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Started by Zombie Apocalypso, October 15, 2008, 12:43:32 AM

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Zombie Apocalypso

In a deeply matriachal society of demons, demon men are raised and kept as servants too the high priestesses and prominent women in society. The most coveted position among the lot is the position of Queen that can only be obtained after a royal daughter has proved her worth by capturing an Elite male angel and training him into, or breaking him into, the position of her most favored pet. In the event that she cannot complete her task, the rest of the populace is given a chance to take the position. 

A seventh generation princess is in line for the throne and sets out like her ancestors to claim what should be rightfully hers. Stubborn, overzealous, and naive, her journey takes her too a place where the angels are not only elite but supreme in power. On the road she meets a dazzling womanizing, male angel, who has strength and wit to rival her own with a sarcastic mouth enough to put her in her place a time or two.

Any normal demon or angel cannot tell one from the other, however he immediatly pegs her for demon and is intrigued. Looking for a grand adventure he allows her to drag him back too her home and even plays along with her many attempts at training him. Besides if she did end up becoming queen he could easily overtake her and thus be a hero back home for taking a demon city by storm.

She realizes what he is doing but plays along nonetheless, pretending to be none the wiser to his little scheme. They play the game for a few days but he soon realizes that the other angels are getting something he is not getting and she is intentionally witholding. For a while they play around one another, making a game of the chase. Eventually he grows tired and one evening corners her in her bedroom. At first she is bewildered and frightened, the few men she had ever been with had been subserviant, afraid. He was not like the others and the difference excited her. So they strike up a deal, during the day he is hers, but when the sun goes down she is all his.


I am looking for somebody to play him.

This could be something more heavy or vanilla, I couldn't decide.

Questions or Comments, feel free to PM me.


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It looks like your game has already been started with somebody else, but if you're looking to run something similar then I'd be all for it.