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Author Topic: Kizu's Action/Fantasy Roleplay Idea ((Females Wanted!!))  (Read 325 times)

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Kizu's Action/Fantasy Roleplay Idea ((Females Wanted!!))
« on: February 25, 2015, 04:26:35 PM »
First thing I'd like to say is, welcome! Thank you for taking a look at my thread!

What to expect from me:
- Been role-playing over five years
- I am usually on every week so you can expect a post at least week from me.
- 23 years old so don't worry about being mature. For certain role-plays I prefer it in truth. To clarify when I say mature I mean a manner of things e.g. gore, plots, drugs, sex and so on. But if you feel uncomfortable doing a certain situation, e.g Rape, sex etc then I don't care if it is skipped, though being gritty is something I am firm on.
- Post length is usually 1-4 paragraphs on average, but if someone gives me more or less I'll try to match it. 
- I consider I have pretty good grammar and spelling.
- Write in past tense as well as third person.
- I like to talk ooc to know how the other person is feeling with the role-play, ideas they have, what they are comfortable with, where they'd like it to go. But if you prefer to keep it to a minimum I understand just tell me that you prefer me not talking ^_^
- I do prefer pm's to any other form such as email, IM and threads ((hence why my post count is so low)) but that doesn't mean I won't do them.
- I will tell you if I can't post unless it is an emergency. I will tell you if I can no longer continue the role-play.
- Romance is a possibility with me in most role-plays I do but not all.
- Solely text based as if a story.
- More than happy to throw in plenty of action, development (plot and characters)
- Having sub characters isn't going to put me off, especially multiple villains.
- I generally don't write females, however if it is a simple person such as a maid then I have no qualms about that, but if they are more important to the story than I feel comfortable I'd prefer my partner taking the role.

What I would like from you...
- Roughly the same post length as me. I don't like if I wrote you a 10 paragraph reply and you give me 3 lines or something similar, I am not asking you to match exactly, if I can see you tried with your post then I do not mind at all. 
- Being active at least once every week as I understand people have families, real life issues and so on, I would be ignorant to ignore those problems/situations.
- Please be honest with me with how you feel about the roleplay, I'll return the same courtesy.
- Past tense third person style is what I prefer ^^
- Not afraid of being violent with the action sequences.
- Trying to push the story forward and develop characters via plot twists, adding/taking away of other characters etc.

My idea(s):

My character is a Half Human/Demon bounty hunter searching for a way to lift a curse placed upon him which is how he is half demon. He kills demon an human alike, he is immortal because of his demon side.
Your character could be a number of things, such as another human with the same predicament, a half human/demon (or something else if you have an idea) who wants to search alongside my character. Perhaps she is a member of a guild of fighters/thieves/mercenaries.... they see Kizu (my character) as a good person to join them to help them get stronger. Or perhaps you would like your character to be a bit more selfish and employ or maybe even blackmail/strong-arm/bribe Kizu to helping her escape a bad situation.
The plot is open for discussion of course so if you want to chop or change anything I'd be more than willing to discuss it with you :)

Samples of my writing:
Sample 1 off a Werewolf Roleplay.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A nice warm summers night, the moon radiating the forest floor below with its silver pillars of light. The huge orb catching the attention of the Alpha and the pack, a long howl escaped the large throat of the Alpha to signal to the pack a kill had been made. The lonely buck writhed and kicked on the floor trying weakly to kick out of the powerful grip even in death. Sharp claws dug into the flesh with ease, gripping the bucks neck tightly that the bones almost snapped, it was an Alpha of old. Powerful, fast, wise, most of all, a top predator. He had managed to integrate himself near a human society, which wasn't hard these days, since the humans had expanded so much in the past two hundred years.

Soon the pack arrived, all wanting to feast on the meat of the kill. However it was tradition that the Alpha known as Troy had the first few bites, as he was the pack leader. It was one of many traditions that dated back hundreds of years, but it wasn't one that Ken appreciated in truth, but he never argued with that. At least not yet.

Troy sunk his teeth into the soft juicy red meat, tearing a chunk off before chewing briefly then swallowing. Troy took several bites before allowing the pack to take over, it was a howling feast, there were five werewolves in total, including Troy. Ken was the newest member, only fifty years into his transition from human to werewolf. He hadn't adapted properly yet, but Troy knew he was going to cause problems, but he wasn't going to do anything until the time came. Troy despite being the Alpha wasn't ready to just start a fight with others, mainly because their numbers had dwindled, he was afraid having an inner war could only be ended badly. However Ken hated being ruled by an older male, maybe it was his instinct as a werewolf? Or maybe it was something as simple has he didn't like to be told what to do by another male.

After the feast was finished all that was left was a small puddle of blood, bones and all had been devoured hungrily, the marrow was the best part to many. "Go home. We will hunt again in three days." Troy growled from his muzzle, the others all agreed, in four hours the sun would come up, more than enough time to get home. To whom no one waited for them, being a werewolf was an utterly lonesome existence, even after you had found a mate, they wouldn't be life long partners, it was someone like Troy who got to mate, the others were either forced to accept that or leave to start their own pack. But starting your own pack could be very risky, the chances of a successful hunt on your own was slim at best. But the only other option was to challenge the current Alpha to the right of dominance, Ken knew he wasn't strong enough, Troy was far more superior and the whole pack knew it.

Ken made his way to his simple home on the edges of the forest, not too outstanding, but close enough that sometimes humans wandered close enough during the day to know he was there, as an excuse he pretended to study at the college so not to be questioned. Night time was them partying closer, but he was always much too far to ever be truly bothered by them, it was just their mess that irritated him the way it left a lingering smell in the air, despite it being fairly far from his home. However when he neared his nose picked up a scent, a scent he wasn't used to smelling near his home at this time. Human. Instantly his pupils dilated, his heart quickened, his nostrils flaring, lowering himself down ready for a quick burst, claws digging into the ground he could hear the footsteps getting closer. It was a woman, they were much to light to be a man, why was a woman out here at this time? It didn't matter, Ken's basic urges to feed came on strong, not helped by the meagre meal he had a moment ago, leaving him only wanting more.

Suddenly Ken bolted towards the target, silently and swiftly as he lunged for her in the darkness, the only signal he was there was the brief howl he let out when he knew he had got her. His long powerful arms clamped down on hers as he sunk his teeth into her shoulder. His eyes widened with disbelief, she tasted, amazing. He wanted to devour her instantly, however when she screamed he suddenly picked up on other footsteps, these ones were running. Quickly without hesitation he turned and bolted back into the darkness, cursing under his breath that he was unable to control himself. He needed more practice; it was stupid mistakes like these that could cost him his life, and the secrecy of the pack.

Sample 2 off a Mass Effect Roleplay
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As Vegrull sat there the more people that arrived the more his blood pumped around his body, the air was beginning to feel thick with anticipation, perhaps it was just him, maybe he did have a very unhealthy addiction to battle, but he missed this. Armstrong soon entered and Vegrull stood courteously in order to greet him with a salute, it was formal for a merc yes, but it was something the Turian had missed a great deal. The whole waiting to be briefed in order to find out the next mission, what situation you'd be in, what planet you had to land on. It was like gambling, sometimes you'd get a great result, other times it was just awful. And to clarify, Vegrull classed awful as not dangerous in the least. After Armstrong had taken the stand Vegrull sat down once more, this leader of Aurora was impressive, he exuded confidence and prowess, something the Turian greatly admired in his leaders. It appears he had made the right choice in joining the Blades.

The target was located within Omega, a place filled with undesirables. It was no surprise that something akin to this type of task was the teams first mission together, however had Vegrull been the one to decide he'd have gone with something a little less noticeable that a large party docking at Omega. It was not only a haven for scum but also for mercenaries and their respective groups, Blue Suns, Eclipses and Blood Pack were the top three in the Omega station. Besides, finding a slippery informant among hundreds of slippery informants wasn't going to be easy, it's all well and good being able to know your way around the station, but Vegrull instead knew his way around the interrogation room. If he thought someone knew something they'd end up telling him, the information that he had received over his Omni-Tool hinted that the target didn't just have Archangel as a client but he had several less interesting ones, simple clients that wouldn't bother most people, beings concerned with the notion their partner was cheating on them and demanding proof. So all Vegrull had to do was find one of said people and have a chat with them in order to acquire the best way to have a meeting with 'Little Angel'.

A Batarian was one of the things that the Turian was unhappy about, at least the Krogan in here had shown fortitude in controlling his base urges, the Batarian was trying to act tough in front of his new crew members. Needless to say the Turian had fought many Batarians in the time he served the Turian race. This Tornak was certainly under the impression that a information broker was a coward for needing rescue, and while it was true he didn't actively seek battle thus he wasn't a prowling predator, it was a bit foolish calling him cowardly. In any good war the first strategic move is to know your enemy, and that is what Archangel was using his Little Angel for. He wasn't stupid enough to try and take on the merc groups after him, so if Tornak considered someone who avoided battle or asked for rescue in order to bring something important to light then perhaps he was the type to throw himself into the fray rashly? Ironically Vegrull was reminded of himself with that, though he refused to believe himself similar to a Batarian. The subject of cowardice was something that spiked a nerve in Vegrulls otherwise icy control, that was probably the reason why he had become far more agitated than usual. He had more reason than most to be irritated by the notion.

Next to give in their opinion was the Salarian, for obvious reasons Vegrull had memorised all the names he thought would make an impact on the group, Teepock being one of them as Salarians had an acute knowledge on their chosen fields as well as being adaptive to situations. While they weren't the most extraordinary fighters or physically strong, they were able to take down pretty much any target with intellect, something Vegrull had greatly admired ever since he had served with a few. One thing that had him concerned was the Salarian and Krogan being on the same ship, the two races were not exactly on speaking terms. Hopefully things wouldn't escalate into anything, but he felt obligated to try and make sure things didn't, especially if he saw someone trying to stir things, namely Tornak.

At this point in time the Turian felt like he had nothing to offer, it was clear he was hired because of the recruitment going on, but he had an inkling it was always because of who he is, or rather, who he was. He wasn't one for making himself known overly so anyway; he preferred proving his worth instead of gloating or boasting without having actually done anything yet. Even then Vegrull wasn't one for boasting of his deeds, even if he were he still needed to succeeded in extracting information from one of the targets contacts.

After the meeting was adjourned; since they'd be meeting up later eventually to discuss things further, Vegrull headed out quietly, trying to avoid any prying questions. He headed straight to the place where his weapons were kept, picking them up he asked for the quickest route to the Polaris, after being told he went directly there. After boarding he showed himself to his room, to which he was surprised at how luxurious it was, though most anything would've looked to be astounding quality when living off back alley hotels for a year or two. Casually he closed the door and unpacked his attire, clothes, all black, then his weaponry, more fashionable and clean than his clothes, displaying yet again something akin to "obsession for battle". "Damn Asari" he muttered, her words constantly seemed to enter his head now whenever he was sitting quite quietly trying to reflect on things. "This should drown it out..." He turned on some music before getting out cleaning agents for his weapons, he was careful not to clean them too much, but it was his favourite past time.

If interested PM me please.
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