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May 27, 2018, 07:18:57 AM

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Author Topic: Beorning's Newest Ideas! Asylums, horror-inspired transformations and others!  (Read 489 times)

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Offline BeorningTopic starter

Hello there!

In the course of the last few days, I again caught some plot bunnies  ;) After accummulating them, I decided it'd be best if I posted them. Maybe one of you would turn out to be interested in them?

And so, here they are: my new ideas. As usual, they are rather open-ended and not necessarily developed in too much detail. It's because I really like discussing and brainstorming the story details with my writing partners!

Woman In Uniform

Recently, I've seen some movies which involved female soldiers and other uniformed women. And so, I developed a craving to play such a woman!  :-)

Basically, I'd like to play a young woman who, for some reason, joins some kind of uniformed organization: an army, a police force or some similar organization. The story would follow the young woman through her training and service. It could be a story taking place in the modern world, or it could be something sci-fi, with my character joining some futuristic military and the like. It could even take place in some sort of dystopia, with my character drafted into some kind of uniformed force that enforces the will of the dystopia's goverment...

The possibilities are endless, I'm very open in discussing them with potential writing partners! The only requirement is that I'd like to get to play a newly-recruited military woman or a similar character.

Joining the Brethren

Recently, while browsing Youtube, I happened onto the trailer for old British thriller / horror Beware My Brethren. It kind of gave me an idea for a story where a young woman - who has been, until that point, relatively liberal-minded - would join some sort of small church / religious community with radically conservative views. The church could be conservative, but well-intentioned - or it could be a sinister, oppressive group. In any case, we'd have this young woman who is drawn into this church and turns her life around according to the church's teachings...

I'd like to explore a tale of this young woman and see how it all ends for her. I'd play the young woman, with my writing partner playing some other parts: the church's zealous leader, maybe other church members? I'm open to discussion here!

The Sorcerous Noble & His Enchanted Bride

In this story idea, a young woman meets a nobleman. The nobleman turns out to have some magical powers... and, with his powers, he puts a spell on the young woman that makes her obey him. Then, he takes her to his land and makes her his obedient wife...

This story could take place in some fantasy setting, but it could be also be used for a version of modern-day Earth where magic secretly exists. In either case, it would be a story of a young woman who catches an eye of of noble-born mage and is turned into an enspelled lady.

In this story, I'd play the young woman and I'd be looking for my writing partner to play the nobleman.

The Asylum

In this story, I'd like to play a young woman who, against her will, ends up committed to a mental asylum. I see her as either being mentally healthy (having been committed because of mistake... or, maybe, her scheming family?), or having some mental problems of the kind that wouldn't render her unplayable. In any case, she would be stuck in this asylum... which would turn out to be some sort of unpleasant, oppresive place. What would happen to her in there? That's what I want to find out!

This could a modern-day, historical, dystopian or even sci-fi story. In either case, I'd play the female patient, while my writing partner would play the asylum's staff. Any other details are up for discussion!

Monstrous Transformation (possible [EX] stuff)

Okay, this may be a bit experimental - and, possibly, a bit gruesome...

Basically, I'd like to RP some woman's transformation into some kind of scary, horror-inspired monster. There are many possibilities for this kind of story - some of them include:

  • a fantasy story, where a supernatural / demigod-like Dark Lord conquers a human kingdom. With the conquest complete, a young princess is brought before the Dark Lord - who transforms her into some sort of monstrous or supernatural servant: a scary priestess? A winged, horrific warrior? Something else?
  • a Lovecraftian horror story set, set either in a modern era, or sometime in the past, where a cultist manages to draw the attention of some inhuman godlike being and is transformed into an eldritch being herself.
  • a modern-day story, where a young woman is transformed into a stunning beauty by some eldritch means. But she loses her soul in the process...
  • a story of a mad science, where a young woman is turned - by, obviously, a mad scientist - into some sort of scary monster with cables, tubes, metal parts etc.
  • a story inspired by slasher horror movies, where a group of slashers kidnaps an innocent woman and try to turn her into another member of their group
  • a story set in the WH40K universe, where a young woman is exposed to the powers of the Warp and turned into a servant of the Chaos Gods: a sultry daemonette... or a gibbering mutant monstrosity.

These are some of my ideas for the transformations... Overall, I'd like to play in a story where my character is changed into something scary and inhuman - physically, mentally, or both. Whether the transformaton is permant or temporary, as well as other details, is up for discussion!

So... any takers? If yes, then please PM me!  ;D As I said, I realize that these are some general ideas - but I'm really ready to iron out the details in cooperation with my partners!

Also, feel free to check my main story idea thread. Maybe something there would be to your liking?
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Offline BeorningTopic starter

Bump! I'm still interested in these ideas, especially in  Joining The Brethren and Monstrous Transformation. Any takers?
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