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Author Topic: WWE (Wild Wrestling Extreme): Freeform LBGT Friendy Pro Wrestling Interest Check  (Read 4083 times)

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Offline consortium11Topic starter

Some of the threads are up!

OOC Thread here, Call Out/Plotting thread here and Character Sheet thread here

Please feel free to use all of them; every character posted here so far has been approved and can go up in the character thread (I'll do the fancy stuff in the opening post). If anyone has a new character please either PM it to me or post it here so I can run my eyes over it.

Once we've got the roster fully sorted I'll get the first card and matches sorted and open up the two IC threads.

I really like the tournament setup Consortium. If I could offer one thought, then perhaps push the title match to the first PPV/Big Event show for two reasons. 1) It makes the match feel more important. 2) it allows a feud to begin to brew that could be expanded upon in following weeks with tag matches or backstage/in-ring promos, culminating at a larger event. Just thinking like a booker I guess lol.

There's a reason I said "rough" outline  :-). More than happy to run with this.

I'm also toying around with the idea of creating a duo of color commentators that could add some spice to ongoing matches if no one is opposed to that. They could figure into stories as well in some way, as is oft to happen in actual professional wrestling.

I was thinking about doing something similar... feel free to take the lead on it.

Offline Odanrav

Well I know you mentioned playing the booker or head honcho, so I figure that could become a full blown second character for you. A commentary team, essentially, just adds flavor to the thread and helps things flow if it becomes stagnant. So yeah I wouldn't mind doing them and dropping posts aimed at humor (I often fall short of this mark lol) in the wrestling thread. Since the tone is meant to be lighthearted.

Online PrestaDGTation

  Wait, what?

  Ohhh, myy, I am so in this!

Offline Odanrav

Welcome PrestaDGT, you and others are sorely needed! :)

Offline Odanrav

Announcer Name: Lenny Tuck

Wrestler Nickname: Refers to his penis as “The Tuckster”

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 110 lbs

Age: 27

Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie): Heel

Catchphrase(s): “Sweet Mother of God!” “Take A Look At Those Babies!” “This Is Making The Tuckster Excited!” and various other sexually charged phrases.

Appearance: Lenny is a tall and skinny, frail looking man with blue eyes and brown hair. He was partly hired because he has an “everyman” look about him and is meant to be relatable to the target audience, teenagers and young males mostly.

In-Ring Attire: None

Out-of-Ring Attire: Wears tacky suits of varying wild colors to ringside.

Biography/Gimmick: Lenny is a college dropout and was a communications major. Before coming to WWE he’d been working in a pizza place before he heard about an open tryout for the startup promotion. Lenny could remember always getting off to ladies wrestling back in the day (and still did to that day) and he’d always been a prolific talker, so he figured he might have a shot. As it happened management took a liking to his strange off color, and often off putting personality thinking he would appeal to the demographic of young males. His sense of humor is almost exclusively sex driven and his announcing style almost entirely focuses solely on the sexual aspects of what’s occurring within the ring. He sometimes is perceived as sexist and he generally is seen as the “heel” announcer.

Any additional information: Lenny and Eliza often clash blatantly on commentary, a fact which management seems to actually enjoy and think brings more entertainment to the broadcast. Lenny at times says things meant purposefully to get a rise out of Eliza at the behest of his bosses.

Entrance Music: None

Finishing Move Name: None

Finishing Move Description: None

Signature Moves and Descriptions: None

Character On & Offs (if different to players): Obviously Lenny is very much attracted to the women wrestling within the ring, as much of the audience is. He often sports boners at ringside he sometimes attempts to conceal and blatantly flirts with his announce partner and the competitors, no matter how many times he’s shot down.

Announcer Name:  Eliza(beth) Shaw

Wrestler Nickname: Miss Perfect, Goddess, The First Lady of Wrestling

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 135 lbs

Age: 44

Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie): Heel during career, Face after retirement.

Catchphrase(s): “Marvel At Perfection.” In reference to herself.

Appearance: Miss Perfect’s ring moniker was not given willy nilly, Eliza was the sex icon of her generation and possesses a still near perfect physique and stunning looks to match. During her career she was a bleach blond, but now she shows her natural light brown instead.

In-Ring Attire: A classic gymnastic styled sleeveless one-piece unitard, usually white, with white boots and white gloves that go up to her forearms.

Out-of-Ring Attire: She dresses formally for her job as a color analyst at ring side with expensive dresses.

Biography/Gimmick: Eliza Shaw was a world class gymnast during her teens, but was struck with the misfortune of a major injury to her knee at 17 that ended her gymnastics career. This turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to her as she transitioned into the world of professional wrestling a few short years later after being recruited by a local promotion. Her natural athleticism and ravishing looks set her on a path to success almost immediately. She was a world champion by the time she turned 24 and has held world championship belts a record 11 times during her 16 years career. At 38 she chose to hang up her boots for good, but was unable to stay away from the business for too long and eventually found herself in a commentary job with the WWE and hoping to one day rise in the ranks to management.

Eliza spent the majority of her career as a heel, often jealously hated by fans and competitors alike for her natural gifts and overall dominance of the division. All of her success spilled over into her cocky personality as she began to refer to herself as “Miss Perfect” and “The First Lady of Wrestling” that earned her further heat from the wrestling world. She’s generally considered the greatest bad girl in wrestling history. Near the end of her career however her personality changed and she took a gradual face turn as fans and wrestlers alike could appreciate her vast accomplishments as one of the Founding Mothers of modern pro wrestling.

Any additional information: Eliza’s commentary style is often very professional and analytical of what’s happening. She is often irritated by her partner’s incessant prattling about sexual aspects and often becomes confrontational with him when he makes crude sexist jokes about the competitors. She’s very opinionated about the wrestlers of today and often speaks of how few, if any, of them even come close to herself and the wrestlers of her hay day. In wrestling I see her as a female version of Kurt Angle essentially. A ruthless technician.

Entrance Music: Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams

Finishing Move Name: The Picturesque Plex

Finishing Move Description: Simply a Jackhammer style suplex. See below.

Signature Moves and Descriptions:

Last Gasp: A simple headlock or rear naked choke which, due to Shaw’s strength, is capable of incapacitating opponents. The common counter to this became the rough grabbing and toying of Eliza’s nether regions.

The Perfect Dive: A perfectly executed cross body dive off the top rope that often leads directly into a pin.

Disrespectful Slaps: As a heel Eliza would often toy with inferior opponents by forcing them to their knees and slapping them across the face several times, often before delivering the Picturesque Plex.

Character On & Offs (if different to players): Rarely during her career did Eliza have to resort to sexual strategies with her opponents as she generally outclassed them with wrestling capability and she’s unaccustomed to how hyper sexual wrestling has become. She is strictly heterosexual and doesn’t find females attractive and is very reluctant to engage sexually with an opponent. During her career this was often her biggest weakness and most of her losses were the result of being forced to cum twice in a match as she refused to fight back against her opponents using sexual tactics. Shoving a crotch or breasts in her face is a sure way to get her off of her game.

Online Neo In Matrix

I am thinking of adding another character that I'll play. That will make 2 chars of mine. It will be a heel character. Mind if I do so?

Offline GnothiSeauton

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My muse won't leave me alone about this game...

I might be making a character in the very near future once I get some other things settled and worked out on here...

Offline consortium11Topic starter

  Wait, what?

  Ohhh, myy, I am so in this!

My muse won't leave me alone about this game...

I might be making a character in the very near future once I get some other things settled and worked out on here...

Would love to have both of you involved  :-)

I am thinking of adding another character that I'll play. That will make 2 chars of mine. It will be a heel character. Mind if I do so?

As long as you're confident you can handle them both then no issues on my side

Really like both the commentators Odanrav. Feel free to put them in the roster thread.

Online PrestaDGTation


Wrestler Name: Melanie Sandra Islingford

Wrestler Nickname:  Slippery Millie

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 134lb

Age: 23

Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie):  Heel


Appearance: This wrestler has green eyes and brown, wispy hair that comes down just past her shoulders, usually worn loose.  She has bronzed, sun-kissed skin without any tan-lines, and is quite shapely.  Her body is nicely toned, although apart from her powerful thighs, not overly muscular. 

In-Ring Attire: Typically some denim booty shorts and a tye-dye halter top over a turquoise bikini will suffice.  Although sometimes she comes out wearing a white tank and an open sized-too-small Hawaiian Shirt falling around her shoulders.  Occasionally she'll wear some truly revolting sunglasses to complete the look.  So long as it looks carefree and still provides eye-candy and mobility, although the under-bikini is a must.  She wears specially made Crocs, although they usually don't stay on long.  Millie likes fighting in her own skin.

Out-of-Ring Attire:  Favoring colorful skirts and loose, flowing fabrics, Melanie very much looks the hippie when she's encountered out of the ring.  The bikini is usually replaced with something simple and comfy, or less.  The Crocs, however, are a constant part of her wardrobe, as is her penchant for walking around in bare feet even with them.

Biography/Gimmick:  Melanie is actually a horticulturist.  She attended a state university to learn how to cultivate plants, with a focus on household flowers and vegetables.  At the time, she hoped to find employment in a garden nursery.  Always the outdoorsy type, Melanie feels at home in any roughly natural setting.  Hiking, swimming in rivers, orchards and meadows.  She was also something of a hippie, who loved piling into vans with her friends and taking long, exciting road-trips to lazy places.  Whether or not she ever cultivated some weed is best left to those tales her friends still tell between themselves.

  Melanie lost her virginity during one such trip.  Always willing to try new things, she was invited to participate in a mud-wrestling competition.  It ended in a way that left her both completely defeated and panting for more.  She'd always loved playing in the dirt, but this opened up a whole new area of her life, and she was instantly hooked.  She found herself going to night clubs and events that offered mud, oil, or otherwise impaired forms of wrestling, and actually became quite good at it.  She was attracted to the thrill more than anything, until friends began to suggest she go professional. 

  She took a short-lived role in a small time amateur promotion, which turned out to be run by some skeevy college-students aspiring to be pornographers.  Setting her standards higher and training herself to get more limber, she managed to be recruited by a semi-professional independent league.  This was more satisfying, in some regards, and introduced her to the story-drama of WWE style productions.  She took side training in yoga during this period to become more competitive, since without the oils and muds she needed a more limber way to worm out of holds and such.  But many of the people in this community were hoping to be scouted by actual WWE recruiters.  It changed things, always having to look good and play a role, with none of the sensationalism of possibly getting stripped and raw-dogged in the second round.  Melanie got tired of it, and very nearly gave up on the whole idea to go back to pursuing weekend fetish events and cultivating flowers.  Of course, that scout showed up just beforehand..

  Melanie's gimmick is hard to pin down, which is kind of the point.  She is billed as the Fallen Flower Girl, a hippie turned wrestler that seems almost past caring one way or the other, but still manages to be a medium range threat and a constant instigator.  Slippery Millie is whimsical, both in and out of the ring, and her loyalties tend to change with the winds.  However, the girl has a secondary gimmick, in which she is likened to a snake.  She is remarkably flexible, and like her name-sake, is prone to 'slip' out of holds and locks.  She's also something of a cheater, often fitting her love for oils into the matches.

Any additional information: Slippery Millie is a decent wrestler on dry ground.  But she has a knack for the art when the traction is loosened, making her most dangerous in a mud fight.  In fact, she boasts the curious title of being undefeated in a mud-pit since she became semi-pro.  A tenuous record that she is not often challenged for.

Entrance Music: Bad Medicine

Finishing Move Name: Mud Pit Splash Down

Finishing Move Description: An adaptation of the Frog-Splash, Millie will leap from the top ropes into a cannon-ball, before unfurling all her limbs and crashing down onto her opponent.  In a Mud-Fight, this move is just eight flavors of wonderful to use, as it causes a huge splash and wonderful amounts of damage.  She had to practice it fairly extensively to get it ready for a dry ring.  It's risky to use, and she likes to set it up with the Pit Bomb before using it.  However, it usually sets up for a great hold when she's done with it.

Signature Moves and Descriptions:

  -Slippery Slope

  A move she once called the Easel Back, it is usually executed from the ground, or more rarely from a flip when she has her opponent on the ropes.  The move locks her legs around the other wrestler's shoulders from behind, crossing behind their head and pulling them to the ground, where Millie's arms will lock their legs.  Typically, this position will pit her thigh and abdominal strength against that of the other wrestler, as she attempts to force them to the ground with her legs and pin them there.  However, this move can also be used to put Millie's tongue in some interesting places, or to allow allies a chance to tease the captive.  Hence, the slippery slope.

  -Slick Rush

  An RKO with a theatrical twist.  Slippery Millie will rush, grab a body into a headlock and try to scamper off with them.  She'll then pretend to slip violently on something, throwing her legs high into the air and slamming her opponent to the floor, before bouncing upward from the impact and away.  Usually used for cheap damage or out of ring instigators, it almost looks absurd.  If executed correctly, the audience will be laughing while the opponent struggles for consciousness.

  -Pit Bomb

  A move from her old mud fighting days, it's typically used as a set-up to her finisher.  She'll grab an opponent in a fireman-carrier and rush to the pole with them on her shoulders.  She'll run up as high as she can, before vaulting off with a howl, and slamming the entire body back to the floor.  In a proper mud pit, the move is potent and impressive to watch.  In the ring, however, it's a brutal and fairly risky move.  Millie usually tries to use the impact to jump back to her feet, which typically only works so well.  However, if she get's back to the ropes, she'll move directly into her finisher.

Character On & Offs (if different to players):  Millie loves exhibitionism and dirt, as one would expect from someone with her background.  She enjoys taking the submissive role where applicable, and tends to delight in teasing and razzing others, and even seems to like being played back against once in a while.
« Last Edit: March 06, 2015, 12:05:02 PM by PrestaDGTation »

Offline Crash

My muse won't leave me alone about this game...

I might be making a character in the very near future once I get some other things settled and worked out on here...

You to huh. 

I have a surfer girl gimmick I think would work here.

Offline consortium11Topic starter

Really like the character Presta; put it up in the character sheet/roster thread when you're happy with it.

You to huh. 

I have a surfer girl gimmick I think would work here.

Would love to have you Crash... I could have sworn I saw a post from you in here earlier but E's gremlins appear to have stolen it.

Offline Crash

work in progress

Name: Betty Kruze

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125 lbs
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
Entrance Music: Wipe Out by The Surfaris

Finisher:  The Crash and Burn (a spinning seated senton off of the top rope)

Bubbly and perpetually happy Betty is the quintessential surfer girl.  She knows the lingo and her way around a surfboard. She is no slouch in the wrestling ring either.  Betty is a baby face to the nth degree and the crowd absolutely adores her for her sparkling personality and her aerial acrobatics.  She can be way to trusting of other wrestlers however preferring to believe that people aren’t as bad as they seem and that even the worst people can change. Betty is in this for a good time, a good fight and a good fuck.  Not necessarily in that order. 

Betty looks like a beach bunny she has not the type to back down from a fight and her years in the surf have left her fit and tougher than her persona seems.  Betty really is an accomplished surfer which gives her incredible balance.  She uses this talent to pull off some truly crazy and unexpected moves, but this penchant for the wacky can often get her caught in the middle of a move and left vulnerable to counters.

Online Neo In Matrix

I guess I'll pass on making another char as of now. Though I still have it in mind, I guess I will play the face one(Red Hot Bombshell) as of now and introduce the other one later.

Offline Odanrav

I've been contemplating an idea for a second character as well, but I'll wait and see how things develop first. Maybe bring her in later. In my mind she's a face, so probably wouldn't be introduced until Kassidy takes a heel turn (which is very likely to happen might I say).

Offline Crash

I am thinking of changing my gimmick and using this girl...

Offline Odanrav

She's got a great look Crash and would offer something unique and different from the rest of the group on that front. So I'm a fan.
« Last Edit: March 06, 2015, 10:26:14 PM by Odanrav »

Offline consortium11Topic starter

Second characters are up to everyone; if you want one and are confident you can handle both then go for it. At the same time with more interest now there's not such a pressing need to immediately have more wrestlers.

Like the look of both characters Crash; go with whatever one you prefer.

Offline laa

I'll just note that I'm still interested, but that I've got too much on my hands ATM. I'll be stalking you and joining you when time comes my way! (Might be soon, might not be - I have no idea)

Offline consortium11Topic starter

I'll just note that I'm still interested, but that I've got too much on my hands ATM. I'll be stalking you and joining you when time comes my way! (Might be soon, might not be - I have no idea)

No worries Laa... we've all been there and you're more than welcome to join in when things get a bit less crazy for you; one of the joys of a pro-wrestling based RP is that new characters appearing fit the idea perfectly.

Offline Zeth

 I can't think of wrestler. But I shall watch this game intently. I'm hoping for a match between K-ass and Miss perfect.

Offline consortium11Topic starter

I'm looking to start the IC threads next weekend (14/15 March), so if anyone wants to create a wrestler to take part I'd really appreciate if you can have them done by then. As things stand right now we only have five active competitors and I'd like to have at least six; if no writers want to take part and any of the people who have mentioned creating a second character wish to do so I'd be more than happy to accept them. If no-one is then I'll knock up a second wrestler myself. Depending on how the heel/face sides balance out I may create a couple myself just to make sure we can regularly have heel vs face matches.

Offline consortium11Topic starter

Just a reminder, things will be kicking off in the next day or two.

Online Neo In Matrix

Can't wait to start this. Though currently the thought of second character is on pause. Though I have her in mind but still, I want to give justice to once first and then second. :)

Offline Bloodied Porcelain

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I keep eying this so hard.

But it's been so long since I was in to wrestling, I'm honestly not sure how much I remember.... Then there's the whole I have no ideas issue.
« Last Edit: March 13, 2015, 03:13:17 PM by Bloodied Porcelain »

Offline consortium11Topic starter

I keep eying this so hard.

But it's been so long since I was in to wrestling, I'm honestly not sure how much I remember.... Then there's the whole I have no ideas issue.

There's no real need to be up to date with current wrestling at all for this. If anything the entire tone and presentation is closer to the late 80's/early 90's gimmick heavy style then it is either the more gritty stuff from the late 90's onwards; be it the storyline focused attitude era in the WWE or the more workrate based independents. The NSFW website where I got a lot of the media and inspiration for this from gives a good overview of the sort of theme and tone I'm looking for.