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July 28, 2017, 02:01:05 AM
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Author Topic: A Song of Ice & Fire/GoT Plot Ideas.. Few Ideas.. Open to anything!  (Read 990 times)

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A few quick details before we get started.......

Plot vs. Smut: I enjoy plot, development and characterization more than anything else. Cyber sex isn't and never will be a turn on for me, I roleplay to satisfy a love for writing and story telling, bouncing that off a partner adds excitement and intrigue to the process more than any form of mindless sex. That said, I do like a healthy amount of smut included, being an adult, it adds realism to any relationship between characters, and plus, it can be really fun! So, I'd best describe it as a 70/30 split between plot and smut being desired (Maybe 65/35, depending how I'm feeling! )

Detail and Literacy: Some people are better at describing detail then others, fair enough, but a grasp of literature mixed with a good amount of descriptive talent can really add to the plot, it really makes a mediocre story turn great if little things can be added to make it feel as real, 3D and life like as possible.

Character Development: This is extremely important for me. I dont want to play against people with a simple 2D character. I want flaws, I want real emotions and reactions.

Post Length: It all depends. I believe in Quality over Quantity, that being said, If I'm constantly churning out 4-6 paragraphs and only being returned 1-2, I cant see me sticking around long. Just to say.

Final details: I'm generally an easy going partner, and open to most idea's and avenues, so just hit me with anything. One final thing, I'm ok with including established characters as NPC's, but only as long as we play original characters. Established characters are far too restrictive in my book, they cant be bent and molded they way I would play with a character I created myself. Also, I think it's important we truly emerge into the world of ASOIAF. Murder, scheming, betrayal and all forms of depravity. Some knowledge of ASOIAF fine would be great, although a TV fan is more than fine

A few ideas/scenarios. Open to change and new suggestions....


A lone warrior stood despondent, blood smeared across his face and blade gripped in his hand.  Looking around the body littered battle-field he swore to him self that things would change.. The time for fighting others battles was over.

They had always been a lesser family. An important but often forgotten ally to greater sires, doomed to spend history in the shadows. Their sons had been present in every great conflict the past age, their daughters had married greatest warriors from all over the seven Kingdoms. Yet there were few who would even pay them the slightest piece of attention. Not as the rich as the Lannisters, nor the as honourable as the Starks.  They were doomed to a life of obscurity, a mere pawn in the Game of Thrones... That is, until now.

Disillusioned with living the life of anonymity, the eldest son of the current Lord would swear a secret pact. The mission? To finally elevate his family to the position they rightly deserved. Whether through delicate scheming, marriage or war.

(I envision this as Westeros' answer to Macbeth. An ambitious and unholy pairing who scheme their way to the top, leaving a bitter trail of death and betrayal behind them. I envision this being a very clever and intricate plot, with scheming and politics being huge. A lot could be discussed, regarding their relationship etc. PM me and we can iron out details).

Forging of the North and Joining of Houses.
House Stark had held a firm claim and hold of the North for millennia. Each Lord would sire tens of sons, the name would endure and Winterfell would stand proud. It was just the way things were. That was of course, until now.

Young Jon Stark, was left childless and widowed. Although relatively young, the harsh and ruthless landscape meant life was not guaranteed and old age certainly wasn't a given..

Her (YC) was left recently widowed herself, her family and husband being wiped out in another move in the Game of Thrones. Alone and terrified, she turned to her liege lord, the honourable Lord Stark in her time of need. Perhaps both could help one another, their enemies both falling at their feet as Lord and Lady.

(A more vague post. A marriage of convenience between the two would quickly become romantic, the two forming a strong bond, both as lovers and rulers. A lot could come from this, with her righting the wrongs against her family and him solidifying his position as Warden of the North. Side note: Not Jon as in Jon Snow. Its a common Stark name)

The North shall Rise again....
"Why should they rule over me and mine from some flowery seat in the South?!"

the Stark's, as far as the majority knew, were wiped out. Long dead and bereft of life. The Bolton's now held sway over the North. Ruling with an iron fist and savage brutality. They were wholly detested by their bannermen, who still remained loyal to the seemingly deceased Stark name and sigil.

Most of those loyal to Robb/Ned had sworn fealty through gritted teeth to their new masters, where as some had deserted the North. High tailing it to the furthest reaches of the contient. A small minority however, remained to fight. Joining the Brotherhood without banners or even forming their own Guerilla bands, they fought and harried Lannister and Bolton troops when and how they could.

When word of a hidden Stark came forward, the remaining Northern Loyalists threw themselves behind her. Declaring war on her enemies and swearing an oath to protect her and ensure she was placed on her rightful seat in the rebuilt Winterfell, as the Lady of the North.

(A pretty big alteration to Westeros history, but an interesting concept I think. The girl (your character) could be bastard daughter, a cousin, or whatever. We can chose and discuss amongst ourselves. My character would be a Northern loyalist who fought under Robb in the War of The Five Kings before forming an anti-Lannister band of soldiers.)

Sibling Rivalry....
"Keep your enemies close, but your families closer"

The Old King/Lord was dead.. Living life to the excess had caught up with him, giving him a haggered and bloated appearance, despite his relatively young age. Over-indulging wine, feasting and fucking during his youth had left him with three things: blotchy skin, a large belly and bastard children in every corner of the land.

After the birth of a healthy baby girl, A secession of miscarriages and stillbirths had blighted his marriage. Even re-marrying a younger woman once his dear old wife had passed had led nowhere, with him usually too drunk to 'perform' his husbandly duties.

So with his death coming way before it's natural time time, the old King/Lord was left only one 'legitimate' surviving child. A daughter (YC). That was until HE came forward. A supposed long forgotten son from the King's 'first' marriage. The tale he told was that the King/Lord had married his mother secretly in his youth, leaving her and re-marrying once he grew bored.

Almost immediately, his claim was disputed and laughed at, with some calling him nothing but a pretender, a bastard from one of the King/Lords many dalliances with whores.

Some however, heard his claim and bought into it. It sound completely within the King's nature to marry and leave as quick as he came. The fact that he bore a striking resemblance to his 'father' done little to hamper his claim.

(Left this one sketchy, in terms of the fathers position/title. A lot to be discussed. The obvious first layer of plot would be whether the sons claim was legitimate. I imagine some form of incestuous romance blooming, this is Westeros after all. Whether a bastard or not, he would be the King/Lords son, and therefore YC half brother.)

Broken Vows...
"Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come."

The bastard son of a teenage whore and a perverted old lord had meant his life was to begin and end at the bottom of society. His father refused to acknowledge him and his mother had abandoned him as quick as she possibly could.

A bastard, deserted at a young age, he was quickly outcast from society and left to fed for himself, he was left with two options. Take to the seas as a pirate, or take the Black. The choice was simple, the Wall was to be his final and only true home.
On one of his rare trips to Mole's Town, he would meet her. (YC). A beautiful young woman who he would grow to love. Leaving him in a dilemma greater than he could of imagined.

(Again, slightly loose, but plenty to discuss. YC can be a simple barmaid, a whore, a farmers daughter. Anything you chose for your own characters journey. It would involve plenty of guilt/inner turmoil from both. The Nights Watch would finally be a place where he would belong, meaning the act of forsaking his vows would trouble him greatly. She would know he could never marry, so the choice of staying with him or marrying another would weigh heavy on her. Maybe an unexpected pregnancy would really heighten things? Who knows. All open for discussion.)

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Re: A Song of Ice & Fire/GoT Plot Ideas.. Few Ideas.. Open to anything!
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I pm'ed you about one of your plots JayL :D