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May 20, 2018, 06:55:27 PM

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Author Topic: Gauging Interest; Mecha Musume Fighter Squadrons!  (Read 215 times)

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Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Gauging Interest; Mecha Musume Fighter Squadrons!
« on: March 06, 2015, 11:47:55 AM »
"AWACS here. Callsign Highlight. Kuma Six, Do you read?" The woman in the air said, flying high over the clouds. She stretched her arms and legs out wide. Running down her arms, she had various panels made of aluminum and other alloys, with turbines attached to her elbows. Fins for stabilization jutted out from her heels, and upon her back extended a large radar dish that slowly rotated. The rest of her body was lightly adorned, but upon her face was a large earpiece. She wore glasses, had straight black hair and a stoic expression, "I repeat, Kuma Six, do you read me?"

From far off, a young woman barrel-rolled into position, lazily leveling out. "Ma'am, I respectfully request to be called Angel Eyes. I'm afraid I cannot respond to any other moniker..." She had her arms out wide, wings atop them large and smooth up to her back. Then, as she accelerated, Angel Eyes brought them close to her sides, easily locking into place and giving her a streamlined profile. Upon her rear, she had a single large fin and two engines side-by-side. Her ankles had two smaller fins. She was blonde, with sleepy blue eyes and a slight smile.

Highlight sighed, bringing one wing up to her face to adjust her glasses before saying, "Kuma Squadron, you have three bandits at vector two zero five.

"Affirmative. This is Kuma Two- Engaging." Angel eyes heard her squadmate over the radio- and then saw the other woman whizz by her. Kuma Two, or 'Ice Queen' was a newer Rafale M, with fixed wings and more advanced avionics. Angel Eyes was only a Tornado GR1, and though she was young, her design was painfully outdated... Maybe if she did good, she'd get an upgrade to the GR4... Not likely with Ice Queen stealing all her kills...

So this is a bizarre idea, and though I am quite busy at the moment- some free time may open up in the future. But I had an idea and decided to put it to paper (or Forum, as it were) before I forgot about it. And I just wanted to write the little blurb above.

Basically, Anthropomorphized military jets. That's... all I have at the moment.

Well, that's not true. I have some ideas for a plot, and how I imagine the pacing of the game will be. The players won't always be in the air, but would be interacting with one another while grounded in the hanger or on the aircraft carriers or whatnot. :P As for the setting, well, I have no idea. Admittedly, I don't like things that are nebulous and unexplained- so I am inclined to say that the whole setting is some kind of weird world where there isn't really organic life at all. Like the whole thing is a simulation or a virtual reality... Of course, they wouldn't know this and that fact probably wouldn't come up in the RP ever. Men and women don't reproduce, but are manufactured by other men and women. Not to say they don't have sex, this is E of course. :P But I am just throwing ideas out there at the moment, and I just had to write out that little scene because inspiration struck me and I am a huge nerd about aircraft.

Thought I might see if anyone had anything to contribute to it.... but I'm not holding my breath that I'll end up doing anything with this idea.  ::)