The maiden and the Native [f looking for m]

Started by Rahzilla, March 02, 2015, 08:34:36 PM

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When I saw this picture for the first time, it stirred up my muse. I would play the woman in the picture. She is a villager in a town nearby. There have been scrimmages with the natives of the land for some time. Because of the fights that take place between the Native Americans and the Colonists, Elizabeth was always told to stay away from the forest surrounding the town. However, after seeing a tall, mysterious man brought into town one day, she finds herself intrigued with him. She travels into town everyday to see him but never approaches him.

One day while in town, she notices that he is absent and gossip among the women is that members of the tribe came to retrieve him. Disappointed that she could no longer gaze at the mysterious man, Beth takes it upon herself to explore the forest a bit. She sees no harm in it. It isn’t as if she is going to run into the man. Or will she?

That’s where we start our story.

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