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Author Topic: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)  (Read 2325 times)

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Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« on: February 19, 2015, 07:46:35 PM »
here is the link to the main thread.
Here is the OOC thread I promised.
Mankind is changing as people with gifts only seen in comic books and movies have begun to appear.  What caused it?  Nobody really knows, some point to science, others to natural selection.  Some of these people are known, while others strive to maintain secrecy for one reason or another.  And with the rise of people with unusual gifts has also come with it the question of what does the rest of mankind do with such individuals?  Debate in the government has raged with some elected officials calling for those who have exhibited powers to come forward and identify themselves wanting to use them as a weapon.  Others have called for rounding up and separating these dangerous people from the general population.

Meanwhile a small group of Meta Humans have come together  protecting those with newly exposed powers teaching them to use and control their gifts as well as doing what they can to stem the anti-meta human movement in governments around the world and battling against those who would abuse their gifts.

Types of meta humans
Mutants (born with their abilities)
Techs (technically these are regular people who through advanced technology have power)
Genetically altered (These are your lab experiments, think Captain America)
Agent (Mostly they are ordinary humans that work as go between with the government, kinda like S.H.I.E.L.D)

Unaffiliated (those that have not been brought into the fold
Defenders (good meta human group)
S.W.O.R.D. (Strategic World Organized Recon Defense.  A secret government agency that monitors and coordinates with the Defenders)
A.X.I.S. (An organization that has been around since the end of WWII mixture of humans and Metas)
The Brotherhood(similar to in X-men, All meta human more antagonistic though not necessarily evil)


Nathaniel Grayson  (jarod1)
Adeline Kingsley (jarod1)
Ken Aldrin (deathnote)

Zachary Carter / Red Arrow (MasterOfMyOwnFate)
Blake Leonard (Innocence)

Ritterkreus Anthony (interdiction of words)
Alexander Rienhold (Jarod1)
Paige Strobel (BarbraGordon)

 Hidayah (Amarlo)

Helena Walsh (thebobmaster)
Sam Doyle (HairyHeretic

Character sheet
Name: Character name
Alter Ego:Does your character have a secret identity
Type: see above
Abilities: limit to 1 or 2 powers that go together  Be specific about your limits (If you are an agent or non powered human tell us what you can do
Weapons: Does character use any regular weapons
Personality Go into depth 2 paragraphs
appearance picture or description
history 4 or 5 good paragraphs

Premise: Looking to do a small to moderate sized group game with original super hero’s and villains.  I have a number of major plots. 
Chapter 1: Battle lines (With the emergence of so many new Meta Human’s the various groups begin to recruit members.
Chapter 2: A.X.I.S. Strikes (The long undercover organization steps into the light and makes its move to dominate the world.
Chapter 3: Flashpoint (With public opinion growing against the meta human population the and The Brotherhood growing ever more ready for a fight the fuse on a powder keg is ready and waiting to be lit.  All it will take is a spark.
Chapter 4: Operation liberty (A.X.I.S. has succeeded in influencing the governments of the world and pushed for the round up of the meta human population with plans to recruit talent and eliminate threats)
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Offline Batman4560

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2015, 01:30:57 AM »
Keeping an eye on this.

Offline Z488411

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2015, 05:28:58 AM »
Watching and pondering characters.

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2015, 10:39:16 AM »
now I was thinking about opening up each faction to the people but I want to make  sure there are at least enough hero's to get the game rolling and just modding the other affiliations as needed to keep the story rolling

Offline Interdiction of words

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #4 on: February 20, 2015, 11:23:14 AM »
I think I will join the AXIS, great place to start world domination Mhahahaha! ;D

Offline Z488411

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #5 on: February 20, 2015, 11:24:33 AM »
I'll go with unaffiliated for my first character.

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #6 on: February 20, 2015, 11:53:59 AM »
I think I will join the AXIS, great place to start world domination Mhahahaha! ;D

Are you looking to be a leader. If so I would work with you to advance the main plot

Offline Interdiction of words

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #7 on: February 20, 2015, 11:54:59 AM »
Sure I would love to be the leader, (Why must you fuel my conquest lust?)

Offline Kadigan

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #8 on: February 20, 2015, 12:02:30 PM »
Interested, I have an idea for a villainous, sort of, character for Axis. A nice experiment gone wrong..or right..

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #9 on: February 20, 2015, 02:24:10 PM »
Looks like we have a few villains so far. :). Now need a few heroes to step up.

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #10 on: February 20, 2015, 02:26:30 PM »
I would like to have a few of each to start. 3 to 4 hero's and 3 or 4 villainous characters

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #11 on: February 20, 2015, 04:58:59 PM »
I will be controlling 2 characters for purposes of the plot.

Character sheet
Name: Nathaniel Grayson
Code name:
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Type: Mutant
Abilities: Telepathy.  Able to touch and influence the minds of those around him within a 1 mile radius of himself.  The closer he is to someone physically the easier it is for him to focus.  He is able to communicate with people, or input a thought or completely bend someone to his will. The weakness is that using his power requires focus and could leave him vulnerable to someone able to resist his powers.       
Skills: Weapons and hand to hand combat, pilot
Weapons: a pair of semi automatic pistols, a rifle
Affiliation: Leader of the Defenders
Personality Growing up in the 20’s Nathaniel possesses a strong sense of pride in the ideals of America.  That being said he is troubled by the direction that members of the government are taking in systematically striping away the rights of American citizens.  He very much hopes to see a united America again in the idea of doing what is right,  and for humans and meta humans to coexist peacefully. 

He is reluctant to use his powers to change public opinion as he has seen first hand with Alexander Rienhold how that kind of power can corrupt a person.  However he does on occasion serve as a face for Meta human rights. 
appearance picture or description
history Nathaniel was born in the 1920’s in upper New York state.  Nathaniel’s memories of his father are sketchy at best.  He died shortly after his birth.  His mother married  a wealthy man who had lost his own wife and had a daughter of his own to look after.  Nathaniel and  Adaline Marcs grew to become friends growing up and as they got closer to adulthood something more.

When America joined WWII Nathaniel felt it was his duty to join as well promising Adeline that he would return to her.  He joined the army, and fought in the European theater against A.X.I.S. where he would encounter for the first time others like himself.  People with gifts some of them created others with natural ability.  Some fighting for the Allied forces others with A.X.I.S.  During the war Nathaniel’s gift became known to the powers that be and he joined a specialized team of individuals with gifts with the singular purpose of battling against A.X.I.S. science division and eliminating the enemies ever growing power. 

As the tide of the war swung towards the Allies, the A.X.I..S leader Baron Alexander Rienhold began to focus on a new project that would give him the advantage of time.  An experiment that would ensure that A.X.I.S. never lost again.  A device that could literally open a portal through time. Rienhold was a brilliant and dangerous man who possessed the power to manipulate the weather.  His code name was Tempest and he had his own aims simply using the Nazi’s to advance his own agenda.  Nathaniel and his team were sent in to make sure that the threat was eliminated however during the conflict that raged, the time portal was activated pulling all within a certain radius into it including Nathaniel Grayson, and Alexander Rienhold into before the machine finally overloaded and exploded.  When Nathaniel awoke he was still in the lab but it was much later and the lab looked to be abandoned.  The time device destroyed. 

With nothing but his gear Nathaniel set out for civilization.  Only to a few days later to be picked up by agents of S.W.O.R.D who had detected the temporal anomaly that brought him to the future.  He was taken into custody until his identity could be confirmed, and afterwards he spent sometime learning about the world as it is today.  6 months after arriving, Nathaniel returned to his childhood home.  Little about it had changed while he had been gone.  The only thing that had changed was that the house was now owned by Adel Kingsley, to the public at large the grand daughter of Adeline Marcs.  In truth Adel was Adeline.  Unbeknownst to Nathaniel she to had a gift.  The gift of a body that ages much slower than that of a normal person.  Although at first a joyful reunion time had changed much.  Though Nathaniel had experienced only a few years of separation, Adeline had lived a lifetime plus and the two parted for awhile trying to figure things out

After working as an agent with S.W.O.R.D. for a year and learning about the debates in congress about what to do with Meta humans, Nathaniel would drop off the radar for time, deciding to dedicate himself to finding others like himself and offering them a place of safety and security to train and control their abilities away from those that would fear or use them.  After a time he was joined by Adeline, whom he convinced to help him.  Although no longer officially a member of S.W.O.R.D., Nathaniel would still work with organization for the greater good

Character sheet
Name: Alexander Rienhold
Alter Ego:Baron Tempest
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Type:Genetic Alteration
Abilities: Control of the weather.  Can create various storms and harness their power as a weapon.   
Skills: A brilliant tactician
Weapons: His only gear is a helmet that protects him from telepathy
Affiliation: A.X.I.S.
Personality Go into depth 2 paragraphs
appearance picture or description
history Born in Hitler’s Germany, Alexander Rienhold was already a brilliant scientist, wholly devoted to creating a race of supreme beings with himself at the head.  He was so devoted to his cause that he would eventually experiment on himself.  The results we’re beyond his imagining as he became a god on earth in his mind and soon he would leave Hitler behind seeing the man as nothing more than a fraud.

Many rallied behind Rienhold and  A.X.I.S. was took on a live of its own.  The power of the Nazi was spreading across Europe and soon they would spread around the world .  That was when the American’s joined the war and begin to turn the tide.  That was when a young American Lieutenant would first catch his attention.  A young man by the name of Nathaniel Grayson.  He would soon learn about his telepathic abilities and strived to bring him over to his side. It was also at this time that Rienhold’s research to defending against telepathic attacks would take place and a helmet able to protect his mind was created. 

In the closing days of the the war Rienhold’s division began tampering with time travel in hopes of turning the tide of the war back in his favor.  The attempt was successful, but unfortunately came to late as the allies special unit breached the base the experiment interrupted and ultimately Rienhold and Grayson we’re pulled into the portal. 

Rienhold would arrive about a year later than Grayson, and would go underground looking to start again.  To his great pleasure Rienhold discovered that A.X.I.S. survived and was operating in the shadows.  Before long Rienhold would step forward and join the organization he had created under an alias plotting to once again take control of the organization.

Offline MasterOfMyFate

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #12 on: February 20, 2015, 07:18:47 PM »
Thinking of a S.W.O.R.D. Agent similar to Hawkeye/Green Arrow. Pending interest.

Offline Kadigan

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #13 on: February 20, 2015, 09:50:36 PM »
Sent my char to Jarod, and since chars are being posted now...

Name: Paige Strobel 

Alter Ego:Danger

Gender: F

Age: 24

Type: Mutant/Genetically Altered

Abilities: Telekinetic

Skills: Minimal

Weapons: No

Affiliation: AXIS




Paige grew up in a relatively normal existence in Dekalkb, Illinois. She was generally athletic and outgoing. A bit short, dark haired and nerdy at times, but not ostracized.  She was on the softball team during high school, went to school dances, and dated. However her real passion was biology and was determined to unlock every secret she could on her dime store microscope and candle set Bunsen burner. Her parents did everything they could do to encourage her on their minimal budget and were ecstatic when she received a full scholarship.

She graduated near the top of her class in molecular biology and genetics, and while working on her doctorate was recruited to a government think tank, that began to study the growing Meta Human concern. Of course, testing was mandatory for any new recruit, and while she did test positive for the metagenome, it apparently was not active, or at least very much so. The most she could ever do was make a pencil wobble with her mind.

Everyone who was tested by the government was placed into a database, which was stolen by AXIS. Her name, while initially overlooked, was examined in greater detail and eventually while jogging outside her apartment, she was abducted by a strike team and taken to one of their facilities. One of their meta enhanced scientists began their work. They would use her as a guinea pig to see if a minimal metagenome could be enhanced, and combined with some of their more forceful conditioning, and in hopes create an enhanced, merciless, and intellectually superior soldier for their war. If it failed well, then they’d denied the government an asset.

The results were….not quite what they expected. Physically, she grew several inches as was turned into a perfect female specimen. While her telekinetic abilities were enhanced past anything they could have ever dreamed of, making a once pencil pusher into someone who could flatten cars. She was very clearly in love with blood and causing mayhem but, the other programming didn't really take. Still, power was power and she was nothing if not easily directed.

Personality: Whatever her original personality and history was, she no longer remembers or cares about them. She is, and always was Danger. Thanks to the neural conditioning she loves violence, mayhem, and using her powers to cause these things. She’s loyal, obedient and, for the most part, unquestioning.

However, the flip side of the experiment is whatever enabled them to enhance her latent abilities severely limited her IQ. She can certainly tie her shoes and drive a car, but her days as any sort of scientist are through. She’s easily distracted, enjoys kittens, cartoons, and rainbows and pretty things.

Offline Batman4560

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #14 on: February 20, 2015, 11:34:12 PM »
I'm a bit swamped at the moment but sometime this weekend I'll be putting up an app for a hero.

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #15 on: February 21, 2015, 12:34:16 AM »
Thinking of a S.W.O.R.D. Agent similar to Hawkeye/Green Arrow. Pending interest.

Sounds good to me.

Offline Deathnote

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #16 on: February 21, 2015, 12:39:09 AM »
I'm considering making a speedster who can only achieve mach speed for the moment.  His future self will eventually reach faster than the speed of light, go back in time, and join Nathanial's WWII team.  The future version heroically sacrificed himself during the mission with the time portal.  I will be playing the younger version, of course.

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #17 on: February 21, 2015, 01:35:39 AM »
I can certainly see a storyline that involves you going back to the past. Would be fun play my character back during the war. And being a telepath I would know you are telling the truth.  can't wait.

Offline MasterOfMyFate

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #18 on: February 21, 2015, 09:38:00 AM »
Name: Zachary Carter
Alter Ego: "The Red Arrow"-(to those not affiliated with S.W.O.R.D.), "Agent Carter" (Affiliated with S.W.O.R.D.)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Type: Agent
Abilities: Master archery level; capable of amazing feats no regular archer could do. Resilient body; capable of taking Meta-Human level hits and continue to fight.
Detective: Agent Carter is trained in Crime Scene Investigation with many surveying missions under his belt.
Tactician: Agent Carter is familiar with combat tactics to the point that he is creative in a fight against Meta-Humans.
Liaison: Despite being a field agent, Agent Carter is also trained in being an ambassador when needed (usually wears something more classy to use this skill)
Trick Archer: Agent Carter has amazing aim as well as amazing tricks with archery that are near impossible to replicate
Hand to hand/Weapon Combat: As a  field agent, it is expected for Agent Carter to know how to fight. Especially with a bow as a weapon.
Weapons: Oneida Kestrel Compound bow (custom made)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Arsenal of trick arrows
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Extendable riot sticks (Used to taser enemy)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Affiliation: S.W.O.R.D.
PersonalityZachary Carter is a anomaly. He usually keeps to himself, but works well with others. Tends to be quiet unless giving out a necessary input or holding a conversation with someone. When need be, Zachary is a vengeful person capable of professional interrogation. No one could tell what kind of person Zachary is, but some who do know who he is and what his line of duty is would find him to be quite the humanitarian. He does not like to kill even though he has done it before.

Underneath this facade of an Agent lays a fragile young man who is still suffering from grief and despair. He uses this pain to follow in his father's footsteps as an Agent of S.W.O.R.D., despite that some of his work has tore at his inner morals. Zachary likes to believe he does everything for the greater good, but can't help but question some of the jobs he does. In reality, Zachary would be glad to work as a liaison with the Defenders. He views them as good people with the potential of catastrophic means if not kept in check.
appearance Field Outfit:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Agent Carter Outfit:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

history Zachary Carter was not always an agent. He was once the son of a S.W.O.R.D. Agent named Daniel Carter. At birth, Zachary lost his mother due to complications of his birth which left Daniel Carter a widow father. Filled with grief, Daniel had trouble raising the problem child that was his son while balancing his life as an agent. Zachary was smart like his mother. Even at a young age he had quite the brain. He chosen to use it to vein his father who spent most of his time at work. Like his mother, Zachary took Archery as a hobby at a young age. At the age of 13, Zachary worked a balance with his father to have him supply his hobby in order to be a good son.

It worked for the most part. He surprised his father with all A's on his report cards, accomplished archery feats, and many more. Yet, all these accomplishments didn't bridge the relationship between father and son. It took tragedy to finally have Zachary understand his father. At the age of 15, Zachary was met with men in suits that brought news of his father. He had died in accident. At first, Zachary didn't know what to feel. His father had died. The father he didn't know had died. Yet, these men would not give him the details of his father's death and left him with his father's last will and testament. His father left a message... Yet the message had a hidden message underneath.

His father explained that he failed his son in trying to raise him and balance his life at the same time. He didn't explain why, but he left a clue to help. He left his son to figure out for himself who his father truly was and why he died. It didn't take long for Zachary to figure it out. He found a hidden compartment in their basement that opened and revealed 3 items; a flash drive, a bow, and a red leather hoodie. The flash drive contained all the information Zachary needed to reveal his father. Daniel Carter was an Agent of S.W.O.R.D., a most revered one at that. It also had a way to contact S.W.O.R.D. should Zachary ever feel the need to. But the most important part about this flash drive was that it contained his father's apology; he failed his son when his son needed him the most. In order to rectify this, Daniel Carter had left the gift of the custom made bow and the red hoodie for his son to continue his work. If Zachary wanted, he could follow in his father's footsteps. Follow in his father's footsteps and finish the work his father failed to accomplish.

At first, it was a lot to take in. Zachary needed a way to vent this frustration that built up within him. So he took to the streets in this hoodie and bow in hand. Armed with some of the arrows he manufactured, Zachary began beating his way through waves of criminal activity. In one night, with many scars and bruises left from his night, Zachary earned the title "The Red Arrrow" from the local news. A random vigilante with an unknown pass became the fixation of the city. It also caught the eye of a certain organization. Arriving at his house wounded and bruised, Zachary patched himself up and passed out in his basement from blood lost.

He awoken to find himself in a white room with a hospital gown on. He was greeted with an man in a suit watching him from his seat. Taking the IV out, sitting up, Zachary asked the man where he was. His inquiry was awarded with silence. Then, another man in a suit came. This one explained everything. Zachary was the son of Daniel Carter, also known as Agent Carter. He died when he was investigating a meta-human group known as A.X.I.S., a mysterious group that no one knows anything about. Agent Carter got close, close enough that he died because of it. This man offered an invitation to Zachary. Join S.W.O.R.D., follow in his father's footsteps, and find justice for his father.

8 years later, Agent Carter has became a widely known agent amongst S.W.O.R.D., The meta-human existence has become something of a phenomenon. It is up to Agent Carter "The Red Arrow" to investigate the Defenders and, if need be, work with them as an Agent of S.W.O.R.D.

A human Agent amongst Meta-Humans. This should be fun. There's gonna be a lot of trying to compensate for no powers.  :D

Online thebobmaster

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #19 on: February 23, 2015, 12:39:12 AM »
I'm pretty interested. Think I'll try playing a...well, anti-hero. Not much interest in world conquering, but open for grabs/persuasion.

Offline Deathnote

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #20 on: February 23, 2015, 03:52:42 PM »
Name: Ken Aldrin
Alter Ego: Black Bullet (or just "Bullet" for short)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Type: Genetically altered
Abilities: Super Speed, Healing Factor

Ken has the ability to move faster than the speed of sound.  His super speed includes the ability to enhance his perception to match his speed, an aura that protects him from friction, and an accelerated healing factor.  He is also incredibly tough, enough to allow him to withstand the forces that come with moving at superhuman speeds.  Recently, Ken has discovered that he could go much much faster than the speed of sound.  The fastest he has ever gone was faster than Mach 10, but even then it is unknown whether or not that is his true top speed.

Ken's super speed comes with an accelerated metabolism, meaning that he would have to consume a lot more food than the average man of his size and age.  While he has control over his accelerated perception of time, if he's not consciously controlling it, he may end up activating it without even noticing.  For example, he could be standing in line for what would feel like hours on end.  Only when he starts paying attention will he realize that only five seconds have passed in "real" time.

Skills:Hand-to-hand combat, proficiency with firearms, interrogation and torture

Shock Gloves

Body Armor

Affiliation: Defenders

Personality: Normally an easy-going person with a carefree and lackadaisical attitude and approach to things.  Ken is best described as a daydreamer who likes to spend most of his time with his head up in the clouds.  He could even be described as a being a bit goofy.  He's approachable and tries to be friendly with other people.  In spite of this, he can be surprisingly prideful and stubborn, leading to him making very reckless decisions at times. Once he's made up his mind about something, he'll see through it to the end.

Despite not exactly being the brightest bulb in the class, he can be very perceptive and analytical to the point of practically becoming a human lie-detector.  He may even fake his usual aloof and carefree nature to hide the fact that he's paying attention for once.  He's most likely to be like this when he has finally set his mind on a single, tangible goal.  This can be especially true whenever he's helping out a friend due to his great sense of loyalty.

Ken Aldrin - Civilian Outfit

Current Black Bullet Outfit

Future Version Black Bullet (Age 25)


Several days before America joined WWII, a mysterious black-armored figure appeared on the battlefield in Germany.  This costumed hero known only as the Black Bullet could move faster than humanly possible, being able to dodge a hail of gunfire like it was nothing.  One of the most unusual aspects about this man was that he had a very strict "no-killing" policy.  He never took a single life for the entirety of the war, preferring instead to knock his enemies out with his shock gloves and take prisoners.  Joining forces with German Freedom Fighters who opposed the Nazi regime, Black Bullet directly opposed A.X.I.S., encountering other super-powered individuals like himself along the way.  It wasn't long before the Black Bullet joined a specialized team of individuals with gifts with the singular purpose of battling against A.X.I.S. science division and eliminating the enemies ever growing power.  It was there that he met Nathanial Grayson, future leader of the defenders.

Nathanial and the Black Bullet were sent on a mission to stop Reinhold from completing his time portal device.  Before the mission officially started, however, the Black Bullet confided in Nathanial in private.  He revealed his secret identity as Ken Aldrin, a superhero from the future.  Nathanial's telepathy confirmed that Ken was telling the truth, though considering how much they went through together, he probably didn't have to.  Unfortunately, during the mission, Reinhold was somehow able to bring down a bolt of lightning upon Nathanial.  Moving quickly, Black Bullet pushed Nathanial out of the way and took the lightning bolt himself.  There was a flash and then... he was gone.  It was believed that he had been incinerated into specks of dust.

Several decades later...

Ken had been living out on the streets ever since he ran away from home at the age of nine.  Shortly after turning thirteen, he along with several other street kids were kidnapped by a mysterious group of criminals.  These criminals were helping one of AXIS' evil mad scientists collect guinea pigs for an experiment involving the creation of super soldiers.  Ken was one of the guinea pigs who was injected with super serum, which initially caused great pain and stress to his young body.  Once the pain was over, however, the young teenager found himself travelling faster than the speed of sound.  In addition to being injected with super serum, the kidnapped street kids also had bombs implanted into their heads.

After developing super speed, Ken and whoever managed to survive the super soldier experiment were inducted into the A.X.I.S. super soldier project.  For the next five years, they were all given a high-level of education along with years of paramilitary combat training.  They were regularly sent on life-and-death missions whose ultimate goals were kept secret even from them.  All they could do was achieve their objective, then return to headquarters.  If they disobeyed, the bombs in their heads would be set off, killing them.  The super soldier unit also began to show the first signs of starting down a darker path.  Ken's teammates performed acts of cruelty... acts of monstrosity against the enemies they defeated.  At first, Ken was feeling uneasy about being among a group of sadistic torturers.  The ones behind the super soldier project even seemed to encourage this sort of behaviour.  Soon, however, the young soldier was swept up along with the rest and he soon found himself joining in on these cruel and horrific crimes.  He was taught how to perform the art of torture and interrogation during the last two years he was with them.

Five years after being inducted into the super soldier project, Ken and his team found themselves up against a group of S.W.O.R.D. agents.  Not only were they soundly defeated, but Ken found himself captured by the agents.  The bomb in his head was discovered and promptly removed before it could be set off.  Finally being freed of the bomb, Ken repaid S.W.O.R.D. by leading them back to headquarters to free the other super soldiers.  Unfortunately, during the aftermath of the rescue operation, Ken found himself recaptured by A.X.I.S.  At first, they considered implanting another bomb inside his head, but ultimately decided to dispose of him.  The one in charge of his execution, however, decided to let Ken's former torture trainer have a little fun first.  For ten days, Ken would endure the same torture and interrogation that he himself had put many others through.  He suffered under the personal hands of his former torture trainer.

Ken's powers alone would not save him for the secret organization had equipment designed specifically for speedsters like himself.  Of course, he did not have his powers alone.  He had his training under the super soldier project.  He had his knowledge of the equipment they used.  He had his skills and experience from the missions they sent him on.  Within seconds, he had escaped from his prison and as soon as he was out, he ran.  He ran as far away as he could.  He didn't know where he was going.  He didn't care where he was going.  He just had to go... somewhere.

Wandering about in solitude, Ken became an aimless drifter, moving from one place to the next, all around the globe.  One day, he came across Nathanial Grayson, who encouraged him to use his powers for good.  Deciding that he wanted to fight on the side of justice, Ken became the superhero known as the Black Bullet.

Offline Interdiction of words

Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
« Reply #21 on: February 23, 2015, 04:03:42 PM »
I shall get my character up very soon

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Re: Original Super hero / Super Villain Rp (interest check)
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Name: Helena Walsh
Alter Ego: Geka
Gender: Female

Age: 23

Type: Genetically Altered

Abilities: Helena essentially has her DNA mixed with that of a gecko. She is covered in scales, which provide the ability to withstand more blunt damage, as well as the ability to stick to various objects. However, her scales do not protect well against blades, as the point just slides between her scales, and any significantly powerful blunt blow can damage her internally. As for her sticking ability, she requires a fairly porous surface to stick to. She would not be able to grip a steel wall any better than a pure human. In addition, her hold is not impossible to break. Should someone pull her off of an object she's stuck to, her fingertips would go completely numb for about an hour, making it extremely difficult for her to grab and hold any object until her hands recover.

Skills: She is quite flexible, on the level of a gymnast, with strong forearms from her scaling buildings without equipment. In addition, she is a strong street fighter, using her gymnast experience and environment to her advantage.

Weapons: She uses a collapsible staff when necessary in a fight, although she tends to stick to hand to hand fighting if possible.

Affiliation: unaffiliated

Personality: Helena is not the most social person. She spent most of her time in a lab before her fateful experience. Afterwards, she switched between her lab and the streets. Because of this, she's generally considered to be an introvert, avoiding others for the sake of avoiding others. However, she avoids others because she has difficulty grasping social nuances. The more charitable people would consider her blunt, while the less charitable would call her tactless. She has great difficulty recognizing the emotions used in vocal tones, and she has a tendency to use sarcasm in normal conversation, which some find as more proof of her tactlessness.

Outside of a social setting, she is quite intelligent, as fitting for a self-trained scientist. She combines her intelligence with brashness, however. While many scientists test their experiments or ideas theoretically several times before trying it in actuality, she has a tendency to skip the theoretical experimenting. She's not exactly crazy, but she thinks that if you have an idea, you should just go with it and see what happens. She is the sort of person whose last words would be "What will happen if I do this?", although she is just as likely to let someone else do the dangerous stuff and record the results.

Appearance: Helena, or Geka, stands six feet tall when barefoot, which she often is in her lab for the sake of comfort. Somewhat self-conscious of her scales, she often wears the standard white lab coat, tying it together with a cloth belt, while wearing long-sleeved shirts and slacks underneath to conceal as much of her scales as she comfortably can. She has dark blue eyes, with short red hair to prevent the chances of a hair accidentally falling into a sample.

Outside of a lab, her outfit changes considerably. As "Geka", she wears a black catsuit made of cloth, cut to fit her body comfortably while showcasing her decent-sized curves. She wears a matching full-face mask, with only eyeholes cut out due to the cloth being thin enough to allow her to breathe through it. She has a fairly slim frame, although her arms are noticeably muscular, with a gymnast's build of lean muscle, making her deceptively strong in the lower body as well.

History: Helena has a bit of a complex history. At the age of 14, she immigrated from Ireland to England with her parents. She was always intelligent, and soon outgrew the need for schooling, encouraged by her parents to educate herself through real world experience. She was always taught to think for herself, and never accept what others say as the ultimate truth.

Of course, her parents wouldn't be around forever. At the age of 15, they were both lost in a boating accident. Blaming herself, Helena turned their countryside home into a makeshift lab, working with what she could find to try to invent something that could have prevented her parents from dying. After a test failure resulted in Helena almost drowning herself, Helena split time between working in her lab and getting herself into shape by swimming and using the countryside as a natural gym.

After 2 years of makeshift work, Helena discovered a material that was less dense than water, but stronger than the wood used on the boat that her parents were using in their fatal accident. After Helena took the material around to find someone to produce it, Bersain Laboratories not only were impressed by the material, but by the fact that it was invented in a makeshift lab by a 17 year old girl. Not only did they agree to produce the materials and give a portion of the profits to Helena, but they took her on as an intern. Two years later, at the age of 19, she became fully employed by company, and given a lab to herself.

At the age of 21, one of her experiments had unexpected consequences. While working with some animal blood samples that had been treated with nanites, hoping  to discover a way to synthesize human blood, Helena decided to use one of the sample on herself, to test for any complications. Setting up a video link to the infirmary in case a potentially deadly complication came up, she cut herself, letting out some blood, then injected herself with a sample grabbed at random. It happened to be gecko blood. The nanites, already carrying gecko DNA, latched to red blood cells, replicating the DNA and merging it with her human DNA. The complication left her comatose for a week, and when she awoke, she discovered she was no longer fully human. The scales were a giveaway, as was the fact that when she got up from her infirmary bed, her hospital blanket came with her, attacked to her fingertips.

Many people would have directly used this ability, somehow, for good. She took a different route. As Helena, she continued working in her lab. As Geka, however...well, the lab could always use money, and not everyone who had money deserved it. If she could get some of that money and take it to the lab, she could help people. At least, that's how it started. 2 years later, while still using the lab for the good of civilians, she has widened her targets. Anyone who is actively helping others is off her target list. Jewelry stores, however, do not fall under that restriction, and neither do the majority of civilians. She'll never actively bankrupt anyone, or leave someone destitute, but the money she makes from the robberies...well, even if tainted money is used for good purposes, she reasons, does it make those good reasons any worse?

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Name: Ritterkreuz Anthony
Alter Ego: Banker Richard Morden
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Type: Mutant
Abilities: Abnormal Strength, three times that of a regular human, and Regeneration that can heal most wounds as long as the part doesn’t get separated from the rest of the body along with keep him young.
Skills: Intelligent mind in the creation and imputations of Alchemical Hermeticism
Weapons: Any German gun he can get his hands on but primarily he uses a C96 Broom handle Mauser pistol.
Affiliation: A.X.I.S
Personality: Sometimes being the embodiment of the will of what you are can be tough but there is no one tougher then Anthony, his will and general go get it attitude has kept the AXIS powers alive after all these years. He is methodical, precise, and above all efficient in his work. He will take nothing at face value and always will outthink his operations in every way possible.
When it comes down to his personal feelings there are some clouds hiding anything that would show any mercy or happiness. There is only anger that consumes his insides every time he looks upon any normal human.
Anthony was born in 1889, in the year where a new science was being added into the German industry. They infused the young child with some rare and dangerous chemicals that changed the child into something that would be seen as a demon. Ever since he was born there was some apprehension for what he was. He grew up under the distrust and anger of the people around him.

Anthony there joined WWI when it broke he was drafted into the service. Then during the many battles that ensued during the war, Anthony disappeared off all records there he learned how to develop his powers. There he learned what he could do. His body lived on while his mind grew with each passing year, knowledge filled his mind to the fullest as he began to plan behind everyone's eyes 

Anthony bide his time until the end of the second world war where he leap from the shadows and took over what was left after the war. He rose to power in the shadows with the least amount of people needed since he was tactically minded in comparison to the rest of the stupid people on the earth. They would be no match to his will. Anthony took complete control over the AXIS, a new plan in order to provide the object of completion

Now he leads the AXIS on a new mission to capture the earth, there will be no one that will stand in his way as he marches on the world. His hand will wrap around this world and crush anyone in his way.
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Loving all of the characters so far. I think I have enough people to start with and more can jump in as we get going.   I will get the game started tomorrow.  I'll post the link to the main thread here after I get the starter post done.

If any of you have something you want to add you are more than welcome but if it is Something big story related pm me.
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