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Author Topic: (Mostly) Fantastical Plays That Don't Really Go For Short-Term (M4F)  (Read 641 times)

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Offline ovalteeniesTopic starter

Current Interest: some kind of smutty adventure, set anywhere and any time long as fantastical themes are present. I want action! Swordfighting! Magic! And the (could be more than) occasional sexy time!

Addendum: have you the interest of fulfilling the craving of playing off
Claire Farron

in this form though not in the world established in XIII since I know nothing of that place, then do say so and I could share to you what I want happening; note that it won't be limited to that single character, you could create one of your own but have her hold a stern and stoic personality in general

Requirements for plays? I won't drag this out longer than necessary as I for one find reading on and on about stuff to be tedious.

I only ask that you:
~ have a decent grasp of the English language
~ need not worry of post length so long as A) it can be read and understood, B) it can give me something to work with, and C) is not tedious to reply to (I'm here to have fun, not feel like I'm doing a 1000-word essay for some subject I don't care for nor feel like I'm wasting my time writing up stuff only to be responded with a 'k.')
~ would be willing to tell me when you are not having fun, have an idea with regards to the play, and/or will be unavailable - I hope I have stressed that enough
~ are a girl IRL; been experiencing this quite a lot now so I'm including this now as to avoid unnecessary time wasting on your part; I am uncomfortable playing with dudes unless it's a play that involves zero sexual content between our characters regardless of their gender

Other grounds for plays:
~ I am flexible with where we do the play (PMs, threads, e-mail, IM)
~ I can do story and smut, or pure smut (though I ask that there would be at least 10% story in here); ratio of both elements is negotiable
~ First or third person style of writing is fine
~Check my f-list down in my signature (It hasn't that much in terms of boundaries, but that doesn't mean it isn't open to making some lines. Just ask, and I shall tell you if I am or am not comfortable with said element)

I'll list out the base favorites in that list that I would enjoy being included (but not mandatory) in our future play:

squirting ~
grool (basically natural female lubrication in arousal) ~
incest ~
master/pet play ~
watersports (someone introduced them and yeah, brand new kink) ~
musk (another newly introduced) ~
excessive teasing and foreplay (which leads to..) ~
orgasm/pleasure control/denial ~
(semi)public scenes (from simple masturbation to sex) ~
sexy/slutty clothing ~
clothed sex ~

~ Plays which involve a dom and sub or a switch are of no issue to me
~ More often than not will I play out stories with fantastical elements in them. I find modern realism plays - the slice of life stuff - to be a big 'meh' unless they are heavy on smutty elements
~ I do not play as canon characters in preexisting settings of any kind - it doesn't matter for me if you wish to play one against an original character (though that's a bit of a rare thing, at least on the female players I encountered so far)
~ Anything else just ask

Possible pairings:
(All, except the first, pairings' role can be interchanged to who will play whom)

~Kemonomimi girl x Student~
(only guy who notices and finds it odd that she has inhuman anatomy, preferably involving the element of heat/estrus)
~Vigilante x Local Authority~
(would prefer a fantastical setting to this - be it modern or no)
~Demon x Mage~
~Nympho/Regular girl x Nympho/Regular guy~
(at least one should be nympho [note that this won't mean it's a marathon sex thing, it'll be an element to work with])
~Vampire x Vampire Hunter~
(strictly traditional vampire)
~Humanoid Alien x Human~
~Criminal x Criminal~
(Bonnie & Clyde kind of deal, preferably medieval)
~Pair of Superheroes~
~Pair of Supervillains~

Canon settings I would love to take part in as (strictly) OCs:

~Resident Evil~
~Left 4 Dead~
(would prefer plays using the two settings above, or any that could be closely associated to them, to be action-packed)
~The Last of Us~
~Maze Runner~
(post-apocalyptic worlds just appeal to me so much; adventures here would be the center of the plays)
~Dragon Age~
~Elder Scrolls~
(I know Oblivion and Skyrim, but can also extend to other parts of Tamriel)
~Tactics Ogre~
~Dark Souls~
(Both legends, or possibly a different universe of our own)
~A Song of Ice and Fire~

Here be the plot(s) I want happening at the moment:

~ A pairing that tells the hidden romance of a butler and his lady ~

Butler here is in college [so is mistress (could be in high school too)] and is bit of desperate for a job. Finds an ad about some rich family wanting a young man to train as a personal butler, he accepts, and him and her hits it off quite easy after knowing they go to the same school.

Butler is all primp and proper whenever in the presence of the family. But when they are alone, specifically in the bedroom , or perhaps when in school, or perhaps whenever the lady asks for it, the role switches to him being the master and her being the pet with all the naughty bits thrown in.


~ Something akin to Sword Art Online (not familiar with it myself so no treading in that fandom) ~

Boy and girl enjoy the same MMO game (could even use one of the games I listed above for a setting, alter it to fit the plot), finds each other to form a two-person party. They form a connection easily, talking here and there until one of them decides to be all flirty with the chatter and the recipient of the enticing words received them all too well.

Could involve virtual reality too.

If you allow me to be selfish, I would rather your character hold the physical appearance of
Pyrrha Alexandra

- and maybe play off your character to be a bit of an airhead as well occasionally.

~ Incestuous relationship of a brother and his little sister ~

Wherein the little sister is head over heels for her brother and doesn't give a damn that her affection could be seen as beyond storge. Enter brother who has the hots for (could be naïve or innocent) sister; sexual stuff ensues.

More to follow when they arise.

If none appeals to you, oh dear decrypter of this message, we can always make a plot of our own so as to know already what we like and dislike in a play.

I hope to hear from you, potential partner!
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Offline ovalteeniesTopic starter

Haven't been here for a few entirely cause of lack of activity. A bump in hopes of that changing.