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May 22, 2018, 11:07:04 AM

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Author Topic: The World of Virex  (Read 500 times)

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The World of Virex
« on: February 22, 2015, 09:00:37 PM »
Hi guys! I'm looking for someone to roleplay with me in this world I have developed, and perhaps alter it and develop it with me. The below is one of the ways it has been created, but I look forward to hopefully having other's inputs and ideas. Please message me with any requests!

The Virex corporation is powerful and oppressive. They have developed nanobot technology to its fullest, and through injection these small machines into the population, they have managed to create an entirely subservient city, which then became a country, and now encompasses most of Europe. They are only expanding. One of the most devious uses of the nanobots is to suppress urges; they are programmed to stop people from doing things Virex does not want, and especially one thing: sex.

Virex has a brutal view on love. They have set it up so that people may only breed with one safely if they fit Virex’s algorithm. To prevent people from disobeying this harsh rule, the nanobots are set up to kill those who orgasm too much out of line. If they detect that there is too much pleasure in the person’s head, they overload it with more pleasure and force the mind to shut down. It is a fitting death, Virex thought, for those who disobeyed them in a lewd way.

They are powerful, but they are not done yet. They may control the economy, most goods sent throughout the world, and the lives of nearly everyone who lives in their region…but there is resistance. The Naked Agency fights against them, created from a coalition of people who saw Virex coming but acted too late. Still, they fight. Their trademark is that they go completely naked; they are untainted by Virex’s clothing or goods, and they use Virex’s power against it. The most experienced, smartest, strongest, and most sexual Naked Agents enter Virex’s region and attempt to topple its rule through sexual subversion.

The risk for them is great. They are usually easily detected; though others may go naked under Virex’s rule, for there is no reason not to now that desires are suppressed, a Naked Agent can be told from a normal citizen usually by their throbbing, glistening erection or soaking wet pussy. Virex has sent out alerts so that their citizens watch out for these dangerous men and women…

…and when the Naked Agents are captured, there is little mercy for them. Typically, they are injected with the nanobots and killed with the free, wild sex they fight for. Not everyone under Virex is a mindless sheep, and the higher executives take special pleasure in watching agents perish under sexual torture. Even if caught on the streets, Naked Agents risk death. If they take too much of the cum of Virex’s people into them, the nanobots are transferred through the cum and can cause death by orgasms.

The Naked Agency is faltering. No agent they have sent into Virex has ever come back, but there have often been videos. Virex mocks the Agency with images of their highest trained professionals screaming out their last against Virex’s power, strong agents slumped, covered in cum and moaning their failure. And yet still, the Naked Agency stands strong. There is no shortage of volunteers to attack Virex, and, perhaps slowly, the enemy will crumble.

Whose side are you on?

This was my first version of the world, posted on Tumblr. It has changed and mutated into many different forms since then; the only aspects of it I really want to keep is the war between Virex and the Naked Agency, and the customs of the Naked Agency. Anything else can be discussed and changed to fit a partner's needs!

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Re: The World of Virex
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2015, 06:45:31 AM »