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Author Topic: WWE (Wild Wrestling Extreme): Freeform LBGT Friendy Pro Wrestling Interest Check  (Read 4367 times)

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Offline consortium11Topic starter

Welcome everyone to Wild Wrestling Extreme!

OOC Thread

Character Sheet/Roster Thread

In Ring Action

Backstage Action

Plotting/Call Out thread

Thank you for tuning in to Thursday Night Spankdown... where the wildest, sexiest and most extreme wrestlers in the world today strut their stuff for your entertainment! What will happen this week... will we see a new champion crowned? A new tag team formed? A friendship betrayed? An ambush backstage?

Whatever we do see, you can be sure the wrestling will be wild and extreme!

So, what on earth is this?

A free-form group roleplay set in a fictional professional wrestling promotion with some rather explicit rules modifications.

Who is it open to?

Anyone with an interest.

What category?

Most likely Extreme for the most freedom but I imagine the most we will regularly see is NC.

How frequently should people be able to post?

Once a week is the hard limit although I'd hope for slightly more than that.

How many players?

As many as possible. The more people means the more variety with matchmaking. A lower limit of around four to six.

So, give me the brief concept...

Wild Wrestling Extreme is a wrestling promotion like any other. With the main difference being the stripping your opponent, humiliating them and making them orgasm isn't just allowed, it's positively encouraged.

How will it work?

WWE runs “Thursday Night Spankdown”, it's major TV show. After every fourth Spankdown there is a major show with a specific title. The majority of the RP will be during those shows; either having matches against other players or doing things backstage (be it interacting, cutting a promo, setting up ambushes or anything else you can think of). Players will roleplay out the wrestling matches, the aftermath and anything that happens backstage.

Wait... did you say orgasms earlier?

Indeed. In addition to the usual ways to win a wrestling match (pin, count out, submission, disqualification) the WWE has implemented a best of three falls orgasm rule; the first wrestler to make their opponent cum twice wins the match. Almost all the wrestlers, especially the heels, like to use it. Some of the more malicious wrestlers are known to take advantage of the fact each part is allowed one “free” orgasm to make a beaten opponent sexually service them before putting them away. Likewise post-match attacks are common... it's not a rare sight to see the victor force the loser into sexual servitude in the middle of the ring.

NSFW; One wrestler quickly forces her opponent to orgasm twice, winning the match

With the orgasm rules in mind the WWE has also taken a somewhat loose view on the use of foreign objects. Shots with weapons... be they canes, chairs, title belts etc... are all banned except in situations where they are used against an opponents sensitive areas such as crotch or breasts; the WWE is more than happy for one wrestler to spank the other. Likewise sex toys and bondage restraints are all allowed... and it seems one of the careless ring crew always leaves a big pile of goodies beside the ring to be used.

Wrestling is fake right?

In the real world, maybe (depending on how you define fake). In this world, no. “Kayfabe” is in full effect here; Tina the Sexy Ballerina really is a sexy ballerina and really is named Tina, If two people hate each other in the ring, they also hate each other when the cameras go off. We're playing it straight; wrestling is real, the moves are real, the matches are unscripted etc etc.

Good guys and bad guys?

Yep, the heel / face divide is in full effect. I'm happy to accept perhaps one or two “tweeners” (neutrals who are cheered or boo'd depending on their opponent) but on the whole this will be the good vs the bad, the honourable vs the despicable.

On that note, I'm not particularly looking for “anti-hero” characters. If your character cheats, exploits, manipulates etc etc then they're almost certainly going to be a “heel” (the bad guy) in a match. On the whole matches will be between faces and heels unless a storyline requires there not to be.

You gave a brief run down earlier... how about a slightly deeper one?

Taking on the role of the booker, I'll assign matches for each show. So before a show I'll note that say Tina and Cheerleader Clara are facing off. The two players will then roleplay out the match in one thread (the “show thread”). In addition any backstage interactions can also be dealt with (in the “backstage” thread) such as Tina cutting a promo on Clara or Clara deciding to try an ally with Rochelle “The Bitch” Rhodes. And of course, wrestlers have also been known to intefere in others matches.

How do we work out who wins a match?

I'd hope that people can get in contact OOC before a match and work out the details there. Clearly there's an element of “losing is fun” if one is playing a submissive character... although I should note that not every match should be a dominant character beating a submissive one; there are more than enough opportunities for a submissive character to be suitably used while also picking up the win.

If working out who wins before a match either doesn't or can't happen then people can roleplay the match out and see if a winner naturally emerges. This can be more challenging and everyone has to accept that their character can lose.

If there's really no way to find an acceptable solution for both players then I reserve the right to assign a winner myself. In general I'll do this by quite literally flipping a coin but there many be times where the storyline suggests a winner and I'll try to follow that.

On the storylines point, there will be times when a storyline requires a distinct winner and loser of a match. If that's the case I'll contact the players in question and let them know, explain why it's needed and talk about how we can set it up.

Isn't this all a bit competitive?

Not if I can help it. In the real world pro-wrestling isn't about “winning”, it's about telling stories (be it within a match or across a number of weeks/matches) and that's what I'm going for here. Wrestlers lose matches all the time and it doesn't make them a bad wrestler; “losing” an rp wrestling match doesn't make one a bad roleplayer. This isn't an e-fed where the selling point is competitive writing, the aim here isn't to “beat” the writer behind your character's opponent, it's to tell the best story you can with them.

I don't enjoy my characters being submissive...

No worries. There are lots of ways a wrestler can lose while remaining dominant. Perhaps they completely control the match, strip their opponent, spank them, humiliate them, make them orgasm once... and then get caught with a rollup out of nowhere and lose the match. Or perhaps to further humiliate their opponent they make them sexually service them... only for the “losing” wrestler to take advantage and quickly force them to cum twice, losing the match.

Hell, while WWE emphases the sexual wrestling part, there's no reason that one couldn't have a “normal” pro wrestling match with no sexual elements at all.

What tone are you going for?

Pretty light-hearted. Obviously there's likely to be a lot of NC content considering the nature of the wrestling but there's a certain camp and silly nature inherent to grown adults leaping around in their underwear to entertain a paying audience while going through storylines that sometimes make soap operas roll their eyes. I want to capture that. For a good example of the sort of tone I'd like (and to see where a lot of my inspiration came from) check out this NSFW website and watch some of the NSFW trailers.

I'd also note that despite the NC content there's no reason that there can't also be consensual scenes, especially backstage.

As a final point on this I should note it's more of a pro-wrestling rp then a catfight, MMA or mixed wrestling RP. I'd like the matches to read like a pro-wrestling match, complete with bodyslams, punches, kicks, elbow drops, clotheslines etc. A kinky pro-wrestling match sure... but still a pro-wrestling match.

So it's all just meaningless fighting and sex then?

No. Just as in pro-wrestling in the real world, there's a plot behind the action. Even companies that emphasise ring work rather than angles have storylines running through their shows. Perhaps it as simple as a quest for a title or a feud forming after one wrestler can't accept another beat them. But pro-wrestling is about storylines and so is this. Obviously there will be fighting and sex; that's basically the core of the RP, but the context of the fighting and sex is important.

The starting storyline will be a tournament to crown the first WWE champion. Hopefully some stories organically grow from that but I'm completely open to player ideas and can throw my own in as well.

All the pictures and the videos are of women wrestling women. Are men allowed in the ring?

I'm somewhat ambivalent about this but as a starting point would say female characters only... although I can easily be convinced the other way if there's enough interest. If there are male characters then they're equal to the women and can lose to them just as easily as any other woman could.

What sort of characters do you want?

Anything really... but there has to be a gimmick. A gimmick in pro-wrestling is basically what makes a character unique and, in this case, will likely be based somewhat about stereotypes. “The Cowgirl” Jessie James won't just be called “The Cowgirl”; she'll dress, look and act like a stereotypical cow girl. Not everything has to be quite that un-nuanced but it's the sort of thing we're looking for.

Character Sheet Outline and Code
Wrestler Name:

Wrestler Nickname:




Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie):



In-Ring Attire:

Out-of-Ring Attire:


Any additional information:

Entrance Music:

Finishing Move Name:

Finishing Move Description:

Signature Moves and Descriptions:

Character On & Offs (if different to players):

Code: [Select]
[b]Wrestler Name[/b]:

[b]Wrestler Nickname[/b]:




[b]Heel or Face[/b] (Goodie or Baddie):



[b]In-Ring Attire[/b]:

[b]Out-of-Ring Attire[/b]:


[b]Any additional information[/b]:

[b]Entrance Music[/b]:

[b]Finishing Move Name[/b]:

[b]Finishing Move Description[/b]:

[b]Signature Moves and Descriptions[/b]:

[b]Character On & Offs (if different to players):[/b]

Sample Character:
Wrestler Name: Diana Cross

Wrestler Nickname: “The Countess”

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 125lbs

Age: 31

Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie)
: Heel

Catchphrase(s): “You are not worthy”, “On your knees, peasant.”

Appearance: A full-figured but athletic brunette, Diana works out extensively to keep herself in prime fighting shape.

In-Ring Attire: The Countess wrestlers in a black sports pra and underwear set, with dark fishnets covering the whole of her legs. She wears dark boots and protective wraps around her wrists.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Out-of-Ring Attire: Diana tends to favour classical, aristocratic outfits with a distinct BDSM influence to them and occasionally made out of rubber or latex.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Biography/Gimmick: Claiming aristocratic roots “The Countess” Diana Cross arrived in the WWE, snapping with her British accent and demanding that she be announced as the champion as there was no-one more deserving then her. Cruel, heartless and with nothing but contempt for anyone who stands against her she delights in not just beating but humiliating her opponents. Incredibly proud she takes any slight personally and holds grudges deeply. Arrogant and obnoxious but with a certain amount of charisma and a lot of money she tends to rub any right-thinking person the wrong way but has an ability to attract (or at least pay) more malicious individuals to work for her.

Her arrogance is also her biggest weakness. While she will take any short-cut she can and do everything possible to stack the odds in her favour, once she has the upper hand... and especially if she has the opponent naked and humiliated... she will take them extremely lightly, preferring to continue her assault rather than winning the match and thus leaving herself open to being upset. That said one should not forget that even if one is able to outwit her schemes and defeat her henchwomen, the Countess remains a dangerously and highly skilled wrestler who is well able to hold her own.

Any additional information: It is whispered in the WWE locker room that Diana Knight has an extremely close relationship with the mysterious booker and will always try to leverage that relationship in to getting the best deal for herself.

Entrance Music: O Fortuna by Carl Orff.

Finishing Move Name: Droit du Seigneur

Finishing Move Description: A jumping backbreaker, the Countess stands beside her opponent and wraps her arms around their waist, lifting them sideways. She then jumps and lands on one knee, driving the opponent's back across her upturned knee and leaving them stunned and unable to move... a helpless victim for either a pin or a prolonged sexual assault.

Signature Moves and Descriptions:

Noblesse Oblige: A triangle choke, the Countess wraps her legs around the head, throat and one arm of the opponent and pulls down on their head, compressing the throat and choking them. The Countess is known to rather enjoy the sensation of her opponents struggles as they try to escape and has a tendency to occasionally loosen the hold to prolong the experience until she orgasms at least once.

Jure Uxoris
: A crotch claw, the Countess drives her fingers into the opponents groin, penetrating them and gripping hard. Notably more effective if she can get past their underwear or bottoms, the Countess can either squeeze painfully searching for a submission or tease and pleasure an opponent until they orgasm.

Character On & Offs (if different to players): The Countess is a dominant and ruthless bi-sexual who delights in dominating others. Player On & Off's apply; if something works for the story I have no objection to it being done to the Countess (or the Countess doing).

Further Points:

1) You'll find the Oath of Drake here. I'm not going demand people swear it but it gives some useful ideas when it comes to group game etiquette.

2) Respect players On & Offs. If in doubt get in contact and check.

3) God modding is an awkward one in this case. The golden rule remains thoughts; one should never dictate what another writer's character thinks. But the nature of pro-wrestling means that it could be incredibly awkward to do if we allow no god-modding of actions; you either need to do exceptionally short posts or fill it with conditional statements (“if she can grab her wrist, she tries to whip her towards the ropes. If she can whip her towards the ropes she...”). As such I expect there to be some level of godmodding to enable better writing. Play it by ear, stay cautious and send a PM if you're ever in doubt.

4) Communicate. Group games tend to live or die by communication (or lack thereof). They'll be an OOC thread. They'll be a plotting/”call out” thread. There are PM's. Talk to each other and talk to me. If you have a question, ask. If you have an idea, post it. If you want to suggest something or work something out, get in touch.

5) I mentioned above a hard limit of one week between posts (at least without warning). Because of the show driven nature of the narrative if one match doesn't finish the show has to go on... and on and on and on. As such if things are being stretched I'll step in as GM and NPC a missing character to conclude the match.

If you're unable to post a reply then let people know; it should smooth things for everyone. Likewise if you suspect you'll be unable to post for a while let us know. That means I can avoid booking your character in a match and thus avoid holding up the show. At the same time the backstage area is still open to you... not having a match has never stopped pro-wrestlers from being involved in something... so if you find you can post feel free to leap in.

6) Posts should use the below header for posts; a thread appropriate version will be posted at the top of each thread.

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=200 padding=10]http://IMG URL for a picture of your character here[/img][/floatleft]
[b]Character:[/b]  Your character's name
[b]Heel/Face:[/b]  Is your character heel or face?
[b]Location (if backstage):[/b]  Where in the backstage area is your post set?
[b]Match (if in ring):[/b]  Which wrestling match is taking place?
[b]Tagging:[/b]  Who are you interacting with?  If others can join in, mark Open in addition to whoever you're tagging.  If it's a private scene, mark Closed in addition to whoever you're tagging.
[b]Content Warning:[/b]  What's going on in the post?  What's it rated?

So, anyone interested? Any thoughts, questions or ideas?
« Last Edit: March 14, 2015, 12:37:19 PM by consortium11 »

Offline Neo In Matrix

Lovely Idea. Definately Interested as a good Wrestler. :). I mean Face wrestler. :). More chances of getting in the bad schemes of heels. :). But well, not always in mood of winning or loosing. It all depends on the situation and player and the requirement. :) I'd love to do this.

Offline Letrixia

I am in!, I will make sort of a neutral character that will align herself with whoever is beneficial for her at the moment.

Offline Letrixia

Wrestler Name: Lillith Williams

Wrestler Nickname: Black Widow

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 115

Age: 23

Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie): Baddie (Heel) but she will go whenever is beneficial to her.

Catchphrase(s): N/A


In-Ring Attire: Same as picture but with pale white contact lenses and a black veil over her face as she comes to the ring.

Out-of-Ring Attire: Gothic/Rocker attire

Biography/Gimmick: I want her to be the mysterious one, not a lot is known about her past as she keeps it hidden really well. She uses intimidation and manipulation to get whatever she wants. She could manipulate a person to help her in a match if she thinks she cannot handle it herself.  Nobody knows what she has in her mind next time, she is a manipulative bitch but that doesn't mean her in ring skills are lacking, she is very good at what she does and is not absent to kick some butt.

Any additional information: She will be the undertaker of the wrestling, using intimidation to get their opponents first.

Entrance Music:

Finishing Move Name:  Black Widow Grip

Finishing Move Description:

Signature Moves and Descriptions:

Lock//Unlock: While on the Black Widow she can take off the lock on the bra (Dress or top) of her opponent if she has one on her back exposing her top.

Bloody Wings: Usually done before the black widow. She would jump from the third rope and grab her opponents head slamming it on the ground as she comes down.

Sexy Lock: With her opponent on the mat she would jump over her and lock her arms with her legs followed by the opponent legs with her own arms and performs oral until she either gives up or has orgasm.

Widows Lock: Her long legs will be used to hold on her opponents arms to the mat as her arms are used to hold her legs and to finger her opponents until submission or orgasm.

Character On & Offs (if different to players): Look to my On/ Off's.
« Last Edit: March 02, 2015, 01:22:32 PM by Letrixia »

Offline consortium11Topic starter

Thanks both of you for the interest.

Character looks great Letrixia. Depending on how many people sign up I may ask that Lillith becomes either a heel or a face (on paper an opportunist is probably best played as a heel for the sort of wrestling going on here) but as I say, that's dependent on how many people we get.

Still open and still looking for more wrestlers  :-)

Offline Letrixia

Left background open in case anybody want to do something with her.

Offline Batman4560

Showing my interest, I will likely have something up by the end of tomorrow.

Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Expressing tentative interest here. Though I'll see what other interest this garners first.

- Rainbow ♥

Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Unfortunately I'm going to withdraw my interest. I've just got too much on my plate at the moment to take on anything more. I hope everyone has a great game!

- Rainbow ♥

Offline consortium11Topic starter

Sorry to hear that Rainbow... but I'm pretty certain we've all been there!

I'm probably looking for one or two more players before I think we can really kick off with this; with too few wrestlers it runs the risk of getting pretty repetitive.

Offline Neo In Matrix

I guess I'll post my character by today or max tomorrow.

Offline Odanrav

After some debate I think I'll express interest in this RP given its able to garner more interest for long term viability. I admit to a little disappointment at only focusing on kayfabe elements, because I find the backstage politics of the business fascinating, but I think I'd still enjoy rp'ing under the current scenario. I was toying around with character ideas to see if I could up with something I liked and got on a roll writing the one below.

Wrestler Name: Kassidy Bertham

Wrestler Nickname: K-Ass or Kass (formerly known as Big Bertha from her last promotion)

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 145 lbs.

Age: 26

Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie): Face

Catchphrase(s): “Kiss my ass!” or alternatively “Kiss it!” or “Pucker up!” while pointing at her ass, usually said before her finisher. Her “Kiss my ass!” chant is particularly over with the fans and is often chanted during her ring entrance or when she sets it up with the line “Then you can…”.

Appearance: K-Ass is considered more of a power wrestler as she brings a little more weight to the ring than others. Most notably she has one of, if not the biggest trunk of any professional wrestler on the circuit today and is what she is best known for. Her body is quite fit with a tight core and defined legs and arms and a moderate bust. Parts of her arms, back, and legs are covered in various tattoos and she enjoys sporting a Mohawk styled haircut.

In-Ring Attire : K-Ass tends to wear loose fitting midriff cut off shirts or tank-tops of her various memorabilia to the ring with a bra underneath. However she’s known for wearing ultra-short hot pants of varying colors and designs that usually expose half of her bodacious butt usually with a thong underneath and visible straps over the curves of her hips, mostly because she likes the way it looks. Her hot pants often have her three main catchphrases etched across the backside of them. She’s known for being one of the most easily undressed wrestlers in the business. Beyond that she wears an assortment of thigh and knee high boots alongside colorful fishnet sleeves on her arms to matches.


Out-of-Ring Attire: K-Ass wears slightly more conservative clothing backstage, opting to wear yoga pants and other tight fitting bottom attire that does an equally proficient job of showing off her ass-ets.

Yoga Britches

Biography/Gimmick: Kassidy has wanted to be a wrestler since she was a little girl, growing up idolizing the women she saw on TV. She’s worked her whole life to get to where she is, but it hasn’t been easy. At 21 she broke into the business on the independent scene with the WEWA (Women’s Erotic Wrestling Association) based in the midwest under the ring name of Big Bertha, given to her by her fellow competitors who constantly teased and degraded her because of the size of her ass. “Fat ass!” became a common chant with local crowds as her ultra-serious attitude often came off as bitchy and earned her a reputation as a heel.

Despite years of in ring success Kassidy was growing steadily dissatisfied and unhappy with the direction of her career and came to the realization she’d spent too much time trying to be taken seriously by everyone and it was time she just embraced what she was. She adopted a new wrestling style and persona as K-Ass, an smart mouthed rebel without a cause who embraced her unique posterior instead of trying to hide it with her wrestling skill. This marked a major upturn in her popularity as she became the star of the promotion and soon landed a job with the WWE

Any additional information: For fans of the Attitude Era out there, K-Ass is a bit of a mix of a female Rikishi wrestling style with some D-X bravado mixed in there. I thought she’d make for a good wrestler to add some levity and diversity to the locker room.

Entrance Music: Nightwish - Storytime

Finishing Move Name: The Full Moon

Finishing Move Description: After rendering her opponents prone on the mat K-Ass lifts both legs  of her opponent up by the ankles. She then hops up and sits down hard on her opponents chest and/or face, smothering them with her magnanimous backend, and putting them directly into a pinning predicament while holding both of her opponent’s legs in the air and their crotches close to her own face. If she gains the pinfall, K-Ass enjoys grinding on the face of her defeated opponent after the match until orgasm, as well as toying with them in their prone position.

Signature Moves and Descriptions:

Assonomics 101: A stink face maneuver where after her opponent is situated at the bottom of the turnbuckle or prone on the mat, K-Ass shoves her backside into the face of her opponent and roughly grinds. She usually plays to the crowd beforehand by slapping her cheeks or shaking them first.

69 Driver: Starting by holding her opponent in a tombstone position, K-Ass falls forward landing on top of her opponent with all of her weight as the two end up in the “69” position with K-Ass on top. From this position she often enters a “battle of wills” where she attempts to pleasure her opponent and win via orgasm, though her opponent has equal opportunity to force K-Ass to orgasm from her bottom position.

Red Ass Slaps: K-Ass uses various moments in matches to lay a firm hand to her opponents backside and considers the match a failure if her nemesis doesn’t walk away from the contest with reddened cheeks and some soreness. She commonly bends opponents over her knee or an object to do this.

The Bender: With her opponent seated on the mat, K-ass positions herself in the rear and wraps her legs around the opponent's waist to hold her in place. She then pulls the opponents head back into a reversed headlock (chin facing upwards) and wrenches back in a submission scenario. She enjoys toying with her enemy from this position with her free hand.

Signature Item/Weapon: The Anal Plug. K-Ass likes them big and is known to wear them recreationally herself. Sometimes she will reveal a hidden one after matches if she wants to further humiliate her opponents. 

Character On & Offs (if different to players): K-Ass was bisexual at some point, but after spending so many years in the erotic wrestling business she considers herself a lesbian by now. She enjoys anything and everything to do with the buttocks and anal play (anal is in fact her biggest weakness and the quickest way to make her orgasm) and particularly enjoys sitting on the faces of her opponents… and sometimes even the other way around. She considers herself a Switch sexually. She’s engaged in backstage romantics before, but most of the time they don’t end well. Still, she might be open to a closer relationship with one of the girls (the cools ones at least).

« Last Edit: March 02, 2015, 11:14:37 PM by Odanrav »

Offline Neo In Matrix

Wrestler Name : Natalie Jones
Wrestler Nickname : Red Hot Bombshell
Height : 5'8"
Weight : 57 kg
Age : 27 years
Heel or Face (Goodie or Baddie): Face (Goodie)
Catchphrase(s) :
Appearance : A woman with hot body and fiery red hairs. She works out regularly and loves showing off and fighting.
In-Ring Attire : Not Limited to one. She uses multiple depending on the match and type of it but still usual attires are these.

Out-of-Ring Attire : No fixed type of dressing. She loves to dress up and to show her curves.

Biography/Gimmick : She wanted to get into Modelling and if possible Wrestling from her College days itself. She knew she had a hot body and the family less girl didn't mind showing it off. She is a switch leaning towards submissive side personally. BUt still, she loves to win and dominate/humiliate the opponents in the ring. She loves giving different victory poses that will humiliate the opponent more when they see it. Though with strong affiliation towards winning, she doesn't want to make a bad name for herself in terms of rule-breaker when it comes to wrestling. She is a strong woman and knows how to fight and she'll use that instead of cheap tricks unless provoked to a good extent. Her fondness of not fighting dirty makes her weak along with some more weakness or else she could be
Any additional information : She acts dominant but well, in real she's switch leaning towards submissive side(She doesn't like it and hopes it doesn't come out much.) and she gets off more quickly when she's the victim rather than she being the top. Her plan of hiding things went for a toss when her ex-boyfriend whom she had dumped took out revenge by publishing a video of a party where she was performing a dare of giving a lap-dance to him.
The content of the Video
It was a trap for her as while she was giving the lap-dance, 2 girls grabbed her hands and her ex-boyfriend(then current boyfriend) did nothing but squeeze her tits. She was rendered helpless within minutes as the girls didn't let her go and Poor Natalie had her orgasm in her shorts in front of everyone, making her lose the bet with her boyfriend about having her orgasm in the party. She had to wear the wet shorts during the party and be his boyfriend's and his friends' pet girl for the party. By the time the party ended she had cum 6-7 times and was barely able to walk.

Apart from her tendencies to follow rules, she has some weaknesses which can be dangerous for her if used in proper way against her.
Her weaknesses as described by her ex-boyfriend.
01. Finger or cock on her pussy and ass while fondling her tits from behind can get her in trouble. Though if she frees herself in initial minute, she can be safe from it.
02. Bondage and helplessness : Put her in bondage or submission hold and it will be difficult for her to get freed from the submission hold. Bondage will be rarely escapable for her.

Entrance Music : Maneater by Nelly Furtardo   - #t=85

Finishing Move Name :
1. Carpet Bombing :

2. Cry Bimbo : (She's not perfect with it but still tries.)

Finishing Move Description :
1. Carpet Bombing :
Signature Moves and Descriptions :
1. Different Victory Poses on lost or fallen opponent to humiliate them.
2. Sexual Move - Hungry Redhead : Can put Panty Gag in opponent's mouth and then sits on his/her face with/without her panties. Pulls opponent's leg up to bring crotch near her face and then goes for giving opponent an orgasm.
3. Sexual Move - Smelly :  Takes out a dirty panty from her cleavage or sometimes even from her own pussy/ass and grabbing opponent's nose with it. Naive move as sometimes the opponent can take it out from her privates and use it on her.
Character On & Offs (if different to players) :

Offline Letrixia

Altered a lot of stuff in my character sheet now is fuller and better!

Offline consortium11Topic starter

After some debate I think I'll express interest in this RP given its able to garner more interest for long term viability. I admit to a little disappointment at only focusing on kayfabe elements, because I find the backstage politics of the business fascinating, but I think I'd still enjoy rp'ing under the current scenario.

I think a less Kayfabe-focused game could be interesting as well, but it would have a massively different tone; almost Game of Thrones like considering the political machinations that go on backstage. As much as I think I'd enjoy that, it's not really what I'm aiming for here.

Characters look great everyone.

So (including my sample character) we have four wrestlers now. Thinking about it I think we need at least six characters to prevent it getting too repetitive but if we don't get anyone else in the next day or two I'll get us started anyway and go from there.

Offline laa

Putting up interest tab. Might make a character within the next couple of days, aye.

Offline Odanrav

I think a less Kayfabe-focused game could be interesting as well, but it would have a massively different tone; almost Game of Thrones like considering the political machinations that go on backstage. As much as I think I'd enjoy that, it's not really what I'm aiming for here.

Oh I agree, a more realistic RP would have a entirely different feel to it than this one and would require a deeper focus on story in general opposed to the sexual elements. I enjoy the set up you have, I do, but a professional wrestling RP has been at the forefront of my mind for a while now and I was just spitballing.

My two cents: At least six sounds like a good starting number, but I think for sustainability we would need a larger group than that. Ideally I think this RP could best be kicked off with a nice stable of wrestlers and some predetermined plans for various things like feuds, stables, tag teams, major events and the like. The more the better so I hope this can gain some more traction. And with that said, Kassidy is definitely open for ideas for storylines with anyone interested. She'd probably work best against blue bloods (high class uppity heels), but I can see her working with or against pretty much anyone for either a single match/promo or a long term story.

Offline Letrixia

Same, I am open for any storyline or tag team or whatever :)

Offline Neo In Matrix

If the GM and everyone agrees, we can go for higher stakes than just humiliated/dominated for some time in ring. In some games, the loser becomes slave or pet bitch or anything which is decided for some amount of time like a weekend or a week or so. Suppose if she becomes pet bitch, she has to walk on all 4's with a belt on her neck and the leash being in winner's hands. The loser has to behave like a dog and she wears a butt-plugged panty with a tail or stuff like that. Different stakes can be there for different matches but not every matches. :). Got this idea from the Bella's match where Brie had to become assistant of Nikki for a month.

Offline Odanrav

Well there's a ton of things that we can do for match stipulations really. I like the idea, but I say save it for a major match at a PPV so we don't "oversaturate" ourselves like ECW back in the day lol. Anyway, I've been thinking up various matches myself...

Dildo Match - A one on one or tag team ladder match where a dildo(s) hanging above the ring and the participant who's able to retrieve the dildo(s) is declared the winner and gets to abuse her opponent in ring for as long as she wants and however she wants.

Euphoria Match - A timed match (15, 30, or 60 minute long iterations) wherein the whole goal is to make your opponent orgasm more times than yourself before the timer runs out. Like an ironman match, but sexier.

Plugged Match - A match where both competitors are forced to wear anal plugs for the duration of it and whoever gets their plug taken out first by their opponent is the loser. Conversely the match could end when an opponent gets plugged and she is then forced to wear it for a set amount of time afterwards. (Kassidy's specialty... did I mention her "Signature Weapon" is an anal plug? :))

I'm sure there is plenty more that could be come up with and use at various times depending on the story taking place at that time.

Offline Neo In Matrix

Will everyone be okay to share the name of the model/girl they used for the character? The model in my char's pic is Eva Marie.

@Odanrav : Great ideas and yeah, I agree with not overdoing stuff. :).

Offline Odanrav

Upper Body: Christy Mack
Amazing Asses: The World May Never Know

Edit: By the way I've added more detail to Kass's profile, changed her intro music, and added videos for anyone who cares to know.

Edit 2: If I may make a suggestion we could just call your match a Bitch Match where the winner just has complete control over her defeated opponent for whatever length of time? Could add more variety thsn just the all 4's and a collar variety though I like the sound of that as well.
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Offline consortium11Topic starter

My two cents: At least six sounds like a good starting number, but I think for sustainability we would need a larger group than that. Ideally I think this RP could best be kicked off with a nice stable of wrestlers and some predetermined plans for various things like feuds, stables, tag teams, major events and the like. The more the better so I hope this can gain some more traction. And with that said, Kassidy is definitely open for ideas for storylines with anyone interested. She'd probably work best against blue bloods (high class uppity heels), but I can see her working with or against pretty much anyone for either a single match/promo or a long term story.

I absolutely agree, but it's a case of finding a balance between striking when the iron is hot and having enough characters; in a perfect world a dozen people would immediately have signed up and we could go from there but I suspect it's better to kick off with about six characters and get things rolling instead of sitting around and waiting for those dozen characters while everyone loses interest.

Depending on how much interest there is, if people want to make a second character I'd likely agree; especially with a small roster that allows us to increase depth.

On the storyline front, everyone should feel absolutely and utterly free to plot anything they like with whoever they want. I should have an OOC thread up in the next day or two, there will be a plotting thread shortly after that and this thread and PM's are already available.

Assuming we have six characters to start, the rough format for the first three shows is thus:

Show 1: Two triple threat matches to kick off the title tournament.

Show 2: A non-tournament one on one match between the wrestlers who were actually defeated in each triple threat match and two one of one matches pitting the winner of each triple threat match against the wrestler who wasn't eliminated from the other triple threat match.

Show 3: Title match/tournament final between the winners of the previous two tournament matches + other wrestlers being matched up.

I hope that makes sense; it's simple in my head but becomes a little more complex once written down. Hopefully some organic storylines develop from that; a face feels cheated out of a win due to dastardly heel tactics, a heel gets angry that they were defeated and sets out of ruin a face's career, an alliance forms between two wrestlers against common foes etc etc.

Gimmick matches/post-match stipulations are completely fine; I'm hoping for them actually. But I'll echo Odanrav's point about all good things in moderation. There's more than enough kink avaliable for those who want it in a normal match and I'd prefer that gimmick matches are used less often but thus have more impact when they are. The rought format for the game will be four "normal" shows and then a "ppv" style show; it's the PPV where we'll likely see a couple of gimmicks come out.

Offline Zeth

Great idea.

Offline Odanrav

I really like the tournament setup Consortium. If I could offer one thought, then perhaps push the title match to the first PPV/Big Event show for two reasons. 1) It makes the match feel more important. 2) it allows a feud to begin to brew that could be expanded upon in following weeks with tag matches or backstage/in-ring promos, culminating at a larger event. Just thinking like a booker I guess lol.

I'm also toying around with the idea of creating a duo of color commentators that could add some spice to ongoing matches if no one is opposed to that. They could figure into stories as well in some way, as is oft to happen in actual professional wrestling.