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Author Topic: Plasmarobo's RP Index (MxF/FxF/FxM)  (Read 324 times)

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Offline plasmaroboTopic starter

Plasmarobo's RP Index (MxF/FxF/FxM)
« on: March 03, 2015, 12:29:12 PM »
Hello Everyone!

Let's get a few things out of the way first!
  • I try to post as much as I can. More if possible.
  • I understand that life happens in spite of the best of intentions. Please just let me know if you're going to move on or drop out!
  • I'm fine with novels, but not sentences. Posts should have some decent content in them. At least a paragraph unless it really needs to be shorter!
  • I use default spell check. It misses things. I don't mind errors, as long as they aren't distracting.
  • I like story, but I'm fine with leaning in to just the smut side of things!
  • I prefer PbP, but am willing to experiment with other media (email, etc).
  • My loose O/O can be found here. It is still evolving. You can also check the flist in my signature.

My RPs (Please PM me to apply! A quick character or plot idea would not be remiss.):

Adrift Any for Any
A scifi RP. The battleship Dauntless has suffered a massive systems failure. The internal sensors are down, and the crew may not be alone.
While the engineers struggle to regain some sense of control on the crippled ship, the chain of command is rapidly breaking down.
Old resentments, feelings, and fears are reigniting in the dark, cold metal corridors of the Dauntless.
(Might try and do a group with this one)
Status: Open!

Blue Any for Any
Fantasy. Loren is a healer. More specifically he is a medic attached to the BlueBanners, an Infantry battalion in the Kings army with a few attached battlemages.
He is out of place among the egotistical offensive mages, and verbally assaulted for his naivete by the Colonel-Healer Sia. Healing magic is a tricky business.
The same magic that mends bone and knits wounds can also be used to... stimulate. Many healers have better reputations as prostitutes.
Loren has never used his gift to that end, but the pressures of the military and the leering of his superiors, and even some of the enlisted...
I've been approached about doing this one as an F/F game, which I find interesting. Open to experimenting with the concept!
Status: Open!

Sorceress Any for F
Dar is an indentured servant. His families debts were reconciled by the local magistrate.
But they sold him. The tattoo on his forehead marks him as a arcanis, but he's never had magical training, and indeed barely knows anything about the arcane weave.
But as he stands on the auction block, a tall women eyes him as one would a particularly tasty cut of meat. What lies in store once she purchases Dar?
This one I'm pretty flexible with as well.
Status: Open!

Witchgirl F for F/M
Alyia was the daughter of a witch. Of course, her no-good mother had left her to be raised in this sleepy little village. Myra the baker had taken her in, being childless and having no desire to take any of the village men as a husband. "The good ones are taken, and the rest aren't worth my time".

Alyia developed her talents on her own. Curses, transformations, alchemy, and hexes came easily to her, but did not pair well with her hot temper and short fuse. More than one of the boys who insult her (or her mother, though ironically she seems to have nothing but insults for the absentee witch) walked away with a brash of hornet stings or stuck tongue. Now, at 18 she is beginning to think of leaving the village and her friends behind to explore the world on her own, perhaps to find her parent and have some stern words...
Open to developing this one. Figure the natural starting point would be as a traveling market arrives comes into town.
Status: Open!

Cyberpunk M for F
Vault is a hacker. In the days of artificial bodies, cyber brains, augmentation and technological singularity that means a great deal. Finding himself on the wrong side of the law more often than not, he's determined to leave his mark on the world, and to be a thorn in the side of the establishment. And establishment which has passed over the lower classes.
For this one I'm thinking major Shadowrun/GitS vibe. Open to developing this in any of a number of directions, so I've left it pretty open!
Status: Open!

Will add more as I think 'em up!
Feel free to reply with any questions/requests for expansion/ideas!
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Re: Plasmarobo's RP Index (M for F mostly)
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2015, 01:13:50 PM »
Added Cyberpunk, Witchgirl, and Sorceress.