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January 22, 2019, 03:55:29 AM

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Author Topic: You will be assimilated! (D&D Pathfinder, MxM, Need masochistic slave studs)  (Read 308 times)

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Offline PaleEnchantressTopic starter

You remember what life was like before he found you. You were a great warrior on the savage tundra, you were one of the strongest and the bravest. You remember fighting against him but you don't remember why. You remember being captured, strapped down, having your cock and ass worked so his infernal machine could suck everything out of you possible. You remember when it burrowed into your skull and sucked out your brain. You are so glad it did.
Now you are part of something greater, a collective that has made you one with every other man in it. You live to fight and die for the collective, and to please your "Queen."

Or at least thats the most likely scenario. Your story could be different. Want to be a nearly naked, massively muscled, super hung man fighting and hurting other barbarian beekcakes for the glory and whims of a insane sadistic prettyboy? Do you want to role play the fanatical demented mindset of formerly strong independent man absorbed and completely reprogrammed as part of hivemind? Want to capture the strongest most virile men of the land and bring them before your master so their bodies and sex organs can be tested. If they are virile enough they will be strapped down and "milked" endlessly to power the hivemind. If not they are castrated and made into mindless slaves. Or maybe you'll be tortured and milked.

This is a Pathfinder game (Starting level 4-6) based loosely on magic the gathering lore. I need people to play my character's thralls. He is a very handsome naga and a powerful telepath that has become the conductor of a hivemind. He is often referred to as "The Queen" even though he isn't female, because of his role. You, as an exceptional member of the collective are not mindless, you have a personality and independent thought even if you can't fathom life other then what you now have. If my description above or my O/O's interest you, message me.  Since you're reading this you must be interested. ^_~
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