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June 24, 2018, 07:49:32 PM

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Author Topic: RP Requests for you (few weeks, 3-4 posts per day)  (Read 330 times)

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RP Requests for you (few weeks, 3-4 posts per day)
« on: March 03, 2015, 09:06:36 AM »

At last, after some time, I'm back.

So, my job is again slowing down and once more I find time to write here. The thing is; I'm looking for stories that will last two or three weeks. This is the time I'll be ok to write freely. After that, if both of us are available we can continue. If not, I'll add you to my "best partners" list and poke you again when I'm good to go.

About the partner, I would like my partner to do 3 or 4 posts a day. More? Maybe, if I'm also available, why not? Less? It's ok if it's 1-2 posts for some days but I would prefer at least 3 per day rate. This bring us to time zone. I'm in Europe, a European lady is most welcome, for day to day writing purposes. Still if you're not in Europe but you like my scenarios and wanna play, don't hesitate to contact, let's just begin and see how it goes :)

Note: The 3-4 post per day rate is important for me because as I said, I'll be wholly available for a few weeks, then, I don't know. So I would like the story to develop and hopefully finish with a great ending by that time. I just don't like unfinished wonderful stories...

Story Ideas
Note: All these ideas are changable, considering characters, type and era. Go take a look and tell me if you like one idea but want to change the time frame, characters etc...

The Dark Contract
A businesswoman is at the blink of bankruptcy. There is evidently nothing to save her. One day, she hears a rumor about a small bar in town. The rumor is that the owner of this bar have special "abilities" that can grant someone what she wishes, for a price. With nothing to lose, she goes for it and meet the man who will change her life. They start a different kind of relationship and as her business miraculassly flows, she also notices the changes in her soul... and her body.

This is a very vague idea. The woman can be an attorney or anything, you name it. But what I want to observe here is the real change of her. She can start as a normal woman but as time pass, I would love it if she becomes a cruel, sadistic and really mad type. How it will end, I really don't know...

War in the East
Napoleon has started his invasion of Russia. As her lands are in French control, a Russian contess wants to protect her territory as much as she can. A French high ranking officer offers her protection if she lets the officer's battalion to rest and resupply in her lands. So she opens the gates of her house to this officer, but as days pass, the war does not end. Things go down for Napoleon and in winter conditions, the French army face hunger and cold. The officer, now a cold-hearted veteran, is not the same gentleman the contess knew.

This story can also take place in different eras. So it can be also set in medieval times, or WW2 maybe... But the concept should be the same.

My Father
The classic good family story. A good father. A beatiful daughter. The night of her graduation. She gets drunk. The father gets drunk. Then, everything change for them...

Now, too many unanswered questions. It's not important if it's graduation night or some other event. It can even be like, she's married (or about to marry). Anything is up to you and me.

Night is Violent
A vampress needs to kill a werewolf that terrorize the vampire area of influence. The fight does not go as she intends. She thinks the werewolf is about to rip her apart, but the beast is at its mating season. After that night, something happens to the beast. The vampress is now an addiction to her. He always finds her somehow and she experiences terrible things she never could imagine.

What then? Will it become an addiction for her too? Will she start to love him? Or after some time, seeming to obey the beast, will she plot ambush and revenge? We'll see...


So these are just pairing, no idea for now. If you crave one and meet the posting rate and story time specifications, come on and let's play :)

Boss x Employee
Student x Teacher
Prisoner x Guard
Mom x Son
Sorceress x Demon
Sorceror x Slave Beast

Waiting for you...
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