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Author Topic: Sha'ib: City of Mazes (Arabian Nights/Fantasy Sandbox LGBT Accepting Characters)  (Read 5871 times)

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Offline CrashTopic starter


I have created a finders/seekers thread for artwork.  I will add some tonight but feel free to add your own if you find art you think will work.

Offline Ouroboros

All right! I got a character finished. However, I did leave portions of it blank in case anyone wanted to work up a noble with an insta-tie to another player. ;)

Kiral alim-[undetermined]
Player: Ouroboros
Concept:  A Wizir of the Djaffir
Trouble: All Work and No Play...
Sex: Probably male
Age: Probably in his late 20s
Orientation: Bisexual
Ons & Offs: Are here
Race or People: Jinn-blooded Djaffir

Hair: Dark brown, curly, semi-long; some facial hair.
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 178

Description: (unmasked form is Yassine Rahal; not yet sure of the masked form, if it’s at all different.) The most common impression of Kiral is that he is just another Djaffir, face hidden behind a mask. A fine mask, pristine and blinding white, as befits a Wizir to [Unnamed Noble]. Unmasked, he is dusky and slightly freckled, though upon closer examination the freckles seem almost metallic, strangely striated and reflective. He is lean and wiry, his body flexible, his hair explosive in a way not often found among the Djaffir.

One Unique Thing: The most unique thing about Kiral is that he wears an eyeless mask.

Personality: Kiral is a quiet man, in all his guises. Intelligent but too prone to listening, Kiral is devoted to his work, to the point where his work has subsumed all else in his life. It is probably best then that Kiral has not found love, or even lust, only visiting pleasure houses when the need becomes too great. He can enjoy himself, he is no killjoy; he just needs a good reason.

Skills: Wizir Magic, Mask Crafting, Stealthy Movement, Information Gathering, Knifework

Residence: Kiral keeps a small apartment that is spare and impersonal. He does not spend much time there. There is also a room in the household of [Unnamed Noble] where Kiral sleeps more often, though it is nearly as bare as his apartment.

History: Kiral was orphaned from birth, but taken into the household of Aydin alim-Inan as an infant and raised as his own son. He showed an early aptitude for the arts of stealth and magic, and seemed to be set on a path to become a Wizir to a noble house; Kiral also longed to work with his hands, and in his free time he crafted masks, supple and light, finding great pleasure in their making. When the time came to choose a trade, Kiral chose between his aptitude and his pleasure, choosing the path that would give him more use, that of the Wizir, saving his mask-making hobby for his free time.

As a young man, Kiral apprenticed with a Wizir well-known for her skill in the arts of stealth. He had briefly toyed with playing the role of the guardian, but he knew he did not have it in him to act as a bodyguard. His place was the shadows, as the listening ear, and very rarely, the knife in the dark. It suited his introverted nature, his narrow track of interest. He did well enough, though he would not have described himself as the best in his field. Kiral was humble, he was new to the craft, and the one area where he would have said he excelled was in crafting masks, his old hobby.

Kiral now works in the House of [Name,] in the household of [Unnamed Noble]. (Left undefined in case of player association.) During his employment, Kiral has crafted his own masks, one a perfect blank for his public work with [Unnamed Noble], the other a more standard white mask. Enchanted of course. (If Unnamed Noble wishes it, Kiral will craft his mask as well.)

Equipment: Often carried on Kiral’s person are the essentials. A knife, a book, paper and charcoal for writing, chalk for marking, pigment for staining. Money - because money opens doors and makes the world work. And of course, Kiral’s mask, more important even than the clothes he wears.
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Offline CrashTopic starter

Nice to see characters and concepts starting to trickle in.

Offline Whimsical

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Interest check --- contemplating....

Offline CrashTopic starter

Welcome Whimsical.

Offline RedPhoenix

Sort of a rough draft. Would like for this to be involved in someone else's background (see the history section) if anyone is interested...

Name: Majidah the Dancer
Player: RedPhoenix
Concept: Lovely Servant
Trouble: Lack of Purpose, Conflicting Loyalties
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Orientation: Omni
On’s: Art, Poetry, Splendor, Dancing, Riches, Power
Off’s: Squalor, Rudeness, Illiteracy
Race or People: Hadaree of Indeterminate Origin

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Weight: ~130


Majidah is a beguiling dancing girl who keeps herself as well groomed and immaculate as she can at all times. Her eyes are always painted with dark powders and her lips and fingernails darkened. She wears flashy clothes with brightly colored light cloth and convincing fakes of dangly gems and precious metals adorning her person.

One Unique Thing:

As a former concubine of a royal palace, Majidah knows a great many secrets about a great many people.


Majidah is driven to please, protect, and otherwise enhance all she can about the one she currently views as her master. She is fiercely protective and very devoted. She enjoys reading and appreciating art and loves intellectual conversations. She views those who do not appreciate art as beneath her and quickly dismisses any opinions of such peopled as uncultured babblings of barbarians. She is not bothered at all by being a slave per se, but could be greatly vexed at having the wrong master or mistress.


Personal Assistance (massage, hair, makeup, shaving, basically attending to a person's needs)
Savoir Faire


Until recently the royal harem. She is currently housed in a what she considers a desolate madrasa.


Majidah's ancestry is unknown, she was sold as a slave girl at a very early age and the slaver's knowledge of her lineage, if any, was not recorded. Wherever she came from, she learned to read and write before even being captured. She grew up healthy and lovely and exceptionally gifted at pleasing others and caught the eye of the Sultan, who politely commented on her pleasing nature and was soon gifted by her former master to the noble house. She was put to work in the harem where she very quickly learned the ways of a concubine and greatly enjoyed the mostly luxurious life that she lived in her lavish home.

Majidah was a favorite of poets and scholars, her ability to stimulate such men and women both mentally and physically made her very popular and there are no small amounts of poems that are subtly and not so subtly about her snuck into various great collections. Her loyalty to her royal master was unquestioned. The Sultan and his trusted viziers knew they could rely on her counsel and discretion and often she found herself visited for an intellectual discourse moreso than a physical interaction. When she was called form the harem, there was an equal chance she would perform as a dancing girl as there was that she would perform as a lesser minister for a short time. Her many talents, devout loyalty, and beautiful form made her a prize slave. After seven years as a concubine she had no thoughts that she would ever live any other life.

Fate, however, had other things in mind. An unfortunate roll in a dice game caused her to be lost to a visiting noble. This man was rather crooked in his ways and decided that, instead of gifting her back to the Sultan as custom would expect, to use her to destroy a thorn in his side. The priestess Farrah bint Khaleel had taken over monitoring the water use near to him and was immovable through threats or bribery. So he decided to make her a gift she couldn't possibly afford to ruin her. He gave her Majidah, sending the confused concubine to the spartan madrasa that the Bull of Apsu resided in, with a perfumed message of peace and friendship.

Majidah was shocked to see the simple quality of her new dwellings and daily, loudly, despairs over it. Still she is a loyal slave and is doing all she can to slowly convince her new mistress to add some glamour to her life to get closer to the comforts she once enjoyed.  Although she still questions why fate would send her to a place like this, the incorruptible Bull has a rather tantalizing appeal that Majidah finds herself challenged by. Majidah finds herself in interesting times.


The prince sent her on her way with a small carriage filled with her clothes, accessories, books, and other personal belongings.
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Offline CrashTopic starter

Very nice Red!

Offline Paladin101

Name: Rashid dar-Fariq dar-Abhir dar-Bashir
Concept:  A devout dervish of Upuaut. He serves often as a guide for caravans going to or from Sha’ib as a way to both make money, and to help keep the lines of communication open between the Tribes and the City.
Trouble:  He killed the son of a powerful Hadaree Wizir when he discovered him and a band of his friends despoiling an ancient temple of Upuaut that had been buried beneath the sands. The Hadaree were taking the offerings which had been left for Upuaut, and intended to take them back to town. Rashid did not allow this, and now there is a powerful wizir who holds a powerful grudge.
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Orientation: Straight
On’s: Strong, independent women,oral, teasing, romance, light bondage(giving and receiving)
Off’s: Anything bathroom, humiliation or high pain related.
Race or People: Bedu

Hair: black
Eyes: green
Weight:170 lbs

Rashid is a slender, well muscled man whose body has been honed and weathered by years of traveling the Great Dune Sea. He keeps his beard as well trimmed as he can on the road, often looking nicer when he is visiting town. He has a number of scars along his arms, torso and legs from years of facing the dangers of the desert, and facing down those who threaten the freedom of the Bedu.


One Unique Thing: Rashid believes Upuaut speaks to him on the wind sometimes, and wil often go to the highest point he can reach to whisper his prayers into a passing windstorm.

Personality: Rashid is a man who finds joy in the simple things, a beautiful sunset, a crisp apple, a beautiful woman, all of these are blessings he enjoys whenever he can. He believes in finding what joy he can in each day, as he never knows where tomorrow’s journeys will take him, and this often makes it hard for him to make lasting friends. But those friends he does make find him to be a loyal friend who will travel the length of the Dune Sea to come to their aid.

Skills: Dervish magic, desert survival and tracking, swordplay(scimitar and dagger), cartography, archery (short recurved bow)

Residence:  A tent he carries on his trusty camel, or when in Sha’ib he has a favorite house he will occupy in the more deserted parts of the city.

Born to the Bashir clan of the Bedu, Rashid was never destined to be an important man. His father was a simple soldier, and the Bashir clan had never been one of the more powerful clans of the Bedu. Yet Rashid found pleasure in the life of a soldiers son, and was a happy youth, brave and bold as he often would strike out into the desert around the camp of his tribe without his parents permission. On one such journey he became lost in a sandstorm, and managed to find shelter in a ruin half buried beneath a dune. He would later learn that the ruin he sheltered in was an ancient temple to Upuaut. As he hid in the temple, he heard a voice whispering to him, telling him what to do to survive. When the storm passed the voice was still speaking, talking to him about the wonders to be found by taking such chances, by striking out, and searching the world for new sights.

So began his worship of Upuaut. Soon after he saw a dervish engage a band of outsiders who were trying to raid the caravan his family was traveling with. He became fascinated by the way the twisting, turning combat of the scimitar wielding dervish resembled the flowing movement of Upuaut's wind. He managed to convince a dervish to train him, and dedicated himself to the art of the dervish. In every flowing movement of his body he saw the winds of Upuaut, and devoted himself to becoming a living embodiment of Upuaut's will. He trained hard for years, until he was eighteen summers old, and was told he was a man, and was to begin his own personal journey.

Rashid set out, determined to map and explore as much of the Dune Sea as he could. For six years he traveled the Dune Sea without pause, and without returning once to a place he had been before. The maps he made were of fine quality, and he found many small grottos and places of beauty in his journeys. Returning home, he discovered his parents had died in a raid from outsiders who broke the laws of hospitality. The Bashir tribe was weakened and in need of a form of wealth. Rashid offered to go guide trade caravans from the city to the tribe, something that had been hard for them as the Bashir tribe rested deep in the desert. The tribe agreed, and ever since, for six months of the year, Rashid has served as guide to caravans going to and from the depths of the Dune Sea.


Scimitar, curved dagger, 5 throwing daggers, rhino horn recurve shortbow, quiver of 20 arrows, longspear(used as a walking stick and good against charging beasts), armor, camel (named Turuq), several waterskins, travel rations, cartography equipment, Scrollcase containing copies of most of the maps he has drawn), small amount of money, tent, standard travel gear (such as rope, whetstones, etc)
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Offline Ouroboros

Oh my. Are secondary characters allowed already? Because I need to make this happen.

Offline CrashTopic starter

Paladin101 - Please shrink that second image of his armor.  I love the character, but see the note below.  You are not the only player to do this. ;)  Honestly I think he is awesome without being a Dervish.

GM Note

This is something that is cropping up and I would like to check it a little now.  Please do not double and triple up concepts in one character.  Clerics (Priests/Paladins) should not be Mages and Mages should not be Clerics.  No one should have more than one form of magic please.  These are callings and you do a disservice to your god or your magic to not devote your full time to it.  I did not mention this before sorry. 

Offline Paladin101

Oh I guess I didn't know the paladin aspect would give him magic. I'll work on changing it up, even though I liked the dervish part. :(

EDIT: There took out the dervish bits.
« Last Edit: February 24, 2015, 08:39:42 PM by Paladin101 »

Offline Dhi

Does a Bull of Apsu have magic? I mostly just wanted to serve the church in a martial capacity.

Offline CrashTopic starter

Not magic in the flash-bang sense, but gods look after their devout in their own ways. 

Priests and Paladins have a calling which would prevent them from learning a whole different vocation.

You can be someone that worships a god and be a Dervish, but a Paladin/Dervish is a no-go.  Dervishes spend a lot of time working on their dances as they have to be perfection in order to work and the movements are complex and subtle/

Offline Paladin101

Quick question then, as the deity I worship is the god of the wind and travel and such, one of the things I wanted to do with dervish magic is like air walking as he spun, being able to take steps up in the air, maybe small columns of air pushing up sand to serve as footholds for him, so he could walk up and around his enemies as he fought them. Could his paladin magic accomplish this still?

Offline CrashTopic starter

No. That is more flash-bang magic. Any ability of a god would tend to be subtle.  A priest of Upuaut would pray for safe travel and good weather for a long trip.

I don't want this to be dungeons and dragons where clerics are just another mage with crazy powers.  Any miracles performed for a priest or paladin should be subtle.

Sometimes a god will show off through their follower, but that shouldn't be the norm.

« Last Edit: February 24, 2015, 08:53:54 PM by Crash »

Offline Paladin101

Damn. : / Well guess I have to sacrifice one half of my cool character. :(  fare thee well gentle dervish!

Offline CrashTopic starter

Paladin101 - Not necessarily.  You could simply make him a devoted follower of Upuaut and not a paladin.  That way your Dervish could use his dances to honor Upuaut.  It is a subtle difference but an important one.  Your background still very much works that way.

Offline Paladin101

Hmm. True. I may go back in and do that and switch it back to a dervish and just be really fuckin devout. :D lol

Offline Dhi

I'm not really concerned with having competitive game mechanics, since this is freeform and I like the concept of a paladin regardless. But I'm not sure what the draw is to being a paladin/Bull. It sounds like you could say, my character is a sand mage who follows Apsu and works with the church to safeguard water, or you could say, my character is a paladin of Apsu, but that then prohibits her from using magic.

What could a paladin expect in return for giving up these other, very flavorful options?

Offline CrashTopic starter

Dhi - For the Bedu a priest or paladin would have better access to an oasis especially of the tribe is friendly or at least neutral to your god.  They are generally respected by the different nomad tribes which is really important when out on the sands. 

Like I said if you are a priest or paladin your god may tweak things in your favor.  It would be up to the player to explain how.  If you are fighting something that goes against your god well.....then your God could flex their muscle a little bit and show the bad guys who is boss.  I just see the gifts offered to a Priest or a Paladin to be distinctly different than the obtuse form magics usually take.

I would suggest that a Priest or Paladin that wants special powers should take a skill of Prayers.  Those that simply want the better station offered by being a Priest/Paladin can take the title without the skill.
« Last Edit: February 24, 2015, 09:02:30 PM by Crash »

Offline CrashTopic starter

What I am trying to avoid is the....

Cleric of Asaheem, Ifrit-Blooded, Domad Khan who knows Wizir Magic and Wishcraft character.

One other thing....While a Paladin of Apsu can get away with killing a fellow Bedu that was trying to poison an Oasis, an extremely devout follower of Apsu would still have to answer to the Sheikh of the man doing the poisoning and at least make restitution to him for the loss of the dead man.

Offline Dhi

What would a skill of prayers give a character in terms of flavor?

Offline CrashTopic starter

Subtle miracles in favor of the character with the occasional spectacular display of the god's favor if they avoid sins. If you are looking for gaming terms you can boost things you do that match your gods Aspects and Duties as these are your god's focus and they care little about things outside their focus.

Bulls of Apsu likely don't need to drink as much water to stay hydrated or can feel Apsu's strength course through them when defending an oasis.  If a Bull is lost in the desert and dying a stray camel may happen by at just the right time.  A Jug of Apsu can purify water, has little to fear of hippos, can find water were others find none...etc...etc...

Magic is easy.  Devotion to your god is not.

See my last post for added benefits of being a member of the clergy. 

Offline Dhi

I have Farrah as a Hadaree rather than Bedu, since Hadaree are described as anyone born in the city, regardless of bloodline. Her family is certainly Bedu.

Offline CrashTopic starter

EDIT: There took out the dervish bits.

Looks good Paladin.

I have Farrah as a Hadaree rather than Bedu, since Hadaree are described as anyone born in the city, regardless of bloodline. Her family is certainly Bedu.

In that case being a Bull of Apsu would benefit her even more with the Bedu tribes.  She would be seen as remembering her old ways and may even be seen by some as still being Bedu. While all Bedu are required by hospitality to give a traveler access to water, they do not have to be nice about it if they consider them dangerous or untrustworthy.  Being a Bull of Apsu would go a long way in easing any tensions.