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March 08, 2021, 09:19:33 am

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Author Topic: The Pack(Post Apocalyptic Raiders & Captivess): Looking For Additional Captives  (Read 3922 times)

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Offline Amarlo


Offline BeckyAnnn

Hi all,

     I want to express my interest in being a captive.  I will begin working on my character sheet as soon as I find an image I like.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Sounds good, can't wait to see your character.

Offline Chreestafer

Can't wait for the ladies either ;)

Plus an wait to start.

Offline BeckyAnnn

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Curio (meaning curiosity)
Age: 16
Physical Details: As the second image shows, Curio has two different color eyes. 
Character’s Sexuality: f/f,  m/f in order of preference
Personality: Curio is introverted and withdrawn, only interacting with others when she must.  A lifetime of ill treatment and ridicule will do that to a person. 
Bio: Curio was born after the bombs fell so she has no concept of the world before.  Her mother was the property of a human slaver/trafficker in one of the mid-sized trading towns.  Her father was just whoever the owner allowed to attempt to breed the woman.  She was taken from her mother at one year of age and the woman was then bred again. 

Most children born into this system are sold by the age of ten into various lives of captivity and servitude.  Not so with Curio.  First of all she is an oddity with her different colored eyes and her owner uses her appearance to draw the curious to gawk at her and thus increasing exposure to his wares and possibly sales.  The second reason she has not been sold is that many fear her. She is a freak, possibly of unholy origin.  At the very least, many believe that she must have been exposed to high levels of radiation in the womb and therefore direct interaction with her could be dangerous.  For this reason as well, she has managed to remain unspoiled.  Ignorance of the masses has work in her favor in this instant,  as no one realizes that people like her have existed for almost as long as the human race has populated the earth.

But Curio has suffered in other ways.  Scorn and ridicule, words intended to demoralize and crush the soul, as well as beatings and other cruelties.  For these reasons she avoids people when she can and wonders if there might be a better world out there somewhere.  It is nice to dream, of course, but the realty is it is a cold heartless world out there just waiting to devour an innocent like herself. 

Status: Not yet taken but neither is she free

Player’s Limits: No bathroom play of any kind.  No extreme mutilation and no hypnosis or drugs.  I would like my character to remain in control of her mind at least, even if she is unable do anything about her situation. 
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

@BeckyAnnn: Approved

@Everyone, working on the opening post now. Should have it up sometime today. The game will start with our raiders attacking a small settlement where our captive characters happen to be.

Offline Amarlo

I wish there was a like button for that last post :P

Offline Chreestafer

my character is open for relations of any sorts with anyone else if interested :)

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

The IC Thread is up

So is the OOC Thread

Both threads are open and ready for posting. The game has started ;D

Offline Jarred109

Just wondering if your still looking for captives?


Jericho 'Doc' Whitley
Physical Details:
A couple scars from wild animals, a more recent black eye, and a band with a red cross tied around his left arm.
Character’s Sexuality:
An odd cheery man in the post-apocalyptic world, if there was one world that could describe Jericho it would probably be optimistic. And possibly naive.  Somehow still polite to a fault, rarely swears and seems sincere in a desire to want to help people. He often quotes the bible, clinging to a worn old world copy he carries when he's nervous. Its actually really surprising he's made it this far in the world. Though perhaps he's only made it this far because of it, he clings to his values and optimism like a child with a safety blanket. Deep down he's afraid of what it would mean if he really viewed the world without rose colored lenses.

Jericho was born shortly before the fall of mankind. He was far to young to remember the world before it became ash and dust, probably why he doesn;t know any better to be unhappy. His father was one of the top trauma surgeons in the nation, his mother worked on the team that cured the aids virus, and  together had the money and wealth to take care of their family and close friends to prepare before the bombs fell. After the smoke cleared, his father started helping other survivors and managed to rebuild a small town. This is where Jericho grew up, for the most part sheltered from a typical wastelander's life. There were the occasional raider attacks, but for the most part is was like a piece of the old world. A small but for the most part friendly community with a church,basic necessities and a doctor.

Jericho grew up learning medicine,taking to it like a fish to water. It was nowhere near as sophisticated as old world procedures, lacking a lot of technology and medicines, but definitely better then nothing. His father originally intended him to take over the town as the sole doctor, though Jericho had other ideas. He grew up learning the history of medicine as well, and heard other doctors in ancient times when the Hippocratic oath was first formed. Traveling healers, being paid often in just food and shelter for their help and services He grew more and more enamored with the idea, especially under constant pressure from his parents to improve and carry on their legacy. Finally one night, he grabbed a bag of supplies and left a note before quietly slipping into the night.

It was probably not a great choice, he nearly starved before he reached his first settlement. Still he managed to barter his skills for food and water, but the experience reaffirmed to him he was on the right path. Since then he's been traveling the wasteland, offering his skills and help wherever its needed. He has been rather lucky.. until recently.

Not Yet Captured.
Player’s Limits:
No Scat or any sort of bathroom play, gore(some violence is alright, but serious injuries, mutilation or removing body parts is not),or vore.

Edit: Changed status to already taken, I could see him as still alive and around due to medical care he can provide?
Edit 2: Nevermind, he's free as bird still! For a little while at least.
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

He's approved. And you've actually got enough time to have him start uncaptured or captured.

Offline Valerian

If there's room for another captive, I'm working on an idea right now.  :)

Offline Joel

I just wanna voice my interest in this group RP.  Still reading it over.  If anyone would like to contact me I am on skype as: garrit.forster or garrit forster.  One of those lol.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

There is still room the game has just started so you can still get in at game start. Though depending on how quickly our players post that may change.

Offline Valerian


Name: Shannon (Shan) Reilly

Age: 25

Physical Details: She has a long scar along her upper right arm, along with a few smaller scars here and there.

Character’s Sexuality: M/F

Personality: Though usually more comfortable with machines than with people, Shan still tries not to be as ruthless as some are these days.  Resigned to the way the world is now, she often finds a certain dark humor in her situation, and reasons that if she doesn't expect much, she won't be disappointed.

Bio: Shan remembers very little of the Old World except through stories her father told her.  Her mother did not survive very long after the bombs fell, but her father took care of her until she was about twelve.  For those first years, she led a relatively sheltered life, staying on the family farm and seeing few other people.  They weren't quite self-sufficient, but close enough that her first good look at the world, after her father died, was a shock.

Left on her own, she couldn't manage to survive on the farm any longer and was forced to the nearest settlement.  Luckily for her, her father had taught her all the survival skills he could, including how to repair and maintain engines and other machinery.  She fell in with a group of other orphans about her age, all sticking together to survive.  Most of them were thieves and scroungers, though some, like her, had some sort of talent to trade for food and shelter.  It wasn't an easy life, but they had a code of sorts and looked after each other, even taking in a few children who weren't old enough yet to be of much help, except sometimes as a way to play on the sympathy of some adults.

Some members of the group drifted away over the years (or simply died), but Shan and three others stuck together for many years.  About six months ago, however, they were attacked by a small group of raiders and scattered.  As far as Shan was able to find out, she was the only survivor and has been on her own since.  She has been in and around Hope Springs for a while now, again trading her skills with engines for the things she needs to survive.

Status: Not yet captured

Player’s Limits: Bathroom play, serious mutilation, vore.

Images are usually the hardest part for me, but hopefully I'll find something to edit in soon.  ::)  Also, after talking with Jericho's player, his character knows my character, if that's all right -- they crossed paths earlier, just after the group she was with got attacked, and he stitched up the wound she got on her arm during the fight.

Edit: Yay, picture!  :D
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

She looks good and is approved

Also, I'll be posting up our character list on the OOC thread after I get out of work today. At which point I'll be halting recruitment for the game until later on. So if you'd like to join and haven't created your character yet then this would be last call.

Offline Strangefate

Still possible to slip under the wire with a victimy type or has recruitment closed?  Should be able to get one together fairly quick if so.   :-)

Offline Juggtacular

So many captives.

I'm so excited!!