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May 16, 2022, 03:37:36 am

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Author Topic: Cruel Clocks and Killer Cures(Character Sheets And Background Info.)(Open)  (Read 681 times)

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Journal #3......Entry Number 1......

December 2nd, 1851-

I remember that the city of London used to be beautiful at night. I was the caretaker for the clock tower in the city. Such a wondrous marvel of cogs and pipes and steam power. It is a shame that I cannot remember its name any longer. And it's my own fault.

I was a scientist, a man of logic and reason. The world had seen great technological triumph in recent years. We even created what we now call an "Air Ship." A machine that can carry people, and fly! But technology was not enough for me. Because I wanted something else. I wanted to ensure that disease would disappear from this planet. So I studied. And....experimented. May God forgive me for the things I did to those poor, poor people. But I had to. To destroy disease. It took me forty years, but I did it. A cure for all disease. But to make it....I had to base it on a virus that I myself had created. The virus was supposed to aid the nervous system in warding off illness. I even went so far as to name it the Infinity strain, because it mutates to best suit its host, causing infinite strains to form. The virus protects the nervous system, spreading its cells throughout the body and reinforcing them....well, it was supposed to. I had created super-humanity! But....but then it fell apart. The virus mutated, changed. It turned the last of my subjects into....a monster. A Beast. I had to kill him with a hatchet. My pistol did little to harm him. London is beautiful no more. The virus got out. It has begun spreading. And God help me, I don't think we can stop it.

*Some pages are missing, or otherwise unreadable. Then.....*

All my fault. London is lost, its people are deranged, and to top it off.....the disease has me as well. It shan't be long before it takes me.....It drives sanity from the mind and morphs the flesh. My memory has already begun fading. The line between right and wrong will grow very thin, soon. And then....I will be human no more. If anyone finds this, RUN. I am likely too close and too far gone for you to be safe. Please, do not let me become a killer. But.....There is hope. My last subjects. They hold the cure. They hold the key to survival. They hold London's fate. If you can do anything at all before you die, please, find them.

*There are several pages missing, then, written almost intelligibly in red on a half-torn page.....*


Hello. Welcome to the "Cruel Clocks and Killer Cures" request thread.

This idea was inspired by the upcoming FROM Software title, 'Bloodborne.' However, instead of taking place in the game, this is set in a steam-punk 19th century London, a once proud city that has now succumb to a strange illness that turns mere men into dangerous monsters and beasts. Similar but different, yes? The majority of London's populace has fled or been killed by the beasts that now roam the streets, and deranged citizens, infected by the illness, hunt beasts and one another, in a futile and insanity-driven need to kill beasts. Little do they realize that they are becoming beasts.

Among the lamp-lit streets and alleyways, some survivors have managed to remain alive. As time passes, they will meet, and discover a most gruesome truth; that someone released the disease that is infecting London, and that the city is sealed. The only way to survive will be to reach the Heaven's Tower, a center of research and development for scientists and engineers alike. The Air Ships created years past remain there, docked atop the massive tower.

They have little memory of their pasts; maybe even none at all. And the entire last few months seem to have disappeared. But they all woke around the same time; just a month after the Royal forces abandoned London. With deadly hand-to-hand weaponry, and small arsenal of firearms, they must fight their way to the tower. But opposite their goal....something calls out to these six, from the clock tower....something peculiar....and familiar.

If anyone is interested in this game of mine, (hopefully ours, soon enough) Please PM me a character sheet,(Template below) and a small sample of your writing.

Currently accepting for Five slots:

Survivor/Hunter 1: TheMusician (Myself)
Survivor/Hunter 2: Open
Survivor/Hunter 3: Open
Survivor/Hunter 4: Open
Survivor/Hunter 5: Open
Survivor/Hunter 6: Open

Character Sheet:

Age: (Must be 17 or older. These are young adults and adults. This isn't an anime where the highschool kids get all the fun. Plus, there may be, possibly, might be some sexual content, depending on whether or not relationships develop between the survivors.)
Gender: (I'd like to keep this balanced, if possible.)
Personality: (Please try to be original here. Make me believe that the person fighting through London is just that, a person.)
Appearance: (Pictures are appreciated, but written descriptions are just as good, or even better. They allow the mind to exercise creativity and imagination. )
Preferred Weapon(s): (This is set in the mid-1800's. Please use weaponry realistic to the times. However, since it is a steam-punk setting, add some flair if you like.)
Memories: (Remember, the last few months are hazy at best for these characters. Life before the tragedy, however, might still be memorable. Try to be unique here as well. If you like, you can give them no memories at the beginning, and have them piece their life together as they walk the bloody and ruined streets of London. Perhaps they'll see a shop they used to frequent, or be forced to put down a former friend/family member. You decide.)

(If I missed anything, or if anyone has questions concerning this game, shoot me a PM or post below.)
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