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Author Topic: Airindel's Games Request Thread  (Read 292 times)

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Airindel's Games Request Thread
« on: March 01, 2015, 12:24:53 PM »
Redemption & Remorse
Setting: Marvel Universe
Character Wanted: A witty and charming Loki or an enchanting and beautiful child of Eir

In coveting his father’s throne—again—Odin punished Loki by banishing him to Earth, to roam as a vagrant. For how long, it was unknown. Loki had to seek redemption, and redemption for Loki was an arduous task.

Lost to Asgard by her own choice, by her own reasons yet born into the gods, a child of Eir, she worked to save the lives of those who surrounded her on Earth. Few from Asgard ever sought her, and when they did, she paid heed.

The Enchantress Amora stood before her in the lab waiting for her answer, the request of Amora’s favour understood: to help Loki seek redemption. Difficult it is for the child of Eir to deny the request given she had always loved Loki despite his selfishness. He was the reason for her departure from Asgard, for her to learn to forget about him.

To forget about Loki was to ask for the impossible.
But had he forgotten her, and what recklessness they had caused in Asgard, of how the game of seduction could be sweetly cruel and manipulative…at least until one grew bored.

It earned scandal. It earned shame.
It did not earn regret, however. No one ought to regret love even if it is in the passing.

The child of Eir agrees to Amora’s request, but hardly does she understand the politics of Asgard. Too long has it been since she lived there and hardly does she know that while the Enchantress can physically love Thor, he still is her enemy, and it suits her agenda to have Loki back in Asgard. 

And what happens when the Enchantress Amora realizes that the child of Eir—the love and devotion she has for Loki-- threatens to upset her plans?

The Lion and The Rose:
Genre: Low Fantasy/Medieval
Character Wanted: The brother, heir to the throne

The forbidden, it begs of inviting temptation.
The forbidden, it is enticing as it is seductive and alluring.
The forbidden, it is a delectable fruit to be savored, to be relished.

In a land that knew of peace--of no war and of no pestilence, no plague—an era of enlightenment began, a seed of hope to end the petty sins of mankind.
But Greed, Envy, Lust—strong are those traits, and vanquished they cannot be.
In a land that regarded the nobility with power and prestige, it would only take the restlessness of one man to want his entitlement. One decision, one emotion, would fuel changes...and his sins would crumble society into a civil war.

Brothers would war with brothers.
Clans would break peace treaties.

What caused it? Who caused it?

She’s but a jewel in the empire’s crown, radiant and beauty.
He’s but her brother, the heir to the throne, the one who shall inherit their family’s legacy and carve their names into history. The chosen one, they call him, and yet he’s the one who delivers the crushing blow which has brought society to their knees. The reason, known only to him, and to her.

This is an intricate tale about a relationship of friendship and of love between siblings, of a bond that weaves beyond the tides of an understanding within family, but of blood and of old souls. Of secrets.

Rape of the Lock
Genre: Fantasy
Setting: Asgard
Character Wanted: In search of an individual, gender unimportant, to play Loki.

Bound she was to possess golden tresses like the fields of wheat at harvest. Sif was a representation of fertility, a goddess of sanctity and marriage, and it deeply complimented her binds to Thor. Yet, it was not to be ever-lasting. Her hair became shorn by Loki, and at Thor’s request--on threatening to kill Loki--Loki suggests he should gift Sif with the fairest hair piece. Of course, Loki had the dwarves create it, and raven black were the tresses. 

This would be a tale about forbidden love, lust and jealousy, of mischief and trickery.

Der Erlkönig
Genre: Fantasy
Character Wanted: Looking for a partner to write from the perspective of the Elf King

It was said that it dwelled in the darkest of the ancient woods.
It was said that only the Innocent could see it… the unearthly creature that bestowed fear deep within, that created nightmares…the epitome of iniquity.

The Elf King.
Fae born and Immortal.

Centuries it has been since the Elf King had his beloved child stolen—a rare treasure birthed to him by his wife long deceased, a wife loved beyond worship—and on a particular eve of every year, it was said he haunted the woods, and the villages. It was said that the Elf King scoured the mortal realm for his child.

Ages passed and tales of the Elf King became myth, became forgotten.
But some things should not be abandoned with the passage of time, and not all prisons hold true.

Notes: Looking for a partner to write from the perspective of the Elf King, and to help create the overall plot and necessary npcs. Looking to explore the emotional aspects of abandonment, of loss, and of being reunited; of the madness an obsession can create; incest; and the tides of revenge.

If interested, please PM.
Thank you.

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Re: Redemption & Remorse [Marvel, Searching for Loki]
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2015, 02:48:55 PM »
Modified and updated idea

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Re: Airindel's Games Request Thread
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2015, 07:07:21 PM »
Added new plots, and modified old ones.