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Thank you for taking a moment to look this over.
Note I'm always willing to discuss anything that one might like to tweak in any of the plots, to alter something so that it suits all parties involved.


Devil Master [Bon-E or NC-E] [M/F, might consider M/M if I play uke]

Plot He was a descendant of the Devil, first in line for the throne as the eldest, though he was not fully of that breed of beings but at least one another species as well. Although he is of demonic origin in part he has a softness for his pets, his only companions two ferrets and a gold fish having been alone for quite some time.

It had been events of the past which had led him into hiding. Events he did not wish to discuss or remember, but which would always, haunt and plague him and at some point he would finally realize he could not run away, because the memories would not leave him be. Which after several centuries, millenniums even he began to wonder if it were time to come out from hiding and start his life afresh.

Perhaps it would be his newest assistant who would be able to help him, but even his assistant was a mystery for he'd never seen that person. Little did he know that his assistant would soon turn his whole life upside down, but maybe that was a good thing. Still his assistants constant teasing did not help matters, but when finally he actually got to see that person the devil that was lurking within him emerged.

Seeing his assistant for the first time, without all that efficiency, that hair style, those clothes that hid ones body would send a rush of desire through him so strong he'd not be able to control his animalistic demonic urges. It was then he'd determine that his assistant would be his, forever whether they wanted to be or not. Although would the events of the past come back to haunt him? Would it make things difficult or would it draw the pair closer together?

The assistant has a secret to hide, something they do not wish anyone to know, especially one with devil blood coursing through their veins. It would be paramount to disaster...


Freak Out and Escape [Van-Romantic; Action-Adventure] [M/F, might consider M/M, if M/M I'd prefer to play the role of seme, but open to adaptations]

Plot It had been a terrible accident, no one believed he'd ever pull out of it like so many other lost patients and yet his brain was functioning so he wasn't brain dead. However as the days turned into weeks there became quite a bit of abnormal activity. That was perhaps because there was a reason some people, even ones that had all functions and did not really need to be on life support after the initial first few days or weeks never come out of their Coma.

What is even more odd and they fear it this time due to the pattern of brainwaves that the doctors have been monitoring is that their Comatose patient might completely disappear his body never again to be found. Then there are more sinister beings that want to harness the powers they think they can get through whatever it is that these patients get too go, even if that means killing them. It has happened before and a certain pair are most suspected of trying this with more than just one of their previous patients. Yet the Comatose person is defenseless in this case unless they completely disappear from that world, Earth.

Dreams can so easily turn to a Nightmare with just one small nudge or suggestion, the mind jumping from place to place during the hours one sleeps, especially if comatose. Such dreams and nightmares can lead to other worlds which have never been heard before save by others who were in Comas if they remember or those that now live there.

For some reason, a group of people of that other world have been kidnapping those who have ended up in a comatose state, which is one reason why they disappear or at least never leave that stage. However there are a few who have been compelled by something to remain comatose and disappear physically from the world where they'd been born. The reason they are taken may never be known save by the kidnappers and their captives.

One has to wonder though if its a need for help that these other worldly beings kidnap those in their comatose dreams and/or nightmares or if its something far more sinister. One man is about to find out the mystery, because of the accident that placed him into that coma and there is something, someone calling him, almost as though they were waiting for him. A life, more than likely more than one life is about to be changed and whether or not its for the better or worse may depend on events and which paths he chooses as well as  which people he befriends... any deeper relationships he may make.


Guilty Secret [NC-E; Demon] [M/F]

Plot There was a book forbidden to the eyes of mortals and the touch of their hands. Repercussions were put in place should any dare to ever delve into the secrets, the mysteries, the truths found within that book filled with all sorts of evils and heinous deeds.

It is the Book of Hell which tells all about that fiendish place, its Rulers and how to become one of its higher ranking demons or to even overthrow the current Ruler of all Hell. Not even lower ranking demons feel worthy of touching that very book. Not many are discontent with their long lasting ruler Lucifer. Reading the book isn't always a good sign that a mortal is aligned toward good, some are compelled by evil rather than out of simple curiosity to get their hands and their eyes on such a book.

Has it not been said over and over again that curiosity killed the cat? No doubt many who have read the book have ended up dead for one reason or another, unfortunately for them they do not have the nine lives that cats seem to have. This book does however enable one to find their way into hell without dying, or how to summon the Devil himself or any one of a number of his underlings. Some find great fun in doing so, while others probably bite off far more than they can possibly chew.

The Guilty Secret that some might have is simply having read the book, but will not say so to someone, and when the book is read their fate is sealed unless they tell at least a Priest who may be able to save them from their foolishness. Soon however demons of hell would be on their trail, but they may not have been the only one to have read the book and so must find those who may have also been affected in order to work together and send the demons back to hell, only to have this ally turn on them and claim them as their own, for what... only that person knows. Maybe that persons intention are demonic who might wish to take over hell even though at first they were keen on rescuing themselves and their ally...after all with thought of what they had read and in the company of a person for a long period of time... minds can change and adapt. Maybe, just maybe the betrayer was of demon origin all along...


Haven't You Something Better to Do? [Van and/or Bon; Drama)] [M/F: Species: Human and/or Elf]

Plot She is a young Celtic Lady who has been through a great ordeal. Her mother died after her youngest sibling was born, her older sister, her brother and her twin-male died of some disease that had been floating around. She and her little brother were the sole survivors alongside their father. Her father just three short months ago was captured by Vikings and his corpse only a month ago returned in warning to her keep. She was determined however to defend ehr people against those Viking invaders.

She and her people have placed a stereotype on all Vikings. She likes them not, her people fear them. They believe them to be barbaric, creatures unworthy of trust. Therefore when an invasion is prominent she is not about to give into the injustice with her parents gone and only her five year old brother left behind to care for. For a lady of the Celts she is not above acting like a military overlord of the men who still remain in order to stave off the attack.

The Lady succeeds the first time, but she cannot be absolutely sure of further victories, especially as her numbers dwindle depending on if the men are needed elsewhere or if they just leave, because there is no male head other than a five year old under her care. Events just seem to get worse when during another smaller battle she wounds one of the Vikings and then decided to take him into her domain and nurture him back to life after cutting the arrow which had dislodged into his back out along with another shot in his thigh. She didn't know who had gotten him in the back, but she'd hit him in the thigh. She did not like to kill, but she never had a problem with hurting others if only to save her family and her people.

When the Viking is to wake she will claim him as her prisoner. Although the viking she had was also the son of Celtic Lord, but raised as a Viking... he was not about to invade her lands, he was only trying to put his ship to port for the night since there promised to be quite a storm. However he is angered by his capture and her insistence that all Vikings are labeled with the same brand iron. Somehow he would get free and come back and invade her land... but only for her, his revenge.

It is only later realized that she is the sister of the woman he was to marry... her deceased sister had been his betrothed and in the contract it stated that in case something had gone awry he would have his choice of any daughter of Lord Callum McHugh. There are a few ways he could use the documentation...


I'm Not Suited [Van, Bon or NC] [M/F: Species: Humans or anything Exotic]

Plot They had been friends for a long time, best friends in her mind. She did not wish to lose their friendship, but he had to go to war and had returned so much colder and looking so much older than he was upon his return from the ravages of war and the carnage he had no doubt witnessed. She had kept correspondence with him, but it had not always gotten to him, but when it did he usually wrote back, but less and less so as time had dragged on.

He had been a soldier of a long lived one hundred year war for the past six when finally, finally it was over. However it had not ceased until it was far to late to turn his thoughts away from the brutality of war and the men turned savage killers to ever feel or be quite the same again. He had watched comrades fall and others kill without remorse. He had even seen some men go mad and start firing at their own comrades, they either had to be killed or if they had calmed down sent away to be court marshaled or if not then placed in a mental institution.

What was worse, was that his fiancee had abandoned him. He had received two letters from her. One six years ago a few months into the fighting and not again until three years ago when she had finally answered one of the several letters he had sent her, saying that she was married with a baby on the way. That had cut him to the quick and had then begun to slowly withdraw in on himself, more and more so as the savagery of war had gotten to him.

Then, then to make everything worse he had made a fatal error, moving into an unknown open terrain due to his morose thoughts and had been fired at costing him the use of his legs. The doctors who examined him believed there was still a chance of him someday walking again, believing part of it was psychological more than physical that he was unable to do so or feel his lower limbs. However he would not believe them, drawing into himself so much that he became embittered, angry with the world and unkind to anyone who tried to get close or help him. Yet another woman he had met had also abandoned him after learning of the news, a woman who he had thought could heal his shattered heart, which made him leery of females and their relationships. Not only that, without the use of his legs what good was he and he had heard it from the woman he had thought cared for him even if he did not love her, though given time maybe things would have been different he wasn't entirely certain.

His long time shy friend, a female that he even had begun to distrust though without warrant, was not about to be shy when it came to his future. She wanted to see him walking again if that was what would make him happy. She didn't care if he would never walk again, he was her best friend and when he hurt she hurt too. She did not believe that just because a man could not walk that he was useless or weak, but of course he'd have to go and make things more difficult trying in any way he could to frighten her off. However she is not so easily shooed away like an irritating fly or frightened cat. This could of course continue to complicate things being so close to each other so often and his irritation could make him do any number of things, especially while trying to frighten her away from him.


Key to the Keepsake [Van-E, maybe Bon-E] [M/M] (This could also be used as a Group RP project due to all the keys...) {I'd like to play the uke character}

Plot There are keys which exist to a mystery of a long lost empire, how it was built and how it was destroyed. There have always been cover ups as to what happened to the empire and some believe that it did not exist at all but was just a made up place. One man is about to relinquish these keys that she has long had guardianship of.

He had chosen two adventurers who had never before met, but she was their mutual friend even if they knew not of each other. The older of the duo had once been his young lover, but like him he had grown up to be more of a seme. The other his own son from his one time with a woman around ninteen years ago who was soon to turn eighteen, with a very hyper neko uke type personality.

The day he brings them together he states, "My dear friends, these keys have been the cause of all my griefs and sorrows, but together you may unravel the mysteries of a lost empire." With this intrigue thrown in, the duo will face many an upheaval and forks the road to finding whatever and wherever the keys lead to, with yet more keys that need to be found in order to use them to get to another dimension and one might have to wonder when it will end, where it will finally lead.

It would appear that someone wished to keep their treasure or their dirty secret from ever being found, but eventually they'll have to find it, but on their way there are those beings that wish to have the keys for themselves and will try to destroy the duo in the process. They will have keys that lead to mysteries and unknown unbelievable worlds.

During their adventure the duo will despise each other at first for one reason or another, the seme being particularly unkind to the uke. However they will begin to form some sort of relationship as time passes and as they share experiences and as they learn of an important reason that they must be the ones to unravel the mysteries of the long lost empire and why they were chosen to be the ones to do that very task.


Mannequin Manna [Van, maybe be persuaded in other directions] [M/F]

Plot He had been a mad man intent on bringing havoc to the world, but had created something beautiful, the only thing worthy of note that would make his name go down in history. However he never had anything good to say about his creation, the Mannequin he had created years ago before his madness had sunk into him deeper.

How he had wished to destroy it, but instead upon his death bed he cursed the Mannequin. The curse was that the Mannequin would be able to hear and see things, to feel the touch of others, to feel emotions deeper than most humans, to smell scents, but unable to move or speak. This curse the Mannequin heard and it brought him partially to life.

However someone has unlocked the Mannequin from his suspended animation, being alive and yet not. Now it will come to life at the stroke of Midnight fully during a full and new moon. What if the attributes he had been given by the curse were different than what had been said and attributes no one would have wanted the Mannequin to have.

One might wonder exactly what that Mannequin wants, is it to actually truly be alive for the sake of being alive, or to kill or maybe something else all together that one might not even be aware of, because its not something which easily comes to mind.

Does the Mannequin wish for life, for love, or does it long for bloodshed, especially after the curse that its creator had put upon it? There is but one person who can help guide the mannequin, but not the one who created it out of shear lust for an ideal body especially since he has already perished, but someone who can look beyond the appearances into the soul... if the Mannequin can even acquire one.

However there is someone who is courting the one who is trying to help the Mannequin and as the Mannequin begins to acquire more and more emotions this may complicate matters especially when later the Mannequin hears the diabolical plan of the one who wishes to take his guide as a bride for sinister reasons.


Questions without Answers [Bon-E or NC-E] [M/F]

Plot It had been three long years since they had been near one another, although they had never actually seen one another's face. They had been wearing masks and she had not wished to relinquish her right and so they had kissed instead. Despite not having seen his face she had been able to see his eyes, they were almost hypnotic and she had to wonder if he were human at all.

At the last minute of the Ball she escaped from his side, for fear of what could happen between them, unprepared for the situation. She'd only been seventeen back then and a bit guy-shy due to her elder sisters own tragic experiences which always made it difficult for her to get close to anyone, even friendship was a hard sell.

Now however she's been forced to attend a new Masquerade Ball, a requirement of the will her father left behind six months ago and not to follow it would be to lose her home and the money which enabled her mother to live in comfort who was still in shock from her husband's death despite the months that had passed. For her mothers welfare she would do anything, for she is the last member of her family left.

What she does not realize, that he too is at the ball, nor that he had coerced her father back then to add that addendum to his will, knowing of his health and financial problems. He wanted to take care of his fathers friends interests and family, what he does not know is that she is also the woman whom he had felt a bond with on that day three years prior. He had however resolved not to worry about her and that bond, because he felt a duty toward his fathers friend and family.

Soon they would meet at the Masquerade Ball, neither knowing who the other was...


Remember me when you think of Romania [Van, though might be persuaded elsewhere] [M/F]

Plot Eight long years ago seemed so far away, although time had flown for her each day seemed an agony to get through and no shorter than the last. How she longed for that time again, if just to see his smile one more time, to feel his lips upon her own. Not one man she'd been involved with since had gotten to her in quite the way he had. For long days which turned into weeks and weeks which turned into months she had wept herself to sleep. Realizing that time was swiftly passing her by she'd tried to get back into the dating scene, to buck up and get her situation under control. However she'd only had one serious relationship which had ended when he'd wished to take it to the next step, marriage. Somehow she could not see herself with him and so they said goodbye for she did not wish to hurt him, unable to feel such a deep emotion for him and nor did he wish to tie her down to someone she was unable to love in the way he needed to be. It would hurt them both to much and so they went their seperate ways leaving her to think more and more about that man she had known, back then.

Yes, they had met, but somehow destiny decreed that it was not to be. The two of them had such different plans, yet with just one look he had smiled at her, had said those words to her. Neither of them had known one anothers names, it had only been that one night, but for her the memories of that time kept her from being able to enter a deep relationship which she found ridiculous, but she felt nothing for anyone. Yes she had tried, but still she felt empty and as though she were betraying at the very least herself.

He had been a Romanian, they'd met on a trip she'd taken when she was the companion of an elderly woman before her time was up. It had been for her almost magical, but all to swiftly finished, like a dream turned into a nightmare as though her soul were incomplete.

She felt only half alive until she ran into him, for some reason or other he'd ended up in the neighborhood she'd moved to as a requirement of her occupation as a hotel manager. Perhaps she could exorcise the ghost she'd not been able to escape, causing her to be unable to continue with her life. The one she had met was now in truth a ghost, but one trying to appear to her.

Would it be possible to resurrect him if he was indeed a ghost and not a figment of her imagination or a comatose victim whose spirit was trying to contact her, or even his essence which alerts her that he will soon be near, or would she join him. There was a reason for him coming to her, but why she didn't know. Yet only knows of his presence. She also has to wonder, that if he is dead... if he knows of the child they had created and who had died in infancy.... and if he is not dead


Ultimate Conundrum [UN] [M/F]

Plot Sometimes a person is given an ultimatum, sometimes its confusing and has a very thin line between an Ultimatum and Blackmail. It's having to do something or give up something for something or someone else in order to keep what is most wanted even if both are equally needed.

She was the woman who had betrayed him, sleeping with another man and she had not denied it. No, she had shrugged and told him in a cold voice he could not forget and said a single word, 'so'. His heart had shattered and his pride bruised, for he had loved her so, but this cold hearted woman and her exploits was not to be forgiven. He applied for a divorce not long afterward though it went against everything he was brought up with by his Italian grandfather.

Their divorce was not yet final, although she had not contested it and nor had she wished to take any of his money. She wanted nothing to do with him, believing that he had only married her to have children and for appearances sake. That was why she'd contrived of the single idea that would allow him to divorce her, because there was no other way he'd let her go. It had been a lie, she hadn't slept with another man but her half-brother in order to help her had allowed her to use him as an escape since her husband had not known about him.

Now however, she's four months pregnant with her soon to be ex-husbands child, although she's not really visible yet and wears clothes that help to conceal what little evidence there is without one easily being able to suspect it.

On one of the days they are to see their lawyer, her husband actually shows up himself. He still wants her and will use any means to get her even if they are to be divorced. In his mind too there is a need for revenge and what sweeter revenge than when one can also enjoy it. That is when he decides to stop divorce papers, in order to give her an Ultimatum... or blackmail however one would look at it. However what will happen when he learns she is pregnant without knowing the whole truth... and then what would happen when he did learn of the truth behind her true relationship with her gay half-brother...


Veil of a Reluctant Bride [Van or NC] [M/F]

Plot She had been his ward for the past three years, ever since she'd turned fourteen and her parents had perished in a freak accident, though there were those including herself that it was no accident. She often wondered if her guardian had been to blame for it, not knowing that he blamed himself, but it had indeed been an accident, though it could have been prevented had he been more careful at the time in securing the reins. Although maybe he too was wrong and someone else more sinister had caused the whole thing and for what purpose none knew.

To her though, he seemed the type so quiet and brooding and dressed far to starchily to her way of thinking. He had only been twenty-two four years ago and engaged, but that woman had left him as soon as someone more appealing with their wealth and title came along and someone who did not have the responsibilities of a ward.

Ever since then he had been more distant, which made her wonder if he had done it and was suffering from a guilty conscious, but it was more despair for losing so much and in so many short years. Not everyone had died, but so many people had left him either for some greater opportunity or they'd moved away and lost contact or they believed that he had been the one to indeed cause the so called accident of his friends and his wards deceased parents.

However as his ward turned seventeen he feared she too would leave him and new of one way to shackle her to him forever, by the bonds of marriage. When she learned of his hopes she began to run scared. She was afraid that he might kill her too, besides she did not feel ready for a commitment of that magnitude and nor did she love him or he her.

So she decided to run away and hide, but what would he do if he ever found her, still determined to have her as his bride at any cost... and if he were to get his way what then would happen to them and their relationship and her belief that he had deliberately killed her parents and any other number of problems that had arised in the mean time.


Where did Yesterday Go [Van, may be persuaded elsewhere] [M/F, may consider changing to M/M if I play the uke type.]

Plot He had thought she'd loved him, they'd been together for eighteen days though had shared neither of their full true names with one another, but her mind seemed to be occupied more and more on something else. It cut him to the core, wondering if perhaps there was another man. However time and time again he'd been proved wrong and she'd show him how much he meant to her. That was until one day she just disappeared without telling him she was leaving or where she was going, leaving no trace behind and taking next to nothing with her.

At that moment he believed she no longer loved him, for how could she just leave him like that,especially when about a week later he had an accident and although someone had gone to tell her when she'd arrived at the hospital she'd been told by a woman she believed him to have been cheating on her with said he did not wish to see her, but he'd sensed her withdrawal from him for the last couple of months before she had just up and vanished almost as though into thin air.

Then he turns on the news which says a young woman that has the very appearance of the one he loves is about to become life mate with someone else. With that he would have to get on with his life as an under cover agent. Neither one of them knowing they were hiding something.

Then years down the road they run into one another again, she bent on forgetting because its still to heartbreaking and he intent on revenge because they believed that they had been rejected, after learning of their slight disfigurment after learning of her trip to see him and then leaving without speaking to him and returning to marry some other man.

However she had not married the other person and who knows if the story in the news was even true. The entire situtation had changed them both in ways if only slightly, but they both still loved each other and yet were to scarred emotionally by past events and those people who wished to keep them apart for their own selfish reasons.


Xanthochroid Mystique [UN] [M/F]

Plot She had not meant to trespass on the land of an old prison warden. One who due to his life had become rather suspicious of others, especially strangers. She hadn't been after anything, she wasn't the type to steal things and nor did she deal in drugs. No, she'd been trying to track the path of an old mystery, a murder that had taken place centuries ago, because she sensed the ghosts and could hear them as a medium.

That bologna as the old prison warden called wouldn't fly with him, he didn't believe her. He was hellbent on believing the very worst of her, that she was some thief in need of punishment. However he wasn't about to send her to a prison since he did have so little evidence and she had not even tried to break into anything, but had been found wandering on his property. So instead he decides to sell her to someone else whether as a servant or as some sort of slave he doesn't care as long as she gets her just deserts.

The purchaser has the option of setting their parcel free, but there are those who might not be so generous or so kind, some just do not like outsiders and will do all that is in their power to make them miserable. She is indeed an outsider, a visitor, but there was yet one more mystery that she had yet to unravel for she had come to that town in the first place to find out her past for she had been born there and taken away as an infant.

Her desire was to escape, to be set free, who knew what manner of person would buy her, what they might make her do. Were she to not be set free she would certainly try her hardest to escape.


Yearning for the Unattainable [Van - NC; Drama] [M/F, this could also be a potential Group Roleplay]

Plot Those older captains had often mocked him, making life difficult for him, but he had endured and persevered. In fact after twenty long years he had finally achieved the status of Captain. A feat that was not without merit, because it was one of the most difficult positions to arrive at and he was one of the youngest ever to be given the esteemed position of Captain along with his very own spacecraft. A spacecraft that he intended to use for one other purpose before setting out on a new voyage with a crew.

It was time for a vacation before he began his new job as a captain which he had no doubt would be more trying, more difficult than any of his previous jobs within the occupation as a member of the space fleet. However as he set off alone in his new Spacecraft he never dreamed that he would end up in an entirely different Universe.

The planet in the Universe he lands on is dying, not just because one of their genders has been depleted over the years till there were very few left, but because of foreign sicknesses brought about by a war which had caused a collapse in their world, reducing them to a state of what earth would consider a medieval type era. None of them seemed to be certain of what to do, but with the opposite gender declining in alarming rate and that same gender having even less numbers able to reproduce their entire existence looked to be in peril.

They people appeared to be in need of guidance, and to keep the dilemma from ever occurring again, but first they must understand what was the cause of it. Perhaps a new leader was needed, but in the end will the new leader be exiled, worse or remain as the leader till old age takes away life.

One of the women who the Captain meets will be a great help to him.


Zodiac Prediction [Van - NC] [M/F]

Plot They are a race of beings that are in tune with the Zodiac more so than any human has ever been. They understand the signs and in fact are the very physical embodiments of the Zodiac. They wear the signs of the Zodiac on the back of both hands along with a choker that denotes which house they belong to.

One day they appear before a group of people to tell of a mysterious kidnapping that is soon to happen, but they cannot say who, only that it is to happen for if they tell all great misfortune will befall them, only what sign the person is and there is more than one person with that sign.

There are however people who do not believe in the predictions of the Zodiac and find it foolhardy to believe in such a ridiculous practice, despite the strange people having arrived quickly labeling them a brainwashing cult. However sometimes the Zodiac speaks the truth if only for a small handful of the group within a particular sign. However ignoring this prediction, this warning might just land someone out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The reason behind their kidnapping is a mystery, but it is not as sinister as one might read it to be, for while many kidnappings do have selfish and evil intent behind them there are those that do not and others which fall in the middle, which means there could be any number of reasons for the kidnapping to occur. For the kidnapper and kidnapped their lives are about to change.


All These Tears [Van - NC-E] [M/F; species: any]

Plot He was now ridiculed by the people who had once purported to support him, to be his friends, a town now turned against him, beliving the very worst of him. They believed him to be guilty of a crime he had never commited based on shoddy evidence that had to have been set up, because he knew he had not done it, but no one would believe him. They all of them had turned against him in his hour of need. They were goint to sentence him to death, but at least he had made bail and could stay at home until the horror of it was over.

Now he longed to disappear, to get away, even if it seemed cowardly, he knew that they were all against him, the way the acted, the way they looked at him with sneers on their faces. The jury had not even been paying attention, already they had judged him, but the judge had said tha they were to return to court on tuesday morning and then give a verdict.

How was he going to escape? Where would he go? Wouldn't they find him even if he did get away, there were bounty hunters they could hire not just police officials. He did not want to die or suffer for what someone else had done.

That night he wished that he could get away to a new destination, where he could live his own idealistic life. Then a voice whispers to him, "This your wish I shall grant, but on the path to your new destination you will have to endure harsh conditions for I can only open the door that leads there, but you must get there on your own."

Perhaps he thinks he's going crazy or that he's dreaming, but as a portal opens he is curious even if he doesn't think its real and steps into the portal and into a entirely different world. (Fantasy or Paranormal, etc.). However there is only miles and miles of winter he can see. The voice speaks again, "This is not the only area of this realm, but it is the only area to which their is a portal. It would be wise to dress for the occasion and begin your travels." Then the voice was gone, would he go or not? Would the possibility of life in prison or worth the death sentence send him over the edge on his decision?

In the realm he would run into many strange things, not all nice and not all sinister. A new life though awaited him, but what sacrifices would need to be made in order to obtain an idealistic life. What might be gained? Which path will be chosen and will a mysterious woman influence this decision... is she doing this to help or to hinder?


Call of a Lonely Soul [Van, Bon or NC] [M/F]

Plot His mother had told him countless times that the Earth had gone through a crisis, that there had been a war that had no doubt wiped out a vast majority of people and in the years to follow had more than likely killed the remained who came out to soon. Not everyone had believed it was going to happen, very few had a protective undeground shelter with reinforced steel. She didn't think anyone had the forsight to think ahead and get a couple of chickens and roosters, along with a couple of pigs and soil and seeds to grow a vegetable garden with several plant lights in storage. She had thought of so much since she was pregnant at the time, only a week before having given birth to him, though his father had gone off to war a soldier after helping his mother and the company who built the shelters build theirs to their own specifications even though it cost them their life savings.

Beliving himself to be the last survivor of the Earth from what his mother had told him, he emerged from his underground dwelling several years having been raised there by his mother alone, who had when he was on the verge of manhood caught some virus that stole away her life. Even as he emerged from the place that had been his home since he was just an infant, he saw nothing for miles and miles save for vines, trees, flowers and other various plant life. He also saw animals which he'd only ever read about and seen in the few books they had and on the VCR from the videos and DVDs his parents had accumulated.

It was then he truly believed that what his mother had said was true, although he felt sad that the war had ended 98-99% of human life as more than one thing was sent and had occured, butthere had still been a few with the foresight to take shelter, but still even some of them were not prepared enough to survive the time out of their lives as his mother had been. He felt alone, depressed. He found an old town covered by vegetation, but there were old stores and old food, smells that did not bare thinking about. Magazines and books that aroused him, but he had no outlet and his mother had not told him about these things.

There was however a young daughter of one young couple who had been born a few years after they had taken shelter, her parents would not come out of their safe haven, however she did explore finally one day outside the home. She had emerged, only because their supplies were finally running low in so far as the light with which to grow their plants and the vitamins they had taken in place of meat. She was a vegetarian although they had had a few goats and chicken and rooster for milk and eggs, but that was all. Yet she found no lights and told her parents so, they still would not leave, but she did tell them that there were plants and animals nearby that they wouldn't have to move to far away from their hole. However as she had grown she felt she was more and more confined and cramped. She made a decision to explore further despite her parents protests.

Soon these two would meet, as she traveled miles from her own home living off the land.


Dangerous Union [Van, Bon or NC] [M/F, has potential to be a group roleplay too]

Plot As she was the daughter of Lord and Lady Renwick it is her duty to wed the man she was promised to, one of their neighbors son. She was all set to marry him, for she thought her simple infatuation to be love for she had grown up with him, but did not know of his true nature. He was not interested in women, but needed to wed so that no one could guess his dark secret and also to gain the land and money that would come with her since his own was dwindling fast.

However as she is about to embark on her new  a knight from an enemy camp has set his sight upon her. Although she wars with herself against her attraction to him, because of the animosity between their two people. Yet she cannot seem to get him off her mind and begins to dread her wedding ahead which is just two weeks away and the closer it draws the more she dreads that day.

In her heart she thinks, if only that Knight would whisk her away, but she has never given him any indication of her true feelings or true desires instead having made it known to him that she wants nothing to do with him as he is of the enemy camp. Although in her heart this is not true, if the two were to come together it might turn into something far more dangerous and could set both their people after them for treason.

One of them would have to choose a side, though neither is willing to relinquish their ties to their people, in the end one will have to choose or both will need to lose.


Forget-Me-Not [Van or Bon] [M/F]

Plot They had grown up next door to one another, he on a large cattle ranch and she on a small farm, growing corn, tomato and wheat for the local market. Both of them had dreamed of a better life, neither wanting to be bogged down by the tiny town although their siblings seemed content enough, but they had tried the big cities and found them lacking. No matter how much people tried to talk them out of it they wanted to do something else with their lives.

He had been her first love and her only love, because she could not bring herself to go farther than light fondlings with others. None of her relationships lasted, but then she wasn't in love with them and had not gotten over her first. Her first love, her neighbor had crossed the sea to find his adventure and whatever else it was he was looking for. He had wanted her to go with him, but somehow she realized they were to young and both had unfinished business.

She realized he had been disappointed, but she had tried to make him see reason and had promised that she would always be there for him when he returned, they would keep in contact by letters so neither of them would hear the others voice and yearn more for what they had not allowed to happen. They had to do what they both felt in their hearts they must, to see the world as they wished to and for her as he was seven years her senior and had already gone to college. She too wanted to have that chance, but she promised when she was finished and if he came and found her she would be his forever.

He gave her a promise ring and she gave him a metalic bracelet with her name carved into the inside. Ever since then she'd been far to busy for dating, although she managed to do so a few times out of sheer loneliness, but mostly it was out only on a casual evening with friends. In that time she finsihed college and graduated with a major in Criminal Justice and had made her way up quickly to being a Homicide Detective.

It had then been eight years since they had seen one another, and she did not know what he was doing there at the scene of a crime, how he was involved. Was he the culprit or truly the innocent spectator he would lead her to believe, after all in eight years a person she knew could change. This would create tensions between him, but he had changed in some ways, she didn't know how or why. However she had never taken off the promise ring and though he did not wear the bracelet he still had it, but somewhere no one could see it unless he showed it to them.

However her suspicions are somehow written off as the killer strikes again, leaving a picture this time with a knife through the center. It clearly stated she believed in that way of who the next target would to be. Him. She would do all in her power to protect him, even if he became annoyed, though he would not and perhaps could not reveal what occupation he then held.

The serial killer however manages to make it look as though those two are criminals, perhaps he's some high powered occupation that allows for this. That's when the two are put on the run, but that doesn't keep them from indulging in all sorts of fun.


Guardian of the Realm

PLOT: He had been chosen by the stars to guard the Realm of the Dragon's, given immortality and continual youth. However one day one of the Dragon's finally come to the portal to enter the Realm fell at his feet, transformed into a female with long semi-curly hair, to exhausted to move. It had been so long since he'd had any company he didn't want to let her go...


Hades Wish

PLOT: The daughter of Demeter was out collecting flowers for their dinner table, along with a basket of berries for the pie she planned to make. This is when Hades, on his way to collect the souls of those whom had died at sea nearby spotted her, knew he had to have her, even if that meant kidnapping her and forcing her to be his bride... of course this would cause all kinds of problems. He wanted Persephone's' love, but love was not something he knew much of.


In Your Dreams

PLOT: Two souls before their physical birth took place promised one another that they would be together in life as they had been in the heavens, it didn't matter to them whether or not it was as opposite or the same gender... because their souls would return home again someday. She watched as he left, they were not allowed to go together. There was just one problem... He was born during the Middle ages and she was born a thousand years afterward. Some mistake had been made, and in order to correct it when she was born and had grown through twenty-three years, during her time at university reading an article on a man from the middle ages she would, literally be drawn into that period where her soul mate had been sent long before her. At first she thought it nothing more than a dream, but soon enough no doubt would be convinced. (M/F or M/M)


Just This Once

PLOT: The neko-boy servant had been in the service of Lord Vandelu for several years before his death, in fact he was treated more and more like a son to Lord Vandelu. However in their society neko's were there for servitude. Just before the official adoption papers could be signed he was given to Lady Eleni, a daughter of Lord Vandelu whom had been living with her mother and grandfather alone since she was five when her mother had left her father. Lady Eleni said Just This Once, I will show you love and then never again. Although will the neko-boy crave that love again once he is again treated nothing more than a servant?


Lost in a Book

PLOT: A young woman loves to read, she's just turned twenty and was raised on an island with her two sisters by her parents. She often escaped into the worlds that books provide, but none of that means she's uneducated, her father was a professor and her mother a nurse turned writer due to a bad back. One day though she wished that one of the books were real and that she was the heroine. A beautiful pixie who was the only one able to tame the arrogant and evil-hearted prince of a nearby Kingdom who was a half-demon with a painful past, who trusted no female. It would take time and several trials. That wish was about to come true, but magical books didn't always end the way one expects them to when they become a part of the tale.


Meet Me at Midnight

PLOT: They were divorced, with a child who had been lost to them due to SIDS. It had torn them apart, she had sunk into a deep depression and he was never sure what to do. It was she who asked for the divorcee and he had fought it for the two years, but it had finally come through. She took nothing and had disappeared having changed her name, an accident having altered her apperance just slightly and her hair had darkened due to the trauma. Now she works as a photojournalist and takes pictures of war in third world countries. The two are about to run into one another as he's in the Peace Corp and has been stationed where her next assignment is. Will he let things go, or will he try again, perhaps with different tactics or is it to late for them?


No where to escape to

PLOT: The man she had scorned, whom had tried to win her hand two years ago was now her only hope of survival after a wildfire took her fathers life. A man who also knew her body like the back of his hand. She had made him believe she'd found someone else back then, but it had all been lies and had found no one sense then. Her home was gone and she had no family left and she'd never gone anywhere else. He was her only neighbor and he'd finally come home to take over the estate, a large vineyard. There was no one else to turn to, what if he wanted revenge, but she had to risk it or spend her life outside and doing that would severely shorten her life, especially when winter was close at hand.


Of Love Eternal

PLOT: A love that would transcend time, though their eyes met but once before her death. A mythical tale perhaps, but true nonetheless. Penthelisea the Amazon killed by Achilles for they were on two different sides of the war and as she died their eyes met and love blossomed quickly but it was far to late as she took her last breath upon the mortal coil. Now a millennia or more later their reincarnations walk the earth. Penthelisea a mercenary from North America working in Africa to help any and all who might need it. Achilles whether or not his name remains the same is a commando whose got just finished his duty as a soldier and can now go wherever he wishes to start his cooperation like his father before him. She enlists his help to find the missing daughter of one of the tribe's leaders, but someone has sabotaged his plane and they have to rely on one another and their wits to see themselves safely out of the jungle... meanwhile the daughter returns to her father on her own with a husband in tow... so the danger they'd put themselves in need never have occurred... but during that week together lost in the jungle tempers are high, but even higher is their need and desire of one another.


Prey for Tomorrow

PLOT: She'd been raised in a convent, but wasn't about to take the vows to become a full fledged nun. Not when she wanted to explore the world. She was the one and only child of the Duke of Roseairn a small principality between Europe and Asia. She had the fair skin of the European, but the eyes and hair of those who were decidedly asian. A willful creature despite her being raised within the convent as she left her fathers keep when it was under siege and he was nowhere to be found. She'd been promised in marrige to the seventh born son of the king, but she didn't wish to wed, but was certain that they could help with the disaster at her fathers keep. Seeking help from what she thought was one of the vagabonds, she didn't know it was her husband-to-be in disguise who didn't wish to take a wife either... his last had had numerous affairs with the serfs and neighbors alike and had never once been with him for he'd believed her fearful of that side of marriage and would give her time, since he'd never really had any inclinition of desire toward any woman... that was until he met his bride to be. Yet it was the King's wish they wed and so they would have to and pehaps in time they could learn to love one another...


Run to Freedom

PLOT: It's the late 17th century when a plantation owner abuses his slaves to no end even when they've done nothing really wrong other than need a drink. This causes many a death, but his neighbors despise him for other reasons. He is believed to even have murdered his wife he's such a violent man. His own daughter cowers and hides from him. Against the rules of that time in the colony of Virginia she falls in love with one of the slaves, blacks and whites at that time were forbid and a woman could be punished severely for entering into a relationship. She loves him, but fears her fathers wrath not upon herself, but what he might do so she tries to disguise her feelings. One night though after her father has whipped her, while drunk and angry at having dropped something she ran to his small cabin. The next day she would realize her mistake and try and keep from spending any time with him. However their coupling would result in a visible sign and before the child is born she'd have to flee, but she did not wish to leave him and the others behind, but it would be less conspicuous if just the two left... their destination if they could make it without being apprehended was toward the West as far as they could... into Indian territory. Their lives depended on escaping, but along the way no doubt there would be many problems presented.

Picture Plots




Games in Progress

Accidental Stowaway [NC]

Plot: A young woman stows away accidentally on a ship... had planned to get off before the boat left the harbor. The Captain soon learns that he has a stowaway and must think of what to do with this intrusion. This woman for the moment is hidden beneath manly baggy clothes and her hair under a cap and dirt from running away from an abusive step-mother and a careless father.

Players: Trinket & Scott

***Blue Moon [EX] [NC]

Plot: Her pack had just been captured by humans who wished to sell fur or at least be rid of the werewolves that they said plagued their lands. Her pack though never bothered anyone or their livestock, the food they obtained was from the wild, like their very distant cousins. Already some had been slaughtered and it was to late, but for some it was not. She would have to enlist the aide of the one male who she dreaded most, whom she knew would much rather kill any female that came to him for some past transgression she didn't understand, but he was the one most likely able to help her save the members of the pack she'd been born into. This event had set back her need to leave and seek out a mate of her own in which to create a new pack, first justice had to be served and whomever had not already been killed saved. Still she had no doubt it would take some convincing for the lone wolf to aid her on this venture.

Players: Trinket & Aiden

Castaway Knight [UN]

Plot - A divorcee working double shifts as a Coroner at the newest hospital in the district. Something strange was going on she knew, with all these new victims. Some of them ended up missing from the Morgue, but all of them had one thing in common, a bite mark on their neck. Determined to get to the bottom of this she enlisted the aid of an Investigative Reporter who only promised to work after dusk and before dawn. Could this Investigative Reporter know more than he's letting on... maybe his secret is that he too is of the same race as those who leave these bite marks, killing instead of just taking what they need and leaving them to recuperate... (Investigative Reporter = Vampire)

Players: Trinket & London


Eden's Serpent [NC] [EX]

Plot - Elves live in a place called Eden, but there is one problem... someone who calls themself Serpent causing all kinds of havoc. Over the many decades that have gone by the Serpent has become a legend, and the Elves came to bring sacrifices to the being whom was never revealed, nor was revealed what happened to the Serpent's victims. Now it's about time to choose a new sacrifice for the Serpent.

Players: Trinket & j9nightelf

Jungle Captive [UN]

Plot - Shot down in a cross fire between guerrilla warfare officials the small aircraft she was flying crashed down into the trees. Luckily she was not captured by those same guerrilla's, in such a place it never did to be a woman alone. Indeed she'd been escaping from the scandal that had erupted about her that just wasn't true, but she'd grown tired of the prank phone calls and innuendos. Her mother was no longer around to protect, and she didn't see any reason to correct the media that the man who had died in her home had been her father during his visit to see her mother again before she too died. Now that her plane had crashed she waited till nightfall before leaving the craft behind in order to make her away, coming to what she assumed was an abandoned hut... unaware that some otherworldly creature took residence there... like possibly a ghost or some other supernatural being that might not take too kindly to her invasion. Then again perhaps that being might take a liking to her and wish to seduce...

Players: Trinket & Author00

Kaleidoscope Vision

PLOT: A sleeping princess held in a tower on a sickly sweet place called Sugar Castle. An innocent who has not aged in the past millennium and thought to be no more than a myth, with the power to create new worlds... and the last of her race. To wake her with a kiss, although it breaks the spell will cause the demons to come out and try and do away with her so that only darkness and destruction can remain for she is the last of her kind. However there is one demon who does not wish her dead, knowing that the balance between light and dark keeps them from ceasing to exist, but there is something else he wanted her for...

Players: Trinket & Saku

Laboratory Investigation [UN]

Plot - A detective not long on the force discovers a horrifying secret about a laboratory that has always been thought to be truthful, on the level. A secret that no one wants to be revealed so assassins are sent after this detective whose only hope is to find the creatures or at least a creature, vampires and demons who will be more than willing to help set their own kind free. This detective has always been intrigued with the darker side of nature and of life, so no matter what creature it is even if it isn't human doesn't make it so that they are less deserving of rights. Soon the detective might come into contact with one of these creatures, but depending upon the creatures nature may or may not alter this detectives feelings towards right and wrong. This creature might just be in a heat cycle.

Players: Trinket & Author00

Nanochip's Bizarre World

PLOT - While working on a new nanochip for the latest game, outside when some sudden electrical current hits the chip and somehow you're dragged into a virtual world that might not be the game at all, but something that current created mixed into the chip. The only thing one might be wondering at that moment is how to escape, to get back home or maybe one just believes they're dreaming... but what happens when the truth really begins to sink in. Here one has to beat the game in order to escape, but will events happen that cause one to hesitate in escaping, but what if even though there are hesitations one soon learns that without the game being defeated everyone will soon cease to exist even if they are only Nanotechnology particles one might grow attached to them and feel at home... but in the end what will the outcome be?

***Pandemonium at Pandora's Cove [UN]

Plot - Several things wash ashore onto the cove this woman has lived all her young life as well as the few years she's considered herself an adult, now twentieth, but never a man. A man whose memory has been lost, which presents her with a dilemma as to what to do... but at first keeps quiet while trying to make the man healthy hoping his memories will return... when they don't ideas may soon start popping into her head about what to make him believe.

Players: Trinket & alkaline veins

***Shiver in the Cold [BON] [NC] [EX]

Plot - A woman had built a legacy in the snow, although she had few followers she was always open to new comers who might later wish to remain and some did, while others left, only those who kept their promise not to say the whereabouts lived to tell. This Queen however was no gentle woman, but still she had a heart at least for her people. For her slaves however it was different, but she was so easily bored. This was the reason she assigned some of her warriors to seek out a new slave, this one she had a different intent... this time to play and not just lightly torture. Maybe its because boredom had driven her to it, but she had her own secrets kept from the rest even though her image was that of someone to be feared. The male that the warriors brought back of course... might not have been what he was thought to be, because to insult a neighboring Kingdom or its King would never do...unless it was one that had long been despised.

Players: Trinket & kurioustoohear

***Two Kingdom's Hearts at War [VAN] [NC-H] [BON]

Plot/Backstory: Two small countries are at tenterhooks with one another, however neither or very well known, especially not within any sort of media. One of the kingdoms last monarch has succumbed to old age, having lost all of his sons and daughters, who left no heirs behind having all died young save for two. His eldest daughter however was placed in a mental ward and being incapable of ruling is not considered. His youngest son disappeared when he was seventeen, no one knows however that he had escaped to America where he met a rancher's daughter from Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. He married said woman and they had one child, a daughter whose twenty-first birthday is coming up. This woman works as a Ranch Hand herself, both her parents recently died on a ski trip where a monumental avalanche occurred. She was with them too and ended up in the hospital for awhile from shock and having contracted pneumonia.

The Young King/Prince of the neighboring Kingdom wants peace between the two kingdoms, but its hardly likely when the other kingdom doesn't even have a ruler or even a true politically system of any sort. His cousin in America invites him to his estate in Colorado for a weekend, his cousin also happens to be his lawyer so he could hardly refuse in either case. He isn't sure why his cousin wants him to visit, but as its just for the weekend he sees no harm in leaving the care of his people to others for such a short time.

This is where the two meet, but holding on to tradition the Young King/Prince cannot and will not marry anyone other than a princess or at least someone that will help with a treaty with another kingdom. So they might have a brief fling and he return to his Kingdom to try and solve the conundrum between his Kingdom and their neighbor, who while large enough to surround them on three sides is much poorer than his. When it is suggested he marry a princess from there he turns it down. The only princess he knows of is to old for him and in the mental ward for attempted murder of herself and others. Yet there is a rumor about the missing prince having lived and produced a daughter of his own, but he doesn't know whether this is true or not... there can be some altercations to this, but the [NC-H] should occur at some point only after this portion.

Players: Trinket & The American Patriot

Beyond Reasoning

PLOT: In an age where pirates ran the seas, the most feared was the French Courtesan. No one knew save for her selected crew that the captain was indeed a French woman, daughter of a Courtesan. One day taking a ship's supplies she decides to take one of its men... to be her own personal servant. However the servant may soon grow weary of her constant demands and never receiving anything for his efforts... and may take things into his own hands once he's got a hold of one of her knives and whips... locking the door to keep the crew members from possibly rescuing their captain.

Players: Trinket and Kertaro

Quest Through Time

PLOT: Finally she'd created what they had said was impossible. A time machine, she'd tested it once and it had sent her an hour backwards. Now though she was about to embark on an adventure to the past, she'd brought it to the place where the Celts had lived on the coast back in the 9th and 10th century. She was curious and wished to take notes and pictures with her camera, never dreaming she'd be mistaken for the Lady of one of the keeps... who'd betrayed her fiance and ran off with some other man. Apparently she was an indirect descendant, but soon she'd make the brute see that she wasn't who he thought she was, by taking him to her time once she got loose of her imprisonment and forced to wed. Perhaps the one who had run off would return... but what would that mean for the two of them when their hearts began to get in the way of logic?

Players: Trinket & rah

Eve of Love

PLOT: At first sight of him her heart and soul knew he was the one, but he was already wed to another. She applied there as their maid, and soon it became obvious that his wife was cheating on him and that she would not allow him to touch her. She heard tales of the now quiet man who had once been vivacious and domineering. He no doubt had loved his wife and perhaps still did, but she thought it no way for him to live and so she set out to bring him happiness with herself. In those days divorces were hard to get, but even if he remained with that woman at least she would have memories she hoped to carry with her for all her days. She longed to see him smile, to hear him laugh... but would his bitterness go away and allow him to believe the truth in the words she said despite having been disillusioned by his wife?

Players: Trinket & kurioustoohear


Fairy's Fountain


Obscure Desires [UN]

Plot - Some seem to be unaware of their desires, mistaking them for something else completely. Others might find this irritating and perhaps some all the more intriguing. There are those that may enjoy turning obscure desires into ones that are finally understood.


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"Do you have any idea how we are talking about here? We are talking about the 'Butcher of Keiv'... The 'Cakemaker of Keiv' could kick all of our asses, and we are talking about the 'BUTCHER of Kevi'... Does that tell you anything?"

Story of the Accident... https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=29000.0


I've been very busy the last couple of months, there were a lot of things to do this semester with 16 credit hours, of which one class was learning a new language and it was like getting quadruple homework... and then papers in other classes. Next week is finals so I'll have plenty of time for here... I'm thinking I should close most if not all what I've been rping due to such a long absence unless those who were participating in them wish to keep them open.


Quote from: Trinket on May 08, 2009, 12:05:22 AM
I've been very busy the last couple of months, there were a lot of things to do this semester with 16 credit hours, of which one class was learning a new language and it was like getting quadruple homework... and then papers in other classes. Next week is finals so I'll have plenty of time for here... I'm thinking I should close most if not all what I've been rping due to such a long absence unless those who were participating in them wish to keep them open.

Oooh what sort of language? Oh and I PMed you regarding one of your ideas if you're interested :)
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+ She's a recluse hiding in the Mountains of Colorado Rockies. One might even call her a hermit who had once sensationalized magazine covers as a popular model and actress at fifteen until twenty and had been hiding for the last seven years with a new identity, touching none of her accounts that held a lot of tempting funds. However before she'd disappeared she'd taken several thousands of dollars out and placed it in an account with her new alias. No one knows why she seemed to have vanished without a trace.

He had been a detective, but that job had become to high strung and he'd turned to the stock market making his first million within eighteen months. From there he started his own chain of hotels and restaurants. He'd been married twice, but it was a disaster and he wasn't about to repeat his mistakes. He'd been married at eighteen, but they both realized it wasn't love they felt and had parted harmoniously... his second marriage at twenty-six as he was beginning to make a place for himself in the world came to a halt when he heard rumors of her cheating on him and claiming that she was six weeks pregnant with his child when he'd been away for three months and only had gotten back a week before she told him, because the reason he'd married her was that she'd claimed she was pregnant with his child and had conveniently miscarried shortly after they were wed. The final straw was when she had an abortion even though the kid wasn't his. It was then that he filed for a divorce... now at thirty-three he's a multimillionaire... and bored with life and lonely. He's decided to take a vacation to the Colordo Rockies... where he hears about a mysterious woman who rarely comes down from the mountain except for food supplies that lasts most of the month and even rarer for new clothes. She doesn't get visitors and doesn't work which he finds rather suspicious, especially having once been a detective.

What neither of them know is that they're both targets of the same madman. A madman he'd once placed behind bars just before the disappearance of the woman who'd took the world by storm once and could have continued to do so. Somehow the madman had something to do with her disappearance, though not directly as he'd been put away for ten to fifteen with possibility of parole in seven. Now he was out and ready for revenge... there survival would depend upon one another in the wild before they could get back to the safety of the very small village. And it was the ex-detective that had led the madman right to his other target so conveniently for him, two birds with one stone crossing his messed up mind.