, Phaedra, his lover from the planet Onoria, took him and herself to Earth via the Windtreader, a time-travel, universe-hopping device she stole from a professional time-traveler called a Chronautikos. 

Ky had always been the ‘bad boy’, clashing with authority.  As the captain of his unit, he gained something of a reputation for sticking up for the grunts, the low-ranking soldiers.  Something of a womanizer while he was a Damon, he was rather cynical and jaded before memory loss. 

Age- 35
Hair- Dark-brown
Eyes- Blue
Body- Tall, broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped, long legs, muscular and athletic
Height- 6'4"
Voice- Deep, slightly accented.  Original language is Atlantean but learns languages quickly, can speak English idiomatically
Status- Fugitive, on the run with Phaedra, trying to find a life—and his identity-- on Earth
Job-  Would do well in military or security fields. 

I’m not sure if it’s OK to post pics, but these are ones I’ve worked up in Photoshop for him.

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #7 on: October 19, 2008, 09:30:22 AM »
Phaedra Calantha was a courtesan at the Onorian Court before she escaped that life and joined the rebels, going underground.   For a few years she used the stolen Windtreader (time-travel, parallel universe hopping device) to go to Earth and establish an identity for herself there, using her talents in dreamweaving and empathic abilities to acquire a doctorate in psychotherapy. 

She met Kyros while he was stationed in Onoria, and they became lovers. 

She is a fun-loving, free-spirited woman, tends not to take herself or anything too seriously unless she has to.  Although she is fond of Ky and enjoys their sexual relationship, she’s determined not to settle down for any man, to enjoy her freedom on Earth.

Age- 27
Hair- Dark brown
Eyes- Violet, turns dark amethyst with mood changes
Body- Curvy, slender
Height- 5'7"
Voice- Soft, well-modulated, warm and soothing
Status- Harboring and nursing a fugitive
Job- Looking for a job as a therapist in the new city.

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #8 on: October 19, 2008, 01:36:16 PM »
Name: Marcus Cross
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Status: Single
Job: Chef in Training/ Assistant Chef

Appearance: With lightly tanned skin, Marcus stands in at 5'8 and weighs approximately 145 pounds which is well concealed due to his muscle build, and the clothes which he tends to wear, giving him a non imposing yet fit over all appearance, which is more than useful for the paths in life which he has chosen to take. His face is very soft and according to some he is handsome, his eyes are hazel in color and he has short wavy black hair which is for the most part well kept. While to some the eyes can be seen as the windows to the soul, it is not so prominent with Marcus, always carrying in his eyes a kind gaze, it has often betrayed his true feelings, and while this to some would be considered deception, he has often felt that it is not his place to impose emotions from off the job, onto the job. To accompany the look often carried in his eyes, is a generally gentle and kind expression which is held upon his lips, it's not so much a full on smiles, but more like a grin which remains on his features so long as he is within the work place, or associating with those with whom he works. Over all he tries to maintain a well kept appearance, but not to the ends which would have him being looked at by women, or men, but instead so that he is always presentable at his place of work, and while learning about his lifes passion which is the preparation and serving of food.

Depending upon both his mood, and the activities of the day Marcus wears a variety of things, non of which are terribly remarkable, but are all quite comfy, usually white or black shirts with dark navy blue jeans, however this is only when he is either not working, or on breaks, otherwise he conforms to the chefs uniform pants and jacket. Which he feels more comfortable in has always been a point of debate, his love for cooking has made him want to remain in his chefs attire and working in the kitchen as much as possible, but at the same time he does enjoy a wearing his normal clothes a a means of separation of personal live from that of his working life.

Personality: Marcus is a person whose personality is well divided, between his personal life, and that which is his professional, partially from choice, and partially from force of habit. It has however served him quite well, even though from time to time it has proven to be quite bothersome, especially when there are those whose relations with him encompass both work as well as play. On the work end of things he has been described as a very driven young man, but always keeping in mind those who have helped him get to where he is. Also he is always looking upon way to improve, and while he often prides himself in his increasing ability to cook he has done his best to remain humble and to keep an open mind when under the guide of a chef or bakers. To not say that he is not ambitions, he just does his best to keep his ambition under control so to not put off those he seeks to learn from.

When it comes to his life outside the kitchen, Marcus is far more relaxed than he is when he is leaning about cooking or when he is working, and in contrast to his pointed drive he is rather whimsical, and his desires are subject to change at a near flip of a switch. But by and large this is more of a method to counterbalance his highly work oriented attitude. Though concerning his more core attitudes and mannerisms he is a rather calm and collected young man, kind to those who are kind to him and turn, thus more or less he is an average young man when it concerning his base personality.

History:(coming soon, need a slight break to think)

Offline Kurzyk

Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #9 on: October 19, 2008, 06:15:27 PM »
Thomas Patrick Caulton was born from an affluent family, raised on one of the estates just outside of town. He has two brothers, John and Michael; one the head of Coyne bank the other a partner in a prestigious law firm.  His father passed away two years ago but was an architect that designed office buildings. The most notable was the Rileske; 66 stories high, black with a long slant extending from its roof and located in Madrid. His mother was a socialite and on the board of several organizations. She had a prominent position at the local yacht club and often held ellaborate catered clam bakes for its more well to do membership.

Much of Tom’s upbringing was spent in entertaining his parent’s guests for dinner parties, attending golf, tennis and ski camps and learning to read his parent’s business financial reports. What his family didn't know for a long time was that he developed a love for writing poetry. From when he was a child to his mid teens, he always found the time to write and would often squirrel away, leaning against a tree, or off by the lake writing his heart.

When his parents found out, they discouraged it, drove into him the impracticality of a poet's life and shared their business success stories.  Many was a night growing up in the Caulton household where heated fights between establishment and the unconventional, the latter often being Tom’s position, dominated the dinner conversation. The arguments ended with everyone storming off and Tom walking outside under the moonlight and scribbling in his poetry book.

His rebellion led to his father amending his will that if Tom ever decided to be a poet, he would be disowned.

He rebelled for a long time, left the comforts of the estate life and travelled the country with little more than a backpack and a dream. When he was 22 his girlfriend, and on the road companion, was diagnosed with Leukemia. The local hospital took her in but she eventually died. This crushed him, so he closed his poetry book and moved back to the town where his family was.

From aptitude tests he learned that he had a skill for numbers and with a strong clerical ability, his family strongly guided his going into business.

Tom is now the administrator of St Marks Hospital, and spends his long days ensuring the hospital runs smoothly. He is engaged to a friend of the family's daughter, Samantha, and the wedding plans are under way.

Something is happening in him as the wedding draws close. He has secretly taken up writing poetry again and he is reevaluating his life.

Tom is 31 years old, has long blackish-brown hair, to the dismay of his fiance and family, that he keeps in a pony tail. He is 5'11 and walks with a casual step. His eyes are a sharp blue with a feint sparkle.


Age- 31
Hair- dark brownish-black
Eyes- blue
Body- slender, athletic, strong shoulders
Height- 5'11
Voice- kind, firm yet non-abrasive, but occasionally gentle
Status- engaged
Job- hospital administrator

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #10 on: October 19, 2008, 09:18:01 PM »
Lauren Brown was the third daughter and sixth child of a loving family in Boston, MA. her parents, while loving all of their children equally both held professional duties and Lauren sometimes found herself as an afterthought. She loved her family dearly, but when she was sixteen she fell into a bad crowd. Counseling and even a little jail time never help with her problems and always found herself falling off the well traveled path and into dark places. Her love for her family never left her, but she grew more and more distant from them and their ways. She fled from home when she was eighteen and hasn't seen them since.

Not really drifting, but nearly always on the move, Lauren has never been anywhere for more than a year before she makes yet another bad decision. She wants to really get her life in order but things always find a way of bringing her down. Whether it be vices, bad personal relationships or her past finding her, there is almost always an excuse to move on.

Lauren has just arrived in town to try yet again to start over. She's tried so many times she's lost count, and in fact feels almost fully lost herself.


Age- 36
Hair- light brown
Eyes- hazel
Body- petite, but with a few extra pounds
Height- 5'12
Status- single
Job- unemployed

Lauren is often seen as skittish and distrusting of others, and acts as if there is a dark pall around her. She is very pessimistic and almost always assumes the worst of a situation regardless of the potential outcome.

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #11 on: October 22, 2008, 11:40:03 AM »
Clarissa Kinsella is a pretty quiet person, no one can ever really know what is going on within that mind of hers. From a major city she was born and raised moving onwards towards other things, since no ties were had to keep her within one place. Relationships had come and gone but they were never been anything major that should have been mourned for a long period of time. This new city was found and within it she began working getting an easy enough job that made her known to regulars at a major cafe. Time and time again she saw some of the regulars go to another shop that was filled with sweets which made her wonder, into writing it would slip night after night until a visit needed to be taken so the shop would no longer be dreamed about night after night. Could the dream have a hidden meaning or was this the place where a friend would finally be found? (Might add more later)

Age: 22
Hair: Dark brown with red tones scattered throughout
Eyes: Grayish-blue
Body: Curvy
Height: 5'6
Voice: Soft tones but mostly quiet whispers now and again
Status: Single
Job: Waitress at a Cafe and Writer within her own home

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #12 on: October 22, 2008, 01:08:17 PM »
Rose Carey is new in the city, and is still adjusting. A freshman in the local college, on a full scholarship, she is under a lot of pressure, and not just study-wise. Some bureaucratic mix-up has left her without a dorm room and forced her to rent a little loft apartment and keep house by herself. That's quite a challenge for the small-town girl who had never been away from home before, not even to summer camp.

In truth, housekeeping is not a problem, neither is money. But Rose is lonely. The oldest of four children, she is used to a busy household, and her new place can feel awfully empty at times. She doesn't fit in with the popular crowd because she's not really interested in partying, so she has made few friends so far. She prefers to take long walks and watch other people's lives from outside.

She wants to be a teacher, although she hasn't yet decided on preschool or elementary. The local librarian's darling already, she seems poised to devour every single book she can check out. A talented flautist, as well, she can be heard playing late into the evening, oddly to no complaints from other tenants.

Age: 18
Hair: Chestnut brown
Eyes: Bluish green
Body: Lean, all arms and legs
Height: 5'4"
Voice: Soft, almost singsong, with a recognisable but not pronounced Welsh accent.
Status: Single
Job: Student

Offline XxUnDeAdMiStReSsXx

Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #13 on: October 23, 2008, 11:43:03 AM »
Aoi Hikari is new to city life. She is the first-born of the Gemini twins; having fled from her home, her brother, Ryu, has been tracking her down. She is alternately outgoing and introverted. She has learned to school her emotions and talents, never letting on how much she knows and observes. Her passions involve teaching others control of emotions and baking. Aoi is looking for friends in this new place. She lives in a small apartment on the low end of town.

She is looking for a job, any job to help her blend into this society. She dresses a little old-fashioned in long skirts and tight shirts. She hopes to start a day-care for infants and preschoolers. She dances for a hobby and is looking for others to dance with and practice with.

Age: 19
Hair: Midnight black with auburn highlights
Eyes: Hazel that can change color with mood
Body: Lean, slightly muscled, curves in all the right places
Height: 5'3"
Voice: Soft, old-English accent; can be heard across a room if she needs to be heard
Status: single
Job: healer/midwife, dance teacher
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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
« Reply #14 on: October 24, 2008, 01:34:41 PM »
Rex Torrick grew up nearby. That's basically all he knows. Oh yes, he is one confused soul. The facts are, his parents vanished suddenly, with very dark seeming circumstances, when he was quite young. Years later, when he was roughly 17, he put himself on a path of descruction, for those responsible.

Slowly, Rex begins to remember life in this town from nearly twenty years earlier. Somehow what he sees has only aged by a matter of months. He believes he is slowly losing his mind, but hides this fact well, not wanting to ever appear mad. Also, there are those that seek to harm him. Yet he has no idea why.

Age: 34
Hair: Spiky dark blond
Eyes: Greenish-Blue
Body: A bit lanky but far stronger than appearance shows
Height: 6'3"
Voice: Deep but usually soft, with a laugh usually nearby
Status: single
Job: Unknown
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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Age- 24
Hair- Waist length black hair with soft waves in it.
Eyes- Crystal blue framed by thick long sooty lashes
Body-  Curves in all of the right places.  Full breasts, small waist, nicely rounded behind
Height- 5'4
Status- single
Job- free spirit
Voice- soft, slightly sultry

Sophie Maes is a fun loving sort.  The kind of girl that will try anything once and if she likes it sky's the limit.  She has a very adventurous spirit, and is loathe to admit how much trouble she has gotten into because of it. 

Looking for a change in her life, she moved yet again.  She'd begun to feel like she was becoming stagnant in her old town having been there longer than any place previous.  Sophie is a hard girl to nail down, never one to stay in one place too long, afraid of overstaying her welcome as it were. 

No living relatives that she is aware of, she is sort of adrift in her life, taking it as it comes with no real plan except to enjoy what comes her way. 

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Benjamin Tuttle is a bachelor that lives in the attic above his father’s workshop. His parents live next door and his father among several apprentices works with him. When his father passes, he will gain complete ownership and has hopes to continue the line to his son…whenever he shall gain one. Everything about him is large and he can get rather bummed about the fact. Hates small objects as they seem to hate him, always breaking on him though he tries so hard to be gentle. Always smells like wood and his pants are always dusty. Sometimes his beard gets slivers of pine in it and on more than one occasion he had been cut by scratching it. Is always cold and wears a hat and scarf almost year round; taking off the hat of course when inside. Benjamin also owns a great deal of stripe shirts which only makes his already broad chest appear wider, his mother mostly being blamed for that one.

Age- 30
Hair- black
Eyes- brown
Body- large and domineering
Height- 6’4
Voice- deep but gentle
Status- Single
Job- woodworker

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Char name: Anya Lovett.
Description:  Silver hair that ends about mid back, curly, always a touch unruly.  Slenderesque in build, though she usually wears clothes a few sizes too big, oversized sweatshirts, loose jeans. 
Personality:  Tends towards shy.  Tends to be more the 'watcher' than one for action.  Weakness for cocoa. :D

What is one's past.  Does it dictate your present?  Your future?  The silver haired girl would often wonder such things sitting alone, sipping her cocoa.  What was her past?  Born an only child.  Her parents tending more towards uncaring.. She was out of the house nearly before she could acceptably do so.  A bit of an urchin, even at the adult age of 25.  Nomadic in nature.  Never tending to stay in one place for long.  Her movements tend to mirror her mind.  The girl tending to be rather fidgety, flighty, though such things were usually only noticed by the observant, as she tended to shy away from the spotlight.

Currently, the waifish girl lives.. well nowhere.. catching her meals how she could, sleeping curled up in whatever dry place she could find.  The lights of a certain corner sweets shop drawing her like a moth to the flame.  Likely making her a regular visitor to enjoy the warmth and.. well.. the cocoa. 

*so sorry again for starting before typing this, thought it was a touch more.. relaxed. XD  Hope this is good!*

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Chaze Trapp is the son of an American soldier and a Filipina bar girl. His parents were married shortly after his mother became pregnant with him in Korea. He was born there in Korea and shortly after his birth his father was transferred back to America. His mother not having a visa yet was forced to wait in the Phillippines until the paperwork was processed. His father still being a soldier was forced to leave again and he was sent to live with his grandmother in Washington State. There he stayed rarely talking to his mother and seeing his father only on holidays. When his mothers paperwork was completed and she came to get him he did not want to leave. He loved his grandparents as they were the only parents he ever knew. So his mother left him there with them and went to follow his father around the world. They had another child a girl named Angela that lived with them. He only saw his family on holidays or if they decided to take leave. It wasn't that he didn't love his family he just loved his grandparents more. When he was 17 his grandmother died and his grandfather was deemed unsuitable to take care of children. He moved in with his mother until he was 18

Chaze decided that the life of moving all over the country whenever the army needed his father was not for him. So he left on his own and went to hollywood. There he decided he would be an actor. After landing a role in a television show that didn't even last one season he knew he was failing. He took a couple of roles in adult films to pay the bills but quickly decided that was not the career for him. Confident that he has the skills and abilities to make it in the acting world he continues to audition. Right now he is currently a tour guide for an asian tour company in L.A. used as an interpretor due to his basic knowledge of Tagalog.

Personality- Chaze is more of the quiet type he rarely starts a conversation but will definetly interject if something that he is interested in catches his ear.

Age- 22
Hair- brown and cut into a high fade with about an inch and a half on top
Eyes- hazel
Body- Thin but toned with the dark skin color of his mother
Height- 5'8"
Voice- A slight filipino accent
Status- Single
Job- Out of work actor

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Damien Tivoli used to be a missionary and spent the last three years in the furthest reaches of the Congo delta, where he completely immersed himself in the culture and ways of an almost forgotten tribe; the Kihura Nkuba.  Perhaps he immersed himself a little too deeply because when the time came for his replacement to arrive they had distinct trouble finding him and it was only after an expedition into the heart of the rainforest that they found him having had deposed the leader of the tribe in ritualised combat.  It was thought by the clergy that the best thing would be to pack him off home immediately and relieve him of his vocation.

Damien has seen things in his life that had driven him to the edge of madness, but much of it his mind has locked away in a last desperate attempt to keep him sane and rarely does it resurface.  He is occasionaly prone to taking to a shrunken head he keeps hidden within his jacket and any decisions he needs to make are done with a pair of dice carved from the femur of the tribe leader he bested.  He is a little quirky by nature, nervous at times and distant at others.  He has many tales to tell but most people think he is just a local fantasist with too much time on his hands. 

Relived of his duties as a missionary he now returns to the city of his birth.  He barely remembers it, but has the dimmest recollection of a shop ..somewhere.

Name - Damien Tivoli
Age- 29
Hair- Black, shoulder length
Eyes- Hazel
Body- Toned and tanned from his travels
Height- 5ft 10
Voice - hesitant and unsure.  Aflicted by a stammer when really nervous
Status - Single
Job - Ex- Missionary/Ex-Tribal Leader

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Athalia Rose Ysha is a young woman of 18. She was born to the slave of a foreign trader, then shipped off to an all-girls school for soldiers. She became dissatisfied with this life and ran away. She connected with another ex-student and the two became lovers. When her lover was killed, Tali resigned herself to a life of hermitude. Sincethen, she has lived almost in isolation. The only people she sees are her brother and his wife and their children. She desperately wants a family of her own but is too skittish to act on these desires.
name: Athalia Rose Ysha, called Tali
Hair-dark red, to hips, in a braid usually... wavy
body-curvy but not chubby in the least..
voice-smooth and sensuous
status-single and fearful

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Age- 25
Hair- copper red
Eyes- hazel brown
Body- slim and curvaiouse at the right places
Height- 5.6
Voice- calm and soft
Status- single
Job- internship at a candy making company, information collector( learning to become journalist)
name-Candy Johnson

Candy Johnson comes from a very poor family, a drunken mother and a stepfather that scares the hell of her. Still she manages to grab a scholarship to go college and become  a journalist.
she could had made her life easy by following her sisters steps in the clubs at night but she was to innocent type for that  as of luck she gets an internship at a very known candy company as an information collector. She must collect info on all candy companies and stores to help to company keep his number one place in selling most candy.

Being a black girl wasn’t easy and poor on top of it made it even worst .it made her hard and thinking that she had to grab something when thought she deserved it. This made her the perfect candidate for the job as informant
Her slender body and caramel skin made her a beauty to reckon with and entering as a disguise  in the other companies an easy transit

Now her company "crazy sweet" had their eye on a small bakery that was attracting costumers like bees on honey. If she gets behind the bakery secret  she will be  on permanent contract with  the company while finish college.
And coming from poor to be gaining more money she ever saw in her short life. She will work hard to get behind the bakery secret if her life depends of it

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Name: Ira Luxuria
Age- 28
Hair- Dark Brown
Eyes- Hazel
Body- Slender, not much of a build.
Height- 5’9’’
Voice- Soft
Status- Single, not looking.
Job- Teacher.

Ira Luxuria grew up unspoiled, but a bit sheltered. His family had quite a bit of money and spared no expense at giving him a proper at home education and then sending him to a very high scale, all boys college. Unlike most men during his college years, he stayed away from drugs, drinking, and sneaking off campus for a little fun at the local strip clubs. He preferred to sit alone in his dorm room, not really studying, but just laying in bed. Common social niceties were at a loss for him, he only knew how to be proper in social situations. Not really the type the party kids wanted to hang out with and all the others like himself were too busy being as anti-social as him to be friends.

The dark haired boy graduated near the top of his class and got a teaching job rather quickly at a private high school as a Literary Teacher and the only Creative Writing class teacher. Despite his restrictive up bringing and personality, he had quite a flare for coming up with some strange stories. No one ever saw these stories of course. They were private and he knew that none of his professors or family members would understand them and think that something was wrong with him if they read them and they would find out that he had an attraction towards other males.

At the age of twenty-five he went to work as a professor at a local college. The change from private schools to finally being in a public school system was quite a shock. The students all seemed out to get him. Taking his writing classes as blow off classes or easy ‘A’ classes. Ira was at a loss and soon lost interest in his job. He slowly fell into the rut of waking up, coffee, car, work, had out ‘Fs’ and ‘Cs’, going home and sleeping. The young man already had one foot in the grave by the age of twenty-seven. Losing interest in the writing that once kept him sane.

Now at the age of only twenty-eight, his mother bugs him every weekend as to why he is not married and still working at such a low class school. His only escape is on his days off, being allowed to wander around outside and just watch people. Hoping that some spark of inspiration will help him pull his life back together. While he is not grumpy, angry, or depressed…he is less than content with life.

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Name: Jhon Evers
Age- 23
Hair- Blonde
Eyes- Blue
Body- Slim and fit but not weak.
Height- 6'2
Voice- Dark, hoarse
Status- Single
Job- Unemployed, Ex-con.
Personality-Jhon is not a social person unless he has a good reason to be. He won't bother  people either. Peoples business are their own.

Jhon was never born not in a poor area but hardly in a rich one either. He was born somewhere along the middle of the social ladder, living in a stable home with both his parents and as a only child. This didn't mean he was spoiled. Quite opposite hi parents wanted him appreciete everything and apperently the best way to do thhat was to let the child grow up earning everything. While this point a view  was effective in some cases it grew less effective when his friends introduced him to shoplifting. How could a young boy who had yet to seperate wrong from right and discover what morals what. It started small, some candy, a toy and magazines. But the older guys had soon roped him into stealing more valuable things. All the while his parents were oblivious when he played the good son.

When he went to highschool he got introduced to a group of likeminded individuals, people without any sense of morality. This is were the criminal career of Jhon took of. At first they would just cruise around, hitting stores with petty theft. But after 2 years they moved on to robbery. Jhon was usually the look out and they did as it was.. fairly well. But one day, a little after his 19th birthday. the shit hit the fan, and Jhon found himself arrested. Not for robbery, but for owning and possibly distributing drugs. He got 5 years.

Now he is out, a free man. His so called friend abandoned him in jail, and his parents doesn't want anything to do with him, having him disowned. So now he tries to make his own life out of the miserable pile he was left. He lives in a rundown apartment downtown and can be recognized trough his big tatto on the left arm depicting a skull wrapped in barbed wire.

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Re: {~*Corner Sweets*~} Character Index
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Name- Alise Christine Noelle Lucie de Chagny
Age- 22
Hair- Red and curly.
Eyes- Teal
Body- Curvy and petite.
Height- 5'4"
Voice- Smooth and relatively deep. Very sensual, and punctuated by a French accent.
Status- Single
Job- Actress (out of work)

Alise is very outgoing, and a true extrovert. She can be irritating to extreme introverts, but usually wins them over in the end. She is a French actress that is out of work and traveling to try and find new jobs. She comes from an aristocratic French family (near Versailles), but hasn't been home in ages. She is straight, but has a hard time with men, as her extreme personality tends to scare them off. When they're not scared off, she isn't interested.

She's very talented at the creative arts (hence her profession), but left London's West End recently because of a fight with the director. She has the typical redheaded temper and will show it to those who deserve it. She's extremely nice to those who are genuinely good people, but has little patience for arrogance and cruelty. She's intelligent, but can come off as ditsy.

I suppose she's the typical "Ex-Actress" stereotype.