Apocalypse: Tales of the Aftermath [Mul]

Started by Zombie Apocalypso, October 13, 2008, 09:23:31 PM

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Zombie Apocalypso

In the future the aftermath of a great world war has spawned chaos the likes of which the world has never known before. Here the line between rich and poor is so far fetched, that while the rich are holding world wide dinner engagements, the poor must have children in order to feed children. The world is under one great monarchy, a king who does not care about those who cannot pay their taxes, and a queen who is both beautiful and greedy. Large areas of broken and battered cities called The Un-world lay scattered across the globe, home to all of those who, during the great war, could not afford a place in the Kings council. Here the masses war with one another, creating large factions of half starving humans to try and find leadership or some kind of council who will stand up against the king rebuild the once proud lands.

Rich lay holed up in large estates the size of small cities. These estates are home to about four or five large houses each home to a different noble family. The largest estate is the home of the King, Queen and their many lovers. These estates are so insanely lovely and elegantly dressed that they are called Heavens. World inside the Heavens is conducted in an ordered but leisurely manner. People do not war inside these estates, the only outbreak of violence ever seen  is when rebels some how get past the kings guards and wreak havoc on the outlying estate lands.

Surrounding the estates are small bands of the kings soldiers created to protect the Heavens. Scientists, in years prior to the Great war, learned to splice human genetics with animal genetics thus creating sub-humans. Originally the research was developed to enhance the senses of people who had lost one or more of their original senses, but after the war the King ordered all research to be used to create soldiers. Not much is really known about the soldiers except that they are considered 'middle class' and besides taking up animal senses, some have also taken up a gift known as 'The Transfer' which allows them to shed their human skin and take another form. They are essentially shape shifters.



Traveling Home Taken
MxF or  FxF
Either position is open Soldier or Heir.

The (Prince or Princess), the King's first Heir and the only Heir eligible to take the throne, has been kidnapped by rebel forces. These rebel forces have crossed into the Un-world and are holding the (Prince or Princess) captive, threatening to maim, torture, or otherwise kill the young (Man or Woman) should the king not agree to their terms. The King not willing to negotiate with rebels decides to send out a group of Elite Soldiers into the Un-World in order to bring back his heir. The rebels are slaughtered, the heir is retrieved but only one soldier survives. This soldier has promised to bring the heir back too the heavens using whatever means possible. Though the Heir originally agrees (He or She) begins to see the destitute people and decides that they do not want to return to the Heavens and instead have decided to stay and help the people of the Un-World. The soldier is forced to drag the heir back home and battle (his or her) way through the Un-World, all while suffering from Eupheria, a sort of sexual psychosis.

Realizing 'I love you'Taken
Looking for Somebody to play the Male Twin

Two twin shape shifters have grown up to rival one another in every way possible. While one is Loud and obnoxious the other is quiet and subdued, they are light and dark in every way possible even appearance. Between them exists an ongoing struggle for one to be better than the other, and they are constantly fighting to try and come out on top. During an outing through the Un-World, they begin to bicker and are tossed out of the vehicle by their so called comrades and left to fend for themselves. They soon realize (After one saves the other) that if they are to make their way home they must set aside their differences and work together.

Depraved Taken
MxF. FxF
Either position is open Outsider or Heir

A young and snobby heir while traveling through (His or Her) gardens walks upon an outsider sitting upon a statue and stealing fruit from one of the vast and many trees. Without saying a word the heir returns to the palace and the outsider is snatched up by estate soldiers and taken to be tortured and executed. The heir, who has nothing better to do, orders the Outsider's entire family to be snatched up tortured and executed along with the Outsider. After a few weeks the executions are to commence and after being starved for a few days the Soldiers go back to the holding cells to find that the Outsider's family is missing. Nobody thinks anything of it but one day the heir is abducted by the Outsider and taken to an undisclosed location. While the Outsider could have cared less what happened to (Him or Her) hurting the family is another story, and (he or she) has decided to teach the snobby heir a lesson.


I'll do Travelling Home if it hasn't already been filled, don't care which character. I'm not very experienced per se but I can certainly learn (:
PM me for more info if you want


I'd be interested in playing the heir in Depraved, if you'd be willing to do a female outsider.