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Author Topic: Seeking a Cum Slut (M Seeking Any)  (Read 1696 times)

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Offline LostInTheMistTopic starter

Seeking a Cum Slut (M Seeking Any)
« on: February 21, 2015, 12:01:47 PM »
Okay, so this is something I'd kind of enjoy. I'm not looking for a lot of plot here. I'm looking to play a male character opposite a female character (your actual gender doesn't matter to me) who is a cum slut. I do want a literate partner who can write clearly and a fair amount... but this is essentially something to be used to relax and blow off steam without having to think too hard about the story itself.  Consider it the writing version of a vacation.

Take a gander below and send me a pm if you're interested.

I dreamed up a number of minor details and possible settings/pairings and I'd be willing to do any of these.

Just to clarify, any and all characters involved will be 16 or older.


Plot details: Basically the male character finds out about the female character's secret desires to be a cum slut. The man in well-endowed and has always produced an excessive amount of semen. He finds the temptation to move on it impossible to resist. Alternatively, I would be willing to do a case where the woman approaches the man and convinces him to dominate her. If you have other ideas, I'd be interested in hearing them....


Fantasy: For the most part low fantasy without too many fantastic creatures and a little bit of magic here and there. I would be willing to play across an elf, but I tend to prefer human x human stories. There might be little magic, but a little bit to play around with could be fun.

Science Fiction: More hard science fiction than soft science fiction. Think Firefly level of tech (only tech level; setting doesn't have to be the same).... No FTL travel, no aliens, but plenty of fun technology to play around with.

Modern: The modern world with a few twists that allow impossible things to exist. (Like pills to make you lactate, or a way to speed up pregnancies, etc.)

Other: I'd be interested in hearing other possibilities beyond the three above if you have them.


By no means an exhaustive list. I know incest pairings feature prominently on here, but it's not a requirement. I would

Male on the left, female on the right.

Brother x Sister
Father x Daughter
Cousin x Cousin
Uncle x Niece
Teacher x Student
Jock x Cheerleader
Nerd x Cheerleader
Jock x Nerd
Male Cheerleader x Female Cheerleader
Noble x Commoner
Commoner x Princess/High Noble Woman
Ship's Captain x Other Officer
Other Officer x Ship's Captain

Like I said above this is by no means an exhaustive list. I'd consider fandoms, but only if the writer AND the pairing really, really, really interested me.

Male Character: The Male Character would need to have a large cock and balls, producing lots of or excessive semen. (Note: I'd be willing to consider a futa character.)

Female Character: I have no real preference here, aside from avoiding obesity and dwarfism (no offense).


Finally, some kinks I'd enjoy including. Not all of these need to be included, and some probably go without saying, but I figured I'd include them.)

Dominance/Submission (Master/Pet greater than Master/Slave greater than Dominant/Submissive, but any are fine.)
Dirty Talk
Sweaty, Dirty, Frantic Sex
Clothed Male, Naked Female
Public Sex (Exhibitionist or secretive, or both.)
Forbidden Sex (Goes with Incest or Authority Figures with Minors [only age 16 or above], Across Social Classes, etc.)
Cum Inflation (Squicks some people, some people love it... I'm in the latter group.)
Cock/Ball Worship
Pregnancy (Or Risk of Pregnancy)

(I'm up for pretty much anything if you can dream it up. Yes, anything. But I won't do things outside of YOUR comfort zone, so have no fear there.)

If you're still interested, send me a pm.
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Offline Souris Cordo

Re: Seeking a Cum Slut
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2015, 02:14:26 PM »
Hello, I know that you're most likely skeptical at my profile has nor writing material to properly judge with, but I'd like you to know this RP sounds interesting and if you yourself are still into the idea, feel free to get back to me and we can work something out, thank you  :-)

Offline LostInTheMistTopic starter

« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2015, 09:07:36 PM »
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Offline LostInTheMistTopic starter

Re: Seeking a Cum Slut
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2016, 01:32:43 PM »

Offline DinaFlower

Re: Seeking a Cum Slut (M Seeking Any)
« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2016, 04:01:11 AM »
I would be interested in looking into the Teacher X Student with you.

Offline LostInTheMistTopic starter

Re: Seeking a Cum Slut (M Seeking Any)
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2018, 10:52:26 PM »
Slight modification and a bump. Please do PM me, do not post here. Before I was willing to take posts here, but I find it works better if we set up a PM conversation.