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Author Topic: Primal's Urges - M seeking F (Dark and Modern Fantasy, Cyberpunk, D/s, BDSM)  (Read 874 times)

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Please PM me, do not respond to the thread below.

Expectations: I am pretty flexible and just want a good deep and descriptive story with my partners. :)

I like my partners to post at least two paragraphs on average. Good grammar and spelling is a must. If you aren't going to post for more than 4 or 5 days, I ask you please let me know. Any thread that doesn't get posts for a week without warning, I'll likely consider dead. Please, no second or first person. And if you like something, or don't like something, please communicate with me. I love making our stories exciting and hitting your buttons as much as you hit mine.

You can expect a good mix of smut and story with me, and I rarely jump straight to the sex. I like context, setup and emotion; and I like interesting characters played by cool writers.

I generally prefer to play with female writers.

Quick Hooks

Here are just some quick ideas I'd love to flesh out with someone else with compatible kinks. More in-depth story ideas are below.

* Slavery Inc. - A high-power businesswoman discovers a service that does personality tests to help find compatible partners. Her tests discover she has a suppressed submissive side, and she signs up for 'treatments' to bring it out, while being paired with a dominant male - who may or may not be the one issuing the treatments. Kinks: D/s, mind control, loss of control, power exchange, possible bimbofication/realistic body modification.
* Rapid Breeder - A woman discovers/is afflicted with a condition where sex doesn't just always cause pregnancy, but it comes to fruition in hours. Alternate harem version, a man discovers he causes this in women and becomes addicted to doing so. Kinks: rapid pregnancy, going into heat, loss of control.
* Perfect Mate - Mad science or magic cause a woman to morph into the perfect object of lust for a man, against her will or by her intention. She slowly becomes hyper-sexual in various ways, becoming more beautiful and sexy, as well as personality changes and discovering new kinks. Kinks: body modification, D/s, BDSM, S&M

Story Ideas

Abandoned Echoes

Genre: Modern Fantasy / Ghost Story / Magical Realism

Never happy with her modern life, a woman discovers an unlocked door that leads to what seems to be a palatial abandoned mansion in the old section of the city. She becomes obsessed with it, seeing visions and experiencing the past. But as the line between what might be dream and what might real blurs, she finds herself submitting and being used by the inhabitants as a source of power and precious warmth of life.

Themes: Dark Romance, Historical, Modern Gothic, Escapism, Madness

Kicks & Kinks: Manipulation, Domination/submission, Bondage, Slavery, Power Exchange

Across Oceans of Time

Genre: Vampire / Modern Fantasy


A centuries-old vampire becomes infatuated with a mortal, drawing her into his world and all its wonders and dangers.

At first, you thought it was just a coincidence, the pale tall man you kept meeting. And then you thought maybe he was a stalker. You'd turn around at night, seeing a pale figure at the corner of your eye, and it would be gone. Or you would see someone staring at you from across the street, moving far less than he should.

And then one night, it is revealed to you what I am - and your world changes forever. Slowly but surely, the love of one of the undying takes you into their world forever. And all its perils.

Themes: Dark Romance, Modern Gothic, Intrigue, Transformation

Kicks & Kinks: Manipulation, Domination/submission, Vampires, Bondage, Sadomasochism, Control, Limited Mind Control, Blood drinking

Do I Not Bleed?

Genre: Science Fiction / Horror

An artificial intelligence is obsessed with the human condition, and you've become one of its test subjects.

Out of 4 billion humans, it chose you. It took you from your day to day life, and put you in the guts of its complex. And now it is testing you, both alone and with others. It wants to know everything - but with you, it decided it wants to learn about sex, love and everything in between.

And you have a sense that if you don't teach it what it wants to know, you won't be around for much longer.

Neon Dark

Genre: Cyberpunk / Science Fiction

Cyberpunk explorations of a cityscape full of hidden dangers, taking after Altered Carbon.

Your character is a problem-solver, trouble-maker, gun for hire and proudly one of the more ethical pieces of scum that inhabit the under-belly of a vast cyberpunk cityscape. You have a patron - a near-immortal plutocrat who uses you as both an agent and occasional mistress. He plays a lot of games within games, and while the real food and sun of his mansion is nice when he has you over, it always ends with him handling you more trouble than it might be worth.

Beautiful and you know it, you also know how to use it to get ahead of the game, make your credits and get what you want. But the city always has surprises for a girl. From malfunctioning obsessive AIs that are worse than any possessive boyfriend; street gangs who think you owe them something; an augmented reality virus that targeted you; infiltration jobs that go terribly wrong and the like - a beautiful but lethal girl can get into a lot of trouble in this town. But with all the things your body can do - and things it has been enhanced to do - you've made it out okay so far.

But who knows, the next job might be the one that gets the best of you. But you wouldn't have it any other way.

Themes: Cyberpunk, Noir, Crime, Street

Kicks & Kinks: Bondage, Manipulation, Blackmail, Robotics, Virtual/Impossible Sex, Gangbang, DubCon/NonCon, Humiliation, Force

The Dragon's Captive

Genre: Dark Fantasy


Beauty and the Beast with a twist.

The Dragon of the Eastmarch Mountains was a cruel and vicious monster. That is what everyone knew. Heroes went to fight him, peasants presented offerings to him so that they might spare him, and the evil that dwelled in the East was his doing. That is what everyone knew. Dragons are cunning creatures, possess powerful magic beyond most mortals, and always have plans within plans. And now, the Dragon of Eastmarch has plans for a young woman who dared come close to his realm.

Your character is a young woman captured by an ancient dragon, to serve whatever nefarious or conspiratorial purposes he has; and learns that the creature is more than the monster he seems to be. The dragon is a shape-shifter, able to take a variety of human and inhuman forms beyond his natural one. As a dragon, his greed and possessiveness is overwhelming and second nature, but perhaps there is more to this mythical beast than most think.

Themes: Magic, Mystery, Secrets, Fear

Kicks & Kinks: Bondage, Magical Sex, Mind Games, BDSM; Sex in either inhuman or human forms is possible, and if you do not want inhuman sexuality, that is fine.


Genre: Modern Fantasy

He was always an outsider. He never quite fit in. He was prone to strange moods, weird words, and had an affinity for old books. He always felt he was meant for something more, but to everyone else, he was just the weird kid, the weird teenager. Obviously smart, but not quite right for this world. Turns out, he was right, he was meant for something more.

Set in a college or high school, I want to play a teenager who happens upon the tools and powers of magic. He uses them for revenge, to get what he has always wanted and to manipulate others. But all magick has a price. Dark fates might lurk behind every corner, and everything has a consequence for not just him, but those he carelessly pulls into this strange new world he is not entirely prepared for.

Themes: Magic, Power, Revenge, Innocence Lost

Kicks & Kinks: BDSM, Magic, Limited Mind Control, Body Modification, Humiliation

An Heiress Made

Genre: Cyberpunk

In the corporate-run world of the near future, there are few things more privileged and boring than being a heiress to a megacorporate fortune. Your character is a corporate heiress of immense power, who accidentally finds herself in danger when my character, a gun-for-hire sent to steal corporate secrets, infiltrates her most private quarters. The brief feeling of danger and lust for her assailant leads her to track down the interloper.

But she doesn't want him punished or exposed. She wants to join him, use him for the thrill and the danger. She wants him to use her as well, break her, take her, humiliate her, say and do all the things to her no one would ever do to her in the upper echelons she's inhabited for so long.

Themes: Rebellion, Thrill-seeking, Danger

Kicks and Kinks: BDSM, Bondage, Dangerous Sex, Humiliation
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Re: Primal's Urges - M seeking F (Dark Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Modern, D/s, BDSM)
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Added Neon Dark.

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Re: Primal's Urges - M seeking F (Dark Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Modern, D/s, BDSM)
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Added Across Oceans of Time.

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Added some quick hooks and Do I Not Bleed?

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Added Abandoned Echoes.