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June 20, 2021, 04:03:11 pm

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Author Topic: A somewhat strange request(m looking for female)  (Read 517 times)

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A somewhat strange request(m looking for female)
« on: March 04, 2015, 10:27:33 am »
Join security detail on Vega five they had said. Easy job with god pay and benefits they said. Just have to watch some unimportant stuff in a lab they said.

These words resounded in his head repeatedly as he watched the monitor screen. The lab was boring. Nothing to do. Just watch a bunch of failed experiments in test tubes. No excitement. No action.

 Just silence.

Worse yet, the  lab was stationed on the dark side of Vega 5. He was utterly alone  save for a few unarmed surveillance droids in the hangar bay. Maybe his career choice had not been sound after all.  But then he had been eighteen then and  well teens weren't known for their wise decisions were they?  two and  a half years later  and he was still there  watching over unopened crates of supposed research and technological advances discarded. The only thing he really had to talk to was a vat of goo in the cell  over.

Subject D1-V95. that's what it was called. Some super organism that was supposed to benefit mankind..

Honestly it just looked like a big ten gallon  drum of black goo but supposedly it was a living organism from the manifest that  he had read. He had spent  countless hours  talking to it when he was not on duty. Telling it his hopes and dreams. Even his failures and flaws. It was kinda sad really. It was not like he had any choice anyhow. Space wore down a person's sanity real quick especially if you were alone. He just wished something would happen. Earth seemed like such a distant memory. His girlfriend had stopped writing him a year ago. She'd probably moved  on, he thought. Good for her. He was not in any position to just come back so He guessed it was for the best.

Oh well. Time for his nightly rounds. Well, what passed for night anyhow. Sections A through D were secure. Sections E, F and G. Secure.  Better go check the volatile  and high risk storage.

SubjectD1-V91 was secure. V92 was secure also. V95's containment was  open. Wait. Open? That wasn't right. Then the lights were out .Great no how was he supposed to find a highly advanced organism in the dark?
 Okay so thats the idea. I am looking for someoneot play the female goo girl monster.This  is way left feild for me since I haven't done anything with this type of  monster but  I am curious. What happens  next is  open to discussionn. Was hoping fora bit of romance but  like I said Im hoping for  ideas. Below is a picture for inspiration of what she might look like.

Pm me if interested!:)

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