18th century fantasy Swashbuckling Gypsy/Vampire/soldier/Pirate/Rogue?

Started by Darthvegeta800, October 15, 2008, 09:38:02 AM

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*Pirate one taken*

An idea partially based on a European 'comic' i'm a fan of. But possibly given a twist.
18th Century Italy, a radical Cardinal forms a militany order of 'Warrior Monks' to enforce his will and that of the Vatican.
The most prominent among these Warrior Monks is the infamous Capitan Rochnan, a brutal and relentless leader who enforces the Cardinal's will with an iron fist.

The setup could be one of the following:

- Tracking a Vampiress for what seems an eternity, the hunter becomes the hunted as the tables are turned suddenly.
An alternative path could be that they need to team up or the likes.

- A Pirate Queen is in possession of an object the Cardinal requires and he sents out the Warrior Monks to recover it. This puts Rochnan in direct conflict with this Queen and her allies/rivals/enemies to obtain the object.
This artefact could be of great spiritual, magical, theological or other value.

- A group of rogues/scoundrels led by a female leader have become a thorn in the side of the Cardinal and Rochnan is assigned to track down and eliminate the group/organisation. However things might not be what they seem as Rochnan in turn is betrayed.

- Captain Rochnan of the Warrior Monks teams up with a female mercenary captain, officer of the Swiss Guard or other female military officer to deal with a conspiracy or common foe. Of course morally and loyalty-wise there will be friction.

- A Mistress of Poison and a Witch has fallen in love with Rochnan. However a follower of the Church should not consort with a gypsy Sorceress. Circumstances however force Rochnan to barter with the cunning and vicious woman leading to the two playing mental and erotic games, bartering deals and setting traps while pooling together their talents to achieve a common goal and killing a common foe.