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January 18, 2017, 06:20:27 AM

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Author Topic: Need Someone To Play Vampires | Cyberpunk Vampire World Idea : OOC  (Read 294 times)

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Offline tealpurplesilverTopic starter

Time Period: 4050, Cyberpunk.
Your Character(s): Vampire(s).
My Character(s): Human(s).
Genres: Action / Drama, Bloodplay, Possible Romance, Possible Character Death, Sadness
Setting: Techno City

In this Cyberpunk themed world roleplay, VAMPIRES rule the city and most of the world, over taking the humans. To resolve this, the blood drinking scientist vampires have decided to try and create humans from Petri dishes of existing human's DNA to attempt to create the perfect blood type, not to mention the perfect human who could last them a good long time if not forever, as a blood slave. After many decades of attempting this experiment, it seems they have finally succeeded, but with some drawbacks of course.

(I can't PM as of yet due to the fact I am a new member, so if you are interested, go ahead and reply to this thread for right now.)

My Vampire Standards:
1. Vampires do not sparkle.
2. They cannot consume human food or drink unless they wish to violently throw it back up. They can only drink from live humans or animals.
3. They have no added powers such as shadow walking, hypnotism, sprouting wings, changing form, mind / soul reading, flying, levitating, etc.
4. Garlic, silver, and holy water / objects have no affect on them.
5. Their fangs do not retract in or out like cat's claws.
6. Their eyes vary from black to red to any normal color pairing. However, vampire's eyes do not magically change color.
7. Their skin is deathly pale and cold to the touch because they have no beating heart.
8. Vampires do not sleep.
9. They do breathe, but it's not necessary to one's survival, so you cannot strangle or restrict a vampire's breathing like you could do to a human.
10. Sunlight does not kill a vampire, but it certainly doesn't do wonders to their skin and eyes.
11. Vampires can walk through doors and windows at their leisure; they do not have to be invited inside first.
12. Fire, or chopping off one's head will kill a vampire permanently.

(Werewolves are not included in this roleplay. Just vampires and humans.)

Offline tealpurplesilverTopic starter

Re: Need Someone To Play Vampires | Cyberpunk Vampire World Idea : OOC (1x1)
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2015, 08:33:14 PM »
Forgot to mention that this will be a 1x1 roleplay.