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Author Topic: Seers To The Void [Science-fiction, Space Ship Adventure, Looking for CoGM]  (Read 2118 times)

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Offline Interdiction of wordsTopic starter

Welcome to the Recruitment Center!

            Science-Fiction and Space Exploration through the wonders and hazards of Space… the final frontier. Now come onto the first ship of its kind, deep space awaits as the Orion Cloud, and Night Ascend nebula cloud. This is a Science Fiction sandbox game that adventures far beyond men dream in the deepest reaches of the known Universe. Undiscovered planets, and untold riches lure many a space adventurer into the Pan-Galactic League. Join now if you are looking for riches, true adventure or getting to know other species that lay far from the sight of earth. Test your metal against the harshest of known and unknown threats the galaxy has to offer while searching for all manner of precious metals. All of this is just a signature away, just sign here...

I wanted to bring out something that quite a few people have seen or heard of but never done. The idea of space has been resting heavily on my mind so I decided to inspire a whole new game out of Science Fiction. Sure Mass effect has been done quite often along with Star Wars, Star Trek and all that. There just needed to be something grittier, something special that sticks out from the rest. There is where the interest lies. This game will be open to all sexual orientations. I would like to see diversity because this will be a group effort in exploring far beyond our little part of the galaxy.

Look at the information below, a small piece of what is to come. Basic information about each race and the government they hail from. This will be character driven, I might add a thing here or there but it will be mostly up to the players to get where they want to and where they are going. I will be playing a few NPCs at random. Players’ actions will develop and change the galaxy around them each time they post. I have left much to be filled and changed in the galaxy but only if interest permits.

Pan-Galactic League of Independent Star Systems.

Pan-Galactic League of Independent Star Systems is made up of twenty systems and over ninety planets. The Pan-Galactic League was started primarily as a government for peace between two races known as the Precursors and the Chosen.  Long had the war between those two ravaged the space between them until all that remained was the bitter husk of both nations. There on the planet Epsilon Eridani II a pact was made and peace reigned through the system. After the war passed, both planets had been ravage of their resources so the only place there was left was space. All effort was devoted to the building of the space ships and colony ships in hope they would find a planet they could live. The great migration from their once prosperous planet. The last glimmer of their two planets fading away into the eternal darkness that was the void.

Nearly two hundred years passed before the planet they were seeking was reached, since then all the older generations had moved on but left behind their great grandchildren and their children were all that was left of the two great civilizations. Their fleet of ships, only numbering ten, found the little blue, green planet called earth. The Precursors landed first with the Chosen in tow. The world leaders gathered together to meet their alien guests, among the greeting party was the US, Russia, India, China, Britain, and Germany. The ships landed in the Midwest of America but fear spread through humans like wild fire. Anti-alien sentiment started moving through the minds of many people, distrust flowing out like lightning. The Chosen and the Precursors meant no harm of course but man’s heart can be so easily swayed. Thus was humans divided into two ideas, the Pan-Galactic League versus the Apollo Syndicate. Apollo Syndicate hid itself among those who the Pan-Galactic League hailed Allies, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

From there the three races shared what they could, the Chosen decided to teach the humans the basics of FTL Access Drives so they might be able to fly to the stars. The Precursors taught humanity how to build those star ships he desired and in return the humans shared their planet with them; and for a time peace seemed finally in the grasp of those two alien races but that hope was soon dashed by something worse. Human ambition drove humanity to the stars, their first ship; the PGN Horizon drove to the stars. Little did they know what unspeakable horror resting just on the edge. About ten light years from earth lay an alien race called Kar’flagan but simply put they were called the “Virus”. A semi-sentient collection of macroscopic worms, forming any shape they wished, that devoured anything in their way before assimilating what was left of the race for special powers. Years of war soon ensued, earth’s eyes looked out to the stars for allies and voices cried back ready to help. In time they beat back the ‘Virus’ and peace was reestablished.
Now that all the affairs of man have been put aside, there is a new mission for the Pan-Galactic League. An ancient artifact has been found, something called the “Hyperspace Gate System”. A giant ring hanging on the edge of Earth space. Will this space gate bring the galaxy a bit closer or will there be more hostilities between them?

The Pan-Galactic League has each race elect five people to represent each race. Each of those five get one vote. Every time the League meets together, they vote on what should be done or new galactic laws. There is a leader of the League who serves five galactic years (Approximately eight earth years) in deciding the best course of action for the Pan-Galactic League. Each time a different race is picked based on what year they entered. They meet all together on the planet Ruby VII in the Pan-Galactic headquarters, located in neutral space.

People of the Pan-Galactic League of Independent Star Systems.


 The name Terran was given to humanity just after the Chosen and the Precursors landed. Terran cogitates to Tera, the name the planet was given by the Chosen and the Precursors, but any human will be called Terran regardless of being born on Earth or any of its colonies. True there are some difference between each colony though they all derived from the same place. Some of the biggest Colonies are Van Mannan, Moon Base, Mars, and Procyon. Generally Terrans do not believe that there is some other-worldly power that controls destiny or fate. There are a few exceptions of course yet humanity has always puzzled the League for its ability to stand out from the rest.

Terrans tend to be warlike and fairly dim in comparison to Pan-Galactic League standards. Terrans are not seen as much of a threat. However, humanity has been exposed to much of the League’s technology which has allowed them to progress themselves much faster than any other race before them. Their natural born curiosity, for the unknown and the mysterious, drives them to understand what the universe is. Still fairly infant as a species provides them with the needed time and effort in explaining the universe. Many races do not understand humans or the customs following right behind the ape-like species. Others in the league believe that Terrans are not ready for such responsibility or to be admitted into the league. Some races think Terrans are much too stubborn and rash but humans have time and time again proved their worth.  Destiny has awarded them with more than they could ever imagine.
The Chosen

The Chosen, a fairly lithic and graceful race… having similarities to large earth cats. Their grace is second to none as they spend the first half of their life meditating over the affairs of the people. Though they share the common visage of humanoid there is something quite different about their gender. Instead of having two genders, they have four genders. One male, imprint female, fertilizing female, and pregnancy female. Each one donates a small parts of chromosomes to the child. Other than their strange gender, a reactive bioluminescence flows through the blood of the chosen.

In society surrounding their strange culture of uplifting, the Chosen in return have adopted the rite of meditation. For the first fifteen years of life, they seal themselves away in giant stone temples. Singing low songs in praising the great entity that gave them life so long ago. Just after they spend fifteen years in the temple is when the fifteen year old is gifted one of the four genders through a process called “Talshirenon” (Great Change) but due to how the male and the pregnant female have some of the more specialized role in the birthing of a child, the rest are seen almost as second class citizens. Since their process takes more people in general; a couple might only have two to three kids in a lifetime.

The Chosen generally stand about 6 feet (On the shorter end) to seven feet tall (On the higher end) and weigh from 95 pounds to 140 pounds. The planet they once lived on had less mass then the earth so in turn strength was never their strong suit. Instead they had lightning fast reflexes, and can dash up to thirty miles per hour. Being on earth has adapted them a tiny bit to the standard earth gravity but they move slower in the heavier gravity. The skin on their body can come in a variety of colors ranging from red to black and all in-between. The color of the skin tells what family they come from since outside family birthing is frowned upon. The tail has two functions, one being an extra pensile limb and the second is how the imprint and fertilizing female reproduce with the pregnancy female. Much like a giant straw that can blow or suck.


During the journey to Alpha Centauri, humans encountered one planet that was truly peculiar. One of the moons surrounding the fifth planet from the sun was covered almost completely in water with only a .01% land mass. The temperature of the planet was highly variable as it would have nearly winter every two months and have no sun for several days. The rest of the time was kept in constant sun with tropical like temperatures. Humans of course were puzzled why their sensors could detect so much life and energy on the planet. So they sent down an away team to find out the strange readings. Under hundreds of feet, in the blackest depths in the ocean there was a whole civilization growing there.

Razyre share similar biology to jellyfish but there are some differences between their anatomy and human anatomy. Instead of having standardized organs like humans they instead have basic biology with only a basic heart, brain and stomach. Air diffuses through their skin into their body. Another big thing is that they have psychic powers instead of eyes or ears. They communicate through their mind to another being. They carry seven tentacles near their brain that gives protection against those that would harm them, a mild stunning agent with pain inducing poisons. Due to where they were located on their planet, they could withstand extreme pressure that would crush a human or any other race.

The Razyre stand about five feet tall to five ten feet tall, generally they move in short bursts instead of slow movements and their body is covered in thick plates to protect themselves. They generally come up with solutions together instead of individually. That is why they don’t participate in government or even have a government. In the end they weigh nearly nothing about fifty to sixty pounds, which is only because of their heavy plates.

If there was any word that would be associated with a Klingon then this race would best describe them. War-like and all declaring of honor, they engage in holy battles against what they believe as demons. They are the most recent members of the Pan-Galactic league thanks to their fast actions before actually thinking out what they had in mind. Ever since the kingdom that they desired was forged out of the dying planet they lived on. Their armies were called upon when the armies of the virus descended upon the Pan-Galactic league, their mass out did the virus and beat back the dangerous enemy.

In their society women are held higher then males; males tend to hold only positions as laborers or common workers while females hold all the positions of power like the leader ship of the government. Often though they decide who will be uncharged by fighting to the death, they hold heavy ideals to family and duty among each other.

Mithra stand generally as tall as humans but due to their heavy planet gravity they are stronger then humans. They braid their hair after each battle, more braids equals more time out in the battlefield.

Lizard men from far, far away… they held many battles with the Chosen over the space and expansion needed to birth their young. Physically strong but not too fast, they stick to their guns when everything seems to not be as they seem. They are not ones to mince words with others but they do enjoy the once and while conversation. Though the heat of battle excites them to the point of sexual relations just after a fight. Males compete over the mating of a female.

Society is divided into many clans that govern over the people. Each time the government is required to join together they call upon their best of their clan. Without a doubt they cut out the weak and replace with the strong to make their ranks all-powerful.

Precursors stand much higher than humans at seven feet tall but they can be seen at only six feet tall. Though they share the visage of a lizard, they are not cold blooded but warm blooded. Their arms, legs and backs are covered in brightly colored feathers. The brighter the feathers, often they are higher up in the chain of government. They are highly adapted to dry worlds, and have strength equal to more than their physique would suggest.


Du’thia, the more regal specie of the Pan-Galactic League. Having mastered their own world long before the Precursors or the Chosen left their world. Devoting most of their lives to the arts, but that has not dulled their warrior spirit. Each movement they attack with seems much like a dance unto itself. Striking down foes by the sways. The Du’thia often journey from their home world and interact with other races to learn about different art styles and cultures, this act is called the “Pilgrimage of Knowledge.”; Pilgrimage is reserved for a Du’thia who has changed into a fully grown adult, about twenty one years of age.

Communication is the most essential aspect of their government, talking for nearly hours on end about how or different ways that one could proceed about a problem. Much like their love of talking comes the love of debating such ideas. That love is often expressed when the situation would not desire it but their government runs fairly effectively in comparison to the rest.

Taller and more spindly then other races, ranging from five, ten to six, five and weighing around the same weight as a human being.  Everyone of their race has a large crest comprised of bones, the male crest being slightly larger than the female crest. However, their true strength lies in the ability to understand technology even if it is far beyond their current technology; making them perfect choices for tech positions or hackers.

One of the few races fairly close to humans, in terms to anatomy and physical attributes, with their extensive knowledge of the trading system and banking. The planet they came from was located in the middle of a FTL transit way. Becoming quickly adjusted to the amount of visitors their planet received; they soon became a hub for trade and transportation. Gaining the upper hand, they were able to move along with their technology nearly as fast as humans. Quickly, they augmented themselves with optical and mind implants that allowed them to process information faster then any race. Solving complex problems in their minds like it was child’s play. 

The world they live on is ruled over by a similar position to a king and queen but there is also a group dedicated to the economics of the planet. Governing the civillans went to the rulers while the group of bankers held sway over the interspace commerce. Each layer of how much money one makes sort of, informally, places them into a caste system where they tend to assoiate with people of the same money making stance. Another strange thing about their culture is that marrage is not seen as a last forever but rather until the child is born and placed into protective care of the government. There the child is given implants and is indocterinated into the world of commerce.

Very close to humans in height and weight but there are still several things that set them apart from humans. First being they have much sharper ears then humans do. Second, their skin is green from the water they drink which is full of a special bacteria that has a mutal bond with them. The Chilwic provides the bacteria food while the bacteria supplies the Chilwic special enzymes that prevent most sicknesses.

Zentites are not communicative with other people, they tend to be very xenophobic of other races at the first meeting but if they can agree on anything then the Zentites are a kind race that will help with spiritual matters. Long ago in their pre-history there was a race of creatures, known as only as “Griuals (Winged Hate). They were subjected by the strange creatures for many years until they gained enough knowledge of their captors to strike back. Since then they have been hesitant to be around other races just out of fear from their ancestors.

Though they might be a bit afraid, the main focus of their life is to attain enlightenment much like their ancestors of before. They believe every living thing resonates a certain spiritual residue left over from the act of reincarnation. The spirit does not go to any sort of heaven but lives once again in a new body. That they will always continue onwards without end. Out of that spirituality comes another major aspect of their people. Zentites make good doctors, always helping those in need even if they are afraid of that race.

In terms of height and weight, they are closest to the Precoursers. Some even think that the Zentites might have broken off long ago from the Precoursers. There are tales supporting that idea but nothing confirming. They cannot eat anything meat, their jaw has been adapted to only eating the plants around their planet but they have developed a taste for cabbage with ranch.

If anything would be more loved then chocolate or even paradise, to the Cerphriam it is a good computer to dissect and put back together.  Their love of the technology and solving how or why something works in a certain way gives more joy to the slightly small people than anything else could. Their affinity for technology is unmatched by any other race in the Pan-Galactic League; such ability to understand technology on the fundamental level has allowed them to advance themselves.

In their planet is an whole different idea for how a government should be run with the first being the whole idea that government should be disregarded but instead replaced by the high attained scientist gets the right to lead the people into new ages of great prosperity. Each chief scientist is picked from a pool of great accomplishments and then given the power to act and do so.

Cerphraim generally stand just a few inches smaller than humans and weigh nearly the same but they lack the true strength to last in hand to hand combat but instead use technology to cover up for their natural weaknesses.

A slightly stranger alien race, their home planet is constantly bombarded by heavy radiation due to the thin atmosphere that surrounds the planet. Having only two food sources, fungus and some small rat-like creatures, the Darcrift have incredibly long life spans since their metabolism is slowed down to nearly none existence. The heavy metals in the planet have also played into the strong plates surrounding their whole entire body. Having not understood the full ideas of the race, the Darcrift tend to worship an ancient queen long lost to history but they call her the stone mother.


FTL Drive/Hyperspace Gate

The FTL Drive has a very specialized of reaching speeds faster than light, a special tool called the Warp Key is first ejected from the start ship. The Warp Key will find places in space where the space-time continuum is weak and tear a rift into the fourth dimension. From there the ship will travel through the fourth dimension and during that time, travel faster than light itself. When they want to return to normal space, the key will attach back to the ship and they would return back into normal space at their destination. A much more effective way of travel but takes a lot of fuel to travel through the fourth dimension.
The Hyperspace Gate was recently found and they are still trying to find out how it works but based on early analyze the gates are all connected by special particles called Mezons.  Thus creating a Looking Glass Effect on those Hyperspace Gates. All one needs to do is to fly into one of the Gates and you’ll be whisked off to the other gate.


Most of the weapons around are based heavily around either Mass Driver or Projectile Weaponry. Lasers and Energy based weapons are highly violate, requiring vast amounts of energy and housing for the energy thus they are restricted to capital ships or ships of the line.
Mass Drivers use the principle of magnates to “fire” the heavy metal slug at the enemy. The weapon needs large packs to keep it running and the weapon is quite clumsy to fire but the devastation is quite worth the effort. The heavy slug will impact the target with near half-light speed and will hit someone with the force of a meteorite. Projectile weapons have not changed much since the 21st century, still sharing the same need of gunpowder and castings.

  • You may only have one Bridge position but you can have up to a maximum of three characters. Minor roles are still important but we must not take away all the good stuff right?
  • No god-modding or overpowered abilities, you won't hit everything the first try and neither will you be perfect.
  • No killing off characters without the Player's permission and telling me that you are doing so.
  • Generally don't be a jerk towards other players and have fun on the space adventure of a life time

Tagging and Character Sheets.

Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[floatright] [img height=200 width=150]http://Place an image here if you can find one suitable for your race. If not then use description.[/img][/floatright]

[b]My Name is::.[/b] Name.
[b]I Was Born::.[/b]  Gender and Race.
[b]I Look Grand For My Age::.[/b] Age.
[b] My Looks Outdo The Rest::.[/b] Description of Character. N/A if you have a picture.

[b] These Are my Favorite::.[/b] Weapons.
[b] Look What I can Do::.[/color][/b] Specialty on job. Give two to five.

[b] Sometimes I can be::.[/b] Personality.

[b] If You Must Know::.[/b] What your character thinks about the ship and its mission to the outer worlds.

[b] This Is My Story::.[/b] Biography, at least two paragraphs.

[b] My Position of Power::.[/b] Rank aboard the ship.
[b] I Love Listening To This::.[/b] Theme Song.
[b] I Love These and Hate These::.[/b] Ons and Offs.
[b] Some Other Things About Me::.[/b] Random yet Fun Information.
[b]My Puppeteer::.[/b] Username


My Rank: HERE
My Current Position: HERE
Communicating With::. HERE
Feeling: HERE
Wearing: HERE
Rating: HERE

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=150]IMAGE LINK HERE[/img][/floatleft][left][size=14pt][b]NAME GOES HERE[/b][/size]
[b]My Rank:[/b] HERE
[b] My Current Position:[/b] HERE
[b]Communicating With::.[/b] HERE
[b]Feeling:[/b] HERE
[b]Wearing:[/b] HERE
[b]Rating:[/b] HERE[/left]

Available Positions.
•   First Officer
•   Lead Operator
•   Assistant Operator
•     CO of Marines

•   Chief Navigator
•   Helmsman
•   Chart Officer

Fire Control:
•   Artillery Chief
•   Artillery Officer
•   Ammunition/Weapons Handler
•   Radar Chief
•   Radar Operator

Engineering - Engine Room:
•   Chief Engineer
•   Assistant Engineer
•   Chief Responder

Engineering - Maintenance:
•   Chief Mechanic
•   Mechanic (Can have more then one)
•   Assistant Mechanic (Can have more then one)

Research and Development:
•   Chief Researcher
•   Research Assistant
•   Researchers (Can have more then one)

Fighter Squadron:
•     XO of Marines
•   Squad 1 Chief
•   Squad 2 Chief
•     Marines (Can have more then one)

Sick Bay:
•   Chief Physician
•   Nurse (Can have more then one)

Ship Management:
•   Chief Accountant
•   Supply Officer
•   Head Chef
•   Security Chief
•   Security Officers (Can have more then one)


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Noting interest.

Offline Kaiser

I would like to express my interest, as well.

Offline Interdiction of wordsTopic starter

I am looking for a Co-GM if there was anyone that would like to help

Offline Thyraeri

I am very interested in this.

Offline azzmeister89

Sounds like fun. I'm in

Offline Chreestafer

Count me in :)
Thinking a Precursors character

Offline Interdiction of wordsTopic starter

Thank you all for your interest, I shall get a character sheet and some other fun OOC stuff up for you guys and gals.

Offline DeviantMunster

There be room, arrr?

Offline Interdiction of wordsTopic starter

Yes there is still room... I just need to make a sheet for signing up

Offline Interdiction of wordsTopic starter

Alright, everything is up and ready for the sheets. Just Pm them to me

Offline Xurtan

Going to keep an eye on this, see where it goes. Might go with a Precursor depending on what all there is to play against.

Offline DeviantMunster

Might we get an example sheet, perchance? Also, what do you mean by "No god-modding or overpowered abilities, you won't hit everything the first try and neither will you be perfect". Abilities like marksmanship and acrobatics? Or something more 'supernatural'? Just curious!
Furthermore! The Fighter Squadron, I assume, means actual fighters in ship to ship battles! So is there a set 'fireteam' or 'away team'? Like in the Mass Effect? Or is it more loose like Star Trek? Notices there just one position, generically named 'Marines'!

And sorry, I'm just curious. I don't want to jump to conclusions!

Offline Interdiction of wordsTopic starter

Yes I was on my way to post my character sheet, and as for your other questions.

Marksmanship and acrobatics would be fine, the same would go for anything along the lines of combat or intelligence process. For example a character might be have a specialty of tinkering and they work as the mechanic.

It will mostly be squad based tactics with some space combat. As for the Marines, I just said that since there can be many marines onboard a ship.

Offline DeviantMunster

No zappy mind control powers, or 'Force' to bring down starships, gotcha! *Smirks*

Offline Interdiction of wordsTopic starter

Correct there, just something fun and simple.