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Started by Letrixia, March 08, 2015, 02:37:11 PM

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Princess of Darkness 2.0
- I been awhile in here so I thought it should be time to dedicate some time to this since I plan on being here a long while.
- I am a 31 years old female from the Caribbean
- I am redhead (pharmacy) and blue eyes
- I am an inspiring writer and I use this between other sites to practice my English and writing skills.
- I am a horror lover and I am a rocker girl at heart
- Gamer and anime Otaku for over 10 years

- Literate or Semi- Literate player
- Capable of roleplaying any gender and with any sexuality
- Trying to expand my wings as a dominant, still very new to it.
- I will learn from mistakes, will not roleplay any smut centered roleplay.
- Trying to expand my wings in Fantasy
- Love apocalyptic and post apocalyptic roleplaying

- Not looking for rude people or people that will insult me in any shape or form, that will guarantee automatic banning from my list.
- Be kind and gentle with me, be yourself and you will gain my friendship
- Bring me roleplay that centers around plots and story rather than sex [Not that it cannot have sex but don't make it a focus on the rp]
- Bring me a solid idea but please know that I might suggest changes
- *Have in mind that in a story there are more people other than the two of us, I will require you to play NPC's of sorts, this serves to fill up the story much better.
- Don't be afraid of pming me just to say Hi or whatever, I don't bite!.
- I can roleplay with Anime or Real life people pics, I much prefer the last one.
- Made it down here? good boy/girl

Active Single Roleplays

Sunshine after the rain [With Dashenka]
A woman looses everything after a F4 tornado ravages through her home. Her friend who is a very famous singer takes her in and shows her the life of luxury and fame as she joined the band.

Smells like Teen perversion [Blood Moon Hati]
HE goes to Japan to study and starts a kinky relationship with my character. Where it goes? tune in!

Active Group Roleplays

The Inn [Magical Pen, Red Eve, Ana Katherine, Nymphadora]
A family owned inn when a lot of incest fun happens!

A family enslaved [UrbanZorro, Ebb, Nymphadora, Landofromtexas]
A very wealthy family goes in a private cruise around the Caribbean. However captors inside the ship have other ideas!


Plots, plots and more plots!

Image Inspiration for Plots
(Have an idea from these pictures? let me know!)

Slaves 1 (NSFW)||Cosplay 1 (NSFW)||Dominatrix 1 (NSFW)||Hot 1 (NSFW)
Original Plots

What lies ahead [NSFW]: Chloe and YC has been best friends or even lovers for years and know each other like the back of each others hands. One night however Chloe is kidnapped and is never heard from again,  lost in the slave market everybody thought she was gone for good however you never gave up. Things let to another and you discover a crucial piece of evidence that got you to where MC is held hostage. After convincing the police they storm the place and find MC still alive but with obvious signs of rape, abuse and torture. What will happen when both of our characters see each other after over two years apart.

New girl : YC is a very wealthy man or woman. YC never had any need for any money since he always had whatever he asked or demanded without a question. MC is a new millionaire getting lucky with a powerball ticket. She invested in stocks and with her genius brain could triple what she had. Now she moves in the same street as YC is, a street made for rich people only. MC being from a very poor place gives thought to every penny she invest to the point where she drives a rather modest looking car. She has over three times YC's money just because of her investments in stocks and her brain. Would a romance happen?.

Love without racial barriers [NSFW]: YC has always been raised with the thought of black people were somehow below you. However you always knew different, you didn't care about what your family thought of people with darker skin color and thought of them no different. However what happens when you spot a girl in campus (university) that is very beautiful and sexy however you know your family would not approve. Would you mind about what your family thinks or would not care like you always done and continue to pursue friendship or perhaps something more with her.

Life of a model [NSFW]: MC has always been a beautiful woman ever since she started on puberty. She became a woman that was the envy of a lot of guys and girls alike. YC is a Modeling agent looking for the next big model. One day YC  ends up in the small town where MC lives in and works in a gas station. That place however was not where you meet her but in a beach. Yc notices MC and quickly falls in love with her and her beauty knowing that she could be the next top model. She had it all and there was no fixing to be done which was a rare thing to find. Now how would YC break the news to MC and how would they start the journey of fame.


Original Sexual Plots

- Exotic Beauty [NSFW]: YC just won the big time, he is a multi millionare and now he has everything he would ever need, that is except for a woman. YC always told him or herself that if it was up to him he would take the exotic beauty of a Asian woman. Being an Otaku and a Anime lover he moved to Japan for a vacation and to hopefully find the woman of his (or her) dreams. You were in your resort when by mistake you mix the symbols of men and woman and enters the woman baths and it was there where you found her. The beauty you been searching for, the question is... will you be able to conquer her?.

- Sexy Online Blackmail [NSFW]: YC is a wealthy business man(or woman) who has been using everybody to get whatever YC wants. He (or she) thinks that nobody can touch him (or her). However what happens when they receive an Email with information that could ruin his life for good. What the information MC has she can easily ruin him and get him fired right on the spot. In truth she was a fired employee who reported him for sexual advances towards her and the result was him firing her. However now with this information it would not matter what he did he was screwed unless he do whatever this stranger demands.



remake of the picture for plots area, new pictures added this time all real life instead of anime.