DnD Dungeon Master seeking the Same for long term project (F for M)

Started by Greenwoodtree, March 04, 2015, 10:15:45 PM

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You need excellent writing skills, knowledge of the Forgotten Realms, and a passion for world-building.

NO dice rolls or character sheets - this is a long term story, not just a game.  Mature partner characters with fully leveled character.

I do have a fully formed character with a lengthy backstory, and history (have played her IRL tabletop- she is a ranger with druidic background, half elven, her father is from Myth Drannor (sun elf)), and I am seeking someone capable of holding their own on all counts.   Our characters will be traveling companions.  Hopefully your detailed backstory will complement mine, and Vice versa.   

If you are interested, and confident, let me know!  I am excited about this!  Please checkout my O/Os to be sure there aren't any surprises in the erotic areas.
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