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Author Topic: WWE (Wild Wrestling Extreme): Freeform LBGT Friendy Pro Wrestling Interest Check  (Read 4262 times)

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Offline Odanrav

So it seems that this thread has garnered a good bit of interest, but several individuals struggling to create a character. Given I'm invested in trying to make this group work I'm willing to hand the reigns over on a character concept I have to anybody interested who's had difficulty creating a character.

Wrestler Name: Nina Arias

Wrestler Nickname: Spitfire

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 120 lbs

Age: 25

Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie): Face Enigma

Catchphrase(s): N/A (rarely speaks)

Appearance: Nina is a thin and well-toned elite athlete trained in the luchador school of wrestling. Yet still has enough curves to be found appealing to most viewers of mainstream wrestling (young men). Her face is always concealed beneath her mask, but what can be seen suggests to her being a tremendous beauty with jet black hair, a Mediterranean tan and light brown eyes.

In-Ring Attire: Usually Nina wears the same costume out to every match she wrestles which consists of a unitard, thigh high boots, elbow pads, and fingerless gloves going up to her elbows alongside her trademark spitfire mask. Her colors are red, black, and white.
The Spitfire Outfit

Out-of-Ring Attire: Nina is rarely seen outside of her matches, often disappearing soon after their conclusion. Some simply believe her to be an isolationist, others point to supernatural means. She wears her mask at all times in public.

Biography/Gimmick: Nina Arias is half Hispanic and half Caucasian being raised in southern California for most of her life. The area in which Nina was raised was poverty ridden and a hive for gang violence and street wars and at a young age she found herself getting involved with boys that had ties to those nefarious groups. After failing several grades and being kicked out of two different schools, Nina decided to drop out of high school and move out of her mom’s house (parents had split when she was a child) at 17 to live with her 24 year old boyfriend of the time.

Two years later Nina, at the time a rather meek and frail woman with a litany of insecurities and demons, discovered her boyfriend to be cheating on her and took violent opposition to it using a tire iron to assault both of the cheaters. Her own weakness prevented her from causing severe harm to either of them, but it did result in her spending six months in a ladies correctional facility where she was abused on a near daily basis by the inmates. By the time she got out she was a broken woman with no family or friends and suspected there would be no one there to pick her up.

Much to her surprise, however, her uncle Ricardo had come all the way from Mexico City to come and get the struggling girl. The two of them were always close and Ricardo was a surrogate father to Nina after her real father walked out on her, until Ricardo returned to Mexico to open up a Luchador wrestling school. Ricardo offered to let the girl start over by bringing her to Mexico with him, and she readily accepted.

Nina became infatuated with luchadores the moment she saw them up close and personal. Wrestling was prevalent in her family, so she knew of it, but it had never connected with her until then. One day Ricardo jokingly gave Nina a luchador mask to wear… and when Nina put the mask on she could not describe how empowered she felt. It was as if she had been taken over by some brave and strong spirit of a wrestling goddess and was no longer the weak screw-up Nina. She began to associate the mask with the inner strength she’d never possessed before and trained for five years to become a wrestler. Two distinct identities began to emerge; the weak and insignificant Nina Arias who’d failed at everything she’d ever done, and the powerful and proudly masked Spitfire, a female luchador of no comparison and one of the most gifted high flying women in the world of wrestling.

Any additional information: Nina is bilingual being able to speak both English and Spanish fluently. She is primarily a high flyer styled wrestler akin to Gail Kim, Billy Kidman, or various luchador wrestlers, though not quite as quick and skilled as the men counterparts. Nina definitely has a bipolar theme going with her character. In essence the mask gives her strength. With the mask she is Spitfire. Without the mask she’s just weak and powerless Nina. This is her greatest weakness. Of course it’s all mental with her, but there it is.

Entrance Music: Gemini Syndrome – Resurrection

Finishing Move Name: Starfall

Finishing Move Description: A shooting star press with a springboard, standing outside the ring and leaping up onto the top rope then performing the shooting star press. (at 0:27 the move is performed in the video below)

Signature Moves and Descriptions:

Hurricurana: Pretty standard move done from a running start.

The Scissor Lock: A modification of a figure four lock where Nina positions her pussy against her opponent’s crotch and then locks their legs in place with her arms so they can’t escape. It is a submission hold and sexual hold as Spitfire often engages in a rough bump and grind with her opponent where the pussies meet.

Character On & Offs (if different to players): Spitfire is a sexually charged wrestling machine that loves to dominate opponents and use them for sexual pleasure and general power trips. With the mask on Nina is as dominant as they come sexually. Without the mask Nina is a weak and obedient submissive in every way possible. 
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Offline consortium11Topic starter

Offline scribus1000

Oh just...oh my god I am so interested in this, if my history with wrestling game threads is any hint. Even if my plate is more on the full side, I...I feel so tempted right now.

I'll start thinking up a character concept! (If you'll have me)
« Last Edit: April 07, 2015, 01:19:19 AM by scribus1000 »

Offline SpiralSpider

This made me smile. I used to participate in efeds some 10 years ago or so...

I don't think I'd be interested in a purely female wrestling fed, but if you decide to make it co-ed I would love to join. ^.^

Offline scribus1000

Work In Progress

Face claim: Sinn Sage

Wrestler Name: Melissa Jordan Knight

Wrestler Nickname: Hunter

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches

Weight: 150 pounds

Age: 25

Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie): Heel

Declaring a target: "The hunt is on." / "This one's mine." / "I'm hunting you down..."

If her finisher move lands: "Bullseye!"

If she is hit hard: "Cheap shot!"

Victory: "Another trophy to take home." (She prefers to take the panties of each wrestler that she defeats. Not that she actually does anything with them, simply having them is fun enough as a reminder of claiming victory.)

Appearance: A brunette standing a little on the short side, Melissa is still a force to be reckoned with; she takes the time out to prepare, work out, physically push her limits in order to perform as best as she can for any upcoming match. She clearly has a toned core, and some muscle on her that you can see, but none of this subtracts from any feminine features she possesses.

In-Ring Attire: As seen above (excluding that prop gun), Mel prefers to fight in her all-black outfit, consisting of a bra, wrist bracers, boots and her form-fitting shorts--she does not wear underwear underneath this. She has a few variations of this, but these are pretty much the basics of them.

Out-of-Ring Attire: Also seen above on the right, Melissa's attire is mostly casual, although it is not uncommon to see her wearing significantly less on some occasions.

Biography/Gimmick(WIP): Melissa wasn't an oddball to begin with, born to a uptight family in Florida that was...quite strict. Her parents were the type that strayed away from edgy topics, repressing even so much as the idea of Melissa exploring anything for herself.

Any additional information: N/A

Entrance Music:

Finishing Move Name: Bullseye!

Finishing Move Description:

Signature Moves and Descriptions:

Quick and Clean: Hunter launches an attack that seems more or less like a running kick, however there's an enzuigiri-like twist to it; if her initial blow lands or her foot is caught, she'll immediately twist in midair and snap out her other foot. Usually this second blow hits the back or side of her opponent's head, although no matter whether it succeeds or not, Melissa will end up falling to the mat in a prone position.

Wet Work: Melissa has two variants of this: She will attempt to seize an opponent that is downed, stunned or otherwise vulnerable, and if successful, she'll either grip the opponent's hair tightly, and grind the opponent's face against her crotch, or simply pin whoever it is upside down while spreading their legs, and trying to eat the enemy out.

Collateral Damage: Hunter attempts to grapple an opponent; if it goes as planned, she'll attempt to lift them up in a fireman-carry over her shoulders, then rock backwards to slam the enemy into the mat. If there's another enemy, Hunter will try to toss them prematurely in that direction.

Material Witness: During a tag-team match, if Hunter has an ally or is temporarily working with someone, she'll sweep up behind a foe and try to completely restrict their movements; Both arms could be pinned by a full-nelson, while Hunter hooks her legs over the enemy's to try and keep them spread. If this works as intended, her victim will be open to pleasure or torment from another wrestler, with no way to protect her breasts, vagina or ass(if that's their weak spot) from being stimulated.

Cleaning House: Melissa must counter a kick of any sort and catch the offending foot. She'll drag the enemy back a few paces, forcing them to hop to stay balanced, then she'll suddenly leap forwards to shoulder slam them. If there's an opportunity, she will follow up by attempting to either smother with breasts or ass, or forcefully kiss the opponent.

Character On & Offs (if different to players):

Player: See O/O's


• Likes using strap-ons on her opponents whenever available. Her favorite position is doggy. If she ends up receiving, the same thing goes for her.
• Neutral regarding anal
• Spanking is a weakness, although it cannot force a climax on its own. Being smothered, or face-fucked also counts.
• Being pinned or restrained while receiving cunnilingus is also a weakness, which can cause climax.
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Offline Odanrav

Hey Scribus, Hunter looks like she'd be a very nice addition to the roster... unfortunately the group looks to be in limbo. I'm not sure if Consortium, the creator of the game is still involved and the threads have gone stagnant of late. So I'm not sure if this one is still alive at the current time.

Offline scribus1000

Hey Scribus, Hunter looks like she'd be a very nice addition to the roster... unfortunately the group looks to be in limbo. I'm not sure if Consortium, the creator of the game is still involved and the threads have gone stagnant of late. So I'm not sure if this one is still alive at the current time.


Well, even so, I saw the current match progression and it was fun to read. There's nothing to lose by at least trying, so I'm still going to see about finishing up the character, and letting the chips fall wherever they please.
« Last Edit: April 08, 2015, 05:08:47 PM by scribus1000 »

Offline consortium11Topic starter

I'm still around and still interested in continuing (although for the record I should add my muse has been largely MIA for the last week or two). As the person I was writing my match with seems to have dropped out I was simply leaving the people in the other match to it and waiting till it neared completion before doing one big post to finish mine.

I can't say the game will definitely continue; we've obviously lost a lot of momentum over the last week or so. But if other people want to continue then so do I.

Offline Neo In Matrix

I'd definitely want the game to continue. It really has a lot of promise. and I'd love if we keep on recruiting so that more dynamics can be available. :).

Offline Neo In Matrix

@scribus1000 : Oh, and great character  :)

Offline scribus1000

Ah, thanks for the interest. I think I'll have this fully written out in a few days, most likely on the weekend but we shall see.

Offline AlphaWolfQuin

This looks like a fun group. If it's still up and running I got a character I can add in to the mix :)

Offline Odanrav

It does seem like the match currently going on will live after all and see through to its conclusion, so those three wrestlers plus Consortium's puts us at four at the moment. If we add in Scribus and you Alpha (welcome btw) then that would be enough characters for the second triple threat if you were considering redoing that one Consortium. Whatcha think?

Offline scribus1000

Slight update to the app! Not done yet, but the bulk should be dealt with soon.

Offline consortium11Topic starter

It does seem like the match currently going on will live after all and see through to its conclusion, so those three wrestlers plus Consortium's puts us at four at the moment. If we add in Scribus and you Alpha (welcome btw) then that would be enough characters for the second triple threat if you were considering redoing that one Consortium. Whatcha think?

I think redoing the other triple threat probably slows us down a bit much, as the people from the first are likely to finish theirs first and not really be left with a huge amount to do.

Thinking out-loud somewhat...

In the tournament there'll be two characters from the triple threat that's actually going on progressing as well as the Countess and my disposable character from the other one. That leaves us with three other characters... the loser of the first triple threat as well as scribus and Alpha's (I'll join Odanrav in saying hello and welcome to the group!).

So, very quick thoughts on the format/card going forward:

First triple threat proceeds as normal with the person defeated eliminated from the tournament and the others progressing. In the second triple threat Letrixia's character will be eliminated and, running with the idea that the Countess has a lot of influence with the booker, fired immediately afterwards for upsetting the Countess backstage. Then, because she can and because she's disgusted that such a "weak" person could progress, the Countess destroys my disposable character in the middle of the ring, removing her from the tournament. Thus the next show features the Countess vs the non-winner but not eliminated person from the first triple threat and the winner of the triple threat vs one of the new wrestlers, with the eliminated wrestler facing the other one (if people want me to decide I'll flip a coin to do so).

So, this card will continue as normal with new characters able to do whatever they want backstage but not having bouts. The next card will, provisionally, be:

Winner of Triple Threat vs one of the new characters.

Countess vs non-eliminated person from the triple threat

Eliminated from triple threat vs other new character.

Does that sound good to people? Any other ideas/solutions?