The Defiler of Molag Bal [M looking for F, NC, Elder Scrolls Setting]

Started by TheVillain, March 08, 2015, 10:24:38 AM

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The Deadric Princes, always feared and sometimes worshiped as gods in their own right, have been busy as of late. There used to be 16 of their number but long ago one of their number was growing so powerful that he was cursed by the others. Jyggalag, the Deadric Prince of Order, was Greymarching across realms and so with his curse he would turn into Sheogorath, the Deadric Prince of Madness. But at the end of every Age, the curse would weaken - allowing Jyggalag to arise from within Sheogorath to Greymarch once more.

Things have changed though. With the end of the last Age, Sheogorath managed to - with the help of the Hero of Kvatch - split from Jyggalag. Now the Deadric Princes of Order and Madness are two separate beings, bringing the number of Deadric Princes to 17. The politics of the Deadric Princes are in upheaval, and of course they are working to take advantage of the situation.

Among the Princes is Molag Bal, arguably the most evil of the Princes. Molag Bal is the Deadric Prince of Domination, Corruption, and Enslavement. His realm, known as Coldharbour, is said to be a physical copy of the physical realm save everything has been desecrated and ruined. Arguably worse still, Molag Bal is unofficially also considered the Prince of Rape and the Patron of Vampires - legend even says that the first Vampire was the product of Molag Bal's rape of a Nedic Virgin.

So him trying to use the situation to Dominate and Corrupt the other planes is inevitable...

Botak Gro has gotten his attention. An Orc that can claim no stronghold or parentage. Born from a rape during one Orc stronghold raiding another, his mother left him on a hill to die. Instead he was taken in by bandits, raised to be cannon fodder and a slave - but he grew too strong for that. When he reached manhood he lashed out, slew the other bandits of his crew, and kept their hideout and loot for his own.

On his own he became much smarter, craftier - and animistic. Making his living as a highwayman and bandit, he's raped several of his female robbery victims as well. In one case he even held a rich merchant's wife for ransom, and while he did give her back when the ransom was paid it wasn't before he'd raped her repeatedly and impregnated her while she was his captive.

Something which has gotten Molag Bal's attention. Something which the Deadric Prince would like to use...

Quote from: InfoGot this idea while playing Skyrim. Basically, the Deadric Prince of Rape gets an idea to do something similar to the Dark Brotherhood if more his tastes and picking an notorious orc rapist and bandit as his first Defiler.

Details like how Hard the NC will be, how much other kinks like Impreg will matter, and story line are negotiable. Anyone interested or have any thoughts?
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