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May 27, 2018, 10:42:58 AM

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Author Topic: Naive women sought, apply within!  (Read 255 times)

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Offline LaCroixTopic starter

Naive women sought, apply within!
« on: March 01, 2015, 09:56:15 PM »
The latest in my cravings for corruption of innocents as well as a smattering of a Super Hero story rolled into one. If that interests read on, below you will an outline of some of the more important elements I am looking to explore.

    Mild to Extreme Non/Consensual

By this I mean forced encounters. It can be as varied as Kidnapping to a more brutal encounter. My tastes lately lean towards the milder Non/Con, or 'pseudo-non/con' as some of us call it. That sort of Non/Con involves, for me, a slower, more sensual, erotic form of torment and assault. Imagine his hands on you, running over your body, you're bound so you squirm and wirth, but his hands keep moving. You wish it wouldn't feel so good, God, why does it feel so good and so terrible at the same time! The thought runs rampant through your mind like an errant, unstoppable locomotive.It's a slow, measured, careful assault, as much on the mind, the soul, as it the body. Wonderful stuff when done right, by both parties.

    Sometimes Naive/Innocent characters

Read further, I -love- naive, innocent partners. This does not mean stupid, it does not mean a mind blowing imbecile. It means that she is naive, gullable, sometimes tricked by her lack of knowledge in certain situations. It can be reasoned out quite simply, from an Elf Maiden wandered into a human settlement on her own, having no ideas of human laws, customs, and traditions. Lecherous guards notice her, she looks shy, timid, staring around at the towering stone buildings with wide eyed awe and wonderment. The approach and begin to accost her, accusing of breaking some law that they more than likely made up on the spot and haul her off to some unknown, dark prison. Further things await, what will happen? -That- is the sort of scenario that I mean. I reiterate, Naive, innocent, but she does not need to be played or perceived as stupid, merely cast of her element, out of her comfort zone where she is prone to the cunning desire of lecherous men.

    Buxom, Busty, Curvy Women

I like my women with curves that you'd need a sport's car with a fine tuned steering system to navigate properly. This can range to the plumper side, quite easily, but all I really ask for here is a decent sized bust, shapely hips, a rounded, almost heart shaped bottom. Think Jessica Rabbit here, for the general shape, to varying or lesser degrees, as per -your- own tastes. Not a requirment, just something I enjoy as part of my fantasy play.

For a more detailed list and a deeper look into what I enjoy, look into my ons and offs which are listed under my RP preferences here on the site as well or just ask me personally.

Now onto the plot themselves. This Plot could contain, depending on potential partner's preferences but none are requirements: Mild to Extreme Non/Con, bondage elements, kidnapping,  forced seduction, dom/sub play, master/slave play, lactation, forced impregnation, breeding.

Name: The Hidden Village

Content M/F, mostly consensual, forbidden passion, lots of seduction and tease


A lone wild Elven village deep in a secluded and mysterious forest. Once a year, they engage in a month long Festival worshiping their Goddess, the deity of Fertility, Life and Passion. During this Festival there are strict rules in place. Any man can claim any woman for the rite of breeding, by reciting a sacred Oath to the Goddess. The woman, whether married, engaged or otherwise must comply and give herself to the male for the night.

The night of the first full moon's riding, which hangs in the sky every night for the full month of the festival, a symbol of Fertility resembling a woman's belly full with child, there is an intrusion on the secluded and hidden Village. A highwayman, a human brigand is driven into the forest by guards after a failed assault on a Royal Caravan. He is wounded morally, losing blood, and wanders lost and disoriented through the forest until he collapses slumped against a tree. Scantily clad, lithe, but ample of figure Elven female rangers come across the dying human. A debate quickly ensues. Some insist they leave him, but others knowing the full moon is birthing in the sky in hours, insist that he be brought back to the village, that death cannot occur if they can prevent it during the Festival of Life and Fertility.

Our Brigand awakens, lashed and bound to the bed, his clothing missing and a strange, beautiful, Elven Priestess leaning against him. Her lush breasts pressed to his chest as she tends to his wounds and nurses him back to health. She's oddly fascinated by this strange human male. Burlier, more well muscled, his body strangely masculine in different ways than which she is accustomed to with the Elven males in the Village.

Will she tell him of the Festival, of the rules that allow him to claim a mate, of the sacred Oath that no woman in the village can deny if uttered to them? What will happen?

And that's the premise. What happens from that moment on is completely up to debate and discuss. If you're interested, PM me and we'll talk it over.

Requirements: A partner that is willing to plot with me, brainstorm it. Will it be a short tryst with the human and the Priestess, will be a secret love affair? Sound like fun? PM me and lets discuss it.

The Secluded Cabin

A simple idea and a simple prospect. There is a young, innocent, busty, buxom Priestess. She is journeying somewhere, on her own, perhaps she needed to travel in secrecy, the details can be ironed out. She is caught in a rainstorm, her white robes drenched, becoming transparent showing off her ample curves. She wanders upon a lone cabin deep in the wilderness she is traversing and it looks to be deserted.

She knocks. A dark, tall, mysterious, handsome stranger answer the door. Amusement and something else, perhaps the gleam of arousal, but being a priestess she has never seen a man look upon her lush form like that before. He lures her inside.

From there I leave it blank. I imagine it along the lines I outlined above, a slow, forced seduction and corruption where he introduces her to pleasures she has never before experienced, has sworn to abstain from all her life.

The Buxom Young Priestess

An innocent young Priestess raised somewhere secluded, away from the real world around her. She has no idea what her revealing robes, or her buxom, curvy young body is likely to do to men who come into contact with her. This could turn a lot of ways, she could be tricked by some man claiming he ran into a magical 'curse' that has afflicted him painful sexual arousal and which requires constant and repeated treatments as he corrupts the innocent young Healer and takes advantage of her, for one example. It can run a lot of ways.

Like it? Lets talk it over. Pm me.

More to come soon.