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May 24, 2018, 02:51:23 PM

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Author Topic: Doctor Hollow (Doctor Who/Sleepy Hollow TV Series Crossover!) LGBTQ-Friendly!  (Read 317 times)

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Offline LunarisTopic starter

Hi, everyone! I'm a Lunaris, but you probably already figured that out, huh?

I've loved Doctor Who for some time now, and I just finished an uncontrollable binge on the Sleepy Hollow series. As a huge fan of both at this point, I think it'd be grand to do a mashup of the two. I mean, the Two Witnesses meet the Doctor and his(or her) Companion And battle against evil? I can't resist!

So while this is a pitch thread for the most part, I didn't come here without ideas! Just ah...keep in mind that there will likely be heavy spoilers below!

The current idea I have in mind involves, Ichabod Crane, Abigail Mills, the Tenth or Eleventh (or custom with similar traits) Doctor, and a Time Agent and would require that anyone playing the Doctor, Abigail, and/or Ichabod be well-versed in the character's setting, history, and personality. From the Who-side, the story would start after the Tenth Doctor's encounter with The Beast on the Impossible Planet as it declared itself to be the inspiration for demons, Satan, and so many other deific representations of pure evil throughout the universe. The events in Sleepy Hollow catch the notice of a Time Agent (played by myself) and the Doctor who separately make their ways to the town and find theirselves challenged by things they can't quickly rationalize as science and technology.

The Witnesses are unaware that their battles against their own across time itself caught the notice of others until a mysterious figure appears and assists them in fighting off a surge of demons from Purgatory and a certain Blue Box arrives on the scene. In a time when trusted allies are far and few in between, the appearance of people from a time not of their own could draw immense suspicion.

For the Doctor and Time Agent, solving the mysteries of Sleepy Hollow and ridding the world of the multitude of threats existing there is a draw that neither can resist. The Witnesses may have to learn to trust in others once more in order to remain successful in their campaign against evil.

Does that sound interesting? I sure hope it does! I'm hoping to find people that would be able to pull off an excellent Abigail Mills and Ichabod Crane, especially after the current events that transpired in the series. I also need someone capable of pulling off an excellent Tenth or Eleventh Doctor! I'm open to the idea of a custom Doctor, after the 12th, but they'll need to be more like the 10th and 11th in attitude for this to really work, as both have personalities that make them very easy to befriend and enough curiosity to go messing around in crazy places just to figure them out.

It will also be needed for those that are playing as Witnesses to have seen Sleepy Hollow's Tempus Fugit and Awakening episodes, as they are crucial to the story. Whoever is playing as the Doctor will need to have seen Doctor Who's The Impossible Planet because that too, is crucial. I should also say that I'm cool with authors playing as more than one of the central characters if they can do a good job with them.

If any of this sounds interesting, reply here or shoot me a PM! Hope to hear from my fellow author-peoples!

Offline pendarious

while I am interested I've never actually watched sleepy hallow. I wouldn't mind playing the Doctor...though I'm not super confident in my abilities to play 10 or 11 I could play an OC Doctor who is a regeneration further down the line from 12 who is fairly amicable and curious. He'd actually probably take a bit of inspiration from doctors 4,7, and 9-12
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Offline LunarisTopic starter

Hi there! I'd reccomend watching one or two episodes of Sleepy Hollow at least, just to get a rough idea of just what your custom doctor would be walking into. Did you see the Impossible Planet episode of Who?

If you have Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, it should be availible on one or more of those. Or maybe there's something on Youtube? Bear in mind that I'm super open about custom doctors. "Regeneration's a lottery", after all! Black, white, yellow,, straight, bi, pan... male, female, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid... there's so many potential things a new doctor can be!

Offline pendarious

in regards to my experience with Doctor Who....I've seen the impossible planet.

I'm glad you'd be open because honestly I have a bad habit of adjusting a character as I play...I start a character one way and gradually adjust it as I play because I try to figure out how I want to play it as I go so the characterization may change a little as time passes.