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Author Topic: Looking for Writing Amigos!  (Read 1408 times)

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Looking for Writing Amigos!
« on: February 21, 2015, 01:51:11 PM »
Hey guys!

I figured the best way to find someone to RP with is to write my own ideas as to what I want. Before I get into the story though, I figured I'd share some of my information about who I am, what I'm looking for, and what you can expect out of me. Please DO NOT MESSAGE ME HERE. If you are interested in an RP, PM me so I can keep this clean and easy to reference.

About Me as a Writer/RPer
  • I have 6 years of experience in roleplays
  • I have been writing books (trying to finish them) for about 2 years
  • I can play both a female and male role
  • I've never played as a female x female role before, but I'm very open to it. However, I'll probably just play as someone inexperienced.
  • My characters can range greatly, but I lean more towards the empowered women/men and vigilante/warrior types. I can play quieter characters, but they aren't my go to cards.
  • While I am quite active on the weekends, I am a college student so during the week I may be too busy to reply. If I go missing for over a week, shoot me a message as I may have forgotten about it in the chaos of homework and my own writing.

What to Expect
  • Regular posting (at least once every day or two)
  • Some bloody violence if the story calls for it, I'm all into the action and fighting scenes
  • Willing to trade off ideas between each other for what we want
  • Open mindedness towards ideas (unless stated otherwise in preferences)
  • Interest in a romantic relationship between characters
  • Self-empowered characters whether male or female. These characters aren't immortal and can be scared/unsure but usually they have some kind of drive that makes them do what they do.
  • RPs that aren't entirely sex driven, but the sex scenes are detailed and very intimate (whether for love or lust reasons). If there are a pair of characters that just totally have the hots for each other and they are the way they get through stress, I'm a little more okay with that.
  • Long, detailed replies. Even my short stuff is a few paragraphs, but I'm usually pretty good about making it work where there's enough for you to respond to

What I Want
  • Experience in writing simply because I really want to be able to bring worlds to life with whomever I'm doing this with.
  • Won't drop something in two days because they lose interest
  • Is interested in batting around ideas together. I LOVE brainstorming.
  • Isn't solely into it for the sex. I understand if we get into a RP that is mostly just sex, but if we have a plot, I want to defeat the monster, not be having sex the whole time while the city burns down.

Fandom Plots
Original Plots
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Re: Unbreakable Ideas (Original & Fandom)
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2015, 02:05:39 PM »
Simple Pairings

These roleplays are just basically a couple that I want to end up together, but I have no plot for at the moment. These I would really like some input from someone else to help get the ball rolling on a storyline. Most likely I will have some kind of idea to go off of though, however the exact way they are together isn't set in stone (i.e. The scientist and experimented might be together because the experimented volunteered or maybe they didn't). These rps are open to any gender and gender pairings such as f/f, m/f, m/m, ect. Just let me know what you would like to do when you PM me.

I will bold the role I would like to play, but if I have no preference, I'll leave it unmarked.

Supernatural/Fantasy Themed
Vampire x Human
(No Twilight)
Vampire x Werewolf

Human x Werewolf
Hunter x Vampire
Hunter x Werewolf
Hunter x Shape Shifter

Angel x Demon
Angel x Fallen
Fallen x Demon

Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider x Mentor
(Can be currently a rider or in the past have been)
Dragon Rider x Royalty
Dragon Rider x Warrior
Dragon Rider x Civilian

Mage x Thief

1900's - Modern Themes
Scientist x Subject
Subject x Subject

Mutant x Mutant
Mutant x Human

Vigilante x Vigilante
Vigilante x Reporter
Vigilante x Nurse
Vigilante x Civilian
Vigilante x Villain
Civilian x Villain
Nurse x Villain
Reporter x Villain

Mercenary x Target
Soldier x Soldier
Soldier x Civilian
Soldier x Nurse
Spy x Spy

Historical Themed
Time Traveler x Native of Era
American Revolution

Viking x Viking
Viking x Captive (f/f or m/f)
Roman Soldier x Roman Soldier (m/m)
Roman Soldier x Witch
Roman Soldier x Princess/Prince

Prince x Princess
Prince x Prince
Prince x Knight
Prince x Archer
Prince x Servant
Prince x Thief/Trouble Maker
Princess x Princess
Princess x Knight
Princess x Archer
Princess x Servant
Princess x Thief/Trouble Maker
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Re: Unbreakable Ideas (Original & Fandom)
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2015, 02:30:11 PM »

These are basically all the fandoms I'm apart of and are interested in RP in their world or as characters. Understand that I'm not always going to know every detail about these topics. I do have interest in them, but that doesn't mean I'm a guru. With these, I'll play canon characters, do ships, or do entirely original characters, but just use the world. Again, these are open for m/m, m/f, f/f, herm/f, ect. If I have pairings that I'm interested in, I'll put them underneath the title.

The Dresden Files
Prince of Thorns
Odd Thomas

Attack on Titan
Can be placed in the series or just use the characters for modern times.
Levi x Erwin
Jean x Marco

Shizuo x Izaya
The Last Air Bender
Legend of Korra

300: Rise of an Empire
Princess Bride
Sherlock Homes (Movies)
Clash of the Titans
Big Hero 6

Red Hood

TV Shows
Musketeers (BBC)
Sherlock (BBC)

Video Games
Assassins Creed
Any brand new ideas or new eras are welcomed.
Altair x Mikal
Edward x Mary

Devil May Cry
DmC or anime
Watch Dogs
Titan Fall

Table Top Realms
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Re: Unbreakable Ideas (Original & Fandom)
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2015, 04:17:03 PM »
Fan-Fiction Plots

As can be guessed, these are plots that I have came up with out of stories that exist already. These are in the fandom's life, but they might be brand new characters or a pair of cannon characters that I just have a story line I want. These stories might call for a specific gender mix up, but I'm pretty flexible so if you can modify it with a new storyline, I'm down for it.

Assassin's Creed: Fall of the Brotherhood
Genders: Any
Sexual Orientation: Any
Pairing: Assassin x Target
Time in Saga: The fall of the Brotherhood, following AC I
Location: Persia
Plot: For hundreds of years, the Brotherhood has stood tall against all the odds. They have witnessed the rise and fall of many empires, helped bring down tyrants, and restore balance a thousand times over. Yet they will not survive their greatest threat yet: themselves.

The assassin is someone who's been comfortably living their whole life and owes their survival to it. Yet it is following these missions that throws them directly into the crossfire as they kidnap their last target for the Brotherhood. A fellow assassin soon brings troubling news to the nest of treachery in the midst of negotiation with the war criminal. He had been attacked on his way back from Europe by his own kind, nearly killing him, and proving that the threat of betrayal has already seeped in further than had been rumored by Altair prior putting the trio in great danger.

Now a proper royal must learn to become an assassin and an assassin has to learn to fear those he trusted the most as the Brotherhood is exposed to Persia and burned to the ground.

Assassin's Creed I
Genders: M/M
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Pairing: Altair x Mikal
Plot: Through better or for worse, the boys had been together since they were children. They both learned how to fight side by side, memorized the Creed, and learned to be faithful to their leader. Even after the horrible accident that took Mikal's arm and planted the seed of tension between the two, they remained close. One the assassin and one the scholar. Just as soon as they became more comfortable with each other, maybe even friends, Altair tore it down yet again by destroying everything Mikal knew.

With no Creed and most of the brotherhood disbanded, they had very few to lean on as they continued to work forward on their missions. It forced the pair back together and cooperate yet again.

Assassin's Creed V: Black Flag
Genders: M/F
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Pairing: Edward Kenway x James Kidd/Mary
Plot: It's been true since Edward laid his eyes on the lad, he felt attraction to the man - whether he liked it or not. That awkward attraction only burst forth fully when he realized that his gay crush turned out to be a lass, a woman who he wasn't sure he could keep up with at all. It was that wild spark that drew him to her and her ability to rationalize and bring a calmness about him while making him feel like he was walking on fire at the same time. If he hadn't been married, he was sure he would have courted her and if she hadn't been doomed to die.

But she wasn't. Mary made it out of prison and joined him on the Jackdaw, causing an unsure romance to hesitantly grow around the two as he helped her back onto her feet.
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Re: Unbreakable Ideas (Original & Fandom)
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2015, 04:28:03 PM »
Original Plots

These are plots that I have came up with myself. These can be in already existing universes or be inspired by something else, but the characters I'm using are new. These stories might call for a specific gender mix up, but I'm pretty flexible so if you can modify it with a new storyline (and you can convince me that this new sex duo works), I'm down for it.

Soul Bound
Pairing: Mage x Thief
Era: Modern, Medieval, or Future
Genders: Any
Sexual Orientation: Any
Plot: MC is a thief who is the "prince/princess" of a thieves guild. Since their father was the original ruler, MC has taken over on the role. However, after finding out his father was murdered by a fellow thief they fled out of worries for their younger sister's life. Since then they've been stealing to survive more than live as comfortably like MC is use to. One night they get cocky and decides to rob the magic guild in hopes of striking it rich to get out of the slums they are having to live in and get back into the upper middle class at least.

While there, they accidentally stumbles across YC during MC attempt to make it to the vault of magical relics. In response to their presence, YC calls the security/guards on them and chases after them. In trying to flee though, MC is cornered and draws one of the swords that they snatched. This weapon had previously held a dragoness inside it, one that had been sealed in the feudal era to prevent the end of mankind. Now, it's loose and has bonded with MC. Because YC knows what this is, they opt to aid in their escape and eventually teams up with them to recapture or kill this new threat.

Iron & Brimstone
Pairing: Angel x Demon
Era: Future
Genders: M/M
Sexual Orientation: Gay or Bisexual
Plot: This is a world where Earth has become over populated, poor, and polluted. Out of need to control the population, the human race brings back the ancient, over glorified and violent sport of Gladiators. Unlike the Roman times, these fighters are not there as slaves, it is an occupation as an entertainer to fight and die in the arena. However, these men and women also live like royalty behind the lines when not in training as they are very well paid and usual can have whomever they wish. These are the new queens and kings of the world.

However, with this new darkness spreading over the Earth, an ancient evil has also returned: Demons and hell spawns. With the earth infested with violence, lust, drug abuse, and general evil; it is easy for their kind to slowly consume the world in it's darkness. The angels are not blind to this, but with their kind falling out of favor with the human race due to the suffering on Earth, they do not have the soldiers they use to have when religion was more prominent in the world. So, they begin enlisting the help of every person they can spare - this includes bestowing archangel powers to a half-archangel.
However, who was to be their trump card, turns against them as he has no interest in defending the world from an evil that has shaped his life since he was born. He is content with where his life is and has little intention of throwing it away for Heaven. Until he's killed.

Upon waking, Roy is given every ounce of power a full archangel should have and more. He alone is expected to defend the human race from a threat that had been alive since before the humans. However, no sword or shield will protect him from sympathizing with a hell spawn like him and falling in love.

Princess Charming
Pairing: Princess x Knight
Era: Historical, Futuristic, Alternate Modern World
Genders: F/F
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Plot: An the good king has done his best with the land he owns and chances he gives the world. Ever since he took over after his tyrant of a father, he's done well to bring the world back into order out of the plunging chaos of war it had previously been under. Yet though all his success in the world, he's most proud of the strong woman he has raised his daughter to be, the one who ought to be taking the throne that her mother left barren for so long.

Yet it's quickly approaching the princess' eighteenth birthday and still no suture has come to claim her hand in marriage.

The king wants to be a good father, but he cannot leave his people without a ruler in his failing health. He fears greatly that without a king, they will return to the same rituals as before, the same barbaric patterns he broke them from. So he tries again and again to find someone to marry his headstrong daughter. Each time a possible husband is presented though, they are discarded without interest from the princess or they leave out of the refusal for her to bend to their will. In the end it leaves him more and more concerned, causing his health to fail faster and faster.

Out of desperation, he takes away the chance of her to choose her own husband. Now it has become a spectacle as there is to be a tournament for her hand in marriage, all of noble blood are prompt to attend. Though she is furious by her father's choice as the brutish, self absorbed men hold her interest not more than a fleeting second, a knight stands out among them. He is not as large as the others, but he makes his impression loud in clear from his flawless victory in the first round of tournament and actual encouragement of the princess' independence whenever he can.

However this man isn't one from a well known noble line. The palace he claims to be from is not well known, small, and extremely odd overall in customs. Nothing about him adds up in the old man's eyes, yet his daughter is falling hard for him and spending every waking moment together. The king soon starts to become fearful of his daughter's well being as he is determined to discover whatever secrets this knight is holding. But it isn't a cloak and dagger plot they is hiding behind her armor.
Note: It is optional to have the knight actually be a spy for another country but ends up truly falling for the princess! This could add a certain fun and drama element to the plot line

Shattered Mind
Pairing: Mutant x Mutant or Mutant x Human
Era: Modern
Genders: Any
Sexual Orientation: Any
Inspiration: X-Men: First Class
Plot: MC, YC, and YC sibling had all been best friends since they developed their powers. They were all very close and rarely ever hid anything from each other. They stayed this way until their senior year of HS when MC's parents were killed in a car crash. After, MC became distant, depressed, and suicidal. Though they lived with YC and sibling, it was difficult for them with the strain on their mind and eventually they ran away to join the Army right after graduation.

After serving for three years, MC finally let them know where they went and informed them that MC would be home soon. However, on the way back, their plane was shot down and they were left to survive on their own for four years, leaving them even more broken when they came home. However, they did their best to recover what they use to have. Things started turning out better when YC announced they had a sanctuary for mutants like them and was training them to control their abilities and survive in society. This idea wasn't liked by all and an apposing group went out and killed YC's sibling, leaving MC even more raw and angry turning more violent and hateful of the world he had come home to while YC tried to keep everything together and allow mutants to live in society as they ought to be allowed.

Champion of the Royals
Era: Modern
Genders: M/F
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Inspiration: A dream
Plot: Twenty years ago, a guard rescued an princess from a crumbling society that had been drawn into war. Having no where to take her, he left her on Earth in hopes to return to her as soon as he could. However, the war still raged and the King and Queen were dead and their Princess had lost all of her memories of home, thinking them just a dream.

Realizing she is needed back home, he returns for her only to learn that she doesn't remember him at all and that the toddler he left on Earth had grown into a woman in his absence - one who would prefer not to fight. The kingdom needs a warrior princess though and he can't lead this battle without her for he isn't a royal. In their attempts to get their kingdom together, a forbidden love blossoms between them as they learn they are soul mates despite the culture's rules against royalty and commoners - even high standing guards. Still, he refuses to give up his love for her or the kingdom to their invaders and she refuses to remain the damsel in distress.
Notes: Roles may be reversed if desired!!

No One's Subject
Era/Location: Vikings, Europe 1400s
Genders: Any
Sexual Orientation: Any
Inspiration: Berserk and Dishonored
Plot: There was once a great kingdom that reigned over the northern European country with great beauty and grace, friends to all neighboring countries and famous for their acceptance among their people. However, it was not a country of wealth as it was well distributed among the king and peasants alike leaving the lords of the land barely richer than the people who lived on it. That greed is what poisoned the king's wine that night and brought the country to its knees when the princess/prince too went missing, a country without a ruler; headless and helpless. Those greedy men were more than thrilled to refit a new king on the throne while the true heir was thrown away to the waste to be little more than a prisoner in their own land.

The thrall has no allegiance to this kingdom though and was left unaffected. Taken as a child to be raised as a viking slave, they have had little aspirations other than dying well on the battle field and maybe earning their freedom through serving well. That is all flipped on it's head when they are kidnapped by a group of loyalist, determined to regain their rightful ruler. For the chance of their own freedom, the thrall accepts and chooses to hunt down this heir and bring them back alive but one does not bring back the rightful ruler without some spotlight attention.

Era: Modern
Genders: Any
Sexual Orientation: Any
Inspiration: Ryder: Rebirth
Plot: What happens when a hero dies? Does their legacy simply die off or will impostors and fans race to fill the void? The city would have been safer if either happened than if They came into play.
A estranged child of the legendary Ryder appears after being called upon for their father's wake, unexpectedly being given the responsibility of holding up the honor of Ryder. This person is not who Nicholas' trainer expected to meet though. Instead of a good child like their father was, this is the child who grew up poor, learning to run among the gangs, fight them, and more interested in revenge than justice.
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Re: Looking for Writing Amigos!
« Reply #5 on: September 13, 2016, 10:56:07 AM »