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January 26, 2021, 12:11:55 PM

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Author Topic: Saphires Cravings  (Read 504 times)

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Offline saphireMARIETopic starter

Saphires Cravings
« on: March 04, 2015, 03:27:31 PM »
Okay so I am going to be realistic and say I can't really take up more than one or two stories here, but I guess I wanted to see if anybody is willing to meet my cravings as I have room for one or two stories XD

If you want to do a story please PM me.

I should also mention that in addition to the idea's I post I am craving a student x teacher story of slow seduction I just don't have a solid idea yet.

~ Boss by day, Bitch by Night. ~

Content:Bondage to Extreme

Scenario:She's the owner of the company you work at, and she’s a fucking bitch when she wants to be. If she wants you to do something it gets done otherwise you risk invoking the bitchiest woman you know. One day she forces you to go to an event with her after work; it’s to sell some of the products you make in the company. She flirts with everybody and gets them to you - the one who actually knows the product.

But after the event it’s clear you're both a little bit more than tipsy. She books you both in to the hotel, but there’s only one room with a double bed which you would need to share. Maybe now is the time to break your prudish bitch of a boss down, and make her yours.

Setting: Modern, Office.

Requirements: Dom Preferably.

Other info: I am looking to play the employee in this scenario.

~ Mommy Never Told Me This. ~

Content: Light to Extreme (Could be anything really)

Scenario: A young mother had taken drastic measures soon after her daughter was born, she knew that the two of them would struggle to live with the amount of money she had and with the father out of the picture she was the only one available to support the child. So in a fit of desperation she looked in to a quick way of making money - starring in a porno.

For some reason when the mother had recieved a copy she found it beneficial to keep it, maybe just as a memory of what she would do for her baby. But one day when her daughter has grown up she finds the DVD and confronts her mother. How will the mother deal with the shocking revelation of her baby knowing her darkest secret?

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: Willing to play mother.

Other info: None.

~ Daughter Please Be Quiet. ~

Content: Bondage to Extreme (Could be anything really)

Scenario: A young girl (16-17) has been having a hard time at school, her mother has been telling her off, and generally pushing her daughter to do well. But the youngster isn't taking it well, if anything she is just growing more and more aggravated with her mother. She wanted to have her own free time, a time to de-stress instead of have more and more pressure added to her. Of course her mother hadn't realized this, and when the younger woman gets dumped by her girlfriend she goes to her mother for comfort, only for her mother to end up angered by the response her little girl has had to the recent events, and decide to force her to submit to the changes. 

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: Willing to play mother.

Other info: None.