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Author Topic: The Hybrid [Dark — NC or Extreme] Female for Male Character  (Read 504 times)

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The Hybrid [Dark — NC or Extreme] Female for Male Character
« on: February 25, 2015, 12:06:20 AM »

image made by fullmetalfox © greyfoxstudios

Read my O&Os before you contact me.
This is one of the easiest ways to ensure we are compatible.

If this particular story doesn't suit your interests, take a look at my others.
But for now, here's a glance at what you should know:

My Writing Style
I am a rapid-fire poster. I try to write posts of good quality but I do not concern myself with their size. I prefer high interaction between our characters (less happening in each post, but more posts made). I can write many, many posts in a day, culminating in thousands of words. This is the way I prefer to RP. I will consider longer-form styles if you communicate with me, but I will not be harried into a style I do not prefer or made to feel badly about how I write.

Possible Content: NC Human or Extreme
force and nonconsent
heavy violence
limited mind control

He is the only one of his kind. Many lifetimes have passed since this curse was bestowed upon him. All he’d ever dared to love has crumbled beneath the weight of time, but not before he came to know the darkness of his hunger, relentless, merciless. He has gathered many names in many languages, each failing to describe the horror he brings; wherever his hunger is sown, surely death will take root. But not his — never his.

Shall we tell ourselves that monsters cannot love? Ah, that would make it easier to hate them so. But immortality is lonely, and the hybrid curses his existence with the same breath he takes to prolong it, for the hunger cannot be sated and it cannot be ignored. Perhaps it is possible the beast could be tamed, yet certainly his crimes are too many; his soul lies beyond redemption.

But he need not be alone in his damnation. Such knowledge is dangerous, for the longing for companionship is perhaps more powerful than the hunger, and the hybrid is impatient with the trappings of friendship. When an immortal wishes to gain without sacrifice, it is his victims who must pay the price.

You play... an immortal male hybrid.
I play... a young female werewolf.

Okay, let’s set aside cryptic artistry for favor of clarity. This story is about a hybrid werewolf/vampire who discovers a way to create more hybrids like himself. These new creatures are bound to him by blood, unable to directly disobey or endanger him, though they retain some measure of free will, and most certainly their freedom of thoughts or emotions. We can discuss the specifics of this magic, but the general result is the same; he must bestow his immortality upon other werewolves.

Unlike vampires, werewolves are part of a bloodline — they are born, rather than bitten, and therefore tend to stay in packs consisting of a handful of extended families. My character will likely be part of a pack that has unfortunately drawn the attention of the lonely hybrid.

I do not usually like to dictate the qualities of my partner’s characters, but this time my craving is for a certain personality as much as it is the plot. The hybrid must be tempestuous and emotional. Ultimately, his misdeeds are not a result of cold calculation; they are mistakes made in the overwhelming face of anger, fear, loneliness, and that persistent, predatorial hunger. Hunger causes him to hunt and kill, but it is his pain that drives him to hurt the people he loves. He suffers from tantrums, lashing out whenever he doesn’t get his way. Gradually he may grow and change... But I expect in the process he may hurt my character in a variety of ways (minor torture, rape) when he is feeling spiteful, but who is to say my little wolf doesn’t enjoy it herself?

There are a couple different ways we could take this. The hybrid could turn my character from the beginning, making her immortal and yet bent to his will. It would be interesting, as well, for her to somehow escape the initial forced transformation, leaving her an ordinary werewolf with full control over her actions. Both directions have a different feel to them.

And admist this more personal storyline, there will be external plots — but I don’t yet know what they might be. Hunters and perhaps apex predators come to mind, but there’s plenty to discuss.

Again: read my O&Os before you contact me. There are no excuses.
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Re: The Hybrid [Dark — NC or Extreme] Female for Male Character
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2015, 01:03:12 AM »
I'm still interested!